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Fins sign O-lineman with a history [Updated]

The Dolphins have signed interior offensive lineman JD Quinn and will announce the addition early next week.

Quinn is, um, interesting for a handful of reasons:

He was at the team's rookie minicamp last weekend on a tryout basis after going undrafted out of Montana. He impressed coaches and general manager Jeff Ireland enough that they tried to get to know him and his personality more so they could feel comfortable with him on the team.

And the Dolphins needed to feel comfortable with Quinn because of  his past.

Quinn was arrested in May of 2008 for a DUI violation and was temporarily suspended from the Montana football team. It was Quinn's second DUI arrest in less than a year because he was similarly arrested in July 2007 in Missoula.

The arrests were settled in court when Quinn pleaded guilty to per se drunken driving, wherein a defendant admits to driving with a blood alcohol level greater than the Montana legal limit of .08 but does not admit to driving while intoxicated. The May 2008 arrest was settled when Quinn pleaded guilty to a mudflap violation -- the reason he was stopped in the first place -- and the drunk driving charge was dropped. The court then sentenced Quinn to 10 days in jail, with all the time suspended, and ordered him to complete an alcohol dependency program.

But, believe it or not, that's not really Quinn's claim to fame, or infamy if that's how you look at things. Quinn, Oklahoma Sooners fans might recall, was dismissed from that team in August of 2006 and lost a year of eligibility for his connection in a car dealership scandal that included starting quarterback Rhett Bomar, who also was tossed from the team and transferred to Sam Houston State.

Quinn accepted $8,137 from the Norman, OK., Chevy dealership but never did any work there. That's an NCAA violation related to undue benefits and the governing body came down hard on the Sooners, forcing the the school to vacate eight victories, give up two scholarships, and also extending a previous probationary period.

Quinn became something of a villian among Oklahoma fans when he showed little regard for his old school in the taped phone conversation below.

Quinn, 6-4 and 300 pounds, will work at guard and center for the Dolphins.

[Update: Beat writer Jeff Darlington sends me this link that shows Quinn was also arrested for DUI in 2005. Quinn was 19-years-old at the time of this first arrest (assuming there weren't others earlier). The legal drinking age in Oklahoma at the time was 21 years old. So do the math, that's three DUI arrests for Quinn the last four years.] 

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Menace. i was about to lose all respect for you until your latest posts . if it wasn't you , ok . I know you love to instigate but i still don't appreciate it even your playing around. I also lost a friend ( CHRIS A ) who was a port authority police officer. When you have cluless clowns like marielito and political prisoner( who i still have ? about) taking through their azz, it makes you wonder. i have nothing against dolphins4life( who at least has the guts to post under his screenname) . he's also a fellow dolphin fan. But i disagree with his poltical views . now he's telling us about this 4rth amendement B.S. that doesn't fly anymore in todays world of terrorism. The patriot act saves lives. Even obama backs it. unless your dealing drugs out your basement , what the hell are you worried about ? if it saves your life and others so be it. Ok enough of this stuff. i'm tired.

tommya, go to sleep man, it's time for your bed time mr thoughtful.make sure you go to the bath room first .


LOL! Good job.

LOL,thank you you for keeping me a wake

Tommya. right on. Even obama is backing the patriot act. It saves lives. Unless you're selling drugs out your basement , what the heck is anybody worried about.

you see mr thoughtful tommya , you got nj phin going at it again, the crap is back. why can't we love each other and watch nice movies.

Menace, if it wasn' t you then ok. i know how you like to instigate. I also lost a good Friend ( CHRIS A ) who was a port authority cop. When you have 2 clueless clowns like marielito and political prisoner ( who i must say sound familier) talking through their azzzzz, it makes you wonder. Now i have dolphins4life talking about 4rth amendement BS that doesn't fly in todays world of terrorism. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

jod. what is your favorite movie ?.

nj phin, i think some one made you little upset today like 4 and 6 and cubano milano and you thought every one is the same guy, that why i said you owe the menace an apology .

tommya . It's MSLSD. That's why nobody watches them anymore. You might as well blog on to all the left wing whack jobs on move.org . daily kos and huffington post.

my favorite movie is casablanca.
p.s, when i said the crap in my last post, i meant the politics talk not you

