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Man to man coverage of Eric Green

I had the opportunity to speak with Dolphins cornerback Eric Green in a manner any cornerback would welcome -- one on one -- during a break in last weekend's mandatory minicamp.

I came away impressed that this guy has a solid head on his shoulders and isn't much for sugarcoating truth. He has struggled at times this offseason, particularly on deep sideline passes, but he has nonetheless been the guy running with the first-team most of the offseason.

Here's our cornerback to dorky reporter man to man:

Q. How do you think you're doing so far?

A. "It's been a little shaky. Up and down. But for the most part I think I'm doing pretty well. I have to be a little more consistent from one practice to the next. But as far as scheme and learning the system, I have that down pretty pat."

Q. What happened in Arizona?

A. "The past is behind me but the thing that happened there is I had an injury, against the Dolphins actually, in Week 2. And I tried to play through it but I was playing at 70 percent -- 65 to 70 percent -- and I hurt myself more than helped myself going through that. It got to the point where it was so bad I had to sit out and a young guy came in. He had a lot of talent and, being a great athlete, he made plays. And once that happened, I don't care who you are, you can't bring the old guy back in. And he helped us make it to the Super Bowl."

Q. Did you hurt your reputation by playing injured?

A. "I know I did. I know I hurt myself. In this league it's too hard to not play at 100 percent when you're at corner. You got guys who can run and are blazers out there and can make plays and corner is tough enough a position to play as it is. Doing it at 70 percent is almost impossible to do."

Q. How much of your struggles on the field were due to your injury?

A. "Besides one game, 100 percent of it. And that was the Jets. That was more of a mental breakdown. We came out from the west coast and stayed out in D.C. when we were playing the Jets and Redskins. And I think everybody, not only myself, we all got out of our daily routine as far as film study, taking care of your body, doing that. It was just way out of routine for everybody and it was more of a team mental breakdown, so that's what happened."

Q. So what do you take away from the Arizona experience?

A. "To be part of an organization out in Arizona, it was great, they helped me and my family tremendously. But to put in so much work and be thrown aside ... especially in the playoffs where I didn't dress for one playoff game ... I was really upset about that. It hurt and I kind of lost respect for certain people. That's behind me but I have something to prove because we made it to the playoffs and Super Bowl -- an NFL player's dream -- and I wasn't part of it. On paper I was part of it, but in my heart, deep down inside I felt I wasn't part of it. I really feel like I have something to prove because a lot of people, even here, question, 'What happened to Eric Green? What happened to the Eric that played in the '07 season and then what happened in '08?' To not make excuses, I have to go back out and show people what I can do. Point blank."

Q. So do you feel comfortable here?

A. "Trust me, even if I wanted to relax here, I doubt I could, otherwise I'd probably be out of here if I did. There's nothing [sewn] up. Everybody's saying the young guys are coming in and starting or that I'm starting ahead of the young guys. Trust me, there are no starting positions just yet. Until that first game against Atlanta, that will tell who the starter is."

Q. But you're starting now ...

A. "I'm a veteran guy who has experience in this league and does know what to expect in this league. I think that's why I'm lined up as a starter right now. But I still have to come out here and compete and make plays and if I don't do that, I won't be."

Q. What do you think of your new team?

A. "I look at the roster, I look at practice, I look at the way guys work and coaches coach and, I'm not saying this because I'm part of this team, but we have if not more, just as much talent as we had with the Cardinals."

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Go Phins!

sweet tweet homie

oh i do believe i am first

I don't know about this Eric Green guy. Hope he turns it around. Any word on Brandon Marshall? I hope this guy does not end up with the Pats or Jets.

imyahuckleberri, Correction you are runner up!

Good article. I do wish they would do away witht he word tweet.

Mando....seriously Twitter's a lil' too much bro. Just stick to the blog and we'll all benefit. Also, I've not seen one word on how Ricky did in the OTA's and minicamp...help a brotha out!!

how do you tweet?????

How do you tweet? Just put your lips together and blow!

Waaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaa! Excuses, excuses. Eric Green? Who is he? I'll tell you who. A body in camp that was probably signed with little or no bonus $ who will be on the first bus outta town when the rooks have ripped the job from his non intercepting hands and invalidated his man card.

that dosent sound like tweeting.

Ya, Menace, just blow. You should be an expert by now

Mark, The menace dosnt play for that team.(not that theres anything wrong with that)

"Tweety bird, tweety bird...polly wanna cracker?" -Dumb & Dumber

Hey Menace - I heard a rumour that, in order to get to the 80 man roster limit, the Dolphins -- while keeping Ted Ginn -- are going to be cutting his family.

You track these things. Is it true?

Mando...can you check into the Marshall thing. It would be great to have in south florida.

Dear Mr. Salguero

" I will be updating the blog even while on vacation."

