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Taylor expected to join the Dolphins

Jason Taylor is expected to rejoin the Dolphins as early as today.

I have confirmed that Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland and agent Gary Wichard have been negotiating since early, early this morning and the sides are very, very close to announcing a deal. The deal is a one-year contract.

In negotiating this reunion of the team's All-Time sack leader and the club that drafted him in 1997, Taylor snubbed overtures from a handful of clubs, not the least of which was New England.

Taylor's contract is very salary cap friendly. He walked away from an $8.5 million base salary in Washington and told the Dolphins he would play for whatever they wanted to pay him. It is unclear exactly what they will be paying him. The Associated Press is now reporting Taylor will make $1.5 million.

That doesn't seem to matter much to Taylor. He wanted to return to South Florida and the Dolphins because this is his home. He wanted to finish work and go home to his family. He wanted to sleep in his own bed every night. He didn't want to spend another season in a distant NFL outpost while his family stayed in South Florida -- that was his situation last year after he was traded to Washington.

In signing Taylor, the Dolphins add the kind of quarterback pressure they lacked outside of Joey Porter last season. Taylor, 35 in September, has 120.5 career sacks. Although he managed only 3.5 sacks last year, his lowest total since 1999, there were extenuating circumstances for that.

Taylor was injured much of the year, asked to play out of position, and asked to gain weight in Washington. In Miami he will be used as a pass-rusher in the team's nickel and dime packages and is expected to compete for a starting job at one of the outside linebacker jobs.

It is unclear how exactly the Dolphins will manage to get both Taylor and Porter on the field and comfortable at the same time in their base defense -- an issue that went unresolved when they last played together in 2007.

Taylor, a source tells me, never intended to play for any other team but Miami. "Miami is the only place I'm going to play," Taylor told friends and family after gaining his release from Washington.

After he basically forced his way off the Redskins by refusing to accept new contract language in a restructured deal, Taylor told Wichard he wanted to be in Miami.

Wichard met with Washington owner Daniel Snyder at Joe's Stone Crab and informed the Redskins of Taylor's intentions to depart Washington. Taylor also had Wichard turn down at least two movie opportunities so that he could spend the offseason training and the regular-season, well, playing.

Taylor has been in constant contact with coach Tony Sparano as the two have texted messages back and forth for some time. Sparano went so far as giving Taylor the basics of the Dolphins offseason workout program in hopes Taylor would follow its parameters on his own.

Taylor hired a personal trainer and has been doing the Dolphins program. Taylor will join the program as soon as he signs.

The addition for the Dolphins is a loss for the New England Patriots. Owner Robert Kraft actively recruited Taylor in the press. Coach Bill Belichick called Taylor and Wichard, his agent. The overtures were never rebuffed but at no point did Taylor or Wichard talk contract or salary with the Patriots. There was never a handshake agreement between the sides as has previously been reported by Boston-area media outlets.

The Dolphins and Wichard are ironing out details in the contract as we speak but there should be a deal signed by the end of the day, according to a source.


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You kicked our arses again Mando. By the way, your boy Greg Cote looks like a royal assclown today following yesterday's article.

Have you talked to him today? Is he hiding under a rock? Does he feel like the tool that he is?

good point armando. One thing I do like is the porter (mr loud mouth) wanted JT. I assume porter is the alpha dog in the locker room.

did you catch in one game last year were Ted Ginn ran out of bounds, porter was screaming to him on the sidelines? That was funny

Let's talk position and situational schemes, because the braintrust obviously sees a use for him. Passing downs only? 2nd & 3rd and long? DE? There's not room on Joey's side at OLB. LB with one hand in the dirt? Bottom line is, he's two years older than when he was last here and thats an eternity in the NFL. I am only optimistic in that we have a very talented role player - aka Charles Haley. Now we have the luxury of figuring that role. Unfortunately guys like Belichik can take away that luxury by putting in the spread and then running on us which, incidentally, teams totally killed us with last year including Schaubs run up the gut on 4th down. I am also concerned because we just got lighter which doesnt sound great when NE, Balt and Pitt put in a heavy package and run on us. So bottom line is he is great if you ca play the chess game and guess when teams are passing and get him in there, but he still wears down in the 4th so it better be spot duy. I'd skip the Super Bowl talk guys, because until we address the NOSE TACKLE position, Pitt, Balt NE, Giants are going to play smash mouth and rule the roost.

Tampa Bay Fin Fan: I appreciate you coming to my blog. I have also been waiting for this on-going drama to be resolved because, as I told you guys in the last post, there were a lot of erroneous reports out there -- and I get elected to chase them to find out if they're true.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Fucking welcome back 99! No rebuilding at the Land Shark! I'm buying a jersey right now. I'm so fucking excited!

Right on Mandito,
Camarillo = Wayne Chrebet = poor mans Welker.
Not great, but you need guys like that on the roster.


I dont think Jason Taylor will take Matt Roth's spot b/c Taylor cant play the run like Matt Roth (especially at his age). He will be used on 3rd and long and other pass rush situations exclusively as a pass rusher. This strategy will also keep him fresh throughout the year. Disagree?

