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Updating the Tuesday OTA update -- with more updates updating soon

The Dolphins are off the field and here is what we know:

Matt Roth talked about having surgery on a torn groin three months ago. The surgery, according to Roth, has helped his mobility which is important for a strongside linebacker. The injury, Roth said, was left over from the 2007 season and he played through it the entire 2008 season.

Roth is down to about 275 pounds and is able to eat like a normal human being now. Last year he was eating five meals a day -- "mostly fish and lean chicken" -- to keep his weight up during the offseason. He said he was around 285 at this time last season.

It was a big day for rookie cornerback Sean Smith, who worked with the first group in the redzone defense. He was at one cornerback while Will Allen was at the other spot. The second-team corners were Vontae Davis and Eric Green.

Please remember this is a one-practice update. We do not know if Smith has somehow passed Green or if this was merely the situation today. I guess coach Tony Sparano's contention that there is no depth chart now is true. Guys are in and out of the lineup, mixing and matching, with great frequency.

I thought Jake Grove had a very good practice -- please remember they're not in pads. He did outstanding work in one-on-one drills, driving Louis Ellis off the line when normally it's the nose tackle that initiates the contact and moves the center. Let's just say we didn't see that kind of work from Samson Satele at any point in practices last year.

Brandon Frye continues to work with the first-team offensive line.That line left to right is Jake Long, Justin Smiley, Grove, Frye and Vernon Carey. The second-team line L to R was Andrew Gardner, Shawn Murphy, Joe Berger, Frye and SirVincent Rogers. Yes, Frye is getting a lot of repetitions.

Andy Alleman continues to sit out most of the drills. Murphy, a fourth-round pick last season, is still running second-team but he's looking better. He did nice work on one goal line play, pulling from his left guard spot and basically erasing safety Ethan Kilmer on the play. 

John Nalbone is getting a lot of love from the Dolphins in that he's getting the opportunity to operate with veterans when the team is in on goal-line and redzone offense. Unfortunately for him, he had a nice pass from Chad Henne in his hands for a touchdown .. but lost that TD when Tyrone Culver slapped the ball out of his hands.

Kicker Dan Carpenter, the only player on the roster who has absolutely no competition in camp, had a fine day. He connected on 6 of 6 FG attempts. Excellent.

The Dolphins, as you know, canceled their awards banquet last season after decades of celebrating the event. There is no banquet this year, either, but the team is announcing its team awards Friday in kicking off the Inaugural Miami Dolphins Foundation Celebrity Weekend.

The awards are the Don Shula Leadership Award, the Nat Moore Community Service Award, and the Dan Marino MVP Award. Tell me which players you believe are worthy of these awards based on their 2008 performances.

[BLOG UPDATE: Check out the next post on this blog as it includes coach Tony Sparano's comments following the day's field work.]


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I dont think Sean Smith has moved ahead of anyone at all. He is just a bigger corner so it only makes sense to allow him a chance to make a play in the redzone

Thanks Mando.

Jake Grove will make a difference.

Hope all is well in Dolphin world

I think RunRickyRun34 has it right re: Sean Smith.

I think it's granted that John Nalbone will be given every chance to succeed. Parcells loves his Italian Jersey Boys

Man, they have to get better at the RG position. That and NT are my main concerns with this team.

Everyone has to admit this about Smith: He's a rookie and he's already getting little shots at getting that starting CB position. That says a lot about Smith imo.

Amazing note about Roth's weight. Remember when 285 was considered a good weight for a LT or NT? I think 230-240 was considered a good weight for a mobile LB in the '80s. Now 275 is considered too small to play OLB? My oh my.

275 is perfect for a Parcells OLB, too lite for a DE, which is what Roth came in last season to play, until they moved him to OLB in training camp...

At least 4 out of the 5 pieces of the O line are in place. Let's hope Frye can step it up, or D Thomas heals up by end of July.

