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From behind Iron Curtain: Minicamp opens

The Dolphins open minicamp Friday morning, so for the next three days I will detail for you all the ins and outs of everything Dolphins.

And you'll love it!

Third-string quarterback Pat White is expected to be present despite his opportunity to join the New York Yankees as The Charleston Gazette has reported White was a 48th-round pick of the Yanks in the recent amatuer draft.

Let's see ... second round with the Dolphins .... 48th round with the Yankees ... I bet he sticks with the Dolphins. 

Obviously this ain't my first rodeo so I know what I'll be looking for. But tell me what you'd like to know about and I'll check your comments before I go out on the field. Then I'll report back to you in personal reporter-slash-waterboy fashion.

One thing I have to ask you first: The Jets had a minicamp open to their fans. The Dolphins used to do that as well.

Then the Iron Curtain dropped and now you, the fans, don't get to attend. Do you care? Or do you miss going out to practice and watching for yourself what your team is doing?

And remember to check back throughout the day and the weekend for updates.


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Thanks Armando!

For those of us fans that don't live in FL, your reports keep us up with what's happening.


Can you tell us who the stronger quarterback is during minicamp? I'm hoping that Henne will have a fair shot to win the job this year. All we hear about is him having that swagger and confidence that Manning and Bundchen have. Being a Michigan fan I can tell you that he is the real deal and I wish he would get his shot. I like Pennington and i am thankful for what he did last season (Not thankful for that Jay Fielder impersonation he did two times against Baltimore) but he will always be a stinking jet to me.

Well beside the usual who's getting 1st - 2nd team reps at various spots along the trenches and LB's...and since there is no contact in pads...I guess for me the only positions battles that reveal the most of any type of real progress or lack of, would be the receivers, DB's, and QB's.

Let us know if Penne's arm is getting stronger as rumored, if he has much zip and range.

Likewise with Henne, how's his accuracy...which was Penne's strong point.

How Pat White is being used the most, and is his accuracy improving since OTA's. I'm sure the gloves will still be off....lol

What's approximate percentage of Offensive drills being dedicated to on the base run formations, short to intermediate passing game, deep passing game, and of course the Wildcat formations.

Lastly, I'm also very interested to know who's being used in the return game on ST's.
I have a hunch this is where Chris Williams has a chance to make the game day roster.

Thanks Mando and enjoy the hot day in the sun tomorrow :)

GetterDone Phins

Just win,...

Do you think Ol' Rexie Ryan wear's makeup?
He seemed rather powdered up for those interviews would you agree?

no worries about keeping the practice media only since am resident in Australia - very interested in the DB vs WR matchups - the individual matchups in particular how the rookie WRs do against Will Allen and also how the rookie CB's do against Bess etc

Very interested in the RG battle but minicamp probably will not show us anything there (apart from who is 1st, 2nd 3rd team etc)



Hey Mando,

I would like you to watch Sean Smith (like you've been doing). He was supposed to take some time (years?) to develop. If he's already matching up well with our (mediocre) receivers, that would be great news. Thanks!!

Does Jason Taylor dance to be ready for play at minicamps?

How many gq pictures Marcos Sanchez doing after he become next Ryan Leaf?


Check the back-up NG battle...and Solai's weight battle...is Ricky running downhill these days?

Rock on.

I prefer that the Dolphins be as secretive as possible in everything they do. The difference between winning and losing in the NFL these days is so small. Think of all the Dolphins games where the outcome was undecided with less than two minutes to go. There's just no point in sharing information that could hurt your team.

The classic case from this decade was Wannstedt basically announcing before the draft that they were going to take a left tackle....probably Vernon Carey if he was there. The Cheatriots then used that information to pry a mid round pick to the Vikings by saying that they were going to take Carey (when they were going to take Wilfork all along). Unnecessarily sharing information hurt the team.

It kind of bothered me a bit that Channing Crowder came out this week and said that the Dolphins were using personel sets where JT, Joey, and Wake were all on the field at the same time. There's no reason to say that. That just gives these coaches who put in 18 hours a day offseason time to contemplate how that might play out.

Silence is golden.

As a South Florida resident and a DIE HARD Dolphan I really liked being able to attend mini-camps and some of the OTA stuff. It really makes me mad to miss out on this portion of the offseason, it used to be the bridge between the end of one season and the start of the next, but now their shorts and tee shirt workouts are state secrets.

