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Sparano's take on Tuesday's OTA workout

Coach Tony Sparano just finished his post-practice presser with the media and we are more intelligent as a result.

By the way, I love this guy! Everytime he talks, I learn something.

But I digress. As you read in the previous post, I hope, Matt Roth has been a big topic of conversation today. Check out the previous post to find out about his injury status following groin surgery three months ago.

Sparano said Roth has come a long way from last season. "His recognition of coverages and formations is outstanding," Sparano said. It has become so good, the coach said, that Roth is now reacting instinctively rather than thinking.

As a result, Roth is concentrating on his "punch" and "hand placement," which should get better this year. Roth will be the starting strongside linebacker unless something unforeseen happens.

Another player that is impressing coaches is Ted Ginn Jr. You know I wrote my Sunday column about the Dolphins search for a No. 1 receiver. I wrote Ginn has to become that guy. Some of you said the Dolphins don't need a No. 1 receiver to be effective.

And Sparano disagrees with you.

"It's important to me to have a clear No. 1 receiver," Sparano said. "... I'd like to find a clear No. 1 guy that I'm comfortable with and Chad [Pennington] is comfortable with that can come up with the big play."

And Ginn, I am convinced, continues to be the most likely candidate to be that guy because he is opening some eyes with his improvement this offseason -- improvement that is at or near the top of his class.

"Ted Ginn right now, if you said to me, 'Tell the me the player that in the seven or eight practices we've had has impressed you the most,' Ted Ginn is in the top two right now," Sparano said. "The way he's handling himself out there and the way the offense has started to slow down for him that way. I've seen him in some situations be pretty dominant."

Ted Ginn as "dominant." That is a welcome sentence for Dolphins fans.

"I've been impressed with what Ted Ginn has done," said Sparano, who declined to name the other player in his top two.

Guard Andy Alleman, who has missed practically all the OTA practices, continues to struggle with what Sparano called a sore back. "We can't get it comfortable enough for him to go out there do football things right now," the coach said.

On the quarterback front, look for colleague Jeff Darlington's interesting piece on an Internet Chad Pennington imposter coming in the next few hours online and in Wednesday's Miami Herald. And on the Chad Henne front, look for more good things said about Miami's current backup and future starter.

Sparano says he continues to see faster decision-making and clearer identification from Henne, who showed up to begin offseason work in the weight room and film room about six weeks before the rest of the players.

"Mentally, he's done a lot of work," Sparano said.

I told you in the previous post that rookie cornerback Sean Smith has jumped up to first-team work today. He apparently earned that status with his work in previous practice sessions. One interesting thing is Dolphins coaches didn't inform the rookie he was working with the first unit until just prior to the start of practice.

"First of all, we wanted to not give him too much time to think about the whole thing," Sparano said. "We just put him there this morning and told him he'd get reps with the first group.

"He's been getting better and better each practice. Had a real good practice yesterday. As he starts to progess we wanted to see him versus better people."

Finally, you should know the Dallas Cowboys have cut ties with OLB Greg Ellis. The player Bill Parcells converted from a defensive end to a linebacker is now a free agent and you'll likely hear speculation linking him to the Dolphins. Don't buy into it, as a source tells me he simply doesn't fit from a salary cap and depth chart standpoint.

Ellis, 33, will want somewhere between $2-$4 million per season from his next team. The Dolphins don't have that kind of space to spend on the OLB position, particularly with Roth still unsigned for the 2010 season. They also have half a dozen OLB types already on the roster, with all but two of those under the age of 30.

That doesn't totally shut the door on Ellis in Miami. But just about.

[BLOG NOTE: Be sure to click on the previous blog entery that tells you some of the things that happened during Tuesday's work on the field. And be certain to answer the question at the end of that post.]


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"Ted Ginn right now, if you said to me tell the me the player that in the seven or eight practices we've had has impressed you the most, Ted Ginn is in the top two right now," Sparano said

I wonder who the other one is.

Armando -- please throw another South Florida media personality under the bus. These interviews with coaches are getting tedious.

