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Armando Salguero is now on Twitter

Yeah, I'm officially on vacation as of Monday. Didn't think that would keep me from posting to the blog did you?

Actually, this is not an actual Dolphins post. I will have one of those coming Tuesday or Wednesday about a conversation I had with one of the defense's newsest starters -- assuming he can keep his job coming out of training camp.

This post is to simply tell you that I am now on Twitter. You can follow me by heading over to twitter.com and looking for me. My username is ArmandoSalguero. Pretty innovative, huh? Took me a long time to come up with that username.

Anyway, as we speak I have four (4) whole followers. The goal is to get every single Dolphins fans with a computer following me, and thereby the team. I promise not to bore you with stupid "tweets" such as "I'm driving to training camp now."

That's ridiculous. You want news. Analysis. Opinion. And more news.

And that's what I aim to give you. So that's it's for now. And I'll tweet you when the post I promised you is up.


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I am interested in your tweets, but I still refuse Twitter.

I hope the tweets are more inside info and that type of stuff...

Whats the scoop with brandon marshall? Lets hope a good acorn falls xD

Wow your first tweet is awesome!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

You sir are a "Rockin Robin, Tweet Tweet"(Line from a song)(Whats the song)

Soiled :)

Lets get the brandon marshall chant going!

I for one, welcome Generalissimo Salguero leading us into this new digital revolutoin.

Tweet on, Armando. I want to know what kind of car Jeff Ireland drives, Paul Solai's favourite pasta, Ronnie Brown's childhood hero, and number of people on the Dolphins training staff.



What if Brandon Marshall or Plaxico ends up going to the Pat's. The Trifecta has to make a move. There too good to pass up. Go Fins 2009!

Can we trade Ernest Wilford for Brandon Marshall?

I already have impostor Armando tweeter

He eating grapes right now

Lets get the brandon marshall chant going!

Posted by: marlo

Great player, Huge off the field problems. This guy may be too stupid to know how good he is.
Patrick Turner hopefully becomes this guy.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Yeah, I'm officially on vacation as of Monday"

I guess I'll go outside and play for the summer, do they make a sunblock with SPF 6000 ?

My friend says if I go outside and stand in the sunshine my skin will melt away like that guy from raiders of the lost arc.

Soiled :)

P.S. Are short pants with black socks pulled up to the knee's and Black patent leather shoe's still in style ?

I agree witth Isaac. I love Phins news, and appreciate your work...but I have no interest in Twitter. Thanks anyway.

P.S. Are short pants with black socks pulled up to the knee's and Black patent leather shoe's still in style ?

Posted by: SoiledBottom

yes, all the rage. And wrap around sunglasses too.


Who is Armando Salguero? What position does he play?

I just found something creepy... In the post that Armando wrote on october 3, 2007 about Wayne Huizenga and his involvement (or lack thereof) with the team, somebody commented this:

Anonymous said...
This is what Wayne can do, open the vault, bring in the Big Tuna and let the magic happen!

Amazing, uh?

We want news. Definitely not your "opinion", and your "analysis" is usually too influenced by your "opinion" to be valid.

We signed up! We even spelled our names rite.

I signed up. Thought your quotes from Grove and Green were interesting. Keep it going.

marshall got shut down by miami's secondary last season and skipped mini camps for denver just to rehab. miami is a team player atmosphere . we don't need his me first attitude . there is a reason he is called baby T.O.

Eduardo...why are you rooting around old Armando blog posts from 2007? That's not quite...normal.

Gary... I was just searching google to find out why the Big Tuna is called the Big Tuna, and that post came about. That comment just amazed me, as it turned out to be a nice prediction from this anonymous person.

i still wonder if at some grave site joe robbie must be rolling over in his grave(more then likely reaching for a land shark lager no dought)

Loving the twitter Armando

Nice Comments from Ferg and Green

Go Phins

i just saw brazil and egypt soccor game from yeasterday and i came w/ the belive the greatest sport is soccer not footall which i think it's a sport for the over wieght people .

gort, Where have you been????

cuban, iam here thinking about how can you line 10 fat strong people in a line to try to hit one QB and call it a sport .cuban ,what the best soprt on earth ?

I hear many of you talk about players personalities and just don't understand your problems with T.O,moss,marshall players most of you call selfish players. T.O is the best in the game. Why should he be modest? Why do you feel it's not ok for him to feel like he is the best at what he does? People is mad at this man for being truthful.For being passionate abut the game, wanting the cameras on him.Now a days more than ever we look at more of the players behind the helmets. Before it was mostly the QBs but now most great players have a camra near him. But MR. ENTERTAINMENT he is. Plus he gives 100 percent every play. Just because he talks you don't like him. COME ON I rather you just say what you feel than be FAKE.He called Garcia GAY. He sounds a little FROSTY to me. You don't know they practiced together every day maybe T.O saw something.Maybe T.O just didn't like him thats not OK.How many people did you WANT to say something like that to.(maybe not the same words but can you feel me).We live in a fake a== world when you can feel one way but SHOULD act another. If your womens mother cooked something you don't like why should you eat it.Or rather force yourself tring to be respectful.So basicly I'm saying you only live once be who you are and try to be the best at being YOU!

Marshall is not for the Dolphins! He is an off field mess! He probably will not get near as much money as he wants as he is likely to be suspended at least 2 games this season...he's a diva. Only one person on this post mentioned how we shut him down in Denver last year...A true dolphin fan! Mando I dont know if you have enough star power to convince us all to start following your twitters...the question I pose to you is "are you going to provide more Dolphin info than the West palm beach Post?" If you do, i will join twitter or whatever you call it......

east champs if T.O. is so great where is his dallas superbowl ring? philly? niners? he is a conceited jackazz who actually had the chutzpah to say when he is on the field he is doing God's work! as if God is sitting back and goes u kno what forget feeding the poor and healing the sick im gonna help the world thru T.O. a 1000 yard season should do it. as 2 him calling garcia gay have you ever seen garcia's playmate wife? have u ever seen owens with a woman? i always see him surrounded by guys. what kind of teammate says something like that?

twitter is lame, as is everyone who uses the word "tweet" as a verb

Between you and the Iranian Revolution (here's hoping), Twitter will be overwhelmed. Me, not so much.

The last time I checked Football had 11 guys on offence and 11 on defence. So What's your point?OH YEAH the SUPERBOWL.Better RB Barry Sanders or Dave Megget?Better QB DAN or Trent Dilfer,Phil Simms,Him saying I'm doing Gods work does't means on the football field but in life. Ray Lewis is a man of god. Reggie White etc.They still did their jobs but that doesn't suggest that they can't say to that player repent from your sins.Finally I don't know Jeff Garcia's wife but that does't mean he's not gay.For all you know she might be stickin a dildo up where the sun don't shine

give DAN that baltimore defense and nobody would have stopped him. to quote T.O. with tears in his eyes u know to add drama and meaning to his “gospel” “ i know when im on the field im doing God's work” sniff sniff. obviously you like T.O. maybe cuz he a brother maybe cuz he talented maybe cuz u might convert to owensism. either way at least your a dolphins fan. did u defend moss and his attitude when he ran over the meter maid because “ the b-tch was in my way” .

Hey Mr. S Have a GREAT VACATION !!!

I'm on twitter too but I can't seem to locate you. Just wanted to say Hi!

Hey Armando - I just started following you on twitter today. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

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