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Dolphins In Depth: You've got mail

The last 10 days or so have been a busy time for the Armando Salguero microsoft Outlook box. She's been full with questions and comments from you, the readers, about all things Dolphin.

So today I'm going to share with you some of the letters and clear out the box in one fell swoop. Thanks (to most of you) for the nice comments you include in those letters, by the way.

I've condensed some of the letters for our purposes here because, well, I don't want to take up so much space on the Internet. Don't want it to get full or something.

The e-mail: Armando, agree [Chad] Pennington has much to offer. However he lost arm strength in his career and it's not coming back. This regime saw something in the loss to the Ravens that all teams will do upon looking at the film. Therefore Parcells will most likely replace Pennington with Henne and White for the wildcat this coming season. Michael Alexander.

The response: Michael, the changing of the guard is indeed coming. But the only way it happens this season is if Pennington doesn't play up to the standards he set in 2008. It would be hard to justify benching Pennington for any other reason. Even if the Dolphins are losing and out of contention, Pennington has to remain in the lineup if he plays well because benching him could cause locker room turmoil. Of course, it is unlikely the Dolphins would be losing a lot with their quarterback playing well. It would require a total collapse by the defense.

The e-mail: " I can tell you Pat White has a loooong way to go before he can compete with Henne. It will be either Henne or White if Bill Parcells' plan is followed. I still believe it will be Henne. Why? He has the superior arm. He has the superior pocket presence. He is not as mobile as White, but neither is he immobile. White? You have to understand I've only seen four practices so this will be a fluid and too-early call on a rookie. But unless he has an arm transplant, it isn't likely to get a whole lot stronger. And unless he's about to get a leg extension, he isn't likely to get a whole lot taller.His arm is good enough, but not great. He sailed quite a few passes during the practices this weekend. His mid-range and short-range throws are excellent. His ability to read and recognize was decent, considering he learned the play only hours before running them. But his deep outs and 9-routes (deep up the sideline) throws were unimpressive to me. They get there, but not with the velocity of a Henne pass. White is behind on both his size (which is important to staying healthy and seeing over the blockers and rushers) and arm strength."

Drew Brees is 6-foot and 209 pounds. They (White and Brees) have similar arm strength.  Also, Brees doesn't seem to have a problem throwing the ball past his lineman. My opinion, Pat White has the heart of a lion and could easily be the starting quarterback in 2010. John Williams.

The response: You are entitled to your opinion. And you have a 50-50 chance of being correct. But Drew Brees played in only one game as a rookie and then was terrible as the starter the next two seasons before finally blossoming in 2004 -- a turnaround that suprised even the San Diego braintrust.

The e-mail: Bill Parcells has the chance to make it up to me. I will forgive the draft mishaps IF they pick up recently released Pittsburgh Steelers linbacker Larry Foote. He is a proven NFL linebacker, and he's won two Super Bowls with the Steelers. After all the linebackers that were passed by in the draft, we now have the chance and the cap room to pick up one of the better proven linebackers in the league. He is familiar with playing in a 3-4 and I'm sure Joey Porter would love to have a former Steeler playing beside him. NC Mike.

The response: Foote signed with Detroit. So Parcells apparently isn't too concerned about making things up to you.

The e-mail: One thing about writers like you is that you're always looking for controversy, whether it's there or not. First, there was the Bill Parcells controversy, or lack of one, and now this. Do you remember when Tony Sparano talked about getting Chad Henne more reps? Why do you think he said that?  Because it sounded good?  No, it's because that's the Dolphins' plan, to slowly ease Henne into the starting job. The Dolphins have something different in mind for Pat White. How do I know this, you ask. I don't have the inside scoop like you do. I look at the history of quarterbacks like Pat White. Names like Kordel Stewart and  Antwan Randle-El come to mind. Kordel Stewart was a starter for a time, but in the end, was relegated to the role you see that type of QB in. They are not drafted to be starters. They are drafted to give the offense more versatility, and less predictability. That's the role Pat White was drafted to play. Maybe he'll be a good backup, but, unless Henne goes down, that's all he'll be. Why don't you write about the real Dolphin issues, and how they're being addressed. Like cornerback, wide receiver, pass rush, etc. There is no controversy, or competition at QB. Bet this doesn't get printed. James Janoff.

The response: First, Bill Parcells thought long and hard about whether to stay or leave the Dolphins and required a change to the contract's language to stay. Meanwhile, that was Jeff Ireland saying Pat White was drafted to compete at quarterback. I didn't pluck that out of thin air. That's the Dolphins official stance. Finally, betcha it does get printed.

