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Pennington gets award, Porter gets busy

The Dolphins didn't hand out an MVP award last offseason because, among other things, the team didn't want to embarrass some player for being the best player on the NFL's worst team.

Things are different this year.

Moments ago, the Dolphins announced their 2008 award winners with quarterback Chad Pennington and linebacker Joey Porter sharing the Dan Marino Most Valuable Player Award.

Pennington, as you know, joined the Dolphins during preseason as a castoff from the New York Jets and only threw 19 touchdown passes with seven interceptions while completing 67.4 percent of his passes in leading the Dolphins offense.

Porter was the cornerstone of the defense, leading the team with 17.5 sacks for 96 yards in losses. He ranked first in the AFC and second in the NFL in the sacks category. Porter, by the way, had some thoughts about the coming season that shows what the Dolphins think of all the love the New England Patriots are getting from pundits:

"We proved that that the AFC East comes through Miami, and having that feeling, knowing that we're the champions until proven otherwise," Porter said, according to colleague David J. Neal. "Our mindset is to win the division, set ourselves up for a playoff spot and then anything can happen once we reach the playoffs."

But what about the Pats?

"I don't understand how you put someone in front of us and we were the AFC East champs," Porter said. "We won the championship. We're the AFC East champs. You gotta beat someone to be the champion."

Porter apparently isn't a lone voice in the wilderness on this thought. Neal asked general manager Jeff Ireland if he agreed with Porter's assessment that the division title runs through Miami. The general manager went into a bit about how Porter is known for speaking his mind and so forth before offering this endorsement of the idea:

"It does," Ireland agreed.

Pennington, who received NFL MVP votes last season, also captured the Don Shula Leadership Award, annointing him the voice of the Dolphins locker room.

The Nat Moore Community Service award goes to Akin Ayodele while the Ed Bock Courage Award has been awarded to running back Ronnie Brown. Ayodele has been indefatigable in his service to underprivileged young people while Brown made an eye-popping recovery from a scary knee injury that not only threatened his season but his career.

The awards were handed out at Joe's Stone Crab on Miami Beach. As we speak they are serving breakfast. Steak, eggs and crab cakes are on the menu.

As this is a blog and, more specifically, my blog, I am today officially expanding the list of awards winners. As late as 1995, the Dolphins would give out awards to every position and in other categories. Jimmy Johnson killed that tradition ...

... And Armando Salguero is unofficially reviving it. So here now are the unofficial Mandos:

Newcomer of the year: Pennington, of course. Were it not for his arrival, the Dolphins might have won more like seven games instead of 11.

Outstanding offensive back: Brown. The guy scored 10 touchdowns and averaged 4.3 yards per carry behind an offensive line that had a center team management didn't like, had a hole at RG team management was constantly trying to fill, and had two new starters on the left side.

Outstanding receiver: Greg Camarillo. He was leading the team in receptions and yards through the first 11 games and impressed the team so much, he earned a new contract. He missed the final five games after suffering a knee injury but still finished only one catch off the team lead for receptions.

Outstanding offensive lineman: Jake Long edges out Vernon Carey simply because his arrival not only improved the left side, but also allowed the Dolphins to put Carey back at his natural RT spot -- thus affecting two positions positively.

Outstanding defensive back: You guys know how much love I have for Yeremiah Bell. But Andre' Goodman was lockdown city the last half of the season and led the team with five interceptions.

Outstanding linebacker: Porter obviously gets the prize but you have to admire the work Matt Roth did in converting to a new position and playing with a torn groin muscle much of the season.

Outstanding defensive lineman: Jason Ferguson. He played only 35 plays or so per game, but he was an anchor in the middle and one reason the Dolphins went from last in the NFL against the run in 2007 to 10th in 2008.

Rookie of the Year: Long, but Davone Bess and Dan Carpenter deserve recognition.

Outstanding special teams performer: Carpenter. The kid did the improbable by beating out a veteran kicker despite not being drafted and then he didn't miss a field goal from 39-yards and in all year long. He was also 10 of 14 from 40 yards and beyond. And this year he's the only player on the roster with no one competing for his position.

