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Taylor expected to join the Dolphins

Jason Taylor is expected to rejoin the Dolphins as early as today.

I have confirmed that Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland and agent Gary Wichard have been negotiating since early, early this morning and the sides are very, very close to announcing a deal. The deal is a one-year contract.

In negotiating this reunion of the team's All-Time sack leader and the club that drafted him in 1997, Taylor snubbed overtures from a handful of clubs, not the least of which was New England.

Taylor's contract is very salary cap friendly. He walked away from an $8.5 million base salary in Washington and told the Dolphins he would play for whatever they wanted to pay him. It is unclear exactly what they will be paying him. The Associated Press is now reporting Taylor will make $1.5 million.

That doesn't seem to matter much to Taylor. He wanted to return to South Florida and the Dolphins because this is his home. He wanted to finish work and go home to his family. He wanted to sleep in his own bed every night. He didn't want to spend another season in a distant NFL outpost while his family stayed in South Florida -- that was his situation last year after he was traded to Washington.

In signing Taylor, the Dolphins add the kind of quarterback pressure they lacked outside of Joey Porter last season. Taylor, 35 in September, has 120.5 career sacks. Although he managed only 3.5 sacks last year, his lowest total since 1999, there were extenuating circumstances for that.

Taylor was injured much of the year, asked to play out of position, and asked to gain weight in Washington. In Miami he will be used as a pass-rusher in the team's nickel and dime packages and is expected to compete for a starting job at one of the outside linebacker jobs.

It is unclear how exactly the Dolphins will manage to get both Taylor and Porter on the field and comfortable at the same time in their base defense -- an issue that went unresolved when they last played together in 2007.

Taylor, a source tells me, never intended to play for any other team but Miami. "Miami is the only place I'm going to play," Taylor told friends and family after gaining his release from Washington.

After he basically forced his way off the Redskins by refusing to accept new contract language in a restructured deal, Taylor told Wichard he wanted to be in Miami.

Wichard met with Washington owner Daniel Snyder at Joe's Stone Crab and informed the Redskins of Taylor's intentions to depart Washington. Taylor also had Wichard turn down at least two movie opportunities so that he could spend the offseason training and the regular-season, well, playing.

Taylor has been in constant contact with coach Tony Sparano as the two have texted messages back and forth for some time. Sparano went so far as giving Taylor the basics of the Dolphins offseason workout program in hopes Taylor would follow its parameters on his own.

Taylor hired a personal trainer and has been doing the Dolphins program. Taylor will join the program as soon as he signs.

The addition for the Dolphins is a loss for the New England Patriots. Owner Robert Kraft actively recruited Taylor in the press. Coach Bill Belichick called Taylor and Wichard, his agent. The overtures were never rebuffed but at no point did Taylor or Wichard talk contract or salary with the Patriots. There was never a handshake agreement between the sides as has previously been reported by Boston-area media outlets.

The Dolphins and Wichard are ironing out details in the contract as we speak but there should be a deal signed by the end of the day, according to a source.


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I was just working hard(ly) as I often do, including weekends. As I was reading my previous post (as I often do), something struck me.

The schedule is tough as nails, sure and lots of exprets have us having an off year. But if you can sweep your division, or come damn close to it, you have a very good shot of making the playoffs. This team may be lights out good in 2010, but this year, my bet is that the men upstairs are not looking the conference. Just beat your division and its a whole new season. This is the key. That starts with NE. The Jets are talented, but I suspect somewhat disfunctional with a d lineman in trouble, both starting backs already holding out and a rookie qb and coach. Desopite what fiolks call a good draft, the Bills are down I'd say with an owner that is on the verge of becoming Al Davis of the east. I bet you anything Parcells is doing what Shula failed to do in his latter years - building a team that is suited to beating its divisional rivals. Marino languished during his best years because they were not built to beat the Bills. Well I'd say the Pats are that team for the forseeable future. You don't have to outswim the shark, just the guy next to you.

Souljah I would still like to see JT dancing but this time around only in the opposing teams backfield doing the 2 step take down on thier qb's. LOL!

Right, thanks for your pleasant comments NJ, the Phin fan from wasteland. Can not believe you actually like the Dolphins..

Now, with the signing of JT, Dolphins need to go after Anquan Boldin and they are all set.

Thanks, Dolphins.

This is EXACTLY why I will not bother to read Greg Cote anymore. My stomach turned when I read his article the other day. I won't even bother to click on his stupid "Random Evidence of a Cluttered Blog." What the HELL does that mean anyway?? I simply refuse to go and give him his "clicks."

I urge all readers of Armando not to bother with Cote any more. Remember, he is the one who

a)Called for the Fins to trade Marino and keep Scott Mitchell

b)Called for Don Shula's head (and look what the next 15 years got us)

c)Wrote that ridiculously inane article the other day.

