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Taylor expected to join the Dolphins

Jason Taylor is expected to rejoin the Dolphins as early as today.

I have confirmed that Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland and agent Gary Wichard have been negotiating since early, early this morning and the sides are very, very close to announcing a deal. The deal is a one-year contract.

In negotiating this reunion of the team's All-Time sack leader and the club that drafted him in 1997, Taylor snubbed overtures from a handful of clubs, not the least of which was New England.

Taylor's contract is very salary cap friendly. He walked away from an $8.5 million base salary in Washington and told the Dolphins he would play for whatever they wanted to pay him. It is unclear exactly what they will be paying him. The Associated Press is now reporting Taylor will make $1.5 million.

That doesn't seem to matter much to Taylor. He wanted to return to South Florida and the Dolphins because this is his home. He wanted to finish work and go home to his family. He wanted to sleep in his own bed every night. He didn't want to spend another season in a distant NFL outpost while his family stayed in South Florida -- that was his situation last year after he was traded to Washington.

In signing Taylor, the Dolphins add the kind of quarterback pressure they lacked outside of Joey Porter last season. Taylor, 35 in September, has 120.5 career sacks. Although he managed only 3.5 sacks last year, his lowest total since 1999, there were extenuating circumstances for that.

Taylor was injured much of the year, asked to play out of position, and asked to gain weight in Washington. In Miami he will be used as a pass-rusher in the team's nickel and dime packages and is expected to compete for a starting job at one of the outside linebacker jobs.

It is unclear how exactly the Dolphins will manage to get both Taylor and Porter on the field and comfortable at the same time in their base defense -- an issue that went unresolved when they last played together in 2007.

Taylor, a source tells me, never intended to play for any other team but Miami. "Miami is the only place I'm going to play," Taylor told friends and family after gaining his release from Washington.

After he basically forced his way off the Redskins by refusing to accept new contract language in a restructured deal, Taylor told Wichard he wanted to be in Miami.

Wichard met with Washington owner Daniel Snyder at Joe's Stone Crab and informed the Redskins of Taylor's intentions to depart Washington. Taylor also had Wichard turn down at least two movie opportunities so that he could spend the offseason training and the regular-season, well, playing.

Taylor has been in constant contact with coach Tony Sparano as the two have texted messages back and forth for some time. Sparano went so far as giving Taylor the basics of the Dolphins offseason workout program in hopes Taylor would follow its parameters on his own.

Taylor hired a personal trainer and has been doing the Dolphins program. Taylor will join the program as soon as he signs.

The addition for the Dolphins is a loss for the New England Patriots. Owner Robert Kraft actively recruited Taylor in the press. Coach Bill Belichick called Taylor and Wichard, his agent. The overtures were never rebuffed but at no point did Taylor or Wichard talk contract or salary with the Patriots. There was never a handshake agreement between the sides as has previously been reported by Boston-area media outlets.

The Dolphins and Wichard are ironing out details in the contract as we speak but there should be a deal signed by the end of the day, according to a source.


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is the cuban menace a fake fin fan as afc east champs saying ?


Dolphindouglas. I go to jet-dolphin games at the meadowlands every year. IN MY DOLPHIN JERSEYS AND HAT. I don't sweat it !. I've been in many wars my friend !


I Hear that miamis close to signing tedisha(all the way ) ginn to a contract to dance with j.t during halftimes, mando can you confirm this.

lmao@the afc east champs. Yeah , i have been to hoboken.

dolphindouglas, 18-1 and that means WHAT ?

Iam A Fin fan.

i love to see nj phin fan's fface photo , i will do any thing to see it and piped out.

I'm back folks. The Dolphins have not yet announced the Taylor signing. They won't until he actually puts his signature on the contract.

But it's not an issue as far as I know.

Where's the monkey and carlito?

Many Me, what's up with you trying to swipe Jed's name now? Just wondering.


How do you see this JT signing affecting Cameron Wake?

armando, jed used my name more than 15 times and you never say any thing to any one using my name, little fairness would help willi.

Souljah, Cameron Wake will get his repetitions in practice and in preseason games. If he is better, he will be the guy. If someone beats him out, that player will play.

I really do think the Dolphins are going to challenge Taylor and tell him straight up, "You have to EARN everything you get." There are no free rides. They cannot show favoritism.

I've talked to sources within the organization that have told me they think Taylor is better when someone doesn't believe he can do something as opposed to when he's nurtured.

JED ( aka many me). i picture you looking like john candy in your security guard uniform in the movie "armed and dangerous '. In your case not armed and dangerous.

where's mr bunglito

I have been to away games in ATL, JAX, TENN, CAR, SD and NY. Jets fans suck the most. Even though the Dolphins won that game the fans became history buffs. You know, "Well last year..." or "Remember that Monday night..." Tired old grouchy fans. I would be grouchy to if we had hmmm lets see
No Home field
New coach again
Sucky weather

A little fairness would help Willi?

I don't think I get that one. I also appreciate you coming to my blog, but I'm just saying can you keep your identities to 10 or 12 and not expand to 20?

And if Jed tried to use your IDs, I'll have a very stern chat with him and challenge him with aggressive verbs.