Keep an on Pat White, and how he's absorbing the playbook. Also, let us know about the match-up between Turner & Smith; that could be a prelude of what's to come when we face guys like Moss & Owens. Does Smith have the coverage skills it takes to run with these guys?

Also, keep us updated on RG D. Thomas; i would hate to see him miss another season. I have a feeling he'll be ready for T. camp.

Lastly, I have a feeling the trifecta told Crowder to shut the "you know what" up, or else he'll be doing the talking from home. They don't want any distractions here. Parcells: "Do your talking on the field boy!".

Anyway, as fan who went to the 4 previous mini camps, I am kind of ticked off that I can't attend this one; but it is what it is...Oh well.

Thanks Mando

could you imagine a dolphin team without Bell, Crowder, & Carey right now? I think this offseason just made us a whole lot better than the aging patriots. Brady is not a good enough reason. I think Cassel played just fine if not as good as Brady would have played. Not saying Cassel is better just that Cassel had an impressive year and Brady had an injured year... I am not as worried about New England as I was a year ago... don't get me started on the wets. plz so boring... I bet anyone 100$ Sanchez doesn't finish in the top 10 and Pennington will....

I like it secretive too. It is bad enough that we actually trade players to other teams in our division but how many former Dolphins ended up in NE? It seems in some games they were lined up and ready, calling our plays before we knew what we were going to do.
So not too much info, tell us how individuals are doing but save the play calling for after our first real game. I cringe every time, I see wildpat. I don't want anyone ready.

This may sound like a silly question: Who's (replica) jersey should I get? I feel a bit outdated wearing my #54 to the stadium nowadays.
Thanks, Big Guy!

Who is working on fielding punts and how do they look?>

Actually the way the camp sits next to tall buildings and garages anyone could be filming so I don't approve of the need to keep us fans out of the loop. Occasionally I even used to take a group of patients from the VA Hospital to watch the practices. I think this is a short-sighted practice that doesn't lead to fan support or help selling season tickets.

Don't see the point of the secrecy, especially w/o pads. The greatest coach of all time, Don Shula, didn't feel the need to close all practices. I just think it's overkill.

Having said that, alot has been writen about Smith and almost nothing about Davis. What's the deal?

Right on mrmikejohnson!

While perhaps there is a middle ground, the safest decision you can make, in both football and in life, is to ask yourself "what would Dave Wannstedt do?" and then do the EXACT OPPOSITE.

That is why I have a WWDWD bumpersticker on my car.

I used to attend a couple of practices and get a tan while doing it. It sucks that minicamp is such a state secret. Thanks Fidel Sparano.

Hey Armando,

First time Dolfan blogger from Canada.

Just curious to see if you see any improvement in Ted Ginn, as this seems to be a big topic in the offseason. Also curious to get your thoughts on Cameron Wake's progress in the NFL.



Don't say that you're not enjoying the Crimson Tide Scandal as much as the rest of us.

Poor ol' Nicky. He might even be innocent. Too bad his reputation is already so sleazy that nobody will ever believe him.

Who cares if its open or closed "MINICAMP"? For all you paranoiacs, maybe they are not hiding secrets, they just want to get stuff done without distraction. I know , I know, a paranoiac is just someone who really knows whats going on. Tell you what just give me a call and we'll talk about it. Better yet, don't call me- I already know your # and everything about you.

Just win. And apparently that worked ok last year. And you know - get this- they sell tickets to something in September called games. Who'da thunk it? Wow.

If you are going to watch a minicamp in July and your name is not Armando, then you clearly have got nothing going. Come to think of it neither do I, being on this blog with you saps. Beats working though.

MrMikeJohnson- "Silence is golden"? Wow thats pretty deep my friend. Actually I think its an off tone mauve or perhaps even a magenta. I used to think it was burnt umber or thalo blue, but then I discovered acid and everything changed. Now I call trees 'little buddies' and rocks have names and squirells talk to me. Take care my friends, peace and god bless.


Really want to know about a few things...

- WR's able to get separation? Who and from who? Are the 2 rookies better than London, Armstrong, etc...?
- Henne accuracy and decision making. Is he going to his 2nd & 3rd reads? His knock in college was accuracy.
- Ronnie Brown quickness to the hole
- Cameron Wake, does he stand out at all?

Pat White signed with the Yankees

Will Brandon London surprise this year? He has some skills (raw). Please tell us on Monday how he does.

