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Dan Marino struggles to score a home sale

Many of you grew up believing Dan Marino could do anything.

And he pretty much could, darnit!

But sell his Weston, Fla. house mansion compound for the $13.5 million asking price? According to Tim Graham's AFC East blog via The Wall Street Journal, Marino has been unable to unload his house, which he built in 1998 while he was still playing for the Dolphins. The place has been on the market nearly three years.

And this place is no starter home as you see from the slideshow.

The home sits on four acres and includes an indoor lap pool, a wine cellar, a couple of kitchens, and even the $1.5 million in furnishings the Marinos put into the place.  

The 5,000-yard home (celebrating Marino's passing skills by measuring the place in square yards rather than square feet) boasts 12 baths. I guess Marino had his go-to bath and his secondary and check-down baths.

Sale of the place also will come with an autographed Marino football.


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As everyone keeps telling me while I look to begin my PR career, "You're looking for a job during the worst economic crisis since the depression." Same can be said for Marino trying to sell his luxury home.

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Dolphins in Depth????

No good stories or analysis to offer other than this lame duck.

Come on!!!!

STRUGGLES......This word shouldn't be used here,with my very limited english i do feel this word should be used only for some one who's really STRUGGLES in life.We should talk about any fan who STRUGGLES to afford the ticket prices and the high coast of food and beer during games.

"AFTER not bloggering for a couple of DAY, Armando he lay a goose egg"

Selfishly I'm kinda glad...but only because I would love to purchase it after I win the Powerball/MegaMillions.

There was a Wall Street Journal article about Marino's house last week. They must be struggling for news too.

Emmitt Smith has it right, weak, Mando, very week.

Step it up, Herald. No more columns about some small school hopeful for the Carolina Panthers either. WEAK!

Michael Irvin on with Evan Cohen on ESPN 760 in West Palm on Monday.


With all that money you are making with this blog, you should buy it Mando. All your blog buddies will come down and swim in that skinny butt pool.

Make sure you he keeps that wine cooler full for man.

Dolphins in Depth? More like Writer Out of His Depth. I could find this news, minus the insipid jokes, all over the web.

What a pointless blog entry. Zzz.

-- Bebo

Armando, area is measured in SQUARE feet. A 5,000 yard (or feet) home would just be a very long wall...

are the bathrooms tiled or carpet ?

"Ware do me send a resume for the bloggering job. I do have contacts with Bill arcells to get big tuna inside info for fin fans"

Go read the front page story about the manatee love, its more related to the dolphins than this blog.

This is an awesome blog post. It makes me feel warm in pleasantly uncomfortable places.

Interesting blog. Anything Dan Marino does interests me.

Maybe if Marino lowered his asking price to what he paid for the place -- about $8 -- maybe then he could sell the place.

Who wants to live in Weston anyway. They got bears over there.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I believe Mr. Dan Marino will never sell his house unless his realestate agent stops useing the Tom Olivadotti bend but dont break sales pitch.

Soiled :)

why dont we ever talk about rookie signings ? is anyone close to breaking a deal or anything ???? come on idc bout this crap .. unless there realy is nothing else going on

didn't see any bed rooms , where are are the bedrooms ? how many bedrooms in the house and how big are the bedrooms ?

A pretty lame blog!

I have to ask - does his house really have 45,000 sq ft???

Dear Mr. Joe

"didn't see any bed rooms , where are are the bedrooms"

When you enter the front door you will be greeted by a butler(just bump him at the line of scrimage)run straight for 15 yards then cut right. It is there you will find the first bedroom.

Soiled :)

even the master and the king of football T.Brady doesn't live in a house this big.he lives in a town house with his three rings.

p.s...my day is in a bad state, soiled is here and the rachel ray stomach ad is back

Alex, they dont have bears in Weston, Sign on the road said Bear Left

My heart bleeds for him.

Gee, Danno. On the market 3 years, hmmm. Maybe you're asking too much?

Dear Mr. Slowpats

"p.s...my day is in a bad state, soiled is here "

Thats right now pull them pants up and tuck in your shirt and at least try to act like a man.

"he lives in a town house with his three rings"

3 rings and some hand lotion and some tissues sounds about right.

Soiled :)

I'd make an offer, but it's just a bit too much house for me.

Funny stuff soiled bottom!...

"the Tom Olivadotti bend but dont break sales pitch"!

I can see it now -- the real estate agent showing a prospective buyer the kitchen, only for everyone to be bowled over by Thurman Thomas who is running amok throughout the house.


Whats up

On June 5 you posted Pennington gets award. Since then it's been Allen's struggle and Marino struggles. I know you want this to be the no 1 blog but I'm sure this isn't the way to do it. Before I start to criticize, I'll give you a chance to explain.

PS Jobs are hard to find these days, if you need some help HOLLA!!!!

i like to see a slide show of soiled bottom's SHED.

Is the wine cellar under water? Unless that house was built on a hill or something, how do you put a wine cellar in a house in south Florida? Especially out near the Everglades.

Joe, the wine cellar can be any where in a florida house,in the attic or the basement,no body would know, we aren't in the south of france any way.


Hey Armando,

Nothing on the Rex Ryan press conference and how he and Bart Scott took shots at Crowder.

Come on and stop blogging about Marino's house... Give us some meat and potatoes!!

Great Armando.

Now can we get to some football news?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Just a couple of quick question about Mr.Dan Marino and realestate ?

