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Searching for diverse ownership [Updated]

On April 16th, hours before Dolphins owner Stephen Ross declined to answer a direct question from me regarding the possible inclusion of Jimmy Buffett and Emilio Estefan in his team's plans for 2009, I posted a blog item that included the following sentence:

"Singer Jimmy Buffett, a Key West resident, and Miami Sound Machine founder Emilio Estefan are among the entertainment people Ross has discussed including in his ownership group."

Today we know that Ross has indeed invited Buffett to join the Dolphins as a minority stakes owner and, although no concrete deal has come of that invitation, the men have forged a relationship that includes a temporary naming rights deal for Land Shark Stadium.

And on Thursday morning Ross is expected to announce Estefan and his wife, Gloria Estefan -- founding members of Miami Sound Machine and respected music moguls -- are joining the team, so to speak, as minority stake owners.

So what's the point of this aside from me tooting my own horn? To give you perspective for what now follows.

Ross continues to search for more so-called stars that might join his group and might add to the diverse nature of the Dolphins' appeal to fans. Ross has also reached out to musician and member of the songwriter Hall of Fame John Francis Bongiovi Jr, more commonly known to fans of rock music as Jon Bon Jovi.

Aside from having sold 120 million albums worldwide, Bon Jovi is known for his love of football. He is owner of an Arena League team in Philadelphia and is quite friendly with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Ross has not been able to convince Bon Jovi to invest in the Dolphins, according to a source. But that can always change and one shouldn't discount Ross continuing his efforts. Also do not be surprised when, not if, Ross finds a black partner to join his ownership group.

I'm told Ross has reached out to at least one "rap artist of considerable wealth," as he's trying to round out the diverse nature of his group and team's appeal. It also wouldn't surprise if Ross approaches some black former athlete such as Alonzo Mourning about buying a stake in the Dolphins. 

South Florida is a melting pot consisting primarily of Anglo, Hispanic, and black non-Hispanic people. Dolphins fans may all bleed aqua and orange, but their faces span the rainbow of colors and their ethnicities, religions and backgrounds cover much of the spectrum of humanity.

[Update: At the press conference that ended around 11:05 a.m., Ross said, "I want to bring ownership to this team that represents the community."]

And today's expected announcement with the Estefans is, in part, just one step in that attempt.

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Ross, sounds like a tool already.

Who's the bigger tool, Ross or Armando ?

If Armando is such a tool then why do you read his blog? Your more of a tool posting your stupid comment then his reporting. Keep up the good work Armando.

Ok so Ross needs a African American, Asian, Mexican/latino, Native American. But what about Chinese vs Japanese vs Filipino ect ?
Same with Hispanics, does he get a Cuban or a Mexican or a Spanaird ? I guess he needs one of everything, so the Miami Dolphins will end up with 50 or so owners to cover every subgroup. Oh and in the end, it will have zero impact on any fan giving a fig.

Hey Armando I hope you are enjoying your vacation. I can't believe your wife lets you do these blogs during what is supposed to be family time.

Now back to football... In one of his last press conferences during OTAs, Sparano gushed about Tyrone Culver without being asked about him. Then Culver gets his salary doubled this year and a 2 year extension. I think they may just like him.

And we have to point out that Armando mentioned Culver as a guy the Dolphins really like weeks before he got that extension.

Jon Bon Jovi is an idiot. I will donate money to have him NOT be a part owner of the Dolphins.

I wish we had an owner that just wanted to own the team; not try to impose his perverse view of the Dolphins onto all of the loyal fans who made the organization what it is.

With Matt Millen out of Detroit, Stephen Ross could, in time, be the biggest idiot in the NFL.

What are you kidding me? He is looking for money. He didn't buy the team because he loves the Dolphins. He bought the team to make money, stroke his ego etc etc etc. The actual football team is a business. If his business model deams it necessary to bring in different ethnic groups to make him a succes then he has to do that. It isn't something I would be advertising. I wouldn't want to be the token person in the house if you know what I mean.

Don't understand how Ross thinks all of these "star" owners is going to really mean anything. Fans are going to come to the games to see football not because some celebrity they have never met owns a piece of the team.

Makes no sense.

Mr. Ross...we the Fans want a Super Bowl....It has been many Years since 1974...Thanks...