Tell me if you are impressed with the L/B corps, and how you think they stack up against the Rest of ther league. Also what you think of Wilford, and how the W/R look. I'd appreciate the effort 'Mando

Brandon London isn't going to be be any thing good. watch, it's all hype .

"Do you think Ol' Rexie Ryan wear's makeup?
He seemed rather powdered up for those interviews would you agree?"

But you can't polish a turd.


The major question that's been bugging me for a long time is, "will Henne be the starting QB this year at some point? or will he play in the regular season at all?" I don't know much about Henne, do you think he'll be a STAR QB? or maybe just a Travaris Jackson kinda guy?

Could you look to see if there are any helmets actually as big as my helmet head?

I work in Florham Park, right next to the Jets practice facility. I was about to go over there yesterday and give Rexy a piece of my mind!!! lol, just kiddin, but really.

Go Phinz!


I'm curious to see if Jason Taylor is getting first team reps. How does he look? Is he focussed and ready to show last year was an aberation? How about Sean Smith? Is he currently in the starting secondary and how does he look? Thanks.

Dolphins will go 11-5 again.Win the afc and host the SB against the giants. If you want to go to mini-camps go.everybody in florida is retired right. anywho broke my hand so i can't drive the rig so i'm typing with one hand and taking questions until Armando returns or i get to go back to work.it sucks not working. its boring ass he==. My question to all of you is WHAT DO YOU FEEL OUR RECORD WILL BE AND WHY.

it's funny that no one is talking about the guy who turned this team around to 11-5 Chad.P. they keep talking about Henne like he's the master of football without even playing 3 nfl games.i am afraid fans setting themselves up for big Bust in waiting.

AFC EAST,he always positive , cute and happy.rex rayn's defense is coming at your last year lucky team and sanchez is ready to go


Do you think you could tell me a little bit about what Cameron Wake is doing today? Also, how are the rookies Hartline and Turner really looking. Does Wilford look any better, or is he still the same old guy who could not crack the rotation last year?

jet in lube:Sorry Rex don't scare me he left his D in Baltimore.Sanchez arm is weaker than Chad and he's less accurate.However he does have an amazing SWAGER.I hope that can win him some games.P.S there's nothing lucky about going 11-5 however going 8-2 that was luck and finishing in third place was the real jets. I do hope your team likes last because i think the bills leap frog your team.

h3at23: Yes.

A question for you: What does your sign-in name mean?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | June 11, 2009 at 12:31 PM


It's heat for Miami Heat. I replaced the e with a 3 because it's Wade's #. The 23 is for the greatest of all-time imo, MJ. Not because the heat retired MJ # (that was corny)

our sanchez looks great and his neck isn't the joke of the cuban menace.
he also has this nice looking hair and eyes, latino baby.
we are no 2 on the list of best love making fans, fins are no 6

h3ar23, why not fake superman howard's number ?

Kobe is the man , only second to MJ

To Tom Olivadotti, if it is the real Tom Olivadotti...i do hate seeing the Crimson Tide Scandal Nick is better off were he is.he is a bettercollage coach then a pro coach,at least he did not have a prevent defence if you did not have that in your gamr plan we would have been to many of Super Bowls and Dan would have all his rings.........

many me, I like you better when you gopats, you only come to cause trouble when you jet in lube.


the only thing sanchez ready for is to be hollywood cover-boy for sucking.

ok ,carlito...i like you more when you are ace

You not very smart are you?

Earlier post asked why not much being said about Penny. I like to think that Penny's talent speaks for itself. Not much to be said. He came in on short notice to a shaky situation and made history, plain and simple. The few times he was rattled{baltimore} was not his fault alone.
As for a scouting report this year? I've read repeatedly that he's hell bent on holding off Henne. He started strength and condition program early on. Not only will he try to hold off Henne, he'll be playing for a future contract. It's safe to say with Penny, what you see is what you get. He has the right motivations behind him.
In light of this the jets have to be hating themselves. They let Penny go for Farve. Which wasn't all bad. The little he had left kept them from going completely in toilet. Now Farve's out Sanchez is in. Sanchez will lead them to bowl title alright. The toilet bowl.

Alabama scandal? Football players gave other students some textbooks.... oooh sounds hardcore. So lets see ... No sanctions, no death penalty, no loss of tv, no loss of scholarships. Just forefeiting some games 4 years ago? Who cares? You, I guess.


I want to know if anyone has started to look like the backup/heir apparent to Ferguson? Who will make up the DT/NT rotation?
Most importantly who's in/what formations are we using in 3rd down/ passing situations?

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