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Dolphins using martial arts consultants

I have no idea whether the Dolphins will be able to defend their AFC East title in 2009. But defend themselves on and off the field?

No doubt.

The Dolphins this offseason are working with two martial arts consultants who basically are helping certain players with striking at opponents so as to escape blocks while keeping their feet active. Among Miami's karate kids are Jason Taylor, Joey Porter, Matt Roth and some receivers.

I assume offensive linemen wanting to perfect an unorthodox type of chop block might be helped also. (Hey, if you want really funny stuff go to a comedy club.)

Twice a week, Jared Tomich and Michael Storms fly to South Florida and work with players who have volunteered for their lessons. Neither man is considered a full-time member of the coaching staff but they are being paid as consultant types through the remainder of the offseason.

Tomich played at Nebraska and spent time with the New Orleans Saints. That's where he met current Miami strength and conditioning coach Evan Marcus and Storms, who is a full-fledged walking weapon as an eighth-degree black belt.

The story was first reported earlier today by the Munster Times in Northwest Indiana. I have confirmed the pair are consultants and not actually part of the coaching staff, as the story says. The pair are expected to work with players up until training camp, although that may lead to other opportunities if players request more help and the offseason work show results on the field.

"We have different drills for every position -- teaching running backs how to take on linemen, teaching linebackers how to shed offensive linemen, teaching DBs and wide receivers how to knock their guys' hands down and get around them," Tomich, who is a second-degree black belt in Okinawan karate, told nwi.com.

"It wasn't martial arts for the sake of martial arts when I started. I was trying to do something to improve my game and it helped me tremendously. Miami's players have taken our program and implemented what we do into their everyday practices, which has been a huge testament to us. Not only are they doing the stuff when we're there, but when we're not there. The coaches think that much of it."

This is not the first time an NFL team uses a martial arts consultant nor the first time the Dolphins think outside the box in bringing people aboard with a non-football expertise to help their players. The San Francisco 49ers used a martial arts coach for years to help their pass-rushers and well as their receivers, who use the techniques to fight off press coverage.

The Dolphins had a yoga coach in 2007. (I'm thinking that didn't work out so good.)

"We work on their hand quickness and teach 'em some pretty good drills that change how they think about using their hands on the football field," Tomich said. "When I've got guys like Jason Taylor and Joey Porter jumping up and excited to learn the stuff, then I know that I'm doing the right thing.

"It's mainly hand placement, teaching escapes and teaching hand efficiency while being able to use their feet at the same time. A lot of times, you see players, especially linemen, come off the ball, and the first thing they do is grab each other and nobody goes anywhere."

That's not what the Dolphins want. And perhaps using martial arts can help prevent that from happening.

Discuss ... After you check out the video of a well-known martial arts hero.


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very interesting stuff, im hoping to see one of them get carried away in the game and karate chop an offensive lineman in the neck. Go PHINS, hi ya!

Whatever works! I don't care if the players start freeze tag tournaments, if it translates to wins during the season.

This may have something to do with the butt whooping C. Crowder took last year. The one he turned and ran from smiling holding his helmet.

Kinda reminded of when R. Ventura charged N. Ryan only to get caught in a headlock. He left with several pop knots.

Kicked our butts again.

Wasn't Lyoto Machida available?

David Carradine the " Kung Fu " actor and marital art guy who was in " kill bill " movie killed him self last night

Paul Solai = Kung Fu Panda

JD Quinn = Legend of Drunken Master

Interesting post, Armando.

i am calling carlito for Kung Fu match with only shorts

kung fu is not good sport for shorts

Jason Taylor will karate chop Tom Brady's leg in half with this training. This is real reason they brought him back 1.5 mil to karate chop one leg. Get ready people

Champ's favorite kung fu moves

1. Monkey Fist
2. Dragon Breath
3. Two Serpent Ambush
4. Mongolian Donkey Punch


Carlito ,he sounds gay, he always fast to engage when any one talk shorts



gopats, champ, and b can't get enough cake

Maybe They can get a marine sharp shooter next, that will help i bet.

i agree ,Cuban

I am learning the karate kid move for pooch punts


Great post on Solai, I am LMAO.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I believe a little gunplay along the offensive line could help open holes for our running backs.

Soiled :)

P.S. Don't hire Plaxico Burris as a consultant.

Bruce Lee , he would be an amazing O line man

I think Bruce Lee would be a cb not o line because he is small and quick and could swat the ball away with karate chop and high kick

Dear Mr. Gopats

"Bruce Lee , he would be an amazing O line man"

From the karate angle or from him being dead angle ?

Soiled :)

are you saying he can't score against all these slow fat people, he would go through them like butter.

"The Dolphins had a yoga coach in 2007."

My wife tells me that yoga helps relieve stress...that was the right year for it.

Dear Mr. Gopats

"he would go through them like butter."

With Karate moves or Flesh eating Zombie moves ?

