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The other spot needing an acorn? WR, of course

I respect the fact some of you believe the Dolphins have a terrible situation at nose tackle. Jason Ferguson is 34 years old. And everyone behind him is unknown or unproven. I understand that.

But I would say the next highest position of need after right guard, the one that needs addressing if an upgrade player comes available through waivers or trade is the wide receiver spot.


Let's look at this logically. The Dolphins have a solid starting nose tackle in Ferguson. And the concerns about the position all stem from the fear he might get injured. And that is fair. But what if he has a season like 2008 and doesn't get injured?

Then the Dolphins have a solid NFL starting nose tackle sitting there. They are good.

What solid NFL wide receiver do the Dolphins have regardless of whether someone gets injured or stays healthy? What player do they have on the roster that presents the credentials as a WR that Ferguson presents as a NT?

Yeah, nobody.

The hope is Ted Ginn Jr. has his breakout season in 2009. The likelihood, however, is he will continue his slow but steady improvement toward being a good player.

On the other side of Ginn the Dolphins are currently starting Davone Bess. Bess is a solid player, a growing slot receiver. But is he (to impress commentor Marcus) a starting-caliber Z receiver? Is he a starting-caliber X?

I would say Bess, for all his gritty attributes and quickness, would not be able to start on 25 of 32 teams. He'd be a great slot guy, he'd be a wonderful answer in an emergency. He's growing and getting better. But a threat? A guy other teams worry about? He is not that. Fact is, he's going to be fighting for his life to make the team just like everyone else.

The Dolphins did draft two wide receivers in Patrick Turner and Brian Hartline. Please alert the media when they prove they belong. They have promise. They have potential. But they were, by any measure, second-day draft picks not expected to be as good as the gaggle of rookie receivers selected before them.

Exactly a dozen receivers were selected before Miami took Turner in the third round. Hartline, a fourth-rounder, was the 17th receiver to come off the boards. The point is they might become great players. But they might as easily not.

Then there is the question of Greg Camarillo. The Dolphins really appreciated his ability to get open and dissect defenses last year. He made himself available to the quarterback, made himself a big, reliable target. And then he blew out his knee.

I talked to Camarillo Tuesday and he expects to be 100 percent at some point. But he admitted to me he doesn't know when, exactly. He also admitted that reaching full health is a mental as well as physical challenge.

There is no guarantee whatsoever that challenge will be met before the 2009 season begins ... or is over.

So I believe the Dolphins would be right and will do right when it comes to the receiver position. They will continue to look for upgrades, for acorns. They will continue to monitor the Anquan Boldin situation, which they believe will go from a simmer to a boil around the time training camp is starting and then again just prior to the season starting.

Will they also monitor the NT spot? Of course. These guys are brilliant in what they do. They understand they are in a precarious situation at NT now and in a tough situation long-term.

But I would also tell you Ferguson is healthy, his weight is under control, and to expect him to get hurt is being terribly pessimistic. Beyond Ferguson, the Dolphins do have hopes for third-year player Paul Soliai, second-year player Joe Cohen, and rookie Lewis Ellis.

First off, Ellis has been overweight so the team is working hard to get him in shape for training camp. But he has impressed coaches with his (this is for Marcus again) leverage. He's not slow either.

Cohen was overweight last year. But he is in playing shape now and has a year of learning to his credit. I am told he is expected to mount a strong and legitimate challenge to Soliai's roster spot. We shall see as Soliai has lots of work to do getting in shape as he did in time for camp last year.

Finally, let us recognize what the NFL game is right now. It is a game in which most teams pass the ball about 53-58 percent of the time and run 42-47 percent of the time. Ferguson will not be in the game on passing downs and last year was limited to about 32-35 snaps per game.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins need game-changers that will be on offense that 53-55 percent or so when they're trying to pass. They need a threatening receiver who can worry the defense on about 40-45 snaps per game regardless of whether they throw or run an end around or run.

The simple math, assuming no injuries, dictates the Dolphins need one player more than the other.

Some of you will say the Dolphins have those players on the roster already. I say they would be wise to keep looking around, just in case.