Outstanding Media Relations person: Fitz Ollison came to the team as the No. 3 media relations guy and brought a depth of experience and expertise from his other NFL stops -- which included San Francisco and Detroit -- that added to Harvey Greene's capable staff. He is No. 2 on the media relations depth chart this year.

Outstanding team executive: He does not talk to the media but his moves speak volumes. Bill Parcells hired budding star GM Jeff Ireland, hired excellent head coach Tony Sparano, and retained outstanding college scouting director Chris Grier. Three excellent moves and there were about two dozen more after that.

Outstanding assistant coach: Quarterback coach David Lee had very little to work with midway through training camp, as both John Beck and Josh McCown struggled at times while rookie Chad Henne was, well, a rookie. Then Pennington shows up and Lee gets him ready to play in the span of about three weeks. Then the team is in desperation mode and Lee shows everyone the Wild Cat package that would surprise New England and become all the NFL rage. Good work.

By way of a prize, each award winner has the option of spending five minutes with me, spilling every team secret he knows, so I can pass them along to you.

So give me your award winners ... And what are your thoughts on the AFC East? Do you agree with Porter?


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2009 awards:

Ted Ginn: Dan Marino MVP award
Jason Taylor: Don Shula leadership award
Donald Thomas: Ed Bock courage award
Vernon Carey: Nat Moore Community Service award

You heard it here...first!

Mmmm crab cakes

Is gopats up yet? That idiot owes me a video tape from yesterday's OTAs.

What award did Ernest Wilford get?

Wow award. Please ask serious questions regarding state of team and so forth and not what it means to win these awards because we dont care about awards. Mando no pasta, meat and potatoes plz!

are they having mimosa with the fancy crab cake breakfast?

Ernest Wilford reveive Eddie Moore award

what awards ? i like to know who won these awards at the end of 1-15 season.

coach belicheat, i got you a jackie Chan tape of stunts w/dolphins

I heard the Tuna is take it light for breakfast and is starting with 20oz ribeye, dozen eggs fry over easy, side of bacon, 25 crab cake, 3 bear claws, 2 jelly filled donut, and a cruller.

all this talk about marital art could result on two players to take it a notch higher and fight during a game and forget that they are playing football.after all , many football players are smart as carlito is .

the crab cake for breakfast always left over from the last week end .


Dear Mr. Salguero

With the Dolphins sudden interest in Martial Arts techniques and the recent death of David Carridine I would like to make a suggestion.

We name at least one rushing the passer formation "The Grass Hopper".

All rushers try to snatch the football from the quarterbacks hand.

Soiled :)

your right about Carpenter. The guy was money. the best of the acorns.

Good information Mando. Can we carry your jockstrap every once in awhiles?

in bruce lee best two movies, BEST OF FURY and ENTER THE DRAGON Jackie Chan played a small roll in both films with the great bruce lee.
i recommend that fans starts to watch two of the great movies of jackie chan like...SPIRITUAL KUNG FU and DRAGON FIST.
only then fans will understand modern football

From a friend of mine...

I was looking on cnnsi.com tweets for players and look at one of Mark
Sanchez's tweets (he's so gay)

Just met Prince Harry of the british royal family, had dinner w/
Charlie Crist @ Monkey Bar." 10:33 PM May 29th


Mando, got to agree on your breakdown. Might make a case for Bess over Camarillo however, that would be really picking at things. Either way, they were both great contributors.

Nice recognition for Goodman, he was lights out!

and as far as Porter's claim, allow me to quote the Nature Boy Ric Flair:

"To be the man, you got to beat the man!"

And right now, the Dolphins are the champs so someone has to take it away first!

mark, dolphins are the champs?

steelers are the champs pretty boy

i say brandon london wins special teams award. the guy was out there stopping the returners when no one else could. defensive back goes to renaldo hill because we went 11-3 after he became the starter.

Armando who is the award winner for outstanding media personality of the year?

Is it you? I voted for you.

I like Porters comments in the article about the championship comes through us. Bold and well said.
The awards were given out this year to people that really mattered to last years success. Nothing for the player to crow about because it takes every guy on that team to help him get the trophy.
Pennington is going to have another great year. Ginn is going to break out. Our line is going to provide the blocking to help Ronnie break out as well.