Take those three points and join them together with tons of other bulls&*t throughout the years and there you have the body work he has created.

Armando, how the heck can you work with this guy??

Matt in NC

Welcome Home JT hope you and Joey have an outstanding year!

I.I MILLION Alot of money for old guy who played only 2 games last year.
2-no other team was willing to pay even 1/2 of that but fins think that mr BUNGLITO AND others like him will rush to buy the new fin jersey and shorts.
3-fins will never top the 11-5 this year and no play off then fans will fight that one out which is good for biz

Jed. now you can go back to tipping cows and spanking your monkey to your jason taylor posters.

Gopats the Brady killer is back in the building. Even super Tom has his cryptonite!! Go Phins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told you way back on draft day that JT would be back!!!!!!!!!!
I am very happy about this I hope JP & JT combo will take us all the way to the superbowl
go delfines

OH no Mando didnt brake it first !
Welcome back JT , maybe you can be Zo like and come back home for a more limited role and help us big.

all numbers in jason's contract are the 1 and 5-----
1 year
1.1 mil
1.5 mil
mr 1-15 is back and the dumb fans out in force

superfin 72.....jason will play only 2-4 games next season ,he looks like mike tyson ,old man.
p.s.....your master tom brady will be in his wife's arms tonight.

the phin fan from the waste land still talking,no pipes today nj ?
please dolphin haters like nj phin get lost plumer

Jed. I bet OHIO is on top of everbody's wish list as a top tourist destination . NOT! LMAO. I can guarantee you , i now more about the dolphins and the game of football than you'll ever know.

Excellent. Great scoop Armando. You've been on this the entire time, saying months ago the relationship between JT and Tuna was good. I was pleased to read yesterday you wrote it still can happen even when Cote was saying there was no chance. I know Fialkov at the SunSentinel wrote a couple of times there was no chance the Dolphins would sign Taylor and Omar said months ago free agency was over. Like you said in your post yesterday, don't believe everything you read. Thank you for you hard work my brother.

NJ Phin Fan, that is not normal Jed, that is Many Me! lmao! You can tell by the pipes comment.

Jed , I mean cuban menace. Nice try.


Were the two movies JT turned down "Escape from Witch Mountain 2 (the musical)" and "The Flintstones Take South Beach"? Were they both straight to DVD?

Soulja . I know. The cuban menace ( many me ) must have the day off from his $ 10.00 per hour security guard job.

soulj is the real jed, this is my gift to my friend nj phin

I bet the real Jed is happier than all of us though...

haha, very funny x, but you would never catch me in Ohio...

nj phin , if you promise to forgive me , i let you know who's the fake jed

Soulja. You have to love how some of these posters ( JED ) think taylor is going to be saviour and lead the phins to the super bowl. First They got the guy dirt cheap . Taylor will be a situational player on obvious pass rushing downs . He'll see about 15-20 plays a game. Look , i hope he does great, We'll see.

Gopats - Brady is done. Look at his last few games. 3 ints against the Chargers in the AFC Championship - The only reason you won that game was because the Chargers were stupid enough to play Phillip Rivers, who needed surgery and got it the day after the game. Then a massive choke in the super bowl. You guys shoulda kept Cassell. He's better now.

due to low IQ in fin fans brains , jason taylor sound to them like it's big deal when it's wort no thing, it's only an old guy added to the mix to please the dumb fin fan base.

The idea of Jason Taylor and Bill Parcells together seems so strange. Here are some other examples of unlikely duos, etc.:

1) Frank Burns and Col. Potter were actually together for two full seasons on M*A*S*H. Weird.

2) Vern Den Herder was on the Miami Dolphins' roster the year they lost to Washington in the Super Bowl. Does ANYONE associate Vern Den Herder - the great defensive lineman from the Dolphins' Super Bowl winning teams (1972, 1973) - with that 1982 team?

3) Joe Namath played for Bear Bryant at Alabama. Could there have been two more different personalities?

4) Spencer Tracy and Gene Kelly co-starred together in "Inherit The Wind." When you think of Gene Kelly dancing, and Spencer Tracy acting, you just don't see them together.

5) John Ritter appeared on an episode of M*A*S*H in which he nearly killed Frank Burns. Jack Tripper and Frank Burns. Who would have thunk it.

Gopats, many me, x, whatever you like to be called,

let me put it in language you might understand:

Taylor + Brady = shredded beef



MIKE, my boy....facts ,

1-while you were in the cellar with nick satan and cameron, WE WON 3

2-all teams in AFC EAST will pay the price for that choking,fins will be the first victim

3-Cassell was good cause MOSS and Welker and coach

4- no on can deny that tom is the best ever in history not this dumb talk about 1-15 jason as mr Binglito would say you azzzzz

I think Matt Roth did well in his first year at OLB, he is a good run stopper, and even though he only had 5 sacks, I believe he was 2cnd on the team. I think he could develop into a solid LB... If anything we have great depth at OLB (Porter, Taylor, Roth, Wake)

soulja aka jed.............tom brady is your master, night mare , papi , best ever and never had a season with 1-15 in his life.

p.s....how often you look at brady wife photo and say to your self,yes,yesyes tom is myyyyyyy daddy

haha... on ESPN, they just quoted Parcells as saying...

