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On open OTA today and Jake Long

The Dolphins have an open-to-the-media organized team activity today so reporters will be there to accurately capture the scene and report back to you what's going on. (Dolphins radio analyst Joe Rose may also be there as he searches for more ways to distort the truth.)

Anyway, the practice will run from 9:50 to 11:30 a.m so I would ask you to check back here after that for updates on what is going on. If anything significant happens, I will update ASAP.

One thing the Dolphins are not getting nearly enough credit on is their attendance in these "voluntary" OTAs. No player that is healthy has missed any of the previous two open OTA sessions. That's is obviously not true of teams such as the Jets or Bills.

While you wait for the updates, I suggest you give consideration to this article on Jake Long. In it, colleague David J. Neal tells how Long is lifting the equivalent of two heavyweight boxers on his squats and deadlifts.

Coach Tony Sparano confirms Long is much stronger, particularly in his lower body, than he was a year ago. He is also much quicker in the head.

''He is so much further ahead mentally,'' Sparano said. ``He kind of knows what to expect now out there and is trying to fine-tune the parts of his game that he needed to work on from last year: a little bit more of the hand use, where his feet are, how he is handling speed in some of those situations. He did a great job of it last year learning on the fly and is really trying to get to the next level with some of that stuff.''

I'm eager for the start of training camp. It will be a treat to watch Long go against Jason Taylor and Joey Porter and Cameron Wake in one-on-one pass-rush drills. We saw how both Long and Porter benefitted from the drills last year.

Wake, who didn't face an NFL-caliber offensive tackle in the CFL, will get a dose of a Pro Bowl left tackle every day in practice. It should be a valuable education for the outside linebacker and give a peek into his ability.

Taylor, who played with his hands on the ground last season, will be standing up this year. So he might knock some rust off while working against Long. Long will benefit in that Taylor will present him a combination of quickness and leverage the youngster hasn't seen very often.

It'll be good stuff.

Anyway, check back later.