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Pennington the starting QB we've been ignoring

The third quarterback in the conversation these days is seemingly Chad Pennington. We talk about the drafting of Pat White and its effects on the Wildcat and the spread option. We talk about Chad Henne and how the Dolphins have designs for him being the starter in 2010.

Yet we seem to overlook Pennington, who is kind of important because, well, he's the starter now. He's the guy who will hold the reins to the offense this year.

SOBeFit Magazine recently did an interview with Pennington for an upcoming issue, and in it, we see another example of why Pennington is the perfect quarterback for a Bill Parcells-led organization.

Pennington is a consummate professional. He never gives place to the wrong idea even though, inside, you know the guy might be questioning what's happening atop the organization or himself or his teammates. He never questioned the quarterback competition the Jets put him through the last couple of years he was there. He never second-guessed the Brett Favre acquisition, either.

And in Miami he has not uttered a cross word about the Dolphins plan to elevate Henne, their decision not to re-sign him even as he enters the final year of his contract, or their decision to draft Pat White, yet another guy who might replace him.

In fact, Pennington is quite complimentary of White in the interview with SOBeFit.

"We'll wait and see where the coaches want him to fit in," Pennington tells the publication that is on sale at newstands. "Obviously some people have mentioned the Wildcat offense -- mentioned him being able to do some things because not only is a great athlete but he throws the ball really well and doesn't get enough credit for how well he throws the football. And anyone who put up the numbers that he did -- he won four bowl games in college as a starting quarterback -- he did a lot of really good things. He adds to our team and makes us better and so do all the other free agents and draft picks we've acquired."

Pennington led a handful of late-game drives that either sealed a Dolphins victory or delivered one in comeback fashion last season. In the maelstrom that is an NFL huddle during fourth-quarter heroics, Pennington was outwardly cool, calm.

How does he do it? Where does it come from?

"Well," he tells SOBeFit, "I think first it comes from my father and him being a coach and me being able to be around his team and his players. Growing up, my heroes were his high school football players. They weren't professional football players or college football players. And, although I may be calm on the outside, I am like a tornado on the inside, with emotions and feeling and things that are going through my mind ... nervous energy.

"So you have to be able to harness that in and then show a calming effect because those other 10 guys are looking at you in the huddle for leadership and direction."

And what does that cover?

"It covers everything," Pennington tells the publication. "It covers speed ... power ... strength. It covers all the prehab, as I call it, to make sure that I'm keeping everything intact with the smaller muscles in my body. It covers film work. It covers the mental preparation. It covers being a servant to your team. That's part of being a leader -- the service. So it's a wide range of things and I constantly have to go back and revisit my plan to make sure I'm hitting all those goals."

Being a servant to his team? That is a true professional and the prototype of what Parcells wants from his quarterback. As you will see below.


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"hyper boy
soiled bottom
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mr culito
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Posted by: the cleaning broom | May 06, 2009 at 01:19 PM"

Mr Broom (ironically not a name I suspect you normally post under) -- I understand your frustration with football talk on this, last time I checked, football blog being spammed out but I am curious as how you came to put my name on your list.

Only one I use and, as far as I can tell, no entry under it today other than the one in which I suggested Pennington as a future coach.

Feel like I've been put on the black list at my favorite Chinese restaraunt.

based on new info you gave me now, i declare you a clean person has no ties what's so ever with the shame of soiledbottom, i am sorry to you to include your honorable name with such person.

p.s.....soiled is acting better today , not too much dirt so far

I'm sorry, but I believe we need to go with Henne and White as soon as possible! We have a tough schedule this year and we'll see a lot of what happened in our play-off game last year if we do not make the switch (copycat league, etc.)! We'll see all 11 defensive players in tight because they know that they can handle Penne's passing without any trouble! Vic

" i declare you a clean person has no ties what's so ever with the shame of soiledbottom"

Thanks...I can now again order delivery from Hop Sing's.

soiledbottom, people coming back slowly to talk football,please keep all your posts only of football and clean humor . you can few naps during the day too.

HEY ROB . have you ever heard of ME!

