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The other spot needing an acorn? WR, of course

I respect the fact some of you believe the Dolphins have a terrible situation at nose tackle. Jason Ferguson is 34 years old. And everyone behind him is unknown or unproven. I understand that.

But I would say the next highest position of need after right guard, the one that needs addressing if an upgrade player comes available through waivers or trade is the wide receiver spot.


Let's look at this logically. The Dolphins have a solid starting nose tackle in Ferguson. And the concerns about the position all stem from the fear he might get injured. And that is fair. But what if he has a season like 2008 and doesn't get injured?

Then the Dolphins have a solid NFL starting nose tackle sitting there. They are good.

What solid NFL wide receiver do the Dolphins have regardless of whether someone gets injured or stays healthy? What player do they have on the roster that presents the credentials as a WR that Ferguson presents as a NT?

Yeah, nobody.

The hope is Ted Ginn Jr. has his breakout season in 2009. The likelihood, however, is he will continue his slow but steady improvement toward being a good player.

On the other side of Ginn the Dolphins are currently starting Davone Bess. Bess is a solid player, a growing slot receiver. But is he (to impress commentor Marcus) a starting-caliber Z receiver? Is he a starting-caliber X?

I would say Bess, for all his gritty attributes and quickness, would not be able to start on 25 of 32 teams. He'd be a great slot guy, he'd be a wonderful answer in an emergency. He's growing and getting better. But a threat? A guy other teams worry about? He is not that. Fact is, he's going to be fighting for his life to make the team just like everyone else.

The Dolphins did draft two wide receivers in Patrick Turner and Brian Hartline. Please alert the media when they prove they belong. They have promise. They have potential. But they were, by any measure, second-day draft picks not expected to be as good as the gaggle of rookie receivers selected before them.

Exactly a dozen receivers were selected before Miami took Turner in the third round. Hartline, a fourth-rounder, was the 17th receiver to come off the boards. The point is they might become great players. But they might as easily not.

Then there is the question of Greg Camarillo. The Dolphins really appreciated his ability to get open and dissect defenses last year. He made himself available to the quarterback, made himself a big, reliable target. And then he blew out his knee.

I talked to Camarillo Tuesday and he expects to be 100 percent at some point. But he admitted to me he doesn't know when, exactly. He also admitted that reaching full health is a mental as well as physical challenge.

There is no guarantee whatsoever that challenge will be met before the 2009 season begins ... or is over.

So I believe the Dolphins would be right and will do right when it comes to the receiver position. They will continue to look for upgrades, for acorns. They will continue to monitor the Anquan Boldin situation, which they believe will go from a simmer to a boil around the time training camp is starting and then again just prior to the season starting.

Will they also monitor the NT spot? Of course. These guys are brilliant in what they do. They understand they are in a precarious situation at NT now and in a tough situation long-term.

But I would also tell you Ferguson is healthy, his weight is under control, and to expect him to get hurt is being terribly pessimistic. Beyond Ferguson, the Dolphins do have hopes for third-year player Paul Soliai, second-year player Joe Cohen, and rookie Lewis Ellis.

First off, Ellis has been overweight so the team is working hard to get him in shape for training camp. But he has impressed coaches with his (this is for Marcus again) leverage. He's not slow either.

Cohen was overweight last year. But he is in playing shape now and has a year of learning to his credit. I am told he is expected to mount a strong and legitimate challenge to Soliai's roster spot. We shall see as Soliai has lots of work to do getting in shape as he did in time for camp last year.

Finally, let us recognize what the NFL game is right now. It is a game in which most teams pass the ball about 53-58 percent of the time and run 42-47 percent of the time. Ferguson will not be in the game on passing downs and last year was limited to about 32-35 snaps per game.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins need game-changers that will be on offense that 53-55 percent or so when they're trying to pass. They need a threatening receiver who can worry the defense on about 40-45 snaps per game regardless of whether they throw or run an end around or run.

The simple math, assuming no injuries, dictates the Dolphins need one player more than the other.

Some of you will say the Dolphins have those players on the roster already. I say they would be wise to keep looking around, just in case.

And the truth -- regardless of our opinions -- is Jeff Ireland will continue to search for talent. Relentlessly. Unceasingly. At NT, at WR, and at practically every position in between.


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Well, we have plenty of guys already, someone is going to have to step up and seize the prize, adding another body won't accomplish anything.


Two words: Anquan Boldin.

Armando please keep the pressure on the team, keep asking the questions about him, keep asking your sources to go get him, keep it up. Please, please, please.

I is gopats... i say u iz with low IQ, butt I kant spell. Pleez dunt laugh at me. Fo real, I be smartur dan u, becuz eye says so. All-so, i is pats fann in Dolfin blog... isn't i uneek? is'nt eye kewl?