New minority owner Trick Daddy---There is no naw Tuna that can do it like him that will trades like him cut people like no no there aint no naw Tuna like him that will ride out after this season and will be back in the beginging naw naw naw there aint naw Tuna who will keep Ricky Williams and Jeff Ireland but cut John Back naw naw...Ross is a bum here comes the ghetto Dolphins Ross just wants a rapper to get the liberty city crowd to come out now we need weapon sensors at the game

Ross should make the season ticket holders
minority owners in some way, with a stock
certificate as long as they hold seats, might
even get a few pennies back on their investment.

Ross is so annoying

I want to know about the demographics among the posters to this blog:

1) How many are White

2) How many are Black

3) How many are Asian

4) How many are Indian

5) How many are Hispanic

6) How many are gay

7) How many are straight

8) How many are women

9) How many graduated from high school

10)How many graduated from college

11)How many live outside of the United States.

12)Within the United States how many live in the North East / Southeast / Midwest / Southwest / Pacific Northwest

13) How many have a family income under $50,000

14) How many have a family income over $150,000

15)How many secretly root for other football teams

16)How many work for the Dolphins

17)How many former players & coaches

18)How many are aliases for the Cuban Menace

Ross is concentrating on what he should be..the business / entertainment side of the team. This is fine with me (although I'm all good without Jon Bon Jovi). So long as this guy stays away from football decisions...I'm all good with this.

Gary, i only post as the menace... and by the way, are you going to get back into coaching????

Cuban, is it true you were down here this past weekend visiting that pin head j. ross? and will you be a new minorty owner?

Con air, i got your first message, those negotiations are on the hush hush...

Christ, ross should go after carrot top. Now that would fill the seats. I hope parcells does not tire of Ross antics and leave.

Ross should bring on Cameron Diaz as minority partner. She did a bang-up job as Miami's owner in "Any Given Sunday".

Plus she will bring sex appeal and broaden our reach among women.

We's still be reading. Why you be reminding peoples of the times you kicked our butts with infoemation?

That makes us want to go deuces on you with our mob...

Ross is smarter than you guys give him credit for. The Estefans and Mr margaritaville more than likely have many famous friends and colleagues they can take to games. Normal peeps flock to the famous. Ross is wealthy enough that he doesnt need anyone elses maney. Anything he does to get buts in the seats is cool with me as long as he keeps his hands out of the football side of the buisness.

Race has nothing to do with the ownership
diversity Armando wrote about. The diversity is more like having famous actors/singers/athletes etc associated with the Miami Dolphins good Name. If I were Ross, I would approach Tiger Woods about being the next minority owner.

Most of you complainers are just a bunch of jealous pinheads wanting to spend other peoples money.

Armando I want to thank you for keeping us fans up to date with what is happening on all fronts with this team. Congratulations on calling the Buffett and Miami Sound Machine news months before it happened.

Please give us the name of the rapper when you get it. I would think P Diddy or Jay Z might be candidates. Also, you think Shaq might be interested?

Aloco, do you like camron diaz?

Willi, You would me a great owner too.

not any more cuban , i moved on 4 years ago from her, she lost her thing since she made that movie called some thing angels .

AFC EAST you sound like an idiot. Hispanics come in different colors. They are white, they are black, some are even asians.

So a black non Hispanic is a black person who is not also Hispanic. Hispanics are not a race but an ethnicities.

That is probably what Armando was refering to. And I doubt any police officer ever loosed his dog on u unless u tried to break into someone's home.

cuban, can write a column on this blog three times a week to help armando out and freshen things little bit .

Ross has 95% ownership, no? So what is the problem? No flakes are going to control the organization. Ross is just networking and having fun while running his business.

Football is entertainment, including before and after the game as well as at halftime. If you are in the stadium for what tickets cost today, why would you not want to be entertained in addition to the game? Yes, 'the play is the thing'. But if you buy a Ferrari because it goes 150+ mph,you probably want the A/C too for when you are going 5 mph in traffic and its standard on a 100k+ pricetag anyway.

I'm in favor of outdoor football, no instant replay, minimal interruptions & distractions, a cigar and beer and league rules circa 1975. But we live in 2009.

The bad news: Miami is never going to be Pittsburgh, NE, Chicago, Cleveland or Philly in terms of a football or sports town. Heinz field is always going to be rocking harder than Miami on MNF.

There are just so many other things to do in Miami, that it never has been a great sports draw. The good news: Miami is not Pittsburgh, NE, Chicago, Cleveland or Philly.

It is what it is. Enjoy. I give Ross credit for trying.

I Wonder if my good friend mr. nathanal dodsworth likes ms. diaz?

Is Mr. Dodsworth Out there?

Ross or the Estefan's or whoever else, just don't bother the tri fecta. best just not to introduce yourselves.