"If we can get LT back, we'll take him too."


such bad move, our front office just sucked this time,shooooo

i just wish that jason will play better than the 1-15 season he had with us ,now we have the super star of south florida the future super star of football, dance and acting in the whole white world

Once again shows Sporano, Ireland and Parcells got it together and know how to run an organization... They did not over pay JT last year, did not over pay him this year and now got him at a "bargain price by NFL standards" lol..... plus added bonus, ticket sales will go through the roof in the next few days or so..... !!
AFC East QB's, must watch out for the Dolphins pass rush will be exciting to watch....

Gopats - nobody is denying your past. I'm talking about your future.

Oh, and please speak better English. I can hardly understand you.

There is no possible way that this can be considered a bad move and I was for the trade to washington. JT can give us some good pass rush even if he isnt a 4 down player anymore or gets hurt for half the season- at that price you would be a fool not to give it a try. Here's to hoping he can regain his form of a year before he left miami and try to gel with his teamates. I like JT as a person and he has been great for the local community from what i hear. So here is to wishing him luck and hoping he performs well.

Thanks for the comment about my post. Every year I buy a jersey of a player I think has been mostly over looked by fans and media but I feel deserves more. Years ago it was Feidler,(had to support the new guy) then Welker 1/2 way into his first season, then Roth for his first season. Last year I wore my Welker jersey to the seahawks game but I took blue painters tape and covered Welkers name and wrote Camerillo instead. (it was pretty funny, even gregs brother stoped me to take a picture). Knowing all that whos jersey should I buy this year?.


mike, you think your future will ever come even close to go the super bowl in the next 15 years

p.s...sorry for my english but when i read posts like yours, soulj, bunlito, culito.tickle me emo,the assassin and soiled smelly bottom ,i feel at home english wise.

This is excellent news. Jason Taylor is a great player and seems like a really decent person. I hated that they traded him away. It'll be great to see him back where he belongs. Maybe between him and Porter they can lift the defense up to a legitimate threat.

I am so happy I could just spit :) !!!
Two of the saddest days of my Dolfan life were Zach and Jason leaving. I am so super hyped for this season that the next 80ish days are gonna slowly kill me!

Dolphinsdouglas. based on your criteria . how about anthony fasano or patrick cobbs ?.

A class act. When all other players see nothing but dollar signs, this guy acts like a fan who just happens to play for the Dolphins. I was mad about the DWTS fiasco, but JT, YOU HAVE REDEEMED YOURSELF. Now get ready to tear some QB's heads off!

Hey GOPATS your teams over the hill back to the back.where you were before you had your run.but THERE'S MORE TICKETS FOR YOU TO COME ABOARD. YOUR ALWAYS HERE ANYWAY..

poor frank, he still believes

Yes!!! We received a 2nd and 7th for Jason last year correct? or was it a 2nd and 6th?

Let me pour some of my 40 of OE out for the AFC EAST QB's

Good call on both! Do you think either one will last? It really sucks to have a closet full of jerseys I won't wear. I think it means more to wear the jersey of a current player. Not that wearing 13 to a game is not cool, it just feels like I'm clinging to the past even though thats all we had.
Does it suck to live in jets land? Do you ever go to a game in Dolphin cloths? I went to a game at Shea years ago and I gotta say Jets fans suck more than my shop vac!

afc east , can you please speak in a better english or french, i didn't understand what you mean.

P.S........is it true NJ phin fan not a true fan ? i thought he's the god father of this blog

There truely is a God.

dolphindouglas, by any chance you have Sage Rosenfels jersey or Patrick Ramsey ?

Good stuff. Hopefully they are being as quiet about getting Boldin.

Well taylor dance at halftime ?

Dolphindouglas. Cobbs might be a risk. He signed only a 2 year extension. Fasano is going to be a free agent along with david martin at the end of the year. I see miami signing Fasano to a multi-year contract and miami letting go martin. The tuna drafted fasano in dallas and then traded for him in miami. Fasano is a jersey boy like parcells. The tuna loves him Also on defense yoo can try Kendall langford. I hope that helps.

gopats (18-1)
No on both. hanging in my closet
next ?

Maybe They can cut ted(wheres the sideline) ginn, his clip board holding daddy and his blocking dummie cousin rufus to make room on the roster for jason(dance fever) taylor, what are your thoughts on this?

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