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The most dominant player on the Dolphins?

Anyone who's been paying attention to the world outside the NFL lately understands there is a transitional shift happening in the NBA. The league so dominated by LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant in the regular-season has been mostly dominated by a Supermanchild named Dwight Howard during the playoffs.

Dwight Howard is straight up nasty, and if you don't believe me check out the video below.

It can be argued Howard has been the MVP of the current playoffs. Depending on what happens in the Finals that begin tonight, it could be argued he's the NBA's most dominant player.

And that brings me to the Dolphins because, well, all roads lead to the Miami Dolphins on this blog.

While we watch to see if Howard rules basketball, I wonder who is Miami's most dominant player?

Think about that. I'm not asking who is the Most Valuable Player. I'm not asking who is the best leader. Who is most DOMINANT?

Which player comes closest to making things seem unfair for the guy he faces? Who seems to be head and shoulders above the other guys on the field?

I grant you the Dolphins don't have a guy like a Larry Fitzgerald or Deion Sanders in his prime -- guys that make you shake your head because they are so in a league of their own. But give me your list of the five most dominant players on the team currently. Don't give me likely to be dominant. Don't give me your hope for a guy to be dominant.

Who is most dominant now.

My top five?

1. Joey Porter.

2. Jake Long.

3. Yeremiah Bell.

4. Ronnie Brown.

5. Jason Taylor.

I'm sure Bell surprises you. Not me. He's a monster when he's healthy. The guy has biceps bigger than most people's quads. He hits hard, he covers tight ends well, he explodes to the ball.

Taylor obviously can be elite when he's right. He wasn't right last year. This (still) young man feels like he's got a lot to prove and that works in his favor because he feeds off criticism and naysayers so I predict a fine year for him. (Hmmm, maybe I should take him off the list and write he stinks so he'll get all motivated when he reads this blog.)

Got to think about that for a while.

Anyway, Brown is a defensive back's nightmare in the open field simply because he's 230 pounds and when he gets up a head of steam from his 4.45 propulsion ... well, what happens next reminds me of the old Bruce Smith commercials -- bad things man, bad things.

Long should be atop this list by this time next year. As it stands, he's scary in that the man who benched 225 pounds 37 times at the 2008 Indy Combine has gotten stronger this offseason. That's kind of like a Corvette getting prettier. It's just not fair. 

Joey Porter? He's looking healthy. He's looking strong. It simply is not an even match when he's being blocked by a running back or tight end. Porter will win every single time. Teams only figured that out late last season when they always slid their protection to Porter's side, making sure he was blocked by a tackle and sometimes a tackle with a back chipping him.

That should not be the case this season with more pressure coming from the other side as Matt Roth has gotten healthy, Cameron Wake has arrived after dominating the CFL, and Taylor has returned home to his rightful team. (But only if you make the team, Jason. How's that for motivation?)