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The most dominant player on the Dolphins?

Anyone who's been paying attention to the world outside the NFL lately understands there is a transitional shift happening in the NBA. The league so dominated by LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant in the regular-season has been mostly dominated by a Supermanchild named Dwight Howard during the playoffs.

Dwight Howard is straight up nasty, and if you don't believe me check out the video below.

It can be argued Howard has been the MVP of the current playoffs. Depending on what happens in the Finals that begin tonight, it could be argued he's the NBA's most dominant player.

And that brings me to the Dolphins because, well, all roads lead to the Miami Dolphins on this blog.

While we watch to see if Howard rules basketball, I wonder who is Miami's most dominant player?

Think about that. I'm not asking who is the Most Valuable Player. I'm not asking who is the best leader. Who is most DOMINANT?

Which player comes closest to making things seem unfair for the guy he faces? Who seems to be head and shoulders above the other guys on the field?

I grant you the Dolphins don't have a guy like a Larry Fitzgerald or Deion Sanders in his prime -- guys that make you shake your head because they are so in a league of their own. But give me your list of the five most dominant players on the team currently. Don't give me likely to be dominant. Don't give me your hope for a guy to be dominant.

Who is most dominant now.

My top five?

1. Joey Porter.

2. Jake Long.

3. Yeremiah Bell.

4. Ronnie Brown.

5. Jason Taylor.

I'm sure Bell surprises you. Not me. He's a monster when he's healthy. The guy has biceps bigger than most people's quads. He hits hard, he covers tight ends well, he explodes to the ball.

Taylor obviously can be elite when he's right. He wasn't right last year. This (still) young man feels like he's got a lot to prove and that works in his favor because he feeds off criticism and naysayers so I predict a fine year for him. (Hmmm, maybe I should take him off the list and write he stinks so he'll get all motivated when he reads this blog.)

Got to think about that for a while.

Anyway, Brown is a defensive back's nightmare in the open field simply because he's 230 pounds and when he gets up a head of steam from his 4.45 propulsion ... well, what happens next reminds me of the old Bruce Smith commercials -- bad things man, bad things.

Long should be atop this list by this time next year. As it stands, he's scary in that the man who benched 225 pounds 37 times at the 2008 Indy Combine has gotten stronger this offseason. That's kind of like a Corvette getting prettier. It's just not fair. 

Joey Porter? He's looking healthy. He's looking strong. It simply is not an even match when he's being blocked by a running back or tight end. Porter will win every single time. Teams only figured that out late last season when they always slid their protection to Porter's side, making sure he was blocked by a tackle and sometimes a tackle with a back chipping him.

That should not be the case this season with more pressure coming from the other side as Matt Roth has gotten healthy, Cameron Wake has arrived after dominating the CFL, and Taylor has returned home to his rightful team. (But only if you make the team, Jason. How's that for motivation?)


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A basketball video on a football blog, really? I liked the herald but I'm slowly losing faith. Jeff Darlington never answers any questions while harvey is knocking out like 5 a day. And when darlington does show up he writes an article about twitter. Give me a break. I'm starting to go there for dolphins news.

There's only 1 guy whom i consider dominant. JAKE LONG !!!!. End of story.

1. Ronnie Brown - He usually has to get hit several times before he goes down. It must suck trying to tackle this guy. He's a monster!

2. Jake Long - He's a huge man who's an awesome athlete. With another year of experience, he's not going to get beat consistently by anyone.

3. Yeremiah Bell - Your pick didn't surprise me at all. Bell is freakin awesome. I think he's their best playmaker on either side of the ball. The bigger the play, the bigger he plays.

4. Vernon Carey - He doesn't have the same caliber opponent as the left tackle, but he owns his opponents.

5. Devone Bess - Kind of a reach I guess, but I couldn't think of anyone else. He could be a dominant slot guy (like Welker) with his quickness, toughness, and ability to get open. Joey Porter doesn't seem that dominant to me. He gets handled pretty easily most of the time. I think his sack number last year was out of proportion with the pressure he provided. It seemed like he got a sack every time he got free unlike JT in his Defensive Player of the Year season where he got pressure every other play even if he didn't get a sack. I guess Joey does draw a lot of double teams though.

