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Fins sign O-lineman with a history [Updated]

The Dolphins have signed interior offensive lineman JD Quinn and will announce the addition early next week.

Quinn is, um, interesting for a handful of reasons:

He was at the team's rookie minicamp last weekend on a tryout basis after going undrafted out of Montana. He impressed coaches and general manager Jeff Ireland enough that they tried to get to know him and his personality more so they could feel comfortable with him on the team.

And the Dolphins needed to feel comfortable with Quinn because of  his past.

Quinn was arrested in May of 2008 for a DUI violation and was temporarily suspended from the Montana football team. It was Quinn's second DUI arrest in less than a year because he was similarly arrested in July 2007 in Missoula.

The arrests were settled in court when Quinn pleaded guilty to per se drunken driving, wherein a defendant admits to driving with a blood alcohol level greater than the Montana legal limit of .08 but does not admit to driving while intoxicated. The May 2008 arrest was settled when Quinn pleaded guilty to a mudflap violation -- the reason he was stopped in the first place -- and the drunk driving charge was dropped. The court then sentenced Quinn to 10 days in jail, with all the time suspended, and ordered him to complete an alcohol dependency program.

But, believe it or not, that's not really Quinn's claim to fame, or infamy if that's how you look at things. Quinn, Oklahoma Sooners fans might recall, was dismissed from that team in August of 2006 and lost a year of eligibility for his connection in a car dealership scandal that included starting quarterback Rhett Bomar, who also was tossed from the team and transferred to Sam Houston State.

Quinn accepted $8,137 from the Norman, OK., Chevy dealership but never did any work there. That's an NCAA violation related to undue benefits and the governing body came down hard on the Sooners, forcing the the school to vacate eight victories, give up two scholarships, and also extending a previous probationary period.

Quinn became something of a villian among Oklahoma fans when he showed little regard for his old school in the taped phone conversation below.

Quinn, 6-4 and 300 pounds, will work at guard and center for the Dolphins.

[Update: Beat writer Jeff Darlington sends me this link that shows Quinn was also arrested for DUI in 2005. Quinn was 19-years-old at the time of this first arrest (assuming there weren't others earlier). The legal drinking age in Oklahoma at the time was 21 years old. So do the math, that's three DUI arrests for Quinn the last four years.] 

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WV phin fan, you are talking about fear.....let me say it again....Tom Brady the best QB who played in the histoy of football

2-watch tonight when celtics will teach the magic slap alston's team a lesson in wiping with love

we should call the stadium SOILDBOTTM

Dear Mr. Menace

I believe Mr. Ross and Mr. Buffet have relied on faulty data of the relationship between Sharks and Dolphins.

As I have stated previously

1-You dont name a retirement center "Hotties"

2-You dont name a church "Hells Bells"

3-You dont name a strip club "The Crab Shack"

4-You dont name a Quarterback "Lemon"

5-You dont name a president "Bush" (We didn't but it happened anyway)LOL

I have advised Mr. Ross and Mr. Buffet to hold off on there naming of the stadium till they get some fresh data on the relationship between
Sharks and Dolphins.

Soiled :)

soiled, we didn't see any funny post from you now for 2 days,give us a poem about OJ and try to get Quinn in there some how.

Where the hell is Missoula???


Two words about Brady, "Shredded Beef." We'll see who is scared when you enter the Thunderdome. (Thats what I will call it from now on, Mr. Ross please build a roof so my name will be accurate)

Jd quinn is from montana i heard he is a faggg.

Just look at his sooners shirt his boobies just sagg.

He looks like a criminal he's been charged with arrest.

Wow who's the tuna gonna sign up next maybe Ron Artest.

WV phin fan, i have WV wagon, that's why i am starting to like you .can you tell me what was your worst day in the 1-15 year .

p.s.....football worst day

I am the real gopat who posted the praise of champ 43. No some fake guy posted as me to say I did not post. Hey WV Phin Fan pick a good team to cheer. Go Brady


My worst day in the 1-15 season was before the season even started. It was the day the Dolphins hired Cam Cameron. I did not know much about him at the time, but just from his picture, I could tell that he had no idea how to run a football team and we were in big trouble. My fears and suspicions were confirmed on draft day (the 3rd worst day of the 1-15 season) when he drafted Ted Ginn Jr and his family as well as John Beck (I could also tell from his picture that the Dolphins were in big trouble).