That guy, I don't think anyone is talking Super Bowl. But I think even you must agree the Dolphins got better today. It is hard to make the case they did not.

How Miami uses JT has yet to be seen. I cannot say I have that information because Paul Pasqualoni is not calling me to reveal his plans.

But I have confidence that Bill Parcells and Sparano and the rest of the defensive staff will figure it out and make the most of it. I also have a sneaking suspicion your concerns about JT being too light are wrong. Remember that the Dolphins use a 3-4 so the 300 pound DE playing in front of him will take on the blockers and JT will simply be asked to make the tackle and keep containment.

Unless he runs into Brandon Jacobs, he's always going to outweigh the RB.

Fake GM, I appreciate you coming here. I just know that JT wants to be a fulltime player and will work to that end.

How it ends up, I cannot predict. But I wouldn't discount the possibility he's in there and Roth is not on the base defense. We'll see. I assume the sides discussed this BEFORE JT agreed to a deal.

Jason Taylor. Washed up or still gettin it done? Discuss!

Is JT going to show up at the OTAs in May or only the mandatory camp?

Also will JT play TE on 3 and goal like Cam Scam had him do?
Id love to see him score a fake wildcat play

Mando, Jason is not going to take Matt Roth's spot... He can't set the edge like Roth on run downs... He is not taking Porter's spot either... Taylor will play as a nickel and dime backer or end... Roth should be more scared of Cameron Wake taking his spot...

Omar Kooky, you or both of you crack me up. Dude(s) I have no idea what Cote is doing today.

I can tell you if he had called me BEFORE writing his column, I would have warned him not to assume the Dolphins weren't going to sign Taylor. That decision had not been finalized as I wrote this morning. I assume he called somebody, anybody, to get a feel for the situation. Obviously, if he did, they gave him bad information.

Armando, love the move to get someone as skilled at Taylor for so little money. I would love to see a page from the Pats playbook on 3rd down having 2 DLs and let JT and Porter do whatever they want.

To an actual question - Do you think he can be disciplined enough to get containment assuming he is playing OLB?

I just reread the updated blog, and I gotta say, I had goosebumps.

I love that Taylor turned down MUCH MORE money to come back to the team he loves and belongs with.

I love that he strung along the Pats, even though he ALWAYS wanted to be a Dolphin again, no matter what it took.

I love that he found out about the Fins offseason workouts and got a personal trainer and modeled his own workout on theirs.

I love that he even turned down movie deals to come back, even though we all know how much he wants to have a Hollywood career post-NFL.

I love that people are realizing that his bad year was not because he is "over the hill" but because he was injured and didn't feel the same spark in Washington that he has always felt in Miami.

I love that we basically got the Pat White pick for free because JT was injured last season anyway.

And I especially love that all the speculation and drama and worry is over, and Jason Taylor is once again going to be wearing the Aqua and Orange!


I think 1.5 million says it all... Taylor is just joining the rotation.

Marcus, with all due respect, that is an assumption you are making. That will be decided in due time and I am not going to bet against Jason Taylor beating out Matt Roth. Simply not going to do it. I've seen it go the other way too often.

Complete the wonderful news day with the following:

Dolphins trade Wilford to Lions for 3rd round draft pick in 2015!

Please let it be

The only thing that scares me is bunny rabbits. I'm kind of funny that way.

'Mando - Sorry to crash the party! I may have been exaggerating. I don't actually see any down side to this move, as long as JT shows up and works alongside his team. I suspect he will. And I do love the idea of JT getting after Brady again. But, I am curious about how he'll be used (which side, which downs, etc). And none of us know that yet. Thanks for the reporting 'Mando.

I understand Matt. I'm not too fond of lizards. Eeeeck!

Armando I think we should announce today as national JT #89 jersey day, I just dug out mine and am wearing it as I type! What do you think?

Rhetorical question for all the Dolphin fans out there:

Do you think Jason Taylor will be excited to play in the Dolphins' home opener against the Colts on Monday Night football?

Armando, Have you heard anything on the Boldin trade front? Do you think the Dolphins will trade for him?

The only thing that scares me are Mr Culito poem's.


JT is home where he belongs...so pumped!!!!

Armando, Any word on if this is an incentive laden deal?

If 1.5 million is his true base salary I hope his contract is generous on the incentives side. That would be fair for both sides (low risk for the Dolphin's if the old man gets hurt and JT gets paid if he kicks some ass).

Agreed on needing guys like Camarillo on the roster, That guy. But I'm hoping they don't start because that's an indictment on the rest of the talent. Know what I mean?

oops typo #99

I think I scared the s**t out of my employees when I read the news I screamed very loud. They ran to my office to see if I was ok. I'm great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good thing I still have my 99 Jersey. I also hung on to my 34 & 54. I think I can give my 9 to goodwill (jay feidler not chad)
It's going to be a great year!!!!!!!!

superfin 72, My brother if you're wearing a JT jersey as you type, please look down at it again because I assure you it is not No. 89.

But whatev, maybe you're a big Ed Perry fan.

