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Fins Sunday: Shared blame for Allen struggles

It's easy to play the blame game. If a running play doesn't work, fans often blame a running back but don't recognize that two offensive linemen used poor technique that blew the play.

If a pass is intercepted, it's always the quarterback's fault, except it really isn't when the receiver runs the wrong route or a running back doesn't pick up the blitz, causing the errant pass.

And when a player bombs, it's always his fault. Except that isn't always the case when the team he's on doesn't put him in the best position to succeed.

That, in part, is what's happened with Jason Allen.

In my column today, I walk you through the reasons the Dolphins must share blame for Jason Allen not producing to the level of everyone's expectations. Yes, he is responsible for learning the proper techniques and applying them during games. He has failed to do that so far.

But the Dolphins have been complicit in causing his problems. Read the column to find out the ways the team has hurt Allen. Then tell me if you agree he's not always been placed in the best position to succeed and whether you think he can still turn it around.

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