Great news :)

I dont have to be out in the sunshine now.(My mom thinks your posting on vacation just to bust her chops)

Although my to trip to the outside world was a little fun there were some problems.

1- Fashion has changed since I've been outside.(Short pants with black dress socks pulled up to the knee's with black patent leather shoe's is not all the rage anymore.)

2-Without a sunblock with SPF 6000 there was some 3rd degree burning from the bottom of my short pants to the top of my knee's.

My upper body was well protected with a white wife beater tee shirt and my Members only jacket.

Hat wear, I'm always stylin with my Jessica Tandy Flower sun hat.(The one she wore in Driving ms Daisey)and my Oakly wrap around sunglass'es.

Anyhoo thanks for posting

Soiled :)

P.S. My mom says for you to enjoy your vacation and for me to get the hell out of her house.

Not much going on here today. I'm off to a Wets blog to torture the miscreants who actually root for that sorry team.

I'll check in later.

P.S. Mando, thank you for your comment a few days ago in re my posting on Coach Rectum Ryan and his remarkable resemblance to a circus clown and his blow hard daddy Pud Ryan. Keep up the great work.

I'm upset about the apparent attempt to take out my beloved sweatheart QB Tom Bunchen during his kayak mishap. When I find out who was responsible for this violent and senseless act, I am going to gnaw on that person's ankles until they bleed, since I can't reach high enough to chew on their knees.

Be warned people!

dear eric:
please come back to us! we here in az realize just how good you are and want you back! once again the card's messed up, how the mismanagement that is the excuse for a front office has screwed this big i cannot fathom. i wish you well in your new home and know that the fans in miami will soon know what us azians have known: that you will continue to be a pro-bowl level player and you'll soon be indispensable part of a revived and improved secondary down there in the sunshine state.
will you give me tickets to next years probowl?
admiringly yours
john matacola


Completely off the topic of the entry, but when you get a chance, do you think you could confirm the details of Jake Grove's injury last year? Know he missed a couple of games with what was called a calf injury. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't tied to the knee he had the microfracture surgery on.


Eric Green. Awful. Not gonna get better.


If this year is anything like last year our free agents are going to suck and our rooks are going to be good.Being we had more rookies come in than free agents I"ll say we'll be OK.SMITH and DAVIS will become the best duo even better than MADISON and SURTAIN.CLEMONS becomes a mix of OLIVER and KNIGHT.TURNER become GADSEN,HARTLINE is McDUFFIE.WHITE has to be the FINS 1st version of slash JENSON.

Jet fan/gopats/sammy/whatever. You bozos need help in your head. Don't mess with AFC EAST CHAMPS, he is cool.

he so funny

east champs is the fall how you broke your hand?

Yeesssssss i'm back.

U guys are hotes

As some of you may have heard, I am contemplating marriage once again. At this point I am still on the fence as to whether I want to make that commitment again. What I can tell you is that HE is wonderful and that we get along fabulously. Only problem is that he will first have to divorce the skank super model he married and change his last name from Bunchen to Belicrap if we do officialy tie the knot. Of course, here in Massachusetts we are so screwed up that we actually do recognize homo marriages, so that won't be a problem.

Anyone have any advice for me?

As some of you may have heard, I am contemplating getting married again. I am not sure I want to make that commitment again to my current flame. What I can tell you is that HE is wonderful and satisfies me to no end. One problem is that he will have to diviorce the skank model he married and change his name from Bunchen to Belidork if we do tie the knot. Of course a plus will be that Massachusetts is so messed up that they actually do recognize same sex marriages, so that will not stand in our way.

Any thoughts or advice for me?

belimidget make sure to propose with your latest superbowl ring. diamonds are a girls? best friend u know.


Naw, my rings like my team are old news. Past their primes and right now not relevent. I thought about proposing to Tommy with one of my old tattered/torn hoodies. Not bad, eh?


I can respond to Sambo on my own thank you. Although I do agree that my rings and team are both htings of the past.

Also, Rex Ryan does suck. He proved it to me first hand. Please don't tell Tommy though. Thanks.

Yeeeeeeeessss. NJ PHIN FAN is back.

Do you think we can have the top 5 DEFENCE this year.Looking at everyone I can't see why not.Lead the league in sacks.WILSON and BELL will be great together for the next 3 years. WOW.

when i watch soccer games,i find it a great and real sport not like football ,football players can learn a lot form the classy soccer players.

afc east , did you ever liked a friend of yours like nj phin ?

bunglito is nice boy

I like everybody and hate everybody at the same time.

east champs miami can definately have a top 5 defense, wilson can cover tackle and hit. bell as u know is a beast and more than adequete in coverage. with an improved pass rush our secondary will be much improved. we might be susceptible up the middle but i'm not really worried. i liked your comparisons of who we have now vs. past dolphins greats. if you walked away with a broken hand i would hate to see the other guys.

oh yeah i almost forgot GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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