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Pennington the starting QB we've been ignoring

The third quarterback in the conversation these days is seemingly Chad Pennington. We talk about the drafting of Pat White and its effects on the Wildcat and the spread option. We talk about Chad Henne and how the Dolphins have designs for him being the starter in 2010.

Yet we seem to overlook Pennington, who is kind of important because, well, he's the starter now. He's the guy who will hold the reins to the offense this year.

SOBeFit Magazine recently did an interview with Pennington for an upcoming issue, and in it, we see another example of why Pennington is the perfect quarterback for a Bill Parcells-led organization.

Pennington is a consummate professional. He never gives place to the wrong idea even though, inside, you know the guy might be questioning what's happening atop the organization or himself or his teammates. He never questioned the quarterback competition the Jets put him through the last couple of years he was there. He never second-guessed the Brett Favre acquisition, either.

And in Miami he has not uttered a cross word about the Dolphins plan to elevate Henne, their decision not to re-sign him even as he enters the final year of his contract, or their decision to draft Pat White, yet another guy who might replace him.

In fact, Pennington is quite complimentary of White in the interview with SOBeFit.

"We'll wait and see where the coaches want him to fit in," Pennington tells the publication that is on sale at newstands. "Obviously some people have mentioned the Wildcat offense -- mentioned him being able to do some things because not only is a great athlete but he throws the ball really well and doesn't get enough credit for how well he throws the football. And anyone who put up the numbers that he did -- he won four bowl games in college as a starting quarterback -- he did a lot of really good things. He adds to our team and makes us better and so do all the other free agents and draft picks we've acquired."

Pennington led a handful of late-game drives that either sealed a Dolphins victory or delivered one in comeback fashion last season. In the maelstrom that is an NFL huddle during fourth-quarter heroics, Pennington was outwardly cool, calm.

How does he do it? Where does it come from?

"Well," he tells SOBeFit, "I think first it comes from my father and him being a coach and me being able to be around his team and his players. Growing up, my heroes were his high school football players. They weren't professional football players or college football players. And, although I may be calm on the outside, I am like a tornado on the inside, with emotions and feeling and things that are going through my mind ... nervous energy.

"So you have to be able to harness that in and then show a calming effect because those other 10 guys are looking at you in the huddle for leadership and direction."

And what does that cover?

"It covers everything," Pennington tells the publication. "It covers speed ... power ... strength. It covers all the prehab, as I call it, to make sure that I'm keeping everything intact with the smaller muscles in my body. It covers film work. It covers the mental preparation. It covers being a servant to your team. That's part of being a leader -- the service. So it's a wide range of things and I constantly have to go back and revisit my plan to make sure I'm hitting all those goals."

Being a servant to his team? That is a true professional and the prototype of what Parcells wants from his quarterback. As you will see below.


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I really like the fact that no attention is being given to Penne. He is the ultimate underdog. I think he will come with a chip on his shoulder and be blazing from Week 1.
After the poor playoff showing he must be ready to roll on the falcons in Week 1.

Last season they did a story on Chad P. about how he went back to basics on his conditioning program. It was believed that it did wonders and that was a major reason for his success.
This year, he has again gone back to hardcore training over the offseason. I have seen it reported only once.
Chad P. is working his butt off right now...for as he and his trainer calls, Striving to be an athelete in all things.
I would not be suprised to find that he is an even better QB this year.

Nice angle, Mando. Easy to forget we lucked into Pennington, our season would have been completely different without him. I love what he brings to the table attitude-wise...

Nice read but you can do better than that Armando.

Anyway, I'm bored. Now I need a naptime story to make me sleep. Write another blog entry - you know - make up something.

Outside I am calm but inside I have a fire that burns. I am going to sit on the toilet now.

If Penn had a stronger arm he would be all pro everyear.He did a great job last year no doubt about BUT he still has a weak arm and this year just like last year especially against better teams we will see 9men in the box ever week .He simply can not out throw the coverage.Recievers are getting better stronger faster.Great short and mid range no long ball with out a trick play.The wildcat is not a trick play.When this formation comes on the field safties will have to play back.LOVE PENNY WE NEED TO MOVE THE BALL DOWN THE FIELD TO WIN IN 09.

Penne is a real asset to the Dolphins and the community that he lives in.
I hope he stays with us when a QB change is made.

Soiled :)

Nice to see the stupid comments have been deleted.

My take is the Penne will go on after 2010 and play for a team that needs a stopgap QB, maybe Lions/Rams or even the Cardinals.

I can matriculate the ball down field.

The Dolphin Digest asked a series of questions of players, including "which Dolphin would you least want to go on vacation with." Henne said it was Pennington, because "he'd make me do homework on it" or something like that.

Whenever this guy is ready to give up on being a starting QB, we need to sign him as a coach.

I could even envision him being a hybrid QB coach/emergency QB for a good number of years.

Dear Mr. Pennington

When you say "I matriculate the ball down field"
2 word comes to mind Reach around

Am I close ?