I must have taken a wrong turn at Salgueros Dolphins blog and stumbled upon a political debate. Okay, I'll play along. Anyone who follows a particular party to the point of blind loyalty is completely missing the point. If you vote for "your guy" because he represents your party, you're not giving yourself the freedom of choice that so many brave soldiers fought and died for. You're not upholding the ideals and beliefs that our great leaders like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams founded this country upon. The two party system is completely flawed and even more so in todays world where people close their eyes to the truth and fight amongst eachother while our elected politicians ignore our wants and needs. Now think about this. We have dozens to hundreds of choices in what cereal we buy, beverages, automobiles, music we listen to, clothes we wear, etc. But when it comes to running our beloved country, the MOST IMPORTANT thing we could trust another person to do for us, we only have two choices. And a larger population of the country ignore the choice and instead vote for their party, regardless of who may truly be the better candidate. If people were really honest I am sure we would find out that a great number of our citizens decided to vote their parties choice (in the recent presidential election) before they even knew who the candidates were. Slice it any way you want, but that is anti-american to the core and Abe Lincoln and the rest of our TRUE heroes are probably rolling over in their graves. If you want to make a real difference tell your party to shove it and register independant. Force them to debate real issues and stop using scare tactics to buy our votes. Stop being a shill for a party that only cares about winning the next election, ignoring the real work that needs to be done so they can proclaim they've won. Show them that there will be no more cheerleading section in blindfolds ignorantly agreeing with what THEY tell us is right. WE the people have the power to change things, not the Democrats and not the Republicans. WE THE PEOPLE are the only ones who can create and uphold real change that will benefit our country for generations to come.

Okay all you Ginn Jr. bashers...the dolphins have finally signed Quinn. Now get off Ginn's back!

I went to school at U of montana and he is a great offensive linemen and I think he will be good at guard or center for us. I love it that The Tuna loves firing up Griz players. Carp, Lex, and now J.D. POW!

NYscott. Did you miss the part where i said i was an INDEPENDENT ?

3 DUIs in 4 years...and he hasn't done any jail time. Montana is a joke and this guy is a felon.

soothsayer. You're right. around here ny/nj you would be considered an habitual offender and probably do at least a year .


You are obviously not one of the resposible thoughtful people given what you just said. Won't wast my time on you.


Like wise
Oh and by the way I don't care if you lived right down the block from WTC all of Americans where attacked.
You may be independent but you talk like a right wing republican. Now if you can talk politics civily or get your point across like NY SCOTT then we can debate politics. But if you want to sling verbal insults and that makes you feel good or big then have fun on your own. By the way I love getting a rise out of all the ignorant people.

dolphins4life . so you like to get a rise out of yourself. LOL. Where did i verbally insult you personally ? Did i call you an idiot or something . I think not. so cut out the BS. Is the verbal abuse anything when you agreed with marcus about darius butler and you called me nj phin flake. Thought i forgot about that ? Who turned out to be right . LMAO. Look i don't have anything against you. We're both dolphin fans that disagree about some political views.

Well there is nothing else to do in Oklahoma and Montana.

Also . i talk like a guy who believes in capitalism and keeping our country safe. Seems to me like you forgot about 9/11 quicker than me. that's all.


Could'nt agree with you anymore. The fact is until there is a third viable party that occupies a 1/3 of the votes. The most pressing issues facing the nation are beyond the ability of the two parties to solve, because neither party can act alone or should act to solve these problems alone. Any bipartisan compromise can not equal the magnitude of the problems we face. Other democracies have multiple parties, which make sense in parliamentary systems which have "proportional representation" unlike, the Independent party or libertarion and so on.

However, in a "winner-take-all" system like ours, a two-party structure is almost inevitable. Any votes not casted toward Republicans or Democrats are wasted votes in essence until a third part can have equal say in a given election.

In fact political parties were not part of the vision of our founding fathers, and are not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. George Washington actually opposed the formation of political parties.

As a whole the two party system has done us well and would be hard on us to introduce a third. But has been done I believe twice one succeding the other. But never a third viable party that had equal votes or representation.

Well that all for now have a great night and all Dolphin fans who are Moms happy Mothers day and have a great weekend.

"proportional representation"

political scientists Levergood and Breyfogle

NJPhin fan

Yeah I called you a flake but we were not debating politics. Its when you debate politics that one must get a point across civily and logically.

Regarding Darius Butler I said the samething I'm telling you now second round or later. If you took him any sooner would be a reach. Patsies took him so hey he must be pretty good. But Davis over Butler any day, but the debate back then was if was better than Sean Smith? And the answer now that Smith is with the Dolphins is no. But if the Dolphins took Butler and Davis we would be fine either way just as long as they took one or the other in the second round, remember? I'm sure you do, and I as well.