Ryan be hurtin...
Manning be hurtin...
Rivers be hurtin...
Edwards be hurtin...
Clemens (not Sanchez) be hurtin...
Brees be hurtin...
Sanchez (not Clemens) be hurtin...
Brady be hurtin...
Griese (or who knows) be hurtin
Delhomme be hurtin...
Edwards be hurtin...again
Brady be hurtin...again
Garrard be hurtin...
Collins be hurtin...
Schaub be hurtin...
Roethlisberger be hurtin...

Mando it was a typo brother ROTFLMAO! #99


Welcome Home JT!

Man, trading him was the ultimate message to the team last year about who's boss. Great move. Check.

Second rounder we got was Pat White, whom I believe will revolutionize NFL offense. Check.

JT comes home, and we get a beast pass-rusher with something to prove. Check.

Is there a downside? Don't know, but I'll consider it when I stop gloating and laughing.

God, all these years of quiet suffering, gone in a bite of Tuna.

Thank you Trifecta, for making my Dolphins a point of pride again.

Seriously. Thank you.


I just wanted to let you know that you are very, very good at what you do. I am a huge fan of your work. The Herald is lucky to have you covering the Dolphins. I selfishly hope ESPN doesnt take you away from us one day.

From all accounts, is JT completely healthy?


is it possible the JT playes ILB on rushing downs? Would this be a bad idea? He can cover TEs and RBs with little trouble.

I wonder how many people will be busting out their #99 jerseys out. I KNOW I WILL!!!!

Mando, you are right... It's my assumption, just like you are assuming Taylor will take his spot... But I watched how many teams ran at Joey Porter and away from Matt Roth over and over again last season with success... Now, we are going to take Roth off the field and replace him with Taylor so teams can run to both sides?


I am happy for my phins. I just hope he stays healthy and all will work out.Uh oh someone mentioned Brady.....Sack Brady.....Hurt Brady...

Mando I see the Fins using JT a bit like we used AJ Duhe, all over the place! It would force the defense to account for on every snap he plays.
Also see him lined up as defensive end on obvious passing plays on the same side as Porter. How sick would that be! What do think about that?

Sorry I had to step away for a couple of minutes. OK, where are we?

Marcus, everyone: The Dolphins were No. 10 against the run on defense last year. I don't see them getting worse, but rather, expect them to improve on that with the added experience from Merling and Langford, the added experience of Roth at his position, and the addition of Jason Taylor, who can and will protect the edge.


Any idea who they will move to make room for Taylor?

Fake GM, thank you. I appreciate your comments today and always on this blog.

Nice job by the fins.
Not only does he bring leadership and credentials to the locker room...he brings more versatility to the defense.

Superfin 72, Ed Perry is bummed now. Very disappointing to him.

I see the Fins using JT much as we did AJ Duhe, all over the place. Then in obvious passing situations place him at DE on the same side as Porter forcing the offense to overload passing protection to that side and even if Porter or Taylor dont get you on that side the Canadian beast will have one on one opportunities for qb sacks on the strongside.

I am so happy and we will be a qb sack and interception machine in 09!

Any word on JT's health? I heard some of the stuff he dealt with last year was considered pretty serious

DolphinsDouglas, you had me smiling when I read your post.

ESPN's Merrill Hodge just stated the same thing I posted about playing JT all over the place. He thinks our D will be awesome this year!

Imagine Porter on one side and Taylor on the other, along with Crowder, Ayedele in the middle and having the ability to move either Roth or Wake around (inside or Outside! The pash rush is here! holy confusion fest for QBs!!

Awesome... welcome back J.T we missed you

Top 10 Reasons why the Miami Dolphins signed Jason Taylor.

1. T
2. o
3. m
4. i
5. s
6. b
7. a
8. c
9. k
10. .

See also top 2 reasons

1. 11.08.2009
2. 12.06.2009

why every one think that fins will do better ? i do believe that tuna is getting JT back cause he knows that he will never top the record of last year of 11-5 so they can blame next season on JT plus buffet will be happy and the sale of shorts will start like crazy .

the fins will not get ready of any body cause of jason,remember, last season he played only a game or two.it's only biz .

mr 1-15 is back

Guys, I have to go and write a column for the newspaper. I'll check back later to see what others think.

If you have questions, leave them here and I'll try to answer when I come back.

Tom Brady=3 rings

jason Taylor=1-15

Tom Brady is your papi

Jason Taylor is is my popi

I was one of many people saying that the Dolphins would never sign Jason Taylor... I will say that I was wrong and eat my crow...but the crow meat doesn't taste so bad this time since the fins are only paying him 1.1 mil for 1 year...WOW... Parcells really got him for cheap... I will glady welcome Jason Taylor back if he goes to training camp and promises to leave all dancing behind him. I respect him for taking way less money to be in Miami instead of New England... I hope he plays his ass off this year to earn a bigger paycheck with tuna and company. ( They should include a $1 million dollar incentive for every time he sacks Brady).

The taylor contract is 1 year 1.1 mil and then another 400k in incentives to add up to 1.5 mil. That's chump change. Now we'll see what he has left.

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