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On open OTA today and Jake Long

The Dolphins have an open-to-the-media organized team activity today so reporters will be there to accurately capture the scene and report back to you what's going on. (Dolphins radio analyst Joe Rose may also be there as he searches for more ways to distort the truth.)

Anyway, the practice will run from 9:50 to 11:30 a.m so I would ask you to check back here after that for updates on what is going on. If anything significant happens, I will update ASAP.

One thing the Dolphins are not getting nearly enough credit on is their attendance in these "voluntary" OTAs. No player that is healthy has missed any of the previous two open OTA sessions. That's is obviously not true of teams such as the Jets or Bills.

While you wait for the updates, I suggest you give consideration to this article on Jake Long. In it, colleague David J. Neal tells how Long is lifting the equivalent of two heavyweight boxers on his squats and deadlifts.

Coach Tony Sparano confirms Long is much stronger, particularly in his lower body, than he was a year ago. He is also much quicker in the head.

''He is so much further ahead mentally,'' Sparano said. ``He kind of knows what to expect now out there and is trying to fine-tune the parts of his game that he needed to work on from last year: a little bit more of the hand use, where his feet are, how he is handling speed in some of those situations. He did a great job of it last year learning on the fly and is really trying to get to the next level with some of that stuff.''

I'm eager for the start of training camp. It will be a treat to watch Long go against Jason Taylor and Joey Porter and Cameron Wake in one-on-one pass-rush drills. We saw how both Long and Porter benefitted from the drills last year.

Wake, who didn't face an NFL-caliber offensive tackle in the CFL, will get a dose of a Pro Bowl left tackle every day in practice. It should be a valuable education for the outside linebacker and give a peek into his ability.

Taylor, who played with his hands on the ground last season, will be standing up this year. So he might knock some rust off while working against Long. Long will benefit in that Taylor will present him a combination of quickness and leverage the youngster hasn't seen very often.

It'll be good stuff.

Anyway, check back later.


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Armando is more than just a reporter and a blogger. When I read a post from Armando I feel like I am reading a post from an entire family.

Haha. Mando taking a bite out of the big dog. That dude is terrible on the radio.

I was looking forward to Jason teaching Long a thing or five in training camp last year. The lessons will come this year but I think there is stuff Long still can improve on and learn.

And you are right, Mando, Joe Rose sucks.

Just another low class shot at a "real Dolphin." from a reporter that wouldn't know what it is like to play football. You're a joke and lucky to have a job Mandroid. As well, you can't compare the Dolphins franchise to the lowly Bills or jets.
Keep your snipe remarks to yourself and grow up.

So the real question is: Who is behind Jake Long? In fact, where's the depth on the entire left side? Maybe Burnin' Vernon, the dico-inferno, could swing both ways, but that's a tough transition in the middle of a game...especially in heels...everyone knows the man sits on the left (LT) to drive the car and the passenger seat on the right (RT) is where the b*+@# sits! Oh, bada-bing, who-ah!

Seriously, where's the depth?

What's a snipe remark?

Jets sux has the intelligence of a door knob. YOu go, Mando. Go get that crap talking rose. It's an insult the guy is paid by the team to do analysis because he doesn't know anything about football.

Armando screws up royally every time he tries to be a GM. I suppose Rose must have caught him on it. But I would think Rose knows a hell of allot more about football then a reporter who thinks he knows it all and is always trying to put down others and hopes and tries to take credit for everything that happens in the future.

Would like particular info on the guards and center and well as the backup NT position. If you can get the backup ILB that would be great also.

The Shot at Rose was regarding the incorrect edit of his report on Ronnie not being the best back 1 Year ago. Well a word or two was edited then changed back and Rose just quoted the misquote. Anyway, it's just a reminder of how important communication is in everyday life.

Armando, I'm looking forward to your OTA report. A format I'd like would be an outline of each play or at least a few drives. Don't just give me an overview. I know it's hard to take notes that way, especially on the OL, DL, and skill players.

I'm reading the Sentinel and everything is just over positive there. It's sort of sickening. Ronnie's huge, Ginn's may have a breakout season, Taylor could be in line for double digit sacks, Ricky Williams evolving, the Wild Pat is an innovation, Grove is going to create running room. It's all fluff.

Mando - just do your job and forget about the bashing that comes up frequently in your posts.

What is you're problem with Joe Rose?

Armando, I've noticed increasing issues with Joe Rose - what gives?