And the truth -- regardless of our opinions -- is Jeff Ireland will continue to search for talent. Relentlessly. Unceasingly. At NT, at WR, and at practically every position in between.


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Again NJ, We almost posted the same thing at the same time... scary

Ellis reported to the OTAs at 315 pounds. How much more weight do they want him to lose for crying out loud??? At 6'2" 315 that would seem to be prefect size for NT.

Why do the Dolphins continue to address everythimg but their most pressing need WIDE RECEIVER. Why did they let Hakim Nicks, etc, etc go? If Ross wants to sell out the stadium, then sign Bolden, if not don't. Every season ticket holder I know has said they are not going to renew without a down field threat-and now our line is hurting on the 1st practice! Wow!!!

Menace. I know ! and you sure can take a joke better then me. LOL

Dolphins4life. Glad to see you're on board with fasano. For the right price of course. LOL

Wow! I'm flattered... So when do I get my own blog?

Since you shouted me out, I won't leave you hanging... So I'll keep posting and won't bag on you so much...

But for your WR assessment, quick name the WR corp for the New England Patriot's championship teams....

Who was the best receiver on those teams?

30 something Troy Brown??? David Givens??? David Patten???

My point is that you don't need a top receiver to win a championship... I think the Dolphins current receiver corps is more talented than the one the Patriots had and they are a whole lot younger...

Like I said about RG, teams aren't throwing away starting WR worth investing in unless they have issues... ex. Plaxico... So... The Dolphins will go to war with the receivers they have...

The receivers the Dolphins have will suffice for this run heavy offense... I think the Hartline and Marion kid could be good once his knee heals will be the best in on the team in a few years....

With a top ten QB... A top ten line... A top ten group of RB's... The receivers can be middle of the pack. The Patriots did it with alot less... It was done last year by Miami and it will be done again.

Lastly, Bess is a top 5 slot/third guy. In New England, he would be doing the same thing Wes Welker is doing. It will be long while before he will have to fight for a roster spot again.

Marcus. I Agree with you , again. I was wondering when you would respond to armando. LOL

I believe your assessment of Devone Bess is off base. He prove in his 1st year to be a pretty dam reliable reciever. Certainly not a deep threat but great at short to medium range. He runs great routes and has great hands and prove to be a great go-to guy on those 3rd and fours. He'll prove you wrong on this one.

NJ PHIN,again you come to agree and not adding thing .


orlando won, very good coach

C/menace. you also wanted boston to win. P.S boston won the championship last year . That's 17. i'm Happy.

paul blart.

nj, when was the first time you had love ? was it good

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So simple I see. If I am a CAD designer I would say I am an architect. Or if i am an RN, I say Doctor. cool


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I said hopefully LOL


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you said that Gholston "the invisible man" (i like that name afceastchamps) is the second worst first round pick ever (while implying that ginn is the worst)... don't you remember guys like Heath Shuler, Ryan Leaf, Mandrich, or Yatil Green for the fins...

In all seriousness, Ginn wasn't worth the 9th overall pick, but at least the dude has started games, scored some td's, and actually contributed a little... you can't say that for some more high profile first rounders of the past...

Sammy, a cab driver would respond he is a traveling salesman.

Dolphins4life, i just don't like to read a long post ,clearly not in a football blog, what the hell you think you are adding to what already pointed out 5 million times w/ all these fans, every one thinks he's writing the bible.

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What have you seen on Penne's arm strength so far???
Word is that he trained very hard again this offseason and is showing surprising zip on the ball, now 3yrs removed from his last shoulder surgery.

I still think either London or Armstrong will have a break out year.

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word on the street is that AZ is asking for a 1RD/3RD and a 5RD pick along with a young WR in return for boldin. Not sure if the Phins are willing to trade all that for one player.


Yeah Cinsay of course LOL
You know the the Iphone app that lets you see movies and videos.

I would never call c menace a real Sensei just soemething I started calling him few days ago.