He can get the seven dwarves to be part owner for all I care, as long as Parcells doesn't get p***ed off about it and leave.

what the best meat to make meat balls ? any one knows

Nancy, Try beef ,pork and veal

This is amazing.... what a clown of an owner we have. Just because you have a bunch of partners from different backgrounds is not going to make the true fans buy any more tickets..... if Mr. Ross wants the "ultimate experience" he should put a Super Bowl team on the field, put his money where his mouth is, hiring a bunch of washed out Artists for partners is not going to put any more butts on the seats or win a ring.........

do i mix all 3 meat together ? spices ? how big each meat ball should be looking like ?

Maybe Mr. Ross can dig up desi arnaz and he could sing boobalu during half time, i think hes entured in california.

That guy; I've heard this so many times over the years "There are just so many other things to do in Miami" and it is the biggest bunch of BS in the world.... Miami IS NOT the one city in the world with the most things to do...... in fact if you have traveled outside of this hole you will find many other cities around the world that have way more things to do than here and the stadiums are filled to capacity. (London, Barcelona, Madrid, San Francisco, San Diego) etc..etc.
The problem here is there is no love for sports people only attend games when the team is going to playoffs and we have seen it with all the sports in South Florida (Dolphins, Panthers, Marlins, Heat and UM)..... its a band wagon city plain and simple......

Yes Nancy mix them together and fry in e.v olive oil.

cuban, did you ever eat fried chicken skin with eye calamari sauce ? i ate it last night in a chinese place and it was out of this world

I Wonder what joe robbie must think of all this..i bet hes rolling over in his grave...(probably reaching for a land shark lager)



Maybe Wade could give ross a s.t.d ...that makes me laugh for some reason



No Mr. B, ive never ate only chicken skin.


Dear Mr. Salguero

I would like to apologize for some of my posts in your previous article.

Yesturday I made a statement that if you didnt keep updating your blog that your previous article falls in to choas with people talking about Salad tossing and such.

Well one of your readers asked me a question which I thought was about my dietary preperation of Salads.

How many times a week do I have my salad tossed and who tosse's it for me and things like that.

Well I answered the questions in a clean and wholesome manner, I mean I'm talking about Salads right ?

Wrong !

My elderly neighbour Ms. Hathaway, yes that Ms.Hathaway from the "Beverly Hillbillies"
Explained to me what was really meant by Salad Tossing.I was shocked and said no way. But Ms. Hathaway offered to show me what they meant saying she would toss my salad.

Well I kinda got nervous and had to double time it to get out her front door.
Thats one quick old broard.

Anyhoo again thanks for keeping us updated.

Soiled :)

The Rap artist he is talking about is another Ross...RRRRIIICCCKKK ROOSSSSSSSSSS!


"Please give us the name of the rapper when you get it."

Posted by: Willi Chirino "


who cares about race? its football... and majority owners are all jewish white people scheming on how to take more money. deal with it

Dear Mr. Salguero

I believe Mr. Ross (beerphin)" majority owners are all jewish white people" should bring in Mel Gibson as a minority owner. They can do a halftime show where Mr. Ross whips Mel Gibson with a catanine tails ala "The passion of christ" I think the fans would love it.

Soiled :)

A Gloria Estefan, Jimmy Buffet, Rick Ross halftime show would be awesome, methinks

again lets bring in ricky (hey fred is tht you) Ricardo and the fellas from the tropicana to play during half time....."AAAH,AAAH,AAAH, that is sooo ridulas, ahhh,ahhh,ahhh...LUUUUCCCY"

Tom, you and gary got to buckle down and get ready to make your coaching return, and not worrying about who will be performing at half time of dolphin games.../

Dude, You are a good reporter and I enjoy your blog but why do you constantly have to try to say you got the scoop on everything? Does it matter? Really? I think it just takes away from what has to be reported. It is pedantic and self-serving. Surely you are better than that?

Buffett and the Estefans are legends in South Florida. I am happy to have them as part ownership - maybe there will be some good halftime entertainment here and there - but it means less than zero when it comes to wins and losses.

soiled bottom = nathaniel dodsworth

Mr. Menace,

I regret to inform that the NFL is not yet ready for the return of my lethal dime-prevent defence.

"who cares about race? its football... and majority owners are all jewish white people scheming on how to take more money. deal with it"

Posted by: beerphin | June 25, 2009 at 02:11 PM

Really. I thought most Jews were black, hispanic, or asian as they are a minority. I think they only "Scheme" to take money from racist anti-semites such as yourself.

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