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Fins sign O-lineman with a history [Updated]

The Dolphins have signed interior offensive lineman JD Quinn and will announce the addition early next week.

Quinn is, um, interesting for a handful of reasons:

He was at the team's rookie minicamp last weekend on a tryout basis after going undrafted out of Montana. He impressed coaches and general manager Jeff Ireland enough that they tried to get to know him and his personality more so they could feel comfortable with him on the team.

And the Dolphins needed to feel comfortable with Quinn because of  his past.

Quinn was arrested in May of 2008 for a DUI violation and was temporarily suspended from the Montana football team. It was Quinn's second DUI arrest in less than a year because he was similarly arrested in July 2007 in Missoula.

The arrests were settled in court when Quinn pleaded guilty to per se drunken driving, wherein a defendant admits to driving with a blood alcohol level greater than the Montana legal limit of .08 but does not admit to driving while intoxicated. The May 2008 arrest was settled when Quinn pleaded guilty to a mudflap violation -- the reason he was stopped in the first place -- and the drunk driving charge was dropped. The court then sentenced Quinn to 10 days in jail, with all the time suspended, and ordered him to complete an alcohol dependency program.

But, believe it or not, that's not really Quinn's claim to fame, or infamy if that's how you look at things. Quinn, Oklahoma Sooners fans might recall, was dismissed from that team in August of 2006 and lost a year of eligibility for his connection in a car dealership scandal that included starting quarterback Rhett Bomar, who also was tossed from the team and transferred to Sam Houston State.

Quinn accepted $8,137 from the Norman, OK., Chevy dealership but never did any work there. That's an NCAA violation related to undue benefits and the governing body came down hard on the Sooners, forcing the the school to vacate eight victories, give up two scholarships, and also extending a previous probationary period.

Quinn became something of a villian among Oklahoma fans when he showed little regard for his old school in the taped phone conversation below.

Quinn, 6-4 and 300 pounds, will work at guard and center for the Dolphins.

[Update: Beat writer Jeff Darlington sends me this link that shows Quinn was also arrested for DUI in 2005. Quinn was 19-years-old at the time of this first arrest (assuming there weren't others earlier). The legal drinking age in Oklahoma at the time was 21 years old. So do the math, that's three DUI arrests for Quinn the last four years.] 

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Jersey, I wasn't referring to you in my post. There were some other people chiming in and I stopped reading all of the posts before the one where you stated you were independant. I also recently left my party and re-registered as an independant. Nothing would make me more happy than to see the rest of the country do the same. Enough is enough and it's getting embarrassing to watch these politicians act like 10 year olds in a school yard. Dolphins4life,,,,,,EXACTLY.



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I wonder if the Dolphins would bear any legal responsibility in the event Mr Quinn should have a relapse and kill or injure someone on the road here in Florida?

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C'mon Mando - Everyone deserves a fourth or fifth chance!

I hope Mr Quinn has learned that drinking and driving will eventually lead him to somewhere he doesnt want to be and he turns out to be a smart addition to our team.And Gary you aint gettin nowhere near my Arizona.

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So much for quality people to put on your team. Just listen to the guy in his phone interview. Sounds real smug. He has punk written all over him. Remember people if you can play someone will pay.....

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In trifecta i trust! Guys we got the best in the business running our team....RELAX! In the name of the trifecta.....good signing guys!

No puppies were killed or injured in the commision of these DUIs. Nuff said.

I loved the video (well, audio) clip, especially when the scholar-athlete told the radio interviewer to "get a job." When you're used to getting paid thousands to do nothing, that interviewer's job must seem like a terrible deal...

most of you are stupid and don't understand nfl talent look at league alot of sub division players are stars. To question parcel is ignorant! Montana is a football factory with o line men making the grade. Quinn is bigger than proctor who starts for the cowboys. The last 8 years montana has had 8 linemen play in the nfl. One kicker and defensive end falcons love and two defensive backs tuff who played dolphins last year and colt anderson. Jarred allen came from the same conference so did jackson for chargers. Call poly wide receiver not drafted taken bye the giants is going to be the nfl steal he is a big time talent listen to mel keiper talk about him. So quit bashing on the Montana and the small schools out west they are producing good quality starters quinn is no different.

Montana's been churning out NFL players pretty consistently... Scott Gregg (starting O-Line for years in the league - 49ers and Giants) was out of Montana as well. Since they're DIV 1AA, the players they have aren't the fastest, often aren't the biggest, and just aren't cookie cutter perfect... but they just plain COMPETE... and that's the kind of players the Dolphins need to be successfull... Want to know why the PAC 10, the WAC, Mountain West and etc. won't schedule Montana anymore? Cause there's a darn good chance they're going to get embarrassed.... that's why.

Back off this kid and give him a shot!! Think about some of the crap we pulled when we were 19 or 20 years of age, unless you were sheltered by your mothers.

ROFLOL! This thread was HILARIOUS! I'm pretty sure that post by "Nathaniel Dodsworth" was just a off the cuff joke; it's basically a Colberttesque non sequitur at best. But you folks to it REALLY SERIOUS.

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Either way, remember...this is a football blog. Nothing good happens when you bring up politics. There are plenty of boards for that if you have jonz.

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