1. Jake Long
2. Ronnie Brown
3. Joey Porter
4. Will Allen
5. Justin Smiley

Whenever Ronnie Brown gets to the second level (meaning if there is a hole and he gets past the line of scrimmage) he is running people over. If he gets 20 carries a game this year, and there are holes opened by the line, I absolutely think hes capable of 1600 all purpose yards and 10 TDs. He's a beast, i dont think he's ever gotten a chance to be showcased. 2 years ago he was leading the NFL in yards from scrimmage (b/f getting hurt) on a winless team. Even though he made the pro bowl last year, i think he is very under-rated both locally and nationally.

I think it's funny when people say Ronnie Brown doesnt make any spectacular runs. Give him 20 carries a game and a good (good not great) offensive line, and he would light up the NFL. He's never had a full season of both of those things: 20 carries a game, and a good offensive line.

If he was healthy right now, Donald Thomas would be 3rd on the list behind Jake Long and Ronnie Brown. That is not a joke. He is THAT good. I hope he is healthy for the regular season, he would just maul people.

Did you day five?

I'm sorry I meant did you "say" five? Not sure I can come up with five, but here goes.

1. RONNIE BROWN is easily the most physically talented and versatile player on the team. He can run around and through most 2nd and 3rd level defenders. He blocks well, catches the ball well and is difficult to bring down. A true offensive guru can get 2000 all purpose out of this guy easily like Marshall Faulk, Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes used to get in Dick Vermeil's offenses. Ronnie's coaches have been a disappointment for the most part during his NFL career. The 2007 and 2008 seasons finally began to reveal that uptapped potential.

2. JASON TAYLOR in his prime was a DOMINANT defensive player. A clear MISMATCH to all opponents that teams regularly had to game plan for. When Taylor played in that 3-4 / 4-3 hydrid "Cobra" position he was the most dominant defensive player and perhaps even the league's MVP if he played on a winning team. The most dominant football player ever to put on a Dolphins uniform since Dan Marino.

3. JOEY PORTER is a reach here but you cannot ignore his 2008 season. In the first 12-14 weeks he has been as dominant as any player in the league. Although he was slowed towards the end of the season, he still made a pretty good case for defensive MVP. He is as fierce on the field as well as in pregame warmups. The heart and soul of a champion that leaves it out on the field.

The last two are clear reaches but I will try to make an argument for both.

4. JAKE LONG started 16 games and made the Pro Bowl. No obvious weaknesses in his game and shut down talented pass rusher Mario Williams in a loss against Houston. Never seems overmatched and usually plays to his strengths. Has not done it long enough to be considered dominant, but is well on his way.

5. CHAD PENNINGTON'S QB rating in 2008 was the best since Dan Marino's magical 1984 season in which Marino dominated the league for 16 weeks and beyond. Chad was runner up for league's MVP and was somewhat deserving but did not throw the ball into the endzone enough to be an MVP. Does Chad put fear into defenses? No. Cna he sling a football through small windows? No. Can he heave the ball 60 yards to a WR in stride? No. But he dominates a game with his pocket and huddle presence, quick thinking, and game management skills. Most importantly though, he usually avoids self inflicting errors that cost the team which was all too common post-Marino.

Well, that's my take.

I am starting to think Armando Might have something personal against Ronnie Brown. Saying that Brown was not the best RB on the team a year ago in a previous blog and now placing him at the 4 spot behind Bell. Nothing against Bell but Brown has had a much larger impact on the team than Bell has. I have a feeling that if he was able to justify it he would have him off the list completely.