BTW did not forget 9-11 just know that when you say Bill Bubba Clinton was responsible for it when W was in his second year in office and all the intel said that Bin Laden would strike at any time...well your argument leaves something to be desired.

You don't have to give up ANY civil liberties to fight terroism. Not ONE!

...As far as insults LOL LMAO etc...
Well look at your posts, proof is in the pudding.
If you don't see them or don't agree then hey you were right all along, and no one can tell you otherwise.

Good Frkn night


You remember what other guys said about the draft. You are anut job

Dolphins4life. You have to be f'n kidding me right . Bush was in his 2nd year on office ? LOL Oh my god !. The election was in nov 2000. Bush took office in jan 2001. Sept 11 , 2001 was 8 months later. do yoy really Think it took the terrotists only 8 months to plan this attack. LMAO like i said it , was all Bill BUBBA Clinton's fault. He was to bust getting BJ's while this country was being attacked. I take it back. You are REALLY an IDIOT !. Good Freaking night

Again, “It’s A Fool That Looks For Logic In The Chambers Of The Human Heart.” -Ulysses Everett McGill

Got a rise out of you. LOL

It matters not when W took office the fact is he had the intel, it was given to him.
Not to mention the unity created after 9-11, was torn down in less than a year.
Again the Reagan/Bush admin are the ones who created Bin Laden, and dont give me that cold was crap.
Your right about one thing it took the terrorist andBin laden more than 8 months to plot 9-11...they have been plotting it since the early eighties. LOL
Your ignorance preceds you.

Sometimes guys with a troubled past come to appreciate the opportunity to make a bunch of money playing football. I wouldnt condemn a guy for sins of the youth.....especially if he is also one of those guys who blocks through the whistle. We need a few more of them.

The Dolphins signed this guy because they heard the Patriots were interested in him.

Quinn sounds like he is going to be a pain in the butt. He may think he has a sense of entitlement. Impaired driving is pretty serious. Let's hope he changes. As for taking money... there aren't many people out there that wouldn't take the money. But most are smart enough to do some work for it.

If Quinn is a guy that blocks through the whistle then I am going to like him as long as he takes that "sense of entitlement" to the field and beats oppenents into the ground.

The blog is becoming less and less about football and the Phins and more and more like a chat room for people with varying opinions about who is responsible for whatever. Don't you guys have a chat room to discuss this kind of stuff.


You bought that chit from the menace that he only posts in one name. You and I both know it is easy to post in dif names. All of the sudden a couple of other people say you need to apologize. Who do you think they were? What do you get when you take away the "Me" from Mencace....you get ace. Think about it. They get a rise from you. Man I can tell you that Bush sucks as easy as anyone.

klndry..This blog becomes that way because some of some moron. The moron only has to mention some hot topic issues and bam. Like Bush is a criminal, Obama is a commy, Liberals are losers, or Repub are racists. I mean you can use anything.

The Dolphins certainly need offensive linemen in a bad way. Parcells has had a history of dealing with troubled players over the years successfully. Remember LT......perhaps the greatest defensive player in the history of the NFL......not the most stable guy ever to play in the NFL and Parcells took Briam Cox, who cost the Dolphins games during his tenure as MLB but when with Parcells in New England and also in New York, he was more productive and less volatile.......Parcells knows how to handle guys like this.....he lets them know up from not to cross him, and if they do, they are history. Terrell Owens wasn't signed because he was a locker room poison and Buffalo will regret ever signing him just like Dallas eventually did. The guy dropped more balls than any other receiver in the NFL except Braylon Edwards. Parcells knows what he is doing. He knows football better than any poster on this blog. If this Quinn guy messes up, he is history. End of story. Like Crocodile Dundee would say...."No worries mate." Trust the Trifecta.

There should be no liberals on this site. If they had it their way we would not keep score in the NFL, all 32 NFL teams would end up 8-8, there would be no playoffs and each would get a Lombardi Trophy for participation. The NFL is the ultimate "Only the strong survive" sport and is no place for a bleeding heart liberal. Take your crap to another site where the rest of the brain-washed masses go to whine.

Barack Stalin,

I guess you did not pay attention to what Dfan said before. This is a problem with this crud on this blog. You are probably a racist fool,scum bag that you are.

nj phin, once more ,if you go back and read morelito post, you will see that he gets real personal and nasty with you and the using of nasty words in creative ugly way and that's the hall mark of REXRYANSUCKS aka ACE aka carlito aka DFAN who wake up today and the first thing he wrote is to get at you to go at the cuban menace .

wise up nj phin, ignore this creep, the cuban never had the this nasty soul to write in such venom and you should know better

cuban, i'm looking at page 1. penelope and selma are hot, no question, but i think sarah shahi is the bomb. she was on the L word and now is on the show life.