Ernest Wilford for the biggest Loooser award.
Mando why dont you cut (faker) the Omar Kooky crap and grow up and be a writer.

yes copper man miami only has a division championship but seeing as everyone last year thought miami would be cellar champs every dolphins player and fan has the right to proudly call the dolphins champs. and the steelers got a LOT of help from the refs in the superbowl.

Any post that uses the word "indefatigable" is a winner in my book. Nicely done, Armando.

Armando with everything you've seen so far who do you think will be miami's kickoff and punt returner? that's an area i would really like to see improved to help pennington with field position to make up for his arm strength.

Copper Man, I speaking in the context of the division obviously, since that was the topic of the blog debate. Yes, even I acknowledge that the Steelers are the world champs and the model franchise but Miami is on the up.

Are you coming on to me? Cause i don't go for back door schenanigans (sp?)

Whys you hatin on my man Armando dolphinaddict/johnnyshaver? Hims and we's got a bromance going on. Don't know if he's knows it yets, tho.


Porter is wrong, and so is anyone else who likes to say "To be the champ, you have to beat the champ." I imagine more than a few of us Dolphins fans recall in 1985 how the Chicago Bears did not beat Miami, but I can assure you all that the Bears were the champs. It's football, Joey, not boxing. In boxing, you must beat the champ to become the champ. Does Joey Porter really not understand how pundits can pick the Patriots over the Dolphins for next year's AFC East title holders? Really, Joey, you can't understand it? The Patriots were 11 - 5 last year, same as Miami. The teams beat each other once. I guess they were pretty even, and the Pats will have Tom Brady back this year.

I love the Dolphins and have for the past 30 years. But it doesn't blind me. The pundits are predicting who the 2008 AFC East champs will be--that was Miami. They are predicting the 2009 champs. That has yet to be determined, and winning it LAST year won't get you one more point on the scoreboard THIS year. Let them make all the predictions they want, Joey. Go prove them wrong. (But don't act like you don't know why they are picking the Pats.)

orlando magic howard dominant my a.....will be swept in 4

Mark, your context of champion means every team is a champion if every fan chooses to call them that for a reason or another.you better wise up and learn some from me.

sammo, grow up steelers is the best team ever not like your award winning dead fish team.

Ahh Bruce...

The Dolphins weren't defending champions in 1985. The 49ers were.

And the Bears did beat the 49ers that year -- albeit not in the playoffs

best team ever? i don't know about that but it's obvious who you root for copper man. as to the grow up comment watch the superbowl again. when warner threw the goal line pick pitts linebacker was halfway across the line b4 warner even snapped the ball yet no offsides was called. i could engage in a war of words with you and respond nastily to you but im bigger no more grown up than that. unlike some people.

Kickers get no love, and they shouldn't. But Carpenter was money in tight games including the back to back 2 point wins over Sea and Oak and a 5 point win over the 49rs. All scary as hell nail biters. Those were the teams that killed NE and NYs hopes.

Carpenter is everything I want in a kicker. You can have from 40 and out, but I want everything inside of 40 yards- no exceptions. Anything else is icing on the cake.

How about Best Performance on 4th and Goal - Channing Crowder with honorable mention to Vonnie Holiday. Stuffing LaDainian Tomlinson in game 5 last year, might have been a turning point for the team.

In the game of chess you can never let your adversary see your pieces.



That is the best post of the day. Nicely done.

i thought all these players gets paid millions to play and do some good for the team,so why should we talk about awards crab b/c one player tackled a player , honorable mention my foot.

Copper Man, you must be dumb. I acknowledged the Steelers being World Champion and the 'phins being division winner/champion. I'm not making any claims that aren't true.

You also didn't answer the "coming on" question. I'll choose to keep my distance. Although I have no problem with your lifestyle. I hear Massachusetts is nice, you can get married there, settle down.

How about an award for most under-rated role player. The nominees are:

1. David Martin - I think if someone fires an RPG at him just as he's making the catch, he still holds on to the ball somehow. What a weapon last year down the seam.