It would be a bummer to have a weak link at RG when the other 4 guys are not just good, but very good.

Don Shula Leadership: Sparano
Dan Marino MVP: Pennington
Nat Moore CS: Crowder

..' Last year he was eating five meals a day -- "mostly fish and lean chicken" -- to keep his weight up during the offseason' ... WTF?

i love to learn english better but some times i can't understand some quote words like, WTF ? please help

If you don't get it, you don't get it. And you're never gonna get it. That is so hot.

Samson Satele was a dud, hope Grove is as good as advertised.
We have the potential to score 20+ points per game this season which is the minimum if you want to win in this league.
Our O-Line will be solid for years to come.
Thanks to the Trifecta for saving our team from the embarrasing 1-15 season, never again!

That's nice that Murphy blew up someone who is probably 60% his size. Did he beat up the water cooler after that? lol. Anyway I thought he was exclusively a RG but if he lined up at LG that is a good sign I suppose.


Leadership Award> Chad P.
Community Service> ??? Channing?
MVP> Peezy

any one gets community service award always has to atone to some thing or been to jail, please AdamG change that award to some thing else .

Hey GoPats, GoHome.

Well Mando for the Shula leadership I would have to say Penny without a doubt,Nat Moore award I would say Bell and the Marino Penny again

I have really high hopes for Smith. Im thinking Cromartie type shutdown.

Don`t worry about nose tackle Vince Wilfork will be here next year.Ferguson and Solia can hold it down this season.

The leadership award should without question go to Chad Pennington, that's the easiest thing to answer. He was an unbelievable locker room influence and put up better numbers than Brett Favre. He made this team become a team.

The MVP award should go to either Chad Pennington or Joey Porter. Porter had impressive numbers, and Pennington did also. I can't say as to the community service award, but I can say it SHOULDN'T go to Randy Starks

I mean why don't they give Jason Allen a fair shot?

Well Sparano should get the Shula leadership award.
The xJet Chad was the MVP, that was amazing.

If you include South Beach Hotties in the comunity, you gotta give it up to Randy Starks for the comunity service award, hope he doesn't have to do more in an orange safety vest, sounds like he got arrested for DWB (driving while black a sometimes serious offense in Florida)

KurtlnSt Pete you gotta be kidding. I guess the fact that Starks used his automobile as a weapon against a cop had nothing to do with the arrest. Why do so many people try to excuse deralect behavior by claiming the innocent person involved is racist. Starks is the dirtbag in this case.

This sure is a fun time of year! EVERYONE'S a G.M.!
It's good to see Roth starting to shine,gonna have a huge year! Gotta be thrilled to get a hungry J.T.back. One of THE TUNA's greatest moves,JT to the skins for 2 picks,one was P.White,another in next years draft,PLUS we get JT back?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
We have a full training camp to change the way NFL defenses will play forever!
The wildcat is going to change things forever.........
Ted Ginn is going to have a GREAT year! That's right,write it down! And what was once our weakness(secondary),could be our strongest spot,giving our pass rushers a FIELD DAY in other teams backfields.
Penny is gonna prove EVERYBODY wrong,once again,Henne's gonna have to wait...his time will come.
GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Shula Leadership Award: The first guy who comes to mind is Vonnie Holliday. Probably won't get it. Justin Smiley?

Nat Moore Community Service Award: Can only think of Jason Taylor. So, my guess would be either Channing Crowder or Ronnie Brown.

Dan Marino MVP Award: Can only go to Pennington. No one else is even close.

I'm not surprised at all about Roth and Ginn. I've been saying this all along that they are the most under-appreciated dolphins. Roth is a juggernaut run stopper and with improved mobility and instinct the coverage aspect to olb will fall into place... awards would be Chad Pennington for leadership, vernon Carey for community helping, and MVP goes to Joey Porter and Ronnie Brown no doubt i dont care to get into all my reasons i am just right better believeit

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