Agree with you. No doubt. The Dolphins are a good team except for the WR position. They don't scare anybody on offense without a PROVEN threat.

Ferguson's never been hurt before, right? Look, it's not a question of being pessimistic, but of being prepared. There's too much at risk if he goes down--whatever you think the chances of that happening, as a team you'd better be ready for it.

I think Anquan Boldin will be too expensive in terms of draft picks. The Cards are going to want multiple high picks (and thats what a pro bowl receiver is worth). I am not holding my breath for him.

As I recall the Dolphins went 11-5 last year and went to the playoffs,without a so called number one receiver.I was taught to throw to the open guy who ever it was.Most of you people forget,the dolphins had new everything last year,a new defense,offense,coordinators,head coach,GM etc.To go 11-5 in a new system,i expect better in year 2 in the same system.

I agree that the Dolphins dont have an elite WR on their roster. But Ginn (2 years of experience), Camarillo (2), Bess (1), Turner (0), and Hartline (0) are all very young. You would expect each of them to get better over the next 2 or 3 years. Obviously if there is a stud out there, the Dolphins should get him at the right price. But I dont think we should make this a panic position until we see what the Dolphins have at the position. We have to let these guys play a little first.

there's an Acorn and there's a diamond and there's the master of your domain .

ACON....Jason Tylor or Jason Ferguson -----little money to get+well wishes

dimond....Anquan Boldin---------big money to get

the master of your domain.....Tom Brady----you have to sell the team to get

I think you are right but unless Boldin holds the team hostage with the threat of a holdout and reduces his own value. Miami won't chase him and they may run across a much less costly deal to get a decent backup for Ferguson. I would love to see Anquan in teal but I don't think it will happen. On another thought, now that they have Taylor back why wouldn't they move Roth inside, he is a monster anyway with limited speed. That would definitely sure up the interior and maybe help defer some of the action from Ferguson.

Well if an ACORN wr drops from a tree, I am sure the fins will be ready to scoop him up.

To the Pats guy, enjoy your success now because it is obvious your team is playing on borrowed time. Except for Mayo, the Pats don't have any talented youth on D-fense and would rather add depth at secure positions and sign senior citizens than look for a good young rb. Wait till they make the playoffs this year, the old legs of your teams o-line will show just like it did against the Giants in the SB. Brady will be running for his life and they won't win anything. They will be the best team not to win, again.

To the NC guy,what about your team ,will your team do better w/ all this ACORN talk of dreaming of getting great players for cheap like you are the only smart one in town.

p.s ..did you notice that fin fans IQ didn't improve w/ the team improving record,i wonder why ?

Number one wide receivers are overrated,run the football behind that expensive offensive line and throw to the open receiver,that`s Bill Parcells football 101.

Hey Gopats...

Not every drools/nughugs bitch-ass brady like you do. I wouldn't give up more than a 3rd round pick for brady, and even then I would rather have any of the 3 QBs we have on the roster right now.

I know Miami has a long way to go but they are adding youth and talent at every position. Your team isn't, in 2 years they will be the pats of the late 80's and early 90's. It all cycles man and the more you try to slow it down the lighter your fall will be when your core ages. Guess what, they are getting older as we speak. I am not knocking the pats, just think they're fans should realize that the window is shrinking. They have had a great run but this is the beginning of the end.

What is that about IQ, your typing is suspect, just like your coach.

NC, all you said is true ,only if your coach's name is satan or cameron or j.j or you dreaming in acorn field,we are the pats and the master of your domain Tom Brady

Big picture, the patsies are not what matter, we have to beat the Texans and Jags, if we split with the Pats we are good to go.

As for Wr, or RG for that matter, we have 120 days to discover one from the host we already have, we'll be fine.

Now what our Rooks in the secondary and JT and Cam Wake do is VERY important.

All Those that agree that Ted(where's The Sideline) Ginn, his clip board holding daddy, his cousin rufus(the human blocking dummie) Ginn and his loose sister Tednisha (all The Way ) Ginn Should be let go please holla back, the menace is on the web...

Acorns don't just fall from trees or do they...

The point is outside of A. Boldin, no one will become available that will metaphorically quench our thirst.

No team in the NFL is going to just unload a franchise player without major question marks. This staff is not open to question marks unless they are related to injury or a slight inconsistency in performance. There are no players like this that can be acquired at a bargain price.

All we have left are cry-babies. Those guys that want more money, and with 10 mil left to spend on the cap we have none (money). Theses are also the players that would likely welcome an open starting spot. Well we don't quite do that... not even with Hall of Famers (Jason Taylor). So...

My guess is that your the only ACORN left around here Mando. The team is as ready as ever. I kinda wish we had landed another guard in the draft, maybe we'll pillage someones practice squad again who knows, but unless Pat White bombs really bad early and the Phins seek the help of the one and only Micheal Vick. I don't see any new and exciting additions; just good football just good competition.