Who has sold more house's in there career Dan Marino or brett Farve ?

I know brett Farve owns the record for most house's shown but he also has the record for most lost sales at closeings.

At the end of there careers who is the better realestate agent Brett Farve or Dan Marino ?

Anyhoo just wondering

Soiled :)

How is Patrick Turner and Hartline looking?

My bad Mando, but I'm calling for a mutiny on the blog. You brought this on yourself.
OK sports fans I'll need some support.

NEW BLOG: State of the Dolphins
Full speed and top down.
I'd like to start at the QB position. We have an aging veteran playing at a high level. We all know his strengths and weaknesses. He'a game manager.
In Henne we have an apparently improving 2ND year player. We all know he has a strong arm. I've read that some Dolphin players have said he has a certain presence in the huddle as well. I've been a Michigan fan since the Bo, Rick Leach, and Harlan Hucklebee days. What some of you may not know is Henne's toughness. Throughout his years at Michigan he was unshakable. He's got a short memory, and a lot of confidence. You could safely say he's chomping the bit for the chance to take the reins.
In Pat White we have a multi-talented rookie with an unlimited upside.
I see all the possible scenarios here as a win win for the Dolphins. Let me pose two questions for discussion.
1st- What is the likelihood that White shows enough in preseason to "unseat" Brown as the Wildcat QB?
2ND- What is the likelihood of Henne doing the same to Penny?

Help me out here people. It beats discussing awards, struggling 3rd stringers, and real estate.


OK odinseye , the question about henne is not valid .i am very sure that the dolphins coach will start him very soon early in the season to find out few things;

1-Chad.P is uo for a new contract by the end of season, so they have to find out what do and no thing will clear that without seeing if Henne a bust or a starter.

2-tuna will op out if henne is a bust and moves on

3-based on all that the future plans for the team can change.

PS Chad.P will look for good money once his contract is up and many teams still looking for QB even Fare still finding teams want him

Dear Captain Armando Salguero

There are rumors of a mutiny on your blog sir.
I just heard this from Mr.odinseye.

"My bad Mando, but I'm calling for a mutiny on the blog".

I also believe he has at least one co-conspirator "OK odinseye" posted by Mr. Gopats.

I got your back Captain Salguero they cant sway me with promises of extra Grog or Meed.

Soiled :)

Another way of saying, "Darn, I have nothing!"

i for one found this post a welcome bit of dolphin-land info--lighten up, haterz.

I buy this house help Mr. Dan out.

does it haves bowling alley? all my houses must have bowling alley. I like the four acres because I can fit my tiger and alpackas.


The Henne question is valid. I asked what is the likelihood he unseats Penny as the starter? You erroneously misinterpret the question. We know the trifecta will give him as many opportunities as deemed necessary.
I for one believe Henne will win the job before the regular season starts.
Any others?


So you're saying you want Chad Henne for move into Dan Marino house?

carlito, tigers,&alpacka's ha! damn thats funny. does it have cage for tyson? if so you should buy it!

Dan Marino didn't have this house until 1998, two years before he retire, after many years of service to Miami. How you expect Henne to move in after one year on bench?

URGENT: Soiled Bottom

If were to succeed we need your support.
Not only am I prepared to offer extra Grog and Meed, but all the smoking hot Valkyries your soiled bottom desires

parcells and co. already stated henne is going to take most if not all the preseason snaps. they are getting ready for henne to take over. im not taking anything away from pennington he is a great qb but henne opens the playbook to near limitless potential. just think what miami could do on play actions and fake reverses wirh henne's arm.


That's exactly what I'm saying. My sources indicate that Henne and Danny boy are close to closing the deal. Marino's agent{real estate} told me that Henne's offer is in the right "neighborhood". However a major sticking point seems to be the number of personal training sessions Henne is demanding of Marino in this packaged deal.

Keep an EYE out for my UPDATE

odinseye the grog is tempting but i would rather have thor's hammer and the power of a god that comes with it. have u seen viking chicks? i'm not to keen on a woman whose pecks are better defined than mine and can outbench me. if u can manage megan fox tho........


Viking chicks are........dependable? Valkyries are gorgeous. But Megan Fox is......MEGAN FOX!
I'll get her for you. But don't be surprised if she's slightly used and bruised upon delivery.

thats funny odinseye and i agree with you . i'll take my beatings from my viking chick with pride when i deserve them. used and bruised that's great! hows about she serves the tavern used and bruised fits the wench profile

I agree with Sammo on Henne opening up the playbook.
Ireland and Sporanos both have commented on the progress of Bess and Ginn. Add Camirillo's speed, and Henne's arm strength.
Do the math people.

miami could score at anytime anyplace on the field. not to mention the safeties couldn't cheat up and that opens up the running game. defenses wouldn't know what to do! just when they think they got henne an co. figured out bham miami brings out pat white and co. to throw them off again. this is gonna be a great season!

I guess Marino had his go-to bath and his secondary and check-down baths.

Ha ha...A check-down bath...Ha Ha!!

WHO CARES????!!!!!

Mando, please give us info about the FINS of today and not Dan's house! I love Dan and am a huge fan of his, but I could care less that he can't sell his home. I lost mine with this recession. Now that is a story to write about not a millionaire who can't sell his million dollar home!

What's next? A story about how Don Shula can't sell enough steaks at his restaurants?

Better luck next time Mando.

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