2. Patrick Cobbs - A first down machine. Based on his contract, I think he got paid $100 per first down. One of the best values in the league based on his contract/contributions.

3. Nate Jones - I remember him making some nice plays last year at the end of the year.

Markmando, you sound open minded mark, you keep talking" coming on " like you do really live in open free toronto .you can't use the word champions in your case, period. talk about awards or martial art not champions

What About " best clip board holder " and " best blocking dummie" and lets not forget " fastest Ginn" Here Are The winners teddy sr. , rufus ginn , and tednisha ginn, now the awards are complete....

Sorry guys, steel/copper man said we can't talk anymore about winning the division. Apparently it never happened.

Apparently, his word is gospel here.


Steel man, for some good deals on AFE EAST DIVISION CHAMPION merchandise, check out ...


Mark , you sound pitter for no reason . me to ,i don't like this talk of champions.

I'm not bitter, I'm angry. It's football, you got the be angry! GRRRRR!

What is the big deal with calling the team the division champion? Should we be calling them the division winner?

yes,winners, like the awards winners are.......not champions.

if magic loses to lakers, they aren't going to call them the champions of the east .they will say magic lost,cleveland lost to magic and no one saying ,they are the champions of their division .

p.s...only in football that you see this kind of over stating every thing.

Someone tell NFL.com to stop selling division and conference winning merchandise. They are false goods. I had no idea ....

Mando, is it true that bill(the tuna)ate a 20 oz rib eye and 12 eggs along with a lb. of hash browns this morning ?

most time when you ren a movie and watch it, you say to your self ,i wish i didn't get that movie .not the case w/ jackie chan's movie " wheels on meals " a great movie chan is toe to toe w/real life marital art champ Benny" the jet " urquidez . very good movie,better than die hard crap

cuban, please see my post at 11:27 am to see more about Tunas breakfast


two of the best jackie chan movies are "Legend of the Drunken Master" and "Rumble in the Bronx', but he is not best martial arts man.

look for Jet Li to make appearance in wildpat

jet li was great in unleashed. perfect way to describe miami's 09 defense. nuff said.

carlito , agree and don't forget " Dragon Forever "

Sammo, Jet Li best movies Fist of Legend (Chinese movie, remake of Fist of Fury), Once upon a Time in China, and Hero.

I didn't really like Unleashed, but whatever floats your boat.

If you like comedy and kung fu together try Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, very funny.

Best Kung Fu flick for 2009 will be during the football season, Flippers of Fury.

Shaolin Soccer one funny movie, they show how funny to apply kung fu to soccer, the evil coach is really good and the little brother to.

carlito starting to sound as very smart about movies as nj phin about football

The power of kung fu can bring even phins and pat fans together

if you have the football at the 5 and goal,you should sign a chinese Kung Fu pro to fly over the DL w/ the football....score 6 then do it again for 2


Here's a few more:

1) Most likeable participant on this blog:

And the winner is .......... Cuban Menace

2) 5 Greatest Presidents:

And the winners are .... Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Ronald Reagan, Calvin Coolidge, Harry S. Truman

3) 5 Worst Presidents:

And the losers are ... Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama

4) Greatest Female Body:

And the winner is .... Sophia Loren

5) Greatest Example of a Woman Hitting Her Physical Peak in Her Teenage Years before Becoming All Weird in her 20s

And the winner is ... Lindsay Lohan

6) Only Example Of European Supremacy over America

And the only example is ... the common use of bidets

Mr.Dodworth, would you call the magic,the champions of the east once they are swept by lakers.

Q...did you peek at lindsay's peak on Saturday nite live before she became on of the worst ever looking in a hurry

nathaniel, never see you talk about women brains , only black skirts or body.do you have any respect for their brain .

Joe asks a fair and penetrating question. Two of my heroes are Margaret Thatcher and Jeanne Kirkpatrick. They took a backseat to no man in defending economic and political freedom. They asked for no special treatment on the basis of gender. They simply did what they felt was right, and what history, morality and decency ultimately proved to be right.

Alas, I never pleasured myself to either. Cause I really thought Lindsay was hot in "Mean Girls" and Sophia was hot in "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."

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