Deion Sanders?
Gimme a break...that guy was never anything but a mouthpiece touting himself...to steal from 'Dirty Harry,' he was a legend in his own mind. He even admitted that he hated to tackle, which is why running backs like to go at him.
Ad for the Dolphins, you gotta pick Ronnie Brown as most dominant. After that devastating knee injury, he came back last year tougher than nails, ad did everything they asked of him. Welcome to Ronnie Brown Town!

Center, R.G., L.G., R.T., L.T.---They better be or it is going to be a long season!!!

Last year the only dominant player we had was Joey Porter. This year it will be Jake Long. We don't have dominant players on our team but we have a lot of really good players. You guys are kidding yourself if you think we have five DOMINANT players on our team the likes of Lebron or Dwight Howard.


I completely agree. Other than Jake Long, there IS no other CLEAR dominant player on the dolphins (according to your description of a dominant player above). I hope a few more emerge during the season.

First you say, "Don't give me likely to be dominant. Don't give me your hope for a guy to be dominant." Then you include Jason Taylor on the list, who hasn't been dominant since 2007 and hasn't played for the Dolphins since then. That doesn't make sense.

1) Dan Marino

2) Jake Scott

3) Dwight Stephenson

4) Larry Czonka

5) Jason Taylor

These guys are dominant because they strike fear in the opponent

1a. Joey porter
1b. Jason Taylor (based on last time he was a dolphin)
2. Chad Pennington (In the fourth quarter he dominated his opponents with his short passing game)

Ronnie Brown and anyone on the offensive line can’t be considered dominant when they can’t run the ball to close out a game.

Jake Long and Ronnie Brown for the same reasons everyone else here mentioned.

The players on the Dolphins roster who have ever been the most dominant - Jason Taylor and Ricky Williams. JT for the same reasons everyone else mentioned and Ricky in his first year in Miami was almost Barry Sanders like. Alas, only Dave Wannstedt could have that kind of weapon on his team along with many pro bowlers on defense and still miss the playoffs.

Players that were most dominant last year - Joey Porter and ANDRE GOODMAN. Remember a few games when the QBs wouldn't even throw to his side of the field? That was Deion like!

Derrick, that was so sick when Ronnie Brown pointed at Cromartie and then prceeded to run him over...payback for a cheap shot on Martin..that was pretty dominant.
1.Ronnie Brown
2.Joey Porter
3.Jake Long
4.Jason Taylor
5.Chad Pennington (I was surprised whenever he threw an incomplete pass)

#1 Jason Taylor will make anyone who lines up opposite him look foolish. Last year was an anomaly. Like he said..."I am not a Left End...that's not what I do."

He is still the best player on the team and will prove it on Matt Ryan in week one. Backup...situational player....yeah right. That's just a facade to keep other players ego's from getting hurt.

No one makes plays as consistantly as JT! No one changes the course of a game like JT. 35 years old...who cares.

Trace armstrong had 16.5 sacks as a backup/situational pass rusher with zero starts in 2000.

Was he a better pass rusher than JT? No....and he was 35 YEARS OLD when he had 16.5 sacks!

JT will be in great shape to dominate after an offseason in the terrific Dolphins training program.

1. J-Feg- How could you leave him off the list. A dominat player wheather healthy or hurt. J-Feg has the ability to change any game he's featured in.

2.J-Long-J-Feg little's bro on Off. J-Long was the right pick at number 1, and he clearly shows that.

3.Iron Man Bell, pure strength,power,built for the Dolphins and any hard work team.

4.Thunder Brown. When RB gets in the open field he's simply dangerous. A young back on the rise, with a promising future. Too much upside.

5.T-Ginn. Yes T-Ginn, only two years removed from the run and throw off of OU, T-Ginn gets my vote for come back player, where have you been player, and oh shoot! T-Ginn a 1000 plus rec. yard player. Has the ability to be something special, just like Howard, T-Ginn will surprise.