The only annoying thing about being a dolphins fan (all 1-15 seasons aside) is the fact that I am so obsessed with them that I have to read YOUR blog daily. Its annoying because you're so pessimistic and negative about everything. I understand you have to play the role of devil's advocate every now and then but it'd be nice if once in a while you put a lid on it. A couple of things: you have the best job in the world, you'll never know more than Uncle Bill and no one is impressed that you're trying to impress "Marcus". Lighten up and please do your best to BETTER the dolphins fan experience instead of tainting it with your habitual crankiness. Thanks


An avid reader of this blog/a concerned fan

Boldin benefits from having Fitzgerald across from him, much in the same way Clayton and Duper benefited from each other. We are good as we are. No need to give away the farm for a WR who is almost past his prime years.

I totally disagree. What the Dolphins need is to NOT turn the ball over on offense. The key will be a dominating defense. Ala, Pittsburgh the first time they won with Big Ben, remember how many yards he threw for in that Super Bowl? Trent Dilfer won a ring, Not because he had Anquan Boldin, but because he had a Ray Lewis. The Fins got pummeled by the Ravens last year not because they threw the hell out of the ball but because they stopped the Dolphins from doing anything. This team make up is NOT suited for a big time receiver. Obviously if they had one their chances would be better, but do you want Pennington chucking it up 30-40 times a game? He's not Kurt Warner, and last time I checked the Cardinals lost the Super Bowl with Anquan and Larry.

The Fins need Crowder to step up, they need JT to resemble half of what he was as NFL MVP, and if the secondary doens't blow coverages and makes plays and sound tackles, they can grind and dink and dunk their way to wins. You are not going to win in Foxboro in December by trying to out throw Brady and Co. You have a good chance to keep it close if you knock the piss out of him and his receivers though.

Wow! Not really sure where to start,kinda like the Tuna when he first looked at our roster last year. I love all the thoughts about what we're missing,a wide reciever,a nose tackle,an o lineman,blah,blah,blah.......I think most of you are not seeing the big picture. Mostly I think it's from our remarkable run last year,and winning the East.Suddenly EVERYONE thinks we're Superbowl bound! This regime,THE TUNA,has had a plan from day one. THREE years to accomplish a Championship! They cleaned house when they arrived,and continued to during the season,until they found one they liked(see Louie Polite). They had a great first year draft,hitting on 5-6 guys,dumping the best kicker in the league,for a kid named Carpenter. Then TRUE LUCK,and Tuna savvy landed Penny. Do you think all of this was by accident? No longer do morons like Cameron or Saban call the shots.
This year,they land Wake from the C.F.L.,a player 10-12 teams were clamoring for. They sign THEIR guys to new contracts,dump the trash(see John Beck),and have another quality draft. I see a tandem of corners who are big,and physical,I see a piece to the wildcat in Pat White,who has tremendous abilities. Make no mistake,the Fins are planning on changing the way N.F.L. offenses play. And the way defenses will have to play. The wildcat is no fluke,it's here to stay! They then get two tall physical recievers. And screw the "experts" who say they were drafted too high,or there were better ones on the board. Do they have the Tuna's eye for talent??? Then? They get J.T. back for nothing,a hungry J.T.,plus the two picks from the Skins,one who turned out to be P. White,and another next year! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???
Have NO doubt that this is STILL a construction site,with EVERY player on the field,Penny included,fighting for his job.
We're younger,stronger,bigger than EVER before,and we're getting more talented. But to think getting a Boldin in here,or any other high priced w.r.,or a player at any position,to mortgage the future is just dumb.
WE ARE NOT one player AWAY!!!!
GO FINS!!!!!!!!

stay off my name, start s#*t with some one else's.

Accurate assessment Mando. And it sounds like you heard what I did. Yes that's right fans, Parcells & Co. want Boldin.
But they will play (right again, Mando) the waiting game. Will it work? Maybe, we're not the only team interested.

One other thing, call it Football 101: This is a passing league. It takes 2-3 years experience for almost all WRs to "get it". This goes for almost all positions, including CBs. We need help now, not in 2-3 years. Parcells knows this so, for all of you that think you know, you don't.

I think Plax comes cheaper and in the end thats what really matters.

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