The e-mail: Hey Mando! I know you probably think I'm stalking you with my contant Dolphins-related e-mails but, then again, not much Dolphins in the news around here. My question this time is do you think the Dolphins should or could go after Foote? I think he would be a big uprgade to Ayodele (not that I have anything against him though) and also what is Matt Roth up to this days? With so many players trying to take his job away (Wake, Anderson, Walden and possibly JT) is he at least trying to prove he should be the starter or is he away on holidays? Anyways Mando, hope everything is ok in sunny Miami! Francisco.

The response: Hey Francisco! Although I have not talked to Roth recently I understand he's in the offseason workout program and not on holiday. This kid is a worker and isn't going to pull back on a competition for his job, regardless of the challenger. This is a contract year for Roth as he is unsigned for 2010. So if he's ever going to play at his peak, 2009 would certainly be a wise time to do that. And yes, sunny Miami is grand!

The e-mail: First I know what a football genius Bill Parcells is. I have read all of his books, respect him, glad to have him here, but I already have a God. CHAD HENNE was 6-foot-2 until he reaches the NFL and was measured standing on the Dolphin playbook. [Now he's] 6-3. I am hostile to Chad Henne only to the extent that it makes Jim Mandich unlistenable. His throwing and ball handling skills (that is what I have seen in 2008 preseason practice) are impressive. But in a big game with it all on the line? Everyone is blinded by Henne's Bowl game performance Michigan vs. Florida. But Florida took the game off, then went on to a National Championship. Michigan took it seriously, then responded with a 3-8 season. The biggest game of Henne's career had to be the last Michigan-Ohio State game. Henne, a 4-year starter, never had beaten Ohio State, etc. So what happened? Henne throws for 69 yards, Michigan losses. On that Michigan team there were  two receivers drafted into the NFL., a running back drafted, and the No. 1 left tackle in college ... 69 yards ... Look at the film, Henne appears confused and indecisive. Dolphins offensive coordinator] Dan Henning says that Henne is as good as Matt Ryan & Joe Flacco...I will need to see this in the last quarter of a big Dolphin game. Cheers, Mike.

The response: We all want to see it in the last quarter of a big Dolphins game. We'd like to see it the first three quarters also. But I'm not hung up on a bad performance against Ohio State, or four losses to Ohio State. Peyton Manning never beat Florida and things turned out alright for him. Cheers, Armando.

The e-mail: Good Morning Armando. In the wake of the horrible tragedy to the Dallas Cowboys scouting person, the Fins practice bubble becomes an area of concern now, especially with the nature of our ocassionally violent thunderstorms, during the summer. I believe that league-wide, the structural integrity of these practice bubbles should be reinforced in some manner, especially in South Florida!! Thank you and all the best to you and family, John D. Vega.

The response: Good morning John. The Dolphins assure me they are confident about the structural integrity of the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble. The builder of the Dallas bubble did not build Miami's bubble. The Miami bubble is inflated while the Dallas bubble was held up by metal beams. Furthermore, the Dolphins monitor, via computer, advancing weather systems in real time. So when a particularly harsh one approaches the team facility, practice is stopped and players can exit the bubble. The bubble, meanwhile, is said to be able to withstand hurricane force winds. I pray to God we never have to find out for sure. All the best to you and family.

The e-mail: Do you know when the dolphins tickets go on sale? Not the season holder ones, the normal ones. And also, do you know how much those seats at the floor by the end zone cost? I've never been to a dolphins game and i'm really interested in those seats. Please let me know. Thanks. Unsigned.

The response: The Dolphins say individual game tickets will go on sale sometime in early July. A team spokesman tells me he is not certain what price the tickets will be but they "won't be too different from what the tickets cost on a season-ticket basis."

The e-mail: Armando, I read your blog almost every day and I am troubled by what I see in the comments. I live in Connecticut and I am surrounded by Patriots and Jets fans. I have to pull my weight seeing as how there aren't many Phins fans up this way. But what bothers me is reading some of the so-called Dolphins fans comments about our team. I've been a loyal Phins fan for over 27 years and while I don't always see eye-to-eye with some decisions that have been made by the team, I don't talk poorly about them. Some of these fans don't seem like fans at all. It seems they just happen to live in South Florida and the Dolphins are the local NFL team, so they feel obilgated to root for that team. I say if you don't like the local team and what they do, then ROOT FOR SOME OTHER TEAM!!! Mike Wright.

The response: Mike, what do you mean you read the blog almost every day?


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Wow Mando, way to take your emails and add absolutely nothing to the conversations... Can we please have someone else writing a blog for the Herald?

We'd like to volunteer as a fill-in blog writer for Armando. We have learned much watching him club us like baby seals.

why are we saving cap space? sign JT.

BTW first... & second... i'm a hero!


There's been some talk about the clamp down on information from the Dolphins practices. Are the Dolphins brass much more tight-lipped than other organizations, or is this just change because Cam was so open last year?