Soiled :)

Great Tuna video. Now Chad just need to get the Fins a big playoff win!

Pennington may not have started his career as a Phin but he certainly carries himself as a player that would make Shula proud!


There was a time
when you called me
your quarterback.
Will you follow me again?

Penningtons so called lack of arm strength is a media and fan generated crapfest. Sure he isn't Dan Marino or Dan Fouts. But he can pass the ball. He had problems last year in the Baltimore game because he had to force the ball. Before that he tied and NFL record for the least amount of Ints.
The Jets problems were't Pennington's; the problem was that they sucked and lost games because of different reasons. But each year the media blamed the qb because he couldn't come back and do the impossible.
I hope they re-sign this guy this year to a 4 or 5 year deal. If he can do anything close to last year's numbers we will win again and again. And even after he takes the backup role we know that someone could be ready to take the team at any time.
Jets suck and Pennington proves it. He is class in a town of classless losers. King of Queens is a Jets fan and that states everything. (based on the real life of someone who lives in Queens)

Shula must saying to himself, i wish i had Chad.P not Mrino

I just hope that "IF" Chad P is our back-up in the near future, it is because some one beat him out and not because they want to give it to a young QB.

Kindry is a tool!

Chad Pennington's lack of arm strength is not a media fabrication or generation. We don't know enough football to start that sort of stuff.

I don't see Chad P. settling for a backup role anytime soon. I think he will be great this year playing for a contract. We could resign him and trade him for some draft picks if Henne is ready to take his place. Other teams will offer him starter $ so we can't offer backup $ and think Chat P. will stay. It would be like Rivers and Brees if Henne is as good as coach leads us to believe.

I love Chad Pennington, and the constant slander of him by the so-called "fans" on this blog infuriates me, as does the elevation-without-demonstration of Chad Henne. You Penny haters are going to give the Fins a case of acute bad karma. Shame on You.

spoiledbottom is behaving today.good dog


i also think that they couldgo all the way

"I am like a tornado on the inside, with emotions and feeling and things that are going through my mind ... nervous energy."
I guess Joey Porter was right to brag for Pennington after the Dolphins beat the Jets in NY in last game of the regular season. Pennington was playing it off like it was nothing, but it certainly sounds like there was more to it that just a game to get in the playoffs. It seems like it was a revenge game to Chad despite what he said publically. I guess he is human.

Dear Mr. Big Dog


You sir have a way with words(As I tip my cap to you)

Soiled :)

spoildbottom, good dog today,keep it up

Dear Miami Herald,

Please update your posting system so that you have to sign in to post. The comments are unreadable because of all the idiot posters. If you had to sign in, you could kick people off that were just complete idiots. The way the system is now, real sports fans don't want to get involved with commenting on your stories. For the record, I'm not talking about people with any kind of sports opinion, I'm talking about people like spoiled bottom.

hey i do believe pennington is a good quarterback but he's in the NFL to win games not to win championships. there's my 2cents for the day

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soiled bottom
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What is the beef with Chads Noodle Arm?

Didn't you see the bomb that Chad threw to Ginn against Buffalo?

As for the ints against the Ravens, only 1 was his baby, the one in the red zone. The other long ones he had no time to throw and just put them out there. Unfortunately our small receivers couldn't contend against the ravens DBs.

I am excited about Turner because he can wrestle a ball away from the big DBs in pro bowl.

A consistent running game would make Chad better. Lets focus on that for a change.

good job today SoiledBottom, keep that way,clean.i see that you signed in BLUE but you signed in black with almost 8-9 name.

Dear Person

First off let me apologize to you if I have offened you.(please accept apologie now, there on a timer)

I am also leaving some extra apologies in this post just incase I offend you in the corse of this thread.

I sir have many thoughts and opinions related sports.

I think Penne is an asset to the Phins this year and beyond.

But there will be a change at QB in the near future.

I believe there will be a great demand for Penne's services outside of Miami.

Will he stay ? I hope so :)

Now back to you dear sir

Please stop slandering my GOOD name

Soiled :)

CAN SoiledBottom change his ugly name ,pleazzzzzzzzze ?

SOILED ,i love your smile, it has a class and wet.

Dear Mr. Please

Its not like my name is from those Harry Potter movies (He who's name we cannot speak)

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I must demand satifaction from those who sully the GOOD name of SoiledBottom MacMuddyPants

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Dear Mr. Gary Stevens

Man on Man apriciation is a healthy outlook
Just dont start any funny business

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Warning guys, the Gary Stevens on this thread is not the 'real' Gary Stevens. He is my friend, I know.

pennington is busting his hump to become better. he should remain the starter. nothing wrong with letting henne sit watch and learn. it worked for aaron rodgers. give pennington a consistant running game and he can carve up any defense. lets not forget he set career highs of touchdowns total passing yardage and yards thrown in a game. not to mention the 7 picks.

In Honour of Mr. Pennington -- I want to play the

"Dolphin Quarterbacks since Dan Marino" Anagram Game.

Shall we begin?