I Hear that bill(the tuna) Parcells will be tackling the 96 oz porter house steak for an appitizer at shulas steak house tonite, mando can you check this lead out for us snoop ?

I Hear that bill(the tuna) Parcells will be tackling the 96 oz porter house steak for an appitizer at shulas steak house tonite, mando can you check this lead out for us snoop ?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Do you have any comment on the Jeff Irelands private war with The Squirrels and why he is stealing there food supply?

Soiled :)

Jenna Elfman or Jenna Jameason ??

Dr. Suess Or Dr. Spock ?

MANDO I feel you're right in the upgrade but you have to understand that it's not just the WRsbut the QB also. QBs must get the ball to the recivers fast so they can run after catch.If the ball floats even in a 5 yard slant gives the D a chance to react. Ifthat same 5 yard slant and the ball gets there fast but catchable then the WRs can turn and run instead of catch and jump in the fetal position.CHAD can throw the football 55 yards but how will it get there.Sure not on a rope like all the great QBs.He moves the ball and get it where we couch GMs can catch it.Except CUBAN he's a cop so he can't catch sh-t.Watch any FINS games and watch every pass CHAD throws are soft as he-l.

Obviously, no other team is interested in paying the price that Arizona is asking for Boldin. The more time that passes, the lower the asking price should be if they really want to unload him. The Dolphins would be smart to not jump the gun and mortgage their future by giving up their #1 plus another pick(s) and disturbing salary cap structure for him at this early time.

I wouldn't give anything higher than a #2. Remember that the Pats got Randy Moss for a 4th round pick and the Phins got Pennington for nothing last year. The receivers they have were good enough to win the division last year and a big reason why they did.

Will bill(the 520 lb tuna) parcells finish his salad along with the 96 oz porter house steak or wont he?? 500 bucks says he does, what do you guys think?

Chris in NC,

Don't waste your time with gopats. He is a little wuss. I cannot wait for the season to start so he can shut his yap. He is what you call a loser who craves alot of attention on this blog.


Wrong! The weakest position on the team is ILB. Marginal starters, marginal backups and no young players with any upside on the roster.

This just in:

Cuban Menace was spotted at Jets' OTAs today. He is actually the monkey who works with the rookie organ grinder QB, Paco Sanchez.

All players which the Jets pick up are dingleberries, as opposed to the gems which Miami acquires.

Thank you for your attention and Menace, if Ted Ginn is that bad, what does that make Vernon,"the invisible man" Gohlston?

Afc, WHEN THE FINS CUT THE GINN FAMILY I'LL STOP...b.t.w Have you tried the new gold Patron ?

Rex, It makes him the second Worst first round pick ever.


I respectfully disagree. I see our biggest needs are obviously starting RG, back-up NT, pray one of those rookie CB's step up.

You are constantly searching for this playmaker WR... I don't know if you crave a diva superstar to faun over? I mean this is not what the front office wants. They want solid blocking recievers who will make catches when the needed to.

The Dolphins want a power running game. I'm suprised to hear you say Bess will be fighting for a roster spot. I mean in a sense that everybody is fighting yes, but he was our best WR for a lot of games. Yet, despite his starting status in OTA's (which we know means nothing) I don't think he will line up as a flanker to often. He is the quintessential slot WR.

I think Ginn is a #1 Wr and will prove you wrong and make you eat crow.

This is really about your fantasy for Boldin but look what I put together. Also, Boldin is a malcontent who will be asking for a new contract a.s.a.p. Now we may go for a WR, maybe a cut veteran but I doubt we reach for Boldin.

2008 Comparison
WR REC YDS AVG Team Passing Yards %
Boldin 89 1,038 11.9 4674 22.2%
Ginn 56 790 14.1 3632 21.8%
Bess 54 554 10.3 3632 15.3%

Now I understand Bolding is more explosive and scores more touchdowns but remember the dolphins scheme is different than the Cardinals (ask Edgerrin).. They prefer to pass for touchdowns. Yet, the Dolphins young receivers still contributed a close percentage amount to the Dolphins passing game as Boldin did.


What people that protect us? Security guards? WakenhutSecurity or Kent Security, but he is no cop.

Wow Canesawmas. , A Will thought out post, try to keep it in perspective though, arz. lucked into the super bowl, larry fitzgarald is the real wide out on that team... bolden is good but fitz. will be a hall of famer i.m.o.

Jawa, are you the same jawas in star wars ?? just wondering.

Look at the bright side with the wide receivers. If one guy goes down, they really don't lose that much going to the next guy. They should be consistently mediocre at WR no matter what happens.

CUBAN: Nah didn't try it yet DAMN you REMEMBERED that.

True Mr. Johnson, Very true....