Nice to hear the progression on Sean Smith. NFL scouts expected him to be good eventually but thought he was very raw coming out of college. If he ends up getting meaningful playing time this year, I think that would be a great, unexpected contribution.

I really think Sean Smith is going to be a pick that people look back and wonder how he lasted so long in the draft.

Good point GM - who is the other - how do you not ask that question?

The other person is Wilford.


I like Joe Rose

I like to play tight end with Joe Rose to learn new and exhilarating techniques

ON behalf of the cuban menace he asked me to tell all of you, hold your horses, Teg Ginn " hands of stone " got to show all that in real game time, until then ,shut up and show me later.

Check it out now... http://myespn.go.com/blogs/afceast/0-8-132/Sparano-loves-Ginn-s-offseason-development.html

Ya'll been scooped.

Dear Funk Soul Brotha, can you write a poem about Ted Ginn's hand?

Tbone, that questions does not get asked because not one reader/fan has seen even one snap of OTAs this offseason as they are closed to the public.

So you would just be throwing names out there.

"I've seen in some situations him be pretty dominant." That good. If him make good progress, then there nothing him can't do.

How did Big Daddy Solai look today. I am worried about the NT depth!

i dont think the cuban menace should be allowed to bash ted ginn b/c the cuban menace is a Jets fan and...

1)Ted Ginn went into the Meadowlands in the last game last year and torched the Jets, getting their coach fired.
2) The Jets have one of the worst 5 WR cores in the league w/o exaggeration
3)Ted Ginn would easily start on the Jets
4) Vernon Gholston was picked higher than Ted Ginn and has done a lot less (it's easy to do less when you have 1 tackle and 0 sacks in your rookie year).

my boss mr cuban isn't a jets fan.he's a true blood fin fan, mean while, any one wants to attack mr cuban in his absent should know it's not wise nor classy to do so.

Great Reporting Armando ....loving the updates from OTA's............keep'um coming

Go Phins

Sean Smith would seem a likely guy from a physical standpoint who would start in games against a big receiver. That's if he gets the mental part down. But if he is just 80% there mentally, his physical skills could push him to a starting spot against guys like Moss and TO and Plaxico, if the Jets pick him up.

His size and speed could make up for lack of experience, to an extent.


I think what Tbone meant before was how do you not ask SPORANO that question, not us.

Did you? If not, why not?

Armando, what do you think about the chances of getting Henne in? I think that for a rookie he has a great deal of composure in the pocket
and has a much greater arm that Penn.....Love you man........

Gotcha, Ricky. Sparano was asked and he declined to name the other player.

The #1 WR will be Camarillo

Judgeraf, love you back!

I think Henne will play only if Chad Pennington fails or does so well that the Dolphins are blowing teams out.

What I mean is:

If Pennington struggles and the Dolphins are out of the playoff chase, then it will be time to get Henne some time and possibly even hand the offense over to him.

If Pennington plays great and the Dolphins are blowing teams out, Henne will get late-game snaps.

I don't see a situation where the Dolphins are in the playoff hunt, Pennington is playing well and Henne gets significant playing time. You just don't mess with success.

It's coachspeak. Translation: Ginns the man but just in case I'm wrong, I did say, "in the 7 or 8 practices......". "Top one or two".

Get it?

Optimus, I noticed one snap in which Soliai and Joe Berger locked up and the veteran lineman basically had to tackle him (which is not allowed in games) to contain Soliai. Otherwise didn't really focus on Soliai throughout the practice.

Armando, who was Ted Ginn's #1 supporter from way back?? I don't mean to say I told you so that we never needed Boldin or mortgage the team because Ginn was going to do it - ....but I told you so!

Armando, it's Joe Rose. I am truly sorry I have talked so much crap the past couple of weeks and stepped over the line on the air.

Please don't take shots at me anymore on your blog or your radio show or your column. It makes me look like the assclown I am and that's bad for business, especially with air around the clock.

Actually Mark, I've long said that Ginn continues to improve and as long as that continues he should not be ripped. I want him to be more aggressive but that's just me.

