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Friday afternoon practice in the books

The situation: There is 1:59 left to play in the game. The Dolphins offense has the ball at midfield with only one timeout and they need a touchdown to win.

With the starters going against each other here's what happened at the end of practice Friday afternoon:

Chad Pennington throws a sideline pass on first down that should have been intercepted but was not. It is second down. With Jason Taylor, Joey Porter, Phillip Merling and Randy Starks manning the defensive front, the ball is snapped.

Pennington fires a sideline pass to Ted Ginn Jr. who is behind cornerback Eric Green down the left sideline. Safety Gibril Wilson is late to come over. Ginn catches the ball in stride and scores. TD from 50 yards out.

Dolphins offense wins!

I must tell you, however, that there is controversy back upfield because Taylor easily slipped under a Vernon Carey block and might have collected a sack where this not just practice.

The story gets better for the second-team defense against the second-team offense.

On first down, Ricky Williams gains nine yards. On second-and-1, Chad Henne completes a pass to Patrick Cobbs for a first down.

Then Henne overthrows a wide open Brian Hartline down the seam for what would have been a TD. Then there's an incomplete pass on second down and another on third down. A fourth down completion to Patrick Turner keeps the offense alive at the 22 yard line.

And then Henne overthrows Cobbs on first down and throws another incomplete pass on second down. A third-down completion to Joey Haynos gains six yards. On fourth-and-4 from the 16 yard line, Henne throws the ball incomplete through the heart of the defense.

Defense wins.

Those were the highlight moments of Friday's afternoon workout.

The practice showed Miami's initial plans for rushing the passer on passing downs. It would be Taylor and Porter standing up at the ends with Starks and Merling in the middle. On one of those downs, however, Merling was out and Cameron Wake was standing up inside of Porter.


It's also interesting that Starks got some work at nose tackle in base defense. Anthony Armstrong had a nice long TD catch over Eric Green down the sideline.

And yes, Green didn't look great out there.

The team also worked on punt returns. Ginn, Davone Bess and Chris Williams worked as returners.

Finally, coach Tony Sparano talked to the team Friday about not believing their own hype. In other words, he told them winning the AFC East last year means squat this year. I wrote a column on the topic for The Herald. Please read it if you want to find out what 2008 accomplishments Sparano says do carry over to 2009.

[BLOG NOTE: Two practices Saturday. Salguero serving as your eyes and ears. Updates to follow. You must return here later today.]


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Thank you Mando.

I hope it gets better tomorrow.

Thanks for the info Mando.

Too early to get too worried or excited about anything. I must say though that I am very interested in the different fronts, alignments, games, and blitzes we are going to see this year. You mentioned Wake, but how did he look? Did you see him in any 1on1s etc.

Can't say I am over excited to hear about two of our key additions (Green and Wilson) having tough days. I think Goodman will be missed this year.

Your reportage is getting better. Keep at it. Taylor and Porter will lead the league in sacks this year. Pennington gets a new contract after taking the team to the playoffs again. You read it here first.

Can't say I am over excited to hear about two of our key additions (Green and Wilson) having tough days. I think Goodman will be missed this year.

Then again, Ginn may simply be a good as the reports have said.

Hey Mando you talked about Waters yesterday from KC. What’s the chance we could trade Martin for him. He will not be back next year and it looks like we are set with the TE.
This team will be way better than last year’s team. We have more depth and more hungry to win and prove every one wrong.

I guess it's good that they drafted Pat White. Henne seems far from a sure thing to succeed in this league.

Thanks Mr. S. I enjoy reading your column and being informed. Keep up the good work

i call this update , a real nice update,now it's very clear chad.P is the man and tuna better figure out very soon if he wants to risk losing him to another team or not.

HENNE....He's a big question mark until they start him few games
JT..........could be the big gift to this team this year.
ted ginn......ready to rock and thanks to a good coach who doesn't talk much which is a great sign for the team.

when i red this update, it feels like it's team out there as one playing for a coach like new england the masters of them all.


btw, any report on the rookie corners? Really interested in hearing about sean smith's progress. Is he 2nd team? Still getting his hands on the ball?

Bart, that would be great if you are correct. Ginn has steadily improved so why not? I just hope the secondary doesn't take any steps back. IMO it was such a great surprise seeing how well they played last year, especially as the season went on. Seeing the mistakes in the 1st two games of the year and then how well they were in December was such a great surprise. Then again, with the addition of Taylor and Wake we might be able to afford to suffer a bit on the backend.

Gopats nobody cares about what you think of Henne, my little Haitian Makak

What is a makak? Is it a fruit? Go phins, can't wait for season

jacksin is a sexy name

go figure is an az no body


Just wanted to thank you for answering my questions on the live blog a few days ago. I appreciate you setting that up and taking the time to do that.

Is Harvey demoted? Yes. Is there a new guy? Yes. Does he know anything about football? No.

Advantage ... Salguero

B is a little monkey

jkasssin is indeed a sexy donkey


Thanks for the insightful information Armando. You see everything just like a camera.

That's why they don't open their doors to the media and public. Look at the fan base. If you guys up here is any indication of the fan base in Florida you guys suck.From New Jersey and you will never hear a fan regardless of what team in what sport say anything bad about their teams.Not in the papers radio shows or on tv.When the jets lost yeah they gave the news but instead of the bad they flipped it to what to do to become better. And the things they had in place.I SEE WHY GOPATSIE AND DUMB jets fans are up on this site.They feel at home why bash the FINS on a jets site if you can go to their home and bash them along with their own unapprecitve fans and the Ring leader. FOR REAL ALL THE MAIN PEOPLE WHO COMES UP HERE ALWAYS HAVE NEGATIVE COMMENTS. But to all you nay sayers I'm ready and willing to fight all argue we deserve to be mention with the best.Noone year doesn't make you an elite team but every one the pats,colts, eagles,giants,steelers etc.Did bad enough to get a top pick.Also they became the good teams that they are one year one game one play at a time. Are we the best no but the glass is half full not have empty

what up east champs? there are some negative as hell fans here especially toward ginn j.taylor and pennington. isn't it funny how fast their tune changed last season and once miami starts winning again this year. miami could win the superbowl at home by 3 points make history and u kno what these “fans” would say? yeah miami won but only by 3 points. they should have won by 7. some peepz are never happy. as to other teams fans coming here just goes ta show how crappy their own sites are.

afc east is a class act and not a wagon fin fan like the others .i wonder what did he had for breakfast .his energy is too high for this blog.

PS...the media should not be be acting like a crazy fan but rather to points things out other wise we can all move to cuba

why can't armando tape all these minicamp drills and show it on the blog,if we can see Ronaldo who was sold for more than 130 million and all his soccer practices for free and it's a real and way smarter sport than football,then why can we see the football practices in shorts .

soccer is an exhausting sport i played for 3 years but smarter than football? i don't kno about that . both sides of the ball see so many different looks an have to make a decision on what to do in a split second. an everbody has seen what happens to their respective team if they guess wrong. afc east had a huge bowl of frosted dolphins flakes and a glass of mcduffie o.j.

I ate a large COUNTRY FRIED STEAK WITH SUNNY SIDE UP EGGS AND POTATO PANCAKES from Ihop with Snapple Apple.Can't wait till the season start. So we can show all that we're back.I wonder if I could go back to look at the Herald's stories to see what ARMANDO was writing about when we were an elite team.

afc east, what are you planning for lunch and dinner if that was breakfast ?

Tony Sparano talks about everything Dolphins, including Crowder/Ryan beef with Evan Cohen on ESPN 760.


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