Dolphinsns4life. Your ignorance prededs you. LMAO. Your such a left wing liberal and bush hater blinded by the left wing liberal that you like to twist facts. Everybody knows 9/11 was under clinton's watch except your left wing brain. Just like the first WTC bombings , the 2 US embassy's . US miltary base and THE USS COLE . You had bush already in his 2nd year when he was 7 months in LOL. The terrorists where taking flying lessons in 1998-99 and get ready to attack us , your precious BUBBA clinton was to busy getting BJ'S ANd then lying to america's face. Bush was no prized package but he kept this country safe. NO ATTACKS ! . and that's a fact. Also here's another fact. Terrorism in the US started all the way back to the late 70's under another left winged loon liberal jimmy carter . The US hostages in IRAN ,for what over 400 days while this clown did nothing. Remember that ?. Or your left wing liberal ways just choose to dismiss it. LOL. It took a great american ronald reagan to free them. SO Please give me a BREAK !

jaison Biagiani, sarah is fine but selma has what no one has,eyes and voice and some thing you can't understand as football fan ,you are always go by the plastic face but selma is the ultimate female in a world of plastic faces.

For good of humanity can you stop saying Pat White is the future of this team. the only thing he can do better then Henne is run the option! Now for this JD mammoth the boy is a big bodied strong as hell center. Him in the middle with Jake and Vernon on the edges who will need the wildcat to create space on the field. Lets not forget if he is a problem child he is very cutable!

Barck Stalin. Do you know that they want to ban dodgeball from schools because it's to violent and degrading ?. GEEZ What's next.

is this the real nj phin fan, are you going to keep talking about this patata crap for ever, talk about selma for a change

Big Deal. He took some money under the table, and has a DUI.

I suppose that means he should be permanantly banned from the NFL.

No mention in this piece re his behaviour at Montana since the May 08 DUI until now. I suspect there is no other bad news about him to report, and Lord knows there is no reason to report any good things about the guy, why ruin a perfectly good negative story?

Young people often do stupid things, no reason to believe the guy can't get on the straight and narrow. Does anyone believe that Tuna would sign this guy if he did not talk to the kids coach and even family? Obviously Tuna heard SOME good things about the kid, character wise that is.

too many nj phin posts ,some in blue and some signed in balck.
soiledbottom,can you solve this mystery

FIn/15. It's me . i forgot to sign in. No more political crap. They're all f'n liar and full of crap !. Yes, SELMA is hot.

nj phin fan, very nice nj phin phan,no reason to make people dislike you for this crap,i love reading you when you speak football and it's good for your health too.
selma's hair is magic

Yeah , i can smell right now.


Your ignorance does preced you but if you want to believe that Bubba was responsible for the attacks on 9-11, on "his watch" thats your probl;em. Yeah you go right ahead njphinfan way to debate your politics. I'm done!




How good is this guy Quinny?

Is there any tape of him that shows him actually run or pass blocking. Did he attend the combine?
But three DUI's in 4 years? This guy better be-has to be good in order for Big Tuna and Ireland to invite him to rookie camp. The Trifecta knowing about those DUi's, he must be good player. Right?

dolphin4life....you one of the best football fans on this blog, please forget about this crap and give us all peace. there's no reason for people to dislike you for stuff that isn't this good for our heath man,i always notice how polite you are and i am sure you make peace w/ NJ .

Q.....what topic you love armando to talk about ?


No Fear

Good info, and your right about the Tuna, he knows how to deal withy troubled players./

Dophins4life. Same goes here on the ignorance proceding you. If you want to believe your precious Bubba clinton is not responsible for 9/11 ( LMAO !) than YOU have a major problem. What's next ? are you going to bring up the left wing conspiracy theory that it was a inside job by the bush admin ? LOL . Look i'm done with this subject and i'm done wasting my time arguing with a obvious left wing liberal. I'd rather talk about the phins.


Thanks appreciate it, and you got it. No more politicing or one at a timing here.

Armando what kind of seats do you get when ur at the Dolphins game in LandShark stadium?
Since ur the beat writer for the Dolphins are you on the sidelines? And have you had a chance to meet Dan Marino? Is he nice like when he is on TV? Is he cool like on the field? I still have his induction into the hall on tivo all 4 hours, still need to edit and put on disk.

and SELMA !

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