Questioni 2: Who are the LEAST dominant players in Dolphins History

1. EDDIE MOORE (Wannstedtian brilliance)

2. CECIL "THE DIESEL" COLLINS (slight worse the Lawrence Phillips)

3. RAY LUCAS (Or Trent Green, Or Daunte Culpepper, Or A.J. Feely, Or Joey Harrington, or John Beck...)

4. JOHN BOSA (a throwback bust)

5. MANUEL WRIGHT (leaves me in tears)

these are wish lists, these players are all average players ,the only one has a chance is,JAKE LONG.it's nice to play along though

I'm gonna have to go with Jake...and I'll leace the hope to the whole roster by years end.

Dan Carpenter.

Heat up, all your life is cheap shot, grow up and what does jason doing on this list of yours.

I agree with njphinfan the only dominant player is Jake Long. Ronnie Brown is probably close to being dominant but the problem with him is that there are times he is invisible. If he could perform consistently he will become dominant. Porter is too one dimensional, he is pass rush only and does not play the run very well. Taylor is too old and coming off a bad year. At this time you cannot call him dominant. Bell is a maybe, he plays the run great but I think he is a notch below dominant. Thats how I see it.


How about the five most dominant coaches/front office personnel/owners of all time

1. Don Shula

2. Joe Robbie

3. Bill Parcells

4. H. Wayne Huizenga

5. Jimmy Johnson

...though both Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano will get on this list with one more good season.

illlll Champ. Henne as #1, Pat White #5 and Ginn #4.. is that a joke?

5.) Jake Long - Could be the most dominant in a year or two.
4.) Jason Taylor - If he returns to 2006 form would be 1st on the list.
3.) Yerimiah Bell - Safety on the rise, a top 10 Safety in the league, will make a run for the pro bowl this year (Excellent at what he does, hits hard, great tackler, always around the ball, dependable, making more game changing plays - Ints and fumbles will get him in the Pro Bowl!
2.) Joey Porter - A beast who was used to its greatest potential! Will continue to explode by adding more hlep and talent on the other side of the passrsuh
1.) Ronnie Brown - Has yet to be used to the max potential (ironically only Cam Cameron used him to his full potential). Is a top 5 back in the league, No doubt! does it all; great receiver, can out run or run over defenders and great attitude!

How About the most dominant Miami Dolphins Bloogers/Columnists:

1. Omar Kelly

2. Dave Hyde

3. Edgar Thompson

4. Armando Salguero

5. Greg Cote

1-Joey Porter
2-Jason Taylor
3-Yeremiah Bell
4-Chad Pennington
5-Jake Long
Ronnie Brown has never completed a single complete season of brilliance... He has showed signs of being great, but never actually done it... In my opinion, his field vision sucks... In Ricky's great Dolphin days, he helped himself be a finisher by running to the vacant area of the secondary... It seems as though Ronnie makes the wrong choice more often than not, and runs into 2-3 DBs...

Mostly based on last year's performance, here is my Five Most Dominant:

1. Joey Porter - Led the NFL in sacks for most of the year.

2. Jake Long - model of consistency for his position makes him a beast.

3. Ronnie Brown - Numbers weren't all that, but Wildcat sure helped his cause.

4. Chad Pennington - Surprised nobody really mentions him. He had an All Pro season.

5. Yeremiah Bell - Makes plays that no one else in our secondary made last year.

Honorable Mentions:

Patrick Cobbs - dominated on special teams coverage and broke a few gimmick plays for TDs.

Anthony Fasano - Best TE in Miami since McMichael and could surpass him. Made some great circus catches during clutch moments.

And, field vision is not something Ronnie's about to learn anytime soon... He'll have difficulty in separating himself as a homerun hitter because of that... He's more of a grind it out, wear down the defense, move the sticks type of runner... Ricky was a one out of 5 homerun hitter... He saw the field and understood the defense's rotation enough to make himself able to exploit voids more often than not... It is a gift runners such as LT2 and AP disply on a weekly basis... The ability to break through the line, shake the 'backers, and then set a course for open field... Ronnie does the first two, but struggles with the last... That's why he makes the more effective "war-hammer", as opposed to a "sword"...