And even with an improving Ginn, I would still love to see Boldin on the Dolphins. But that is likely not going to happen regardless of what anybody wants.

I hope that's a Joe Rose imposter. Sad.

OK, OK, but I'm paraphrasing here, but I believe you once wrote something like thinking Ginn will be a star is like wishing for something or other, yada yada. In essence, you made it sound like he was pretty ordinary and uncapable of being a #1

I ensured everyone that he would put up 1,000+ yards and put up numbers like a #1 - surely better than OJ McDuffie who was hailed as a #1 receiver on this site.

At any rate, we're all in the same boat here and want to see the Dolphins be the best team they can be - can we (as a whole -writers and bloggers)agree to stop ripping the Dolphins that actually contribute and support them versus writing about which player should be here instead?

Ginn is a great young talent and putting in the work necessary to be a top shelf player - he needs our support. He's seems to be a good guy on and off the field.

I sure do hope Ginn comes out of his shell. But like Armando keeps saying "They are not in full pads". So lets wait and see how Teddy looks when the pads go on and the hitting begins.

I don't see Ginn as the go to guy unless it is a deeper or seem throw. I just don't see the guy in traffic. It isn't a put down, just a reality.
To me it means a guy that can catch a 3rd and 3 for the 4th time in the game, on the 20 in heavy traffic in the snow in New England or Buffalo when the opposition is up by 4 and there is 2 minutes to play. And then top that with a touchdown catch, again over the middle. That is a money receiver. Wes Welker is a money receiver. Davone Bess will be a money receiver.
Only time will tell.
Money could also mean 4, 25 yard catches. Depends on how you look at it. This seems more like Ted Ginn. I hope that he does it.
I do see him catching the long pass along the side line. A lot this year. And then runnin er in. Go Dolphins

He was pretty money in two cold weather games that the Dolphins needed to win last year - the Jets and KC. He was one of the main offensive cogs in both games. Why is it so hard to point to the faults in this guy and not praise the good - there were flashes of a lot of it and going forward you will see it more consistently - he is so young, give him a chance.

Joe you need to STFU. Leave Armando alone. We like him. He does a fine job.

Fake GM:
If we measure our draft picks vs. the Jest's, Eddie Moore is Lawrence Taylor.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Today I am truely saddened.

Your recent corrospondance with a Mr.Judgeraf
"Judgeraf, love you back!" has hurt my feelings.
The man asks you one generic question "Armando, what do you think about the chances of getting Henne in?" and you shower him with love.

I have asked you many questions Mr. Salguero.
Do I not deserve a response from you for my inquiries ?

Where's my love ?

Anyhoo here's my generic question

Is other most improved person Mr. Jimmy Buffet ?
I heard he has been putting alot of time in the studio.

Lots of man on man apriciation(just no reach arounds )

Soiled :)

I for one am glad to hear Sparano's early comments about Roth. There was much speculation during the offseason whether Roth would show the improvement necessary to become a bona fide OLB. It appears he is showing that.

Even though OTA's are "flag football", alot can be learned about a players understanding of his position. We don't need to learn anything about Roth's ability to tackle or his toughness.

Ginn will come ut of his shell and will produce some good yards for us this year,with the balance of the office this year it will make all the jets fans cry like they alwats do..........

Mr. Bottom: Please forgive me if I have somehow made you to feel unappreciated. Much love for you also.

In fact, much love to the entire dolphins in depth nation -- even the haters. You all keep me gainfully employed and that is appreciated.

As for Mr. Bottom's question, I don't think Coach Sparano had Jimmy Buffett in mind when he was discussing the two most improved players. Although Buffett has been playing his six-string on his front porch swing quite well lately.

Mark. Exactly right about ginn in the games against K.C and the jets. also Ginn had more catches over the middle while getting smashed besides those 2 games. This guy is the same guy who posted yesterday, that is was ginn who let us down in the 48-28 loss to the pats. Yeah it was ginn letting us down and not the defense giving up 48 points. LOL. That should tell you, all you need to know.