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penningtons arm is stronger then people give him credit 4 but in regards to that bomb against buff the pass covered 46 yards and then dropped like a rock. ginn had to jump as high as he could and then reach up AND behind himself to grab it.

Dear Miami Herald

I respectfuly request that you open your logs and show the records that prove my innocence to claims of multi names.

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I think we should hold onto Penny as long as we can. I mean his leadership role is worth a lot.
He plays as hard as anyone in the league at the QB position.

Alex the Great will own Sid the Kid tonight. CAPS rule!!!

If Pennington and the Dolphins have another year like last year then Chad P. should be the quarterback for as long as he keeps playing like he is, and let Henne and White age like fine wine on the bench. Chad reminds me of Bob Griese, and if I recall correctly it was under Griese that the Dolphins had their greatest TEAM success in their history. Griese didn't have the biggest arm either but he was a LEADER. Henne and White's time will come but don't rush it and let's enjoy Pennington while we have him. If he wins he stays, that's how I feel. It's all about winning Dolfans!

Dear Smokin

The Capitals may rule
Just not in this blog

I hope I scored some brownie points for that

Soiled :)



soiledbottom, let us know when going out for a WALK.

i think the dolphins theory behind this is to make pennington the starter to most games . henne starts five or six. pat white does the wildpat . i know about the quarter back rule issue, and i think its just gona be that henne doesn't play when pennington starts, and on the days henne starts, if he does bad they just scratch the wildcat and henne and put pennington in . problem solved

Yo all i know is that pennington is a great backup QB! But he is not a great starting QB! the reason why i say this is because he is not able to throw the ball down field! he also can't throw the ball in tight places because he don't have the quick zip u need on the ball to get the ball in there in a hurry he has to throw the ball in wide open space so he don't get picked off! he has to pick his spots from 1-15 yards but even thoughs 10 yard dump passes if the wide reciver don't have a step or 2 on them he ain't going to be able to get it in there with out it getting knocked away or picked! also forget about it if there is a cornerback and a saftey or 2 cornerbacks closing in from 1 from the left and 1 from the right he don't have the arm to get it to zip it in there at a 100mph bullet to zip it in a tight space becauser by the ball get's to them he is already getting picked by 1 of them closing in at QB! so that is why i am saying he needs to be our backup QB and let henne start the season! pennington is a great backup QB because if our starter in henne goes down then u have a very great accurate short passing qb that won't turn the ball over and keep u in the ball game but he ain't the QB that will just blow out the other team because he don't have the arm and that is what a average QB does or as u say it a backup QB does they keep the game close and either barley win or balrey lose the game! a starting QB that is great will either blow out the other team or just lose and that is what we need a QB that can blow out the other team because he has that big dangerous arm that can score in 1 throw not a QB that takes 9 minutes drives to score 7 points! also if u notice half of the time if a team is taking 7+minutes to score half of the time they will run 15 plays for 8 minutes and then stall out in the redzone at the 10-15 yard line and end up kicking a field goal! the reason why is because it is very hard to score when there is only 15 yards or less to score a touchdown! reason being is because u have all 11 deffenders all in a short distance there ain't much room to throw the ball there is way to many deffenders and they are only covering 15 yards and a 10 yard endzone! and if u run the ball it don't matter but when u throw the ball in the redzone it is much more diffcult because the cornerbacks are way better! the only way it is easy to score in the redzone by passing is if u have a QB that can throw the ball with so much speed on it like a 100mph bullet like dan the man marino had! then he can zip it in tight spaces and coverage to be able to score penington cant do that the only way he scores in the redzone from the 15 yard line is if he throws one of them jump ball in the endzone for a touchdown! see chad henne on the other hand could do a lot more things to score because he has a very big arm just like marino he can throw the ball a 100mph and make the recivers hurt there hands when they try to catch the ball! it's like all the recivers said about marino when he through the ball if u didn't catch it with our hands it would hit u in the chest and just nouce right off and u wouldent catch it and then it would leave a bruise een with them pads lol! so bring in henne for a superbowl run! hpennington will only either add up to a 1 and done playoff or a missed postseason run like a 8-8 9-7 record! if chad henne can't beat out pennington right now if he ain't better then him right now then i guess we better start looking for a new QB in the 2010 draft! because pat white definelty ain't the guy to be our starting QB! because patt white just ain't good enough! i don't think the guy could even be our 2nd string he is a 3rd stringer at best! but the main thing he is here for is the wildcat he is a 2nd round wild cat player! i mean dang what a jump to just use the man for a wildcat play that we only run maybe 5% of the game! i wouldent draft a guy for that purpose only what a waste of a draft pick! we shouldent of drafted him intill the 3rd or 4th round! 2nd round pick is way to high for a wildcat guy! it's like saying we drafted a guy in the 2nd round to be our punter or kicker or special teams player a huge waste!



In only one year Pennington has become the 3rd best QB in franchise history. He has the Griese cool and Marino fire , the Fins might have been under 500 if it were,nt for him.

rob, please expand on your last post, will you soiled

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