WV why do we tolerate this wuss called gopat? This is a blog for Phin fans and he is the enemy. He is like a pedofile(spelling) in a school yard. The two don't mix. I will insult tha azz any chance I get.

now , mr fake go pat going nuts and that's good ,he's going to keep at it until he finds his mama, any way may god bless his sister

Dear Mr. FinFreakofDolphins

OJ and Quinn

OJ and Quinn

One had it all

The other likes Gin

Soiled :)

I am the real gopats, you see i don't have a sister. My mother passed away two years ago.

Having gopats on this blog is like having a child predator in a school yard. Not right.

I belive its been said that buffet has a new dolphins song as well???

WV, you hit it on the head,Cam Cameron is the worst thing that happened in fin's history ,there for i agree,now ted ginn still a Q mark and Beck too is worst QB than all QB'S.

p.s......the cuban will very proud of you
p.s......can you tell every one who's the woman who drives you nuts?

jet in lube.....very good
soiled......your words are real and sad at the time when you think about the line "had it all "

The woman who drives me nuts is my wife, sometimes its like she never stops talking.

If we are talking looks, Eva Mendes is hot, also Jessica Biel and Rosario Dawson are pretty good looking too. Honorable mention to Hallie Berry.

wv, put me down as your fan for your taste. god bless you and Eva Mendes and Selma Hiyke are both at number 1.

Champ IQ43 made a number of points, mostly nonsensical. Because of time constraints, I should like to respond to just a few of them.

He writes:

"I guess you haven't heard of the 4th Amendment? You know, that we're entitled to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures?"

Those of us on the right are still waiting for one - ONE - example of the Bush administration barging into some innocent person's home and taking him away in the dead of night, never to be heard from again. Simply repeating a charge often enough doesn't make it true. And please don't bring up the old sop about having to take your shoes off at an airport, or having the government check what library books you've taken out. The first example is ridiculous, because political correctness has meant that Swedish women are as likely to be inspected for weapons as men from Saudi Arabia; and, the second example is rare and only occurs when something fits a very specific pattern. In the age of terrorism, investigating if "Muhammad" has a fetish for the works of Ayatollah Khomeini is hardly "fascism" or a trampling of our civil liberties.

"How about the fact that your 'constitutionalist conservatives' have eviscerated the 4th amendment of our CONSTITUTION by appointing activist judges with an agenda?"

It is positively Orwellian how liberals refer to strict constructionist judges as "activist judges." Liberals love to call judges who strike down laws for being unconstitutional "activist," when in reality they are ADHERING to the constitution. Activist judges are those who stretch the constitution to comport with their liberal agenda.

Now, for crying out loud, this is a football blog. Let's stick to football.

On that note, here is my fantasy to play naked football. I am the lone offensive player going up against a defensive goal line stand comprised of Sally Struthers (1973), Shannen Doherty (1992), Sophia Loren (1964) and Julie Newmar (1967). I try to carry the football over the goal line but the fearsome foursome continually stifle my forays by tackling me on the bed and "piling on." They are continually flagged for "illegal use of the hands."

Mr Dodsworth, come forward and note your favorite women but they must be.....

a-not older today than 40 years old
b-no one with their first name, Sally or Sophia
c- no politics crap of any kind

Dear Mr. Nathaniel Dodsworth

Another tactic to employ would be the HARD count.

Also Act like your gonna go right up the middle.

It will exspose there backside

Then you hit then with an end around

Soiled :)

got to give it to mendez. It was worth watching that crappy movie spirit, to see her nude.

Nathanal, Well thought out post you just made, and highly erotic, julie newmar, thats a name i havent heard in 30 years, what are your thoughts on the new stadium name " Tequila and triple sec stadium" oh sorry "land shark stadium" maybe they should have called it what it originally was " Land Fill Stadium"

CUban, i was going to say that "land shark" sound like dump site and then i read your last post.is that true it's name was "Land Fill Stadium ?

Some where 6 ft. below us joe robbie is turning over in his grave... and NOT reaching for a land shark beer....

Sounds like a WINNER. Now these are the types of kids the Phins should be building the team around.

Maybe they should call it " Tequila Stadium" At least joe robbie wont have a problem finding the " worm" at his currant location.... guys what are your thoughts?

Maybe they should call it " Tequila Stadium" At least joe robbie wont have a problem finding the " worm" at his currant location.... guys what are your thoughts?

jet in lube, tell me more about the movie SPIRIT, is it love story or kill every one in site.

Gopats, it was a land fill site 35 years ago, according to my papi....

To those who care

Mr. Ross's selling part ownership to Jimmy Buffet is only part one of a three part plan.

Ricky Williams is being offered part ownership in the team as well.(part two)

In the near future the state of Florida will legalize medical marijuana.