Why do you pessimists always think that only our good players will get hurt and not those on the other teams we play? Why do you think that only the other teams rehabilitating starts will perform at their previous best, and not ours? Why do you think that only the other teams rookies will perform, and not ours? WHY, WHY, WHY?

Have some JACK now wathing the game. Maybe I'm an alkey.

wanted you to know this was the true menace...

Speech slured even typinng

CUBAN: what don't you like about GINN or is it you wanted QUINN

No Afc, Your fine b.t.w i hear jack daniels has omega 3... cant confirm it though...enjoy bro.


Maybe Its because cam(cant win) cammron picked the poor s.o.b, he was destined to be a bust, though i hope he proves me wrong..

Maybe Its because cam(cant win) cammron picked the poor s.o.b, he was destined to be a bust, though i hope he proves me wrong..

OK, lets turn this around. Jason Ferguson is not going to last an entire season, yes sad but true. So when Ferguson goes down who is to man the all important NT spot? ............I am hearing crickets. There is a log jam at the WR spot. It might not be top notch talent but at the same time these WRs are not chop liver ether. May I add NTs are much more difficult to find and NT is the key stone to a 3-4 defense making them much more important than WRs.

Armando, I really dont understand any of your meaningless articles. After year 4 of rebuilding and we still had these problems then I would be absolutely concern.

What the hell are you and the rest of these so called Finsfans looking for, a freakin Super Bowl championship in year two? If so I have a bridge to no where I'll let you have real cheap.

Last time I checked we still have 2 full drafts and offseason acquisitions presently ahead of us. Why does everyone expect us to look like paper champion already. Has almost the entire forum gone relatively crazy?

Also last time I checked BP&Co has never mentioned the team is now complete. We always tried adding high priced pieces during other regimes and it never worked setting the franchise back 2-3 years to boot!

How quickly do we forget about the moves behind the scene which eventually climaxed itself into a very ugly and humiliating 1-15 atroscity. There's a saying that goes, " If you keep doing what you're doing you'll keep getting what you're getting.

I saw enough progress last season to know beyond the shadow of a doubt our team's headed in the right direction. Any dumb$ss with two brain cells, with one waving at the other can cleaqrly tell us other measures are needed. Armando your articles arent any startling revelations, they're a couple years ahead of thier time and if our team continues on present course 2 years from now there wont be be dire need for them even then. Away with the mindless bashing of our Fins Senor Armando!!!

But is he (to impress commentor Marcus) a starting-caliber Z receiver? Is he a starting-caliber X?
LMAO Armando


I see your point, the thing is that Parcells' teams rarely count on the WR position to be the focal point of any offense and uses the, everyone pull their own weight attitude and not focus on any one postion on the team. That being said the QB position is tantamount for all teams.
However, Parcells and co ability to put together a good group of WR and have a strong running game and a passing game that moves the chains has been his staple.
New york Giant during the Parcells era had who? Mark Ingram, Phil Mcconkey...hope I spelled it right. In Dallas he didn't want TO Jerry Jones wanted TO. Did that ever get Dallas a championship? Or even win a playoff game... No. Jets? Who did they have on their team at WR? New England drafted Terry Glenn against Parcells' wishes. That became the whole If they want you to cook-let you shop for the groceries thing.
No his teams have always had a strong running game and good passing game, which involved many a good tightend (Bavaro, Witten, and now hopefully Fasano as many of my fellow phin fans have admonished) coupled with a very good defense during his coaching career and now as VP of football operations.

The WR position is gonna be fine and is not the main ingredient that will make or break this team. We have a strong run game a good passing game that utilizes the TE psoition to move the chains and of course slants to the WR. But this Dolphin offense does not rely heavily on that position. In other words no prima donnas at the Wide out just good solid WR coupled with a good defense.

ALRIGHT peeps. bout to see that MALL COP MOVIE maybe smoke first

I am with the Chainsaw. I don't think you were watching the same games as I was last year. Basically it wasn't our receivers that lost any games. They weren't moss or owens or fitz, they were average to good in most games. Save for Ginn laying down a bit early, the recievers were good. They can only get a little better this year and with Pennington controlling the offense they should be a lot better.
I think that a nose tackle is the place to focus and it looks like that is covered as well. Thomas should be back by mid training camp and the team is close to set.
We know the team won't throw away acorns or diamonds and will go after any guy that fits into the game plan. That in itself makes me confident in the upcoming season. Are we going 16-0 no. But we could get to 12-4 with a couple of breaks and 10-6 and win the division. We aren't the only team with a tough schedule.
Go Phins

Superfan, Is that bridge in alaska? and AFC, enjoy the movie, according to some bloggers its my life story...lol, enjoy.

AFC EAST CHAMPS. You're about to see the cuban menace in the flesh ( well on t.v ).

lmao@Cuban menace's last post.

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