Soiled :)

Isn't this like that movie with Burt Reynolds? Where they get to play the guards. That was pretty funny. I think he broke his bleepin nose.

Reality is, karate uses a variety of techniques to use an opponents force against him. You don't necessarily have to be the strongest guy on the field, just use their force against them. Luuuukkke use the force....

Wow David carridine offed him SAD

Do they consult for Dolphins fans to fight off those weak Jets. Maybe a fly swatter chop?

Dear Mr. Cuban Menace

Yea I just read the article about David Carridine and it is sad.

I wonder if there will be a mystery surrounding his death like with Bruce Lee ?

Soiled :)

Menace. Just saw the video of you. You look good. LOL !

there's an article i just saw about who's the best football fan base to preform i n bed after their team wins a game and i am not joking and the results are starts with best;




4- dolphins

Hey, this stuff worked for Lawrence Taylor. He did his martial arts stuff in the offseason. If LT did it, it can't do anything but help.

question for any one, is it legal to introduce martial arts to the game ? what prevent teams to introduce wrestling also to the game ?


As a Husker fan I say good for Jared. As a Patriots fan I hope he doesn't help the fish much.Go Pats and Go Big Red !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've trained and taught martial arts for 25 years and I have long recognized the value of that training in football. However, I'm not talking abou kicking, punching, or any hollywood enhanced "marial arts". The techniques involving hand, hip and feet placement will give a player an advantange in balance and leverage against the other player. There is no question about the advantage if the technique is trained properly. I'm not familair with those two guys but hopefuly they are up to the task. The art I train, Aikido is based entirely around movement, balance and taking the balance away from your opponent. If they don't have someone with that exerience they should get someone, or send me a note and I'll drive down to give them a peek, or refer them to someone down there already. The main positions I see that would benefit are on defense, especially the front seven.

mrbill, how much do you charge by the hour and can you move in ? how old are you and how tall and the weight ?

gopats yes its legal to introduce karate training i can't think of his name but a defensive end who played for the cards and recently the seahawks has been training for years to stay nimble and win hand battles. also i don't think anyone would go waterboy and drop kick an opposing player although with porter's temper you never know. i think wrestling would only incur a ton of holding penalties.

Thanks sammo for clearing that for me .

sammo, do football players go swimming together, i think swimming would help the big D line men with their az's

not a prob gopats but honestly your question brought back an article i read in sporting news i read 4 or 5 years ago about said defensive end who i can't name,

don't know or want to go there but i do think it would tone them and work out muscles they probaly don't know they have. although synchranized swimming would pry help develope a sense of teamwork.

who knows maybe they will bring in micheal phelps to train and consult next. Lord knows ricky would be all 4 it.

What's the capitol of Thailand???

Armando, Kong Fu Chewie rather see mighty mouse. Done karate for 5 years and it can help hand placement, counter moves, and leverage. Great for front seven and wide receivers. Dolphins are SUPER BOWL bound baby! Go PATS Go Home and Tell belichick we're BAAAAAAAAACK. We're going to run the WILD PAT down your throats.

WHY ARE WE SUPER BOWL BOUND? 1. We have a QB that can move the ball down the field. 2. We have great RBs that can move the chains and break big runs. 3. WRs that catch the balls and move the chains. 4. A very strong offensive line. 5. Defensivly, the D line looks solid even though depth isn't great. 6. LBs are strong with JT and Joey coming around the edges seems unstopable. 7. The rookie CBs are physical. 8. Allen is paid. 9. Our safeties could be the BEST in the league. Not to mention 10. THE WILD PAT!

Not to mention 11... Our players know karate.

sammo, how many swiming pools are enough for 23 D line men to swim in ?

Justin,if was that easy to win a super bowl based on your dreams and plans,why didn't BP win any last 20 plus years, mr clever ?

the orlando magic coach looks like he got a fancy hair cut out in CA and bought a nice cool suit also,he really looks great, no one now can tell that he came from FL

KOPE IS no 1

superman looks more like ROBIN

I found some footage on these guys training the Dolphins. Looks prety legit.



It is my understanding that the Dalls Cowboys did this during the 80s. They used Dan Inosantos filipino arts.

gopats an olympic size should do. bill parcells never won cuz bledsoe was over rated and curtis martin left. parcells had ray lucas in new york who sucked by the way and for some reason parcells stuck by bledsoe in dallas . and romo implodes when the games count. parcells has learned his lesson and will apply all his knowledge learned from exp. and mistakes and turn his life lessons into victory and glory for all dolphins fans and the world to behold!

sammo, you are right about Parcells and he did learn his lesson .

rumor , i heard today that one NFL team wants to sign USAIN BOLT the fastest runner in the world.

rumor 2, jackie chan the actor is interested to sign w/ NFL ream to teach O line men his Stunts

mando you fraud you need some karate lessons to take me on in a cage fight!

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