I think Many Me probably looks like the Orlando Magic's sweaty coach. Except instead of the suit, I think he is more likely to wear flip flops with socks, short shorts, and a dirty tank top.

douglas, JT hates Jets fans so much, that's one of the reasons he wouldn't consider playing in NY.


Thanks for the quick response... I think the competition at OLB will be one to watch in training camp!

Go pats
Do you not remember your ALMOST perfect season.
I just think its funny you post here and not on the Boston Globe. So I remind you 18-1

You hatin' on Van Gundy? I remember he ripped me a new one when I wrote a column saying the 2005 team was Shaq's team and that without Shaq it had no chance to win a title.

nj , a always will love you but you were so easy if i just say two things ,
1-any thing w/ wrong spelling
2-any pluming talk
3-i always told you you owe the cuban an apology
4-no more othat,promise to you and my favorite guy, ARMANDO

I think Gopats is cool. He comes to a Dolphins blog and challenges you guys.

go pats
By the way GO MAGIC

I am so excited to have Jason Taylor back with the Dolphins.

You're the man Many Me. In fact, you're the men.

willi ? as in willi chirino. as in cuban menace. I knew it.

nah, no real hate for van gundy... just playing


So does Jason Taylor sell more tickets for the Dolphins?

And who sells more tickets ... JT or Jimmy Buffett?

thanks ,dolphindougas for that,i recomond LIVE CHAT during game 7 between celtics and the magic with ,who else .....ARMANDO when the sweaty coach will weat and yell and the fake super man howard will go home

Jason Taylor sells more tickets than Jimmy Buffet, thats for sure.

Scared of the Pats, AFC EAST CHAMPS? Never said I was scared of them. I think they are still better than Miami.

But one player is the reason for that difference. Without Tom Brady, Miami can beat them.

Go pats
Do you not remember your ALMOST perfect season? I just think its funny you blog here and not on the boston globe. So I was just reminding you 18-1

I read somewhere that Brady is washed up. The writer made the case that he blew it in his last game, he threw multiple (3?) interceptions in the AFC title game against San Diego, and then got injured against KC. Not a good three-game string.

You guys buy that?


Come on now, the Dolphins are capable of and have beaten Tom Brady, several times... Even a couple times when we were horrible (orange jerseys, I think)... Do you know Tom Brady's record against the Dolphins, or his record playing in Miami?

I Saw jimmy buffet in concert, though i dought if id see j.t dancing though ,so id have to say jimmy b. sells more tickets.

True, souljahbeats. Brady has not played as well against Miami as other teams. But I like the Dolphins chances better against a NE team that doesn't have him.


Mando, do you think joe robbie is rolling over in his grave and if so , do you think hes rolling over for a land shark beer ?

facts, the way armando mange this blog is amazing , when he puts the brakes on some one,it's always at the wright moment and his kind words for who come to this blog is well placed and his real love for the people here is very clear.

p.s.....jason will add live to many many games as
jets game

I only saw Joe Robbie once in my years of covering the Dolphins. He was sitting in a bar in the meadowlands. And yes, he'd had a few ...

But I got to hand it to the dude: He built a stadium without any public money. He did it the honorable way instead of making tax payers foot the bill.

welcome,back Jason now you have somthing to prove,go out there and beat Porters sack totals this year.

Mando. Speaking of selling tickets. Do you think ross had a say in bringing back taylor ? I know miami signed him dirt cheap and that was 1 big reason . I see taylor playing about 20 snaps a game.

Thank you Gopats. You are always welcome here. But obviously Dolphins fans will attack you. I assume you can take care of yourself.

NJ I don't think Ross had any say whatsoever on JT. NOne. Zero. And that's the way it has to be otherwise we're headed for trouble because Parcells doesn't want ANY interference.

Sorry never heard of Buffet.................. Armando I feel with the elevation of the wildpat and our D we will win 11-13 games this year we can match up against anybody.

Mando. One more ?. I know it was only rookie camp , but do you think the dolpins staff saw some limitations in wake that prompted the fast signing of taylor ?

NJ: The rookie camp had nothing to do with it. I know the Dolphins have been debating and weighin the idea of re-signing Taylor for months, since his release. I think I wrote that a long time ago.

Wake is a guy they want to have succeed ASAP, but definitely for the future. Taylor is strictly about right now.

And by the way, if Wake beats out JT, he plays ahead of JT.

I agree.

AFC East, 13 wins? Against that schedule? I admire your optimism. I don't share it. But what do I know? Nothing.

OK guys, my mom is yelling my name out the porch and saying I have to come inside for dinner. It was great playing with you guys today. Let's do it again soon.

i agree if wake beats out taylor, he plays ahead of talor. that's who the trifect wants to win.

Brutal Schdule it is.

By the way, the Dolphins are now OFFICIALLY announcing the Jason Taylor signing.


I called us going to the playoffs after the acorn called chad fell off the tree. Now with ted in his third year a qb in pat white throwing a 60 yard bomb on the rope to gin then hurry up with chad under center a pass to white in the back field to throw a pass to bess going across the middle DAME ALL THE THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO

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