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Saturday's second practice in the NSMB

Inside the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB) for the second consecutive afternoon workout, the Dolphins offense once again made the bomb down the left sideline seem like it's a staple of the offense.

Except that rather than Anthony Armstrong or Ted Ginn Jr. getting by (usually) cornerback Eric Green, this time it was running back Ronnie Brown running behind the cornerback. That's great for Brown. And not so great for Green.

Brown had lined up wide and just streaked down the sideline before making the finger-tip grab just as he crossed the goal line. Touchdown Dolphins!

And for those of you familiar with Dolphins radio calls, "Touchdown Dolphins, against them!"

Other notable observations from the afternoon practice:

The team worked kick coverage again this afternoon and I was just blown away by how fast Cameron Wake can run. He got down that field as quickly as a couple of defensive backs. No exaggeration here. He was flying! And he'll have to play special teams to earn his keep, at least initially, if Jason Taylor is playing ahead of him in passing downs.

Chris Clemons, by the way, also looks like a special teams beast in the making, assuming he's a hitter (which is his reputation) once the pads go on.

Will Allen has been impressive in the manner he's taken some of the young corners -- particularly Vontae Davis -- under his wings. With Allen on the sideline and Davis in the game, you could hear Allen telling Davis what to do.

"Press, press, press, Vontae," Allen implored.

And then, "Now, come off."

Davis followed orders and showed good coverage.

Joey Thomas had a highlight interception and started high-stepping as he returned the pick, but I looked over to Bill Parcells, who was watching the action, and he didn't seem too pleased with the showboating. Note to Thomas: Intercept the ball, score the ball, don't celebrate on the way to scoring until you know you're definitely on the team.

Jason Allen also had a good afternoon in the NSMB. The more I think about it, the more I think this kid will make the team. Won't be a starter as you've read from other outlets. But he should be on the team unless his game collapses in the preseason or training camp.

Finally, my column for The Herald Sunday is right here. In it, I make the point that the Dolphins are much better today than they were a year ago at this point. I give you reasons why that is true. But I'm not so sure that will translate to a better W-L record in 2009.

Read the column (please) and tell me what you think. Agree? Think I'm crazy?  

[BLOG AND RADIO NOTE: We'll finish up minicamp with a Sunday morning practice. I'll update following the practice and then be on the radio 4:30-7 p.m. on 790 The Ticket here in So. Fla. If you're not in paradise, you can listen live at 790theticket.com. You can also call in toll free from anywhere in the country at 1-888-790-3776. And yeah, I'll be talking Dolphins.]