Who's Joe rose ?

i like to get into this.who's joe rose ? did he win any thing or he's just like Jason Taylor who never won any thing ?

Lets See,

Joe Rose played in the NFL as a tight end, grant he was never a PRO BOWLER or a stud at that postitino; however the facts are the facts he played with Dan Marino and caught his first Marinos first TD.

Armando writes for the Miami Herald and gives his opinion on the fins (LIKE WE ALL DO) which means he knows nothing AT ALL, cause we dont know nothing.

Edge goes to rose, he played in the NFL and knows the game way more then mando does.

Mando you are losing the battle with Rose give it up already, just like Joey Porter told you guys last year " Pen Pushers", just continue to pen push buddy.

Armando, since you're calling people out today, what's your opinion of "official" Dolphins.com columnist Andy Cohen.

Do you agree that the title of Cohen's columm "in my opinion" is the most ironic title of any column in the history of sports? (considening that each column was apparently written by the Dolphins PR department)

Finsfan, your writing is very good, right to the point and i learned few things, i hope you can tell more about the " Pen Pushers " STORY .and why you think if you didn't play football you don't know football.

Finsfan ,saying Mando knows nothing because we know everything makes no sense. "cause we dont know nothing." Gopats just looks dumber now too.

Edge goes to Mando for not using a double negative.

HVK, why i look dumber, i didn't voice any views, i am trying to find out both sides of the argument then i can learn some thing, we are not making salsa here, are we ?

p.s....that's why i asked the Q in the end of my last comment.

Fair enough Gopats but you like the pats so your point is invalid. Just like mine should be to you.

I think that even though it was a "wrongly edited" comment it sounds just like the kind of snarky crap Armando writes all the time anyway.

Just because someone played pro ball doesn't mean that they know enough to talk about it. Would you rather hear Commentary from Dennis Miller (non-football-playing ex-Saturday Night Live commedian) or from Plaxico Burress?

Andy Cohen is awful. Its like reading Pravda in the Soviet days...

Whew cares about that crap, because it really dosen't matter. lets just talk about football.

Leave gopats alone. He cannot help it. English is his second language you know. He does have this fetish about"did he win anything, did he win a ring" Don't mind him he is from Haiti

roy, do you know if joe rose was a good player or just average ?
also did he win any thing even an award ?

Usually the guys who write things like, "Armando never played the game of football, so he can't know his subject and his viewpoint is worthless," are former high school athletes who are greatly frustrated over the current state of their athletic "career," and who never had the talent to write or do anything besides play a sport at a high school level. Legitimate pro players making the same accusation usually have much more expertise about the game than about reporting on the game.

Armando, why so negative?
As long as I can remember, your reporting
and commentary have been,
in general,
just so damn bitchy.
Guess what?
It sucks.
That's why the ass of your blog is getting kicked,
by the Sun-Sentinel.

gopats did you ever win anything at your capital one customer service job?

SS is a nazi

Employee of the month

Gopats that is very good considering you spend a lot of time on this blog. Now I see why you are so hung up on winning "things". Q for you... Do you have to tell customers "what is in your wallet?"

roy, if they come to that bank i would assume they have that bank card as a given.no reason to ask.

P.S...i don't work there, i am just trying to make roy happy so he doesn't unleash his attacks on us .

For all the naysayers that think that you have to have played the game to write about it, does that mean that you have to be a world class chef to know whether food is lousy or good?

The "little" people are always the ones to blast someone, why not discuss the Dolphins and leave the messenger alone?

There are plenty of coaches in the NFL that were never NFL players themselves so that argument is moot.

Stuff that up your peace pipe!

I love that Mando is calling out Joe Blows. The guy is a disengenuous asscrap who mooched off the fact he caught one Dan Marino TD for years. His schtick has worn off. It won't be long before he's off the air.

Armando's blog has an ass? Somebody over at the Sunsentinel has a major d ick up their butts. You do a great job, Mando! Keep it up.

Stop it, stop it, you're making my big head hurt already. I played the game dammit! Ok, I stood on the sideline, but whatever.

I don't know Joe Rose other than what I've heard on Dolphins broadcasts. And from that sample size, I can safely say Salguero knows more about football than he does.

Wearing a jockstrap on Sundays doesn't qualify someone to be a journalist and reporter. Except regrettably with the NFL and ESPN.

Whatever this is about, it doesn't sound to me like it has anything to do with 'who has more football knowledge'.

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