Yeah, boooy. Comes to mine blog. We'll learn you stuff on the Dolphins and some grammar to boot.

By the way, thanks Mando for learnin' me about Plax not being in Miami's plans, about Chad Henne being the man for 2010, about JT being on Miami's radar and then signing, about Miami's plans for JT and a ton of other stuff you kicked our asess (I can't spell, either) on.

what about the 5 players that people thought they would dominant and turned to be BUST..
1-Joye Harrington
3-Donte Culepper
4-Jay Fidler
5-Brian Gieser

How abuot the 5 most dominant kickers in Dolphins History? Glad you asked.

1. Reggie Roby

2. Garo Yepremian

3. Pete Stoyanovich

4. Olindo Mare

5. Uwe von Schamann

When I was watched clips of Jake Long before the 2008 draft, I nicknamed the guy "the Eraser" because he essentially erased his man out of any play that Michigan ran. Last year, you could see his development as the season went on and, once Smiley went down, it was obvious how teams played away from him.

Therefore, Miami's most dominant player this year will be Jake Long.

Jason Ferguson
Jake Long/Vernon Carey/Jake Grove
Pat White (wild cat formation)

When Ferguson stands two opposing linemen straight up on a double team Wow! So many times last year Jake and Vernon blocked their opposing lineman to null forward progress that it was overlooked, except in the contracts given out and a pro-bowl for Jake, I predict Vernon and Jake will have book-end pro-bowl years. Although Grove and White haven't played a down for the Dolphins their U-tube Video is proof enough of their dominance. It wasn’t so long ago that a lot of the ink that was being spread in the Sports Pages was about our inefficient, suspect O Line. Watching Satale last year he seemed over matched a lot it was no surprise he was traded to Oakland. The 3 Offensive linemen I named predicate a lot of promise to a successful upcoming season. Honestly how long has it been when FinFans could one say we feel this great about our O-Line? Pat White running WildPat is going to cause a lot of sleepless nights for coaches and defensive coordinators starting with Atlanta. Dominance can transcend to making teammates better, picture single coverage for our receivers in the redzone because of Pat White under center. Our Draft was mocked by the talking head pundits at espn and fox. At some point in the up coming season I would like a total point’s count by rookie scores and team records. Thanks SteFin ps defensive scores count also Vonte Davis, and especially Sean Smith will have a pick 6 this year. Sean Smith running with the first team isn’t an accident, Randy Moss and T.O. twice each this season we needed the physical 6-4 cornerback his 3 interceptions leads all defensive backs 2 off Pennington.

The 5 most dominant posters on Armando's blog

1. NJ Phin Fan

2. Fake GM

3. The Cuban Meance

4. Nathaniel Dodsworth

5. Resryansucks

5 lines i don't like to read or hear

1- to tell you the truth

2-i would love to BUT

3-he's going to be dominant player. p.s...the player not even been to a pro bowl in his life.

4-soiled bottom

5-it's made with the finest ingredients .

No one on this list, or the team, is a dominate player.

Maybe Long and/or Brown will rise to that level this year.

Right now?
At this point in the (off)season

1. Bill Parcells
2. Tony Sparano
3. Jeff Ireland
4. Armando Salguero
5. Branden Frye

It is too bad for Ronnie, he 1) has played behind average O lines at best with the Fins, 2) has had to split carries, 3) the unfortunate injury in 07.

If on another team with a very good O line and as the primary rusher he would have put up big numbers by now and considered as a top 5 RB.

Let's hope he has the O line he deserves this year.

The five most dominant Armando storylines of the past two years.