Part three Welcome to your Miami Dolphins Marijuanaville Stadium

Soiled :)

7, no you die and thats it....kinda like being transfered to the detroit or cleveland is about the best way i can picture life after death.

Will the cheap seats be called the " bong section"?

Marielito or shoud i say Cuban menace. aren't you due at your security guard job yet. you know the one where you watch bulding that are under consruction so nobody steals materials.

Last Time i was at dolphin stadium i need 3 sherpas, 2 yaks and 6 canisters of oxigen to get to my seats....i also was clipped by a cessna that lost his way in heavy cloud cover.

construction. do me a favor stop talking shyt under a different name . Be a man . post with your real name.

Nj, no worry man, all the bad guys are in the garden state..lol

NJ PHIN FAN,question for you, why are you so mean to the menace?

zoro. Read the shyt your alter egos marielito and political prisoner had to say.

Who's Impersonating by good friend njphinfan? i bet its the hot pink pants wairing m@@c.

Nathaniel d

Nice try, but what IQ=-43 was referring to was not midnight abductions by the Bush admin...

But rather the Bush administration warrantless domestic spying and wire tapping does violate the Fourth, and the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution specifies that you must have probable cause to be able to do a search that does not violate an American's right against unlawful searches and seizures. Hey, but if you want to give this civil liberty, then by all means move to a fascist country.

"Those of us on the right are still waiting for one - ONE - example of the Bush administration barging into some innocent person's home and taking him away...

Again nice try but the Bush administration did that through out the US occupation in Iraq. But again that is not where IQ-43 made his point.

Regarding Supreme court justices and their "agendas". They all have one regadless if they are Right wing or left and all but three of the justices where appointed by Republican presidents.

Now if you expect me to believe that Swedish women are as likely to be searched for weapons as a Saudi-men? LOL

Again, nice try Nathaniel

nj phin, what makes you sure that was menace, i just red the posts you asked me to read and 2 points;
1- cuban loves mr dodsworth and that's not normal cuban talk
2-why would he turn on you and i saw you accused him of insulting you under other names beside these 2

Nj, I only post under my name, and as far as your political comments are concerned i agree with you 120 per cent, i lost some friends on 9/11 and would do ANYTHING to stop another horrendous attack on our country, hope this helps clear things up.

Gopats >" watch tonight when celtics will teach the magic slap alston's team a lesson in wiping with love "<

Hey Gopats, how's that lesson from the Celtics on the Magic working out for ya?...LMAO!

Magic up by 25pts @ 1:45 4th...LMAO!

But Again Please answer this " Q" counsler Troi or Dr. Crusher.

Getter Done Phins, i surrender ,i was talking trash to have fun but one thing we admit,this sweaty coach of the magic is one of the best coaches in the NBA.i recall when he was with heat and did a great job there too and Pat.o fired him and took the credit the following year. who drives you crazy......
1-Selma Hiyke
2-Eva Mendes

again, nj phin fan ,you owe the menace an apology.

What about this guy mando's talking about?? doesnt sound like a " Parcells" Guy...(what ever that means?)

What about this guy mando's talking about?? doesnt sound like a " Parcells" Guy...(what ever that means?)

Counsler Troi IS the one, she will be always in my heart

Ok Guys Gotta Go , check you out later

nj phin fan, the person who signed marelito is CARLITO AKA rexryansucks who hates bunglito , are you following me ,the way he writes that's him and the other name just a guy with other views than but i agree he sound creepy too.

ROTFLOL!! Quinn must be the shit, to be signed after all he's done.

good, i wish he had done sum time. we want MEAN NASTY ROUGH O-LINEMEN, not sum panty waisted, law abiding nancy boys like the guy who used to play center for us

Glad to have him; hope he works out. There's something called FORGIVENESS, folks---check it out. He deserves this chance. You haters would like to see every young man with an alcohol problem condemned to a lifetime of unemployment & disgrace. Shame on you.

Cant we at least have a healthy debate on our belove dolphins and cut the politics?

For crying out loud love your country which gives you the right to have a speak your own thoughts and love and respect your neighbor no matter their race, creed, political persuation, etc.

I am a Christian conservative and still can be happy and proud of our country even if not perfect.

C.Little, i agree w/you but still he should learn his lesson .he should go to jail just for 6 month of hard labor then we sign back after paying his dues .

You're an idiot. What do you know about the Bush admin wiretaps? Nothing. If you did, then you'd shut your trap. Keep watchin that idiot Olbermann and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, smoke weed, and leave the politics to responsible thoughtful people.

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