I don't understand why some of you say that Ginn has hands of stone, how many dropped passes have you seen from this guy? I was at every home game last year, including preseason, and I can't even fill up one hand with the number of dropped balls I saw from him.

If the guy had 30 drops last year then yeah call him hands of stone, but I venture that his total drops were fewer than his TD's and to me that is not the mark of a "hands of stone" WR.

What I really think is that some of you have a hatred for the guy and are making up excuses to denigrate him, which just goes to show your lack of objectivity when characterizing a player. To me, subjective criticism of a player is not valid and is is not worthy of discussion.

I am in agreement however that he does shy away from contact and at times ran for the sidelines rather than take on a hit to get 5 or 10 more yards. But the guy is a legitimate deep threat that can take it the distance from anywhere on the field.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Thank you for your reply to my inquirie about Mr. Buffet.

Soiled :)

p.s. Glad you didnt ask about the reach around.

Wasn't going there. Would NEVER go there.

John in Springs,

No dolphins fans think ginn has hands of stone. Thats just one Jet fan that comes on this blog. The Dolphins fans like Ginn.

Hey Armando!

Greg Ellis was released from the Cowboys. I know you haven't had the chance to ask coaches yet, or if you even care to ask Dolphins insiders, but knowing what know right now, what do estimate the chances the Dolphins will take a serious look at Ellis?


To John in Springs.

The most memorable drop (at least for me) is against the Pats last season in Miami when Chad try to make a come back in the 4th quarter and 3rd and long, he drop the ball between his hands.

I also like Ted, and if we lost is as a team, but I still think Camarillo is #1 WR, when the game is on the line.

2 players on offense and defense that I think will surprise alot of people this year:

1. Ted Ginn
2. Ronnie Brown

1. Channing Crowder
2. Matt Roth


Looks like Sean Smith is impressing the right people too, lets hope this carries over to when they put the pads on...

By humane nature , men loves to get on the wagon before it leaves the station and today's love for Ted Ginn from the fans i never seen before and why is that, b/c the coach said what they want to hear and it must be true also that he improved a lot.

my Q for these WAGon fans, where were you when he was attacked w/ some bit pull fans on this blog ?

Ha! a pats fan talking about bandwagon... gotta love the irony...

until " hands of stone " shows us other wise in real tim games, i am not happy. period.

Dear Mr. Gopats

"my Q for these WAGon fans, where were you when he was attacked w/ some bit pull fans on this blog ?"

I was getting my hair and nails done.

Soiled :)

A loco, try checking out the games against the Bills, Seahawks, Chiefs, and Jets last year... all big games for your "hands of stone" buddy...

SOULJ, i never been on a wagon like all these idiots today , wait until he drops a ball and you will see.

P.S...these are the same WAGON fans who turned on their own "Starks " and made made a lot of fun at him when he needed their support, these are not real fans,these are WAGON fans,LIKE YOU SOULJ

haha, I know you are just trying to get under my skin gopats, but you should try remembering who is who... I never trashed Starks and have been a Ginn supporter... There is no such thing as a bandwagon fan for the Dolphins... What have we won lately?

If you are a true Pats fan, could you tell me what their record was in 1990 and how you felt about that?

I remember it was you who didn't know the names of Rod Rust and Dick Macphereson (two of the worst coaches, with the funniest names) that were the coaches of your "loved" pats... A true bandwagon fan is someone who doesn't stick with a team in bad years and doesn't pay attention to a team until they are good...

1-15 W/ LOVE


notice I say all of this to inform you without insults....

SOULJ, i remember you telling me about dick and rust and i thanked you for telling me their names then and we made fun of their names.

p.s ...i became a pat fan when tuna came to town, one sincere coach who attracted a lot of people to football, he's one american original w/ no an inch of fake in him.


There is probably only one person on this blog that does not care for Ginn. You know with all the same corny lines that get so old it sounds stupid. I agree with the guy that mentioned the number of drops he ahd last year. I mean how many did he have? Does this make him hands of stone. I also believe the Menace is a good Phin fan that happens to dislike Ginn.

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