1. Trouble brewing between Bill Parcells and Jason Taylor -- 2008.

2. Dolphins need to pull together in the face of (x) / -- 2007.

3. Culpepper or Brees -- 2007

4. What a wonderful journey we are on -- 2008

5. Look how many people read my blog! -- all years and all seasons.

1. JAKE LONG. Thats a no brainer.
2. ?? JT ?? I truly believe if JT is given the chance he will become DOMINANT once again.
3. ?
4. ?
5. ?
You will have to ask this Question again after Week 8, hopefully then it will be an easier Question.

A corvette? Are you serious? A corvette?

Nice Mando.That is exactly as i would have it, too. Porter ahead of Long only because we haven't seen him play this year. but my evaluation might change once we see him in his 2ND YR amazing. Although you could def question JT if you were to say the yr before then it makes enuff sense. I'd say Jason Ferguson because of how solid he plays NT and hes a field general

Armando: You suck! you are the reason i am officially changing papers and reading the dolphin coverage in the sun sentinel since they whipe your ass out of town...everything you say is dumb and makes me wonder why the herald lets you keep writing...the same guy who wrote the fins are idiots for not taking a chance on david carr recently and now this dumbass article, wow, you suck!

4)D.Bess - in the slot
5a)T.Ginn Jr -- Punt/Kick Return
5b)Ronnie Ricky -- WildCat

Take it or leave it
argue about it but
the top 3 are give me's

MR. TOM OLIVADOTTI. WOW ! Thank you for putting me as the #1 most dominant poster on armando's blog. This is a honor that i take to heart. I will try to maintain this dominance and be consistent. Again. thanks . LOL

The most 5 dominant poster on Armando's blog,



3-soiled bottom

4-cuban menace


How is Roth not on this list?

1. Yeramiah Bell
2. Vernon Carey
3. Matt Roth
4. Jake Long
5. Joey Porter

These guys are the real studs on the team. Sporano already confirmed Matt Roths improvement and he was in a few key plays last year. The guys is nasty. Ronnie Brown is up there but they didn't really unleash him on opponents last year. I think after this year he definitely will be on this list.

1.Chad Pennington. Where would have been without him last year. He made a lot of teams look dumb especially the Jets. That is dominance Just because a guy yells and screams doesn't mean that he didn't dominate
2. Jake Long Big strong guy and doesn't miss much.
3. Joey Porter great sack guy
4. Devone Bess Lots and lots of 3rd and 3 catches.
5. Ferguson played real well for us last year. He stood stong at the line often taking on 2 guys.

Jake Long without a doubt!

I don't know how many of you guys watched the pro bowl but every play I saw (just focusing on the O-Line) Jake was dominating pro bowl D-linemen while the other AFC pro bowl tackles were getting owned. I did not see every play but I saw about half of them. Now that he knows what he is doing and is stronger......look out!

Jake Long, Jason Ferguson, Ronnie Brown, Chad Pennington, and (Surprise) Sean Smith

Sean smith ? are you kidding me ? The guy hasn't played a f'n game yet. LMAO

1. Ronnie Brown.
2. Joey Porter.

Soon to be list:
1. Jake Long
2. Dual Tandem of Smith, Davis at CB.

Over the Hill:
1. Jason Taylor-look at last yr- 'nough said.
2. Ricky Williams. HOF career squanderd looking like an aimless fool smoking weed and quitting on everyone that counted on him.

Jerry Bell-- come on, dude hasn't had 1 Pro Bowl season yet and he is over 30.
Jason Allen-- worst draft pick since... Yatil Green, John Avery (JJ draft genious???)

I think it's typical that folks equate "Dominance" with physical strength only.
No one on the Fins was more dominant MENTALLY than Chad Pennington, and, in fact he was pretty damn dominant physically as well, if 3600 yards counts.
No Chad, no playoffs. I don't think there is another player on the Fins of whom you can say that.
before someone says this isn't about "Most Valuable" my answer STILL is Chad first, Joey Porter next.
Jason Taylor the last few years previously.

Apologize for missing "Heatup's post. Good thought regarding Chad.

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