And does ANYONE know why Duke Robinson and Rashard Jennings fell so far?

I have a question for you Armando:

Can you please rank the top 5 Dolphin's offseasons of the last 25 years?

Let's do it on a 10 point must system, so that the top transaction is worth 10 points and all subsequent transactions are rated relative to that.

That sounds like a fun parlour game. Other posters are free to provide their own input.

I can't believe no one e-mailed you about the Jason Taylor situation.


Pay no attention to the haters and so called "fans". These are the same people that boo their own players at home games. I am the biggest cynic around and I don't like anybody but you are doing a great job.

I agree with Mike Wright. I've loved the Dolphins since the Super Bowl year they lost to the Redskins. I always dreamed of watching a Dolphin game live and my dream finally came true when I became a season ticket holder in 2003. Sure it was a bad year since Ricky retired during that offseason and Spielman and Wannstedt were committing personnel goof after goof. But I cherished watching half of the Dolphin home games that year. Unfortunately tickets haven't been in the budget since but I love the team and few things in life bring me as much joy as a Dolphin win and I will be back!!!


You added absolutely nothing to those emails. Your responses basically could have just said, thank you for your email, I have nothing to say. Please take your job a little more serious.


Seems to me in complaining about Mando adding nothing, which is wrong on your part, you are adding nothing to the comments section.


Do you believe the Dolphins will sell out on a season ticket basis or can I wait to July like you said to buy tickets for the games I want to attend?

Heres my question for the blog...Why is Armando so fat? Seriously.

Willi, you should worry less about somebody's comments amd more about your 3 fortune 500 companies , yacht , 3 mansions , 3 cars and whatever else you said you own . LMAO !. and why are you worried about season tickets or single game tickets ? If you own 3 companies like you said you do ( BS ! ) you can afford season tickets. LOL !

Mando- nice article. Glad to see the e-mails you receive are as boring, as most peoples comments in the blogs. Keep up the good work, Mando. Don't let any of the negative people hold you down. It's always easier to criticize then it is to praise.

Dear Mr.HughJass

You never and I mean never ask about a womans weight or age.

Dear Mr.Armanado Salguero

If I have offended you with my little play on words please look in you previous article for one of the pre apologies I left there. ( grab one if ya need one )

Soiled :)

very smart and wit man the soiled bottom


to the blogger who said florida took henne s last bowl game off get real! no team or coach wants to lose much less say next year we'll win. henne and mike hart should have never been in that last game against ohio state. both had significant injuries that affects players at their respective positions. hart hamstring problems no burst and henne s throwing shoulder was a wreak. both let their pride get in the way.

Dear Mr. Sammo

Great point how one position affects another position which in turn affects the whole

Soiled :)

in the honor of sammo's great comment, i ask soiledbottom to give a poem about best diet he likes

Someone pass me some toilet paper. I'm all out here.

Cubans like Armando should no longer be allowed to work for the Herald or any where else for that matter.

here it's Madden

You answered more questions that that douchebag Darlington does in his Q&A forum. Seriously what is up with that guy? He never answers questions and when he does, it about 5 questions per month. He should be replaced with someone who will actually answer questions. 3 or 4 a day isn't a big deal.

thanx soiledbottom. i bleed aqua and orange but maze and blue are a close second. some people forget football is a team sport. if the main parts aren't functional it trickles down to the rest of the team.




Dear bebe

I dont really consider myself a poet, maybe I am an just dont know it.(horrible simply horrible)

Anyhoo here's a nice poem about Bran and Fiber

Joyce Kilmer. 1886–1918


I THINK that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the sweet earth's flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Soiled :)

ps Is Levi Brown still on the market ? (sports talk)

You cannot base Henne's performace in his last game against OSU as a measuring tool for how he will perform in the NFL. Being from Ohio, a diehard Buckeye fan and and avid Michigan HATER I follow both teams fairly close. That last season Henne played hurt the whole year as did much of the players mentioned going to the NFL. He wasn't even suppose to play in the OSU Michigan game. If you take anything away from Henne's last match up you should see that he's tough as nails.

Soiled bottom eats his diapers.

Dear Mr. Klndry

Thanks for the interest in my diet :)

Lately my diet has changed due to haveing seen a Doctor Yo Gee who prescribed my something called Medical Marijuana.

I seem to crave treats after a dose of my medicine

Soiled :)

BS Er! You can suck it loser. You too Paulo. Mando were do you get thse knobs? I seriously doubt they can even read.

I still think you have to stick with Pennington until he stops producing, the guy is MONEY. Henne hasn't done anything worthy yet, college or NFL, to validate kicking Pennington to the curb. Just because he is a big dude and he started at Michigan for 4 years doesn't mean he's gonna be great.


boston celtics....350
orlando gangs....95

P.S...orlando magic basketball includes now SLAPPING as of last night

Dear Mr. Ry86

I agree with your assesment about Penne, he is marino without the stats.I believe our OL has improved and I believe our DL has gotton faster.(sports talk)

Doesn't Drew Henson have two brothers and have some sort of band ?