I haven't forgotten him. Chad is the consumate professional and our unquestioned starter next year. He is the biggest reason for our turnaround. When his skills do start to decline, his model and teaching will have been a major influence on his successor. Therefore, I feel Henne and White will succeed and eventually pass what they learned from Chad to another quarterback down the line. We should all be thankful for Chad. I haven't forgotten him and for these reasons, I will remember him for a long time.

cleaning broom shut the heck up you ape. Who cares what youknow

As Coach Sparano stated, starting qb is CP's job to loose. 09 WR draft accommodates CP's arm strength just fine.

Although a pure speedster, Ginn isnt a prototypical feature reciever any way. He'll only have to show ability to put mustard on the ball in the intermediate game. Which he did a fairly decent job of last season.

However, when the corners start peeking into the backfield or safties start creeping up. Defenses will get a very hot blast of Ginn's mercurial winds. In this scenario, accuracy will be greater than ball velocity.

monster, are you at it solid with soiled

SoiledBottom, it's oky ,i am here for you and Cuban and nj phin coming soon


Dear Mr.The cleaning Broom

Its Good to here people are comming back to the blog.

I'll put on a pot of coffee and put out some snacks.

I wonder how Ricky Williams is doing not much chatter on him lately.(Sports Talk)

Soiled :)

You are the one who keeps overlooking Pennington, not me or all my season ticket holder friends. We recognize what a great player he is. Maybe its time you did too.

Soiled, i never heard such nice humor ,only from nathaniel dodsworth, are you related ?

p.s make sure your coffe deacfe not strong so you can go to sleep early for work next day

Dear Mr. Cleaning Broom

It has come to attention that you are some sort of authority figure on this blog.

Are you a social or moral policeman ? Who is your immediate supervisor ? Can I see your badge ?

Are you affiliated with any other secret organizations ?

I posted earlier in the year the phins needed a to draft NT that claim still stands.(sports talk)

These attacks against my Good name must stop at once. Yes sir at once

Good day to you

Soiled :)

stop with the wildcat NONSENSE!!! Pat White is NOT THE ANSWER!!! it has been figured out by all the teams in the leauge!!! Pennington is still very accurate & is STILL the QB of this team!!! Should have made a play for the Edge!!! we could use another RB cus I don't think Ronnie will last!!!

soiled, some times you sund like nathaniel and some times like your last two line of your last post you sound like mr bunglito.either way it's good stuff and i approve of it until further notice .

P.S...no one can ask me questions,i am the only one who can ask and you Sir replay in kind Sir.

Yes Chad Pennington, We will follow you all the way to the super bowl 2010. Good Luck and God Bless you with perfect health

Chad.P is a great QB who took the lousy fins to 11-5,any would think that Chad.H or Pat White will do better will be in for good shock when C.Henne starts .

Dear Mr. The Cleaning Broom

I only raise issue with you because Mother MacMuddyPants (God rest her soul she passedaway
after a Colostomy bag explosion down at the plant, it was a real mess)Raised me to standup for myself and to defend our family honor.

Soiled :)

i just dont understand why we cant sweep up all the bad energy in here. Can we please just talk football for once. I for one love pennys twang.

P.S. We need the Cuban Marika.

soiled, what honor,you have none left but if you going to be good on the blog i will restore your honor little by little and i can introduce you to the cuban menace as an award for your good behavior .

Cleaning Broom,

Nobody cares bozo. No not associated with spoiled. You are no authority... You are AN azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Dear Mr. The Cleaning Broom

I know of this Cuban Menace you speak.

Its was many years ago I was in the Coast Guard at the time.

The year was 1980 I was stationed on the USCGC(United States Coast Guard Cutter) Diligance out of Keywest. We mostly did SARS( Search and Rescues ) and LE's ( Law Enforcements )

Anyhoo during the Cuban boat lifts I was on a boarding party of a Shrimper boat bringing in refugees and it was there that I first came apon this young Tony Montana wanna be.

More about that story later.

I think the Phins win 10 games this year vegas has them as a 8-8 team. ( sports talk )

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Biko

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And the eyes of the world are
watching now
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Soiled :)

Soiled, Yes i remember that day on the high seas, and yes i was a tony montana wannabe, but thanks to the fine people i became a law abiding citizen of this great country...again thanks, and whats your take on chad(size 96 neck) henne?

Dear Mr. Menace

Chads size 96 neck reminds me of an old wifes tale.

You what they say about big hands and big feet

Big Nose

Soiled :)

To those who care

The second time the cuban Menace and my path crossed was about 1983, he was singing Iris drinking songs in spanish at Mallory Square during the sun setting festival in Keywest.

He's was making no money and fast.

More later

Chad Pennington is Dan Marino without the Gaudy stats (sports talk)

Soiled :)

We should pickup OT Levi Jones.....as a RT or backup.. more depth to our OL.....

Oh yes soiled, those were simpler times, dont forget bout capt. tonys on friday nites where they had wet tee shirt contests and the losing ladies had to hang there under garmets on the ceiling fans...good times my amigo, it was also dan marinos break out year...great memories in a much simpler time.

Who the hell is Penne? And Henne already knows he is sitting next year so whats the problem??

Dear Mr. Scott Kitchen

Penne = Pennington

Tuna = Parcells

Bong = Williams

Soiled :)


Very good on Biko. Cool song to dismember gopats by.

Yeeeeeeeeesssss SOILEDBOTTOM is in da house !

With chad pennington the Miami Dolphins stunned the NFL with the wildcat offense as a team they made it as far as they did. My worry as new rookies come to the team is the veterans that are let go.. If this continues were will the veteran leadership come from... Chad Pennington I believe will have another good year as long as the offensive line stays healthy and Tuna continues to guide this club with great ideas to win.. GO FINS!!!!

I see County Jail (at least) in the future of several of you semi-literate likely drop-out likely unemployed trolls. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts. Go outside.

ace is the nice Azzzzzzzzzz but Biko is better quilty Azzzzzzzzzzzzz

soiled is one
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Chad's contributions are greatly appreciated!!!!

Rob, you are absolutely right about Pennington, but dead wrong about Pat White. We drafted Pat White so we don't have to kick all those field goals. You must have explosive players to win. Go Fins in 2009! I don't care what they call the stadium, I just wan't to win. If I have to drink Land Shark beer all day, so be it.

Joc, Joe Robbie must be rolling over in his grave.....to get another land shark beer i presume..

Ok kids the menace is on line to take all Q's and will give A's to all Q's, so shoot away...

We are bored. Write another blog entry - you know - make up something like you usually do.

I know this is a football blog, but... the highlight of Rapher Alston slapping Eddie House in the back of the head is some funny sh!t!

Go Pats,

Please get off a Dolphins blog and get out of South Florida, and go back and live in Massachusetts. Oh that's right, Massachusetts is the arm pit of the universe which is why all you Pats fans are miserable little trolls, and you move to South Florida. As far as I'm concerned, whenever a louthmouthed Pats fans appears I have two things to say to them. 1)Super Bowl 42: Giants 17 Patriots 14 and 2) Dolphins record 20 straight home victories over the Patriots from 1970-1985. Still can't get over it can you Pats fans. Get a life and get off a Dolphins blog. Do you think I would waste valuable time on a Patriots blog. NO!

yeeeeeeeeeeessss,Hyper is in da house

you guys still at it? chad was a gift. i say ride him like seabiscuit.

yeeeeeeeeeeess, rexrayn aka coach shula is in da house

Soothsayer thinks he's so much better than everyone because he has never been to jail.

I have a question for the Cubano if he is out there?

Why does Rob always right so much? Has he ever heard of paragraphs or summarizing? Why do I never read the novels that he posts? Maybe I should try reading the first sentence and the last sentence and then trying to understand.

"write so much"


The most intresting man in the world reads the Salguero blog !
The WildBack is deff in place , Penne or Henne !

It sure would be nice if someone would delete all
these stupid post. I understand having fun and such but god damn I get so sick of wading through all the crap to get what real fans, non attention whores have to say. Thanks to all the real fans out there. I love reading what you have to say.

God Bless the dolphins in 2009. Give them good health and strength to continue where they lefted off this past season. Deliver them to the super bowl for homefield advantage

Good article. Pennington is the best thing that has happened to the Dolphins in a long while. He is a great leader and a great quarterback. He'll be a great coach, too...

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