Soiled :)

soiled, should nfl allow slapping like in the nba last night when the orlando
magic player slapped eddy house

Willi chirino . " You can suck it loser" ? how old are you ? around 5 ? LMAO !. And you're the one questioning if somebody can read . LOL

who's willi chirino ? is he a red neck ?

Last year I was on vacation in Naples and we drove over to Dolphins training camp. To make a long story short, my father is older and had the flu and he diahread in his pants. He couldnt help it. I missed Henne, This year we will try it again. i was a nice facility and the janitorial staff was excellent and was not mean to us in any way.

Dear Mr. Orlando Fan

Although I have not seen this slapping incident you speak of I have a feeling it went somthing like this.

Usualy whats happens is person A(Orlando Magic Basketball person)Slaps person B (Mr. Eddy House)because person A feels person B has wronged him some how.

After being slaped person B (Eddy House)Can accept these claims of wrong doing or he can demand satisfaction and gets to Chose his weapon of choice (usualy its pistols)

Ayhoo did it go anything like that ?

And yes I think it just mite work in the NFL. (sports talk)

Soiled :)

soiled. the only thing house did wrong ( or right in my case ) was bury a big three pointer in alston's face. I love it !

Dear Miami Herald,
please fire Armando Salguero

I'm sick and tired about this arm strength talk. In that case Russell from Oakland should have several championships right? Arm strength is important but its not the only thing that will win you a Superbowl. Its how you manage your offense and make the right decisions at the right time. Jay Cutler has a strong arm but who won the game between the Dolphins and Broncos last year, Humm?

soiled sir, that very to understand but i feel that alston will be suspended for at least 3 games other wise S.ONEIL will slap the hell of every one.

Mr Bunglito, are you a celtic fan ? speak up

Gee, are you saying that pat white isn't good enough ? why, give him a chance to replace chad.p next season

soiled bottom, what's your take on the orlando magic sweaty coach ? he yells all the time like crazy person

Does anyone know what's going on with the Jason Taylor Fiasco?

Heya Mando,

Don't let these bozos get to ya! You do a great job of reporting and keeping us informed
of personnel decisions and controversy and anyone who knows anything about reporting knows that reporting is about giving the facts, but also controversy and asking questions that are outside the box.
To the TRUE Finfan behind enemy lines
Mr. Mike Wright, We could use more true fans
like you. Fans who believe and don't question
every move made by the organizaton. This is not the Cameron or the Saban regimes. In case you have not noticed we have proven winners in our staff and beilievers in their program on the field. In my opinion that outweighs any bad you jerks could think of.
GO Dolphins!!! Go Landshark? Go WildPat (coined by Mando as he would like us to believe.

Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Garner?

Crazy Joe, jen. aniseton in a new york minute, which is all id last...(and any one that sez they'd last longer........quit lying....

Crazy Joe, Elaine Benes Or susan ???, how about counseler troi or dr. crusher??

cuban counsler troi all the way. that long black hair dark eyes and exotic beauty wow.

WILDPAT - No what I'm saying is just because a player can throw the ball to the moon doesn"t make him a good quarterback. People are saying the Dolphins can't win with Pennington cause he lacks arm strength(That's funny how many games did they win last year compared to the previous). I agree the player who is playing the best should start regardless if its Chad, Chad II or Pat. Just notice in every sentence about Chad Henne somewhere in there it mentions arm strength but nowhere does it mentions winning...

Gee your right right now henne hasn't played or won any meaningful games yet. that will change in the future , henne s arm is stronger but he has only been in miami s system a year. it takes time to fully learn a nfl system. pennington came in with a leg up on henne because its the same system he ran his rookie year with the jets.

When Ireland and Sparano state that Pat White is a QB I think they have in mind a very different QB than we do at the moment. They see one who will replace the Ronnie Brown in the wildcat this year and, if successful, may evolutionize into a full fledged spread offense in the future. If it is not as successful then I think you'll find Pat White being developed into a receiver in 2010 while being a backup QB. So, I think the Ireland and Sparano's statements should be taken the same as a Brett Favre statement...as of today Pat White is a QB...Tomorrow that may change...

The email from Mike regarding Chad Henne needs a small edit -

"Henne throws for 69 yards WITH A DISLOCATED SHOULDER ON HIS THROWING ARM, Michigan losses."

That's better.

Armando - I just read yesterday that J.D. Quinn was signed to a two year contract to play center and guard. I can't find anything else on this signing. Do you have any info on this signing?

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