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Fins Sunday: Shared blame for Allen struggles

It's easy to play the blame game. If a running play doesn't work, fans often blame a running back but don't recognize that two offensive linemen used poor technique that blew the play.

If a pass is intercepted, it's always the quarterback's fault, except it really isn't when the receiver runs the wrong route or a running back doesn't pick up the blitz, causing the errant pass.

And when a player bombs, it's always his fault. Except that isn't always the case when the team he's on doesn't put him in the best position to succeed.

That, in part, is what's happened with Jason Allen.

In my column today, I walk you through the reasons the Dolphins must share blame for Jason Allen not producing to the level of everyone's expectations. Yes, he is responsible for learning the proper techniques and applying them during games. He has failed to do that so far.

But the Dolphins have been complicit in causing his problems. Read the column to find out the ways the team has hurt Allen. Then tell me if you agree he's not always been placed in the best position to succeed and whether you think he can still turn it around.

Discuss ... 


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First, nah i'm just kidding that's stupid. He's had it rough but he was just never that good in the first place. Other players have played well through position changes and new coaches. Matt Roth?

Ceed, you make a good point about Matt Roth. But he's had one position change not five like Allen.

I think that Jason Allen is more a victim of circumstance than he is victim of the "Dolphins."

The Miami Dolphins of today are not the same team that drafted him. They are not the same one that was guided by Cam Cameron. The Miami Dolphins of today are a good bit wiser and a damn bit tougher. And this is Jason's second year with the better team of this bunch.

Has Jason been victimized by the circumstance of so much change? Yes.

But he is now in the second year on a team that had success with a prominent player (Matt Roth) making a position change last year.

The onus is now on him.

Back When The Creep Saban Draftd Allen
i was always a Fan...Maybee my fanship
for him came from Loven Miami dolphins
soo F*ckn Much butt agree with Armando
He Hasnt Spent Much Time at FS Which Is
Where He Belongs But With That Sed Terrell
Davis Made His Name First On Special Teams
up Gunnin Off Punts or Kick Offs...?

UP..Obviously Theres No Role From him
for 1st String Defence..And PLus it
would be Horrible to See a 1st Round
draft Pick Dissappear With So So
Many Regrets He SHould Have Sence
Hes Bein Draftedd

What bullcrap. Allen just can't handle the pressure and his mind is never where it's supposed to be. You know what they say about corners. They must have a short memory. Well Allen apparently can't get mistakes out of his head. Only one other person is to blame in addition to Allen himself. Saban, because he's the one who drafted the clown and was going to make an all pro out of him.

I disagree with your analysis of Jason Allen.

First, there has been several players that have been forced to make position changes on the Phins during the coaching carousel. Roth has been mentioned, but also Carey is another.

Second, part of the reason for the position changes is Jason Allen's lack of performance at any given one position. If he would have excelled at either safety or CB, they would have never changed the position any further. They have not changed the position of Will Allen or Bell, nor do I see them changing the postion of Davis or Smith.

Third, another part of Jason Allen's journey was his hold out in his rookie season. If he would have signed and gotten into camp early, he would have adapted more to the pro game. For heavens sake, he was a middle first round pick. How many times have we seen hold outs become busts -- can anyone say Russell. It seems to me that he has all the physical talents, but cannot adapt to the pro game. Look at the success of all the rookies from last year. One key commonality is that Ireland signed them all and got them into camp.

Hint, hint, hint to all the rookies this year and management for that matter -- Sign a deal and get into camp or else you might have a journey like Jason Allen.

If they don't bite when their pups they won't bite. enough said. he didn't even bite on special teams and all that takes is attitude.

three steps to get him going;

1-hire cprnnel the EX browns head coach as D coach

2- hire kung fu coach

3-give him more money to make him happy


The fins are trying to find a posiion for allen; which means hes not that good, so they are tring to maximize his talent. But when you aint realllll talented its real hard. He is a OK special teams player; however not a first round talent nor a NFL starting Corner or Safety.

He will be cut, unless he stars at special teams.

I think the last thing that we need to be doing for this kid is making more excuses. If he wasn't a number one pick, he would have been cut by Saban his rookie year for his work ethic, I remember he returned a punt for a touchdown in a preseason game and that was "just" good enough to make the team - for a number 1 draft pick??? Cameron would have cut him, but he had potential.

Its tough to make those switches, but Allen has not even been close to competing at either position and has forced these different regimes to find a place to "try" to get him on the feild. No more excuses for this guy. He's dang lucky to still be on the team and he's going to have to play where there are opportunties.

Well I certainly can't agree with that analogy. You have to win your position and he hasn't won any positions. He has been given the chance at positions he should be able to play but is "consistently" beat out. Is there a position between safety and cb?
To me, you get on the field and work your butt off every play in practise and in the game. But the biggest problem with this guy is he doesn't react naturally. He gets that deer in the headlights look and touchdown.

J Allen should have been a 3rd or 4th round pick - he should never have been a first rounder. It's the only reason why Mando has written another article on him.

So far I've found Gene's comments to be the most incisive and intelligent. Good work, Gene. I enjoyed reading your post.

For you others? Start emulating Gene or move on to another blog.

I am really not sure what to think about Jason Allen. On the one hand, what all the posters have said above is true: If he really was that good, he would be starting right now or at least have some very defined role with the team. He's been on the team 3 years, which is plenty of time to find a niche.

nathaniel, are you saying to follow Gene b/c you believe in him or b/c most bloggers are dumb,if we follow Gene on football and you on pleasuring ourselves,we will be all set .

HOWEVER, I think he has shown flashes of being good with the limited time that he has gotten. He has made multiple interceptions in the games he has been in (regular and pre-season). And you can tell he is a really good athlete. His size/speed combo is why he was a 1st round pick. I am really pulling for the guy. You want athletes like that on your team. Maybe he puts it all together this year. They have finally given him a premanent position.

Players have jumped from saftey and corner often. But at 3 seasons of being a Defensive Back he should be producing. Now granted this will be the first time he plays the same position for 2 years in a row and with the same coaching staff under the same scheme, but how much of his changing positions had to do with the team concepts setting him back or out of need due to his lack of productivity. Maybe it was either change his position or cut him?

By the way, how ironic is the the picture that was posted in the Herald story that Armando wrote of J. Allen? It shows Allen trailing Brandon Marshall, who looks like he is about to score a touchdown. He actually did score a touchdown on that play last year... but it was called back for offensive pass interference. So it looks like Allen had blown coverage on the play, but really he had such good coverage that Brandon Marshall had to push off to get open. Sounds like the article Armando wrote - it looks like it's Allen's fault... but maybe it isn't after all.

In response to your question, Sammy, I should like to list some of my favorite Sammys:

1) Samuel Adams
2) Sam Madison
3) Sammy Davis, Jr.
4) Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain)
5) Sammy The Self-Pleasurer

what's the point discussing any longer since we just devoted our draft to filling the positions. it's unfortunate, but we're moving forward.

The ironic thing about this entire argument is this: Yes it's tough to keep switching back and forth, learning 2 different techniques for 2 different positions, but all of you who have issues with Allen, your issues stem from what coaches say, or what you read in the papers. Last offseason, Jason Allen was the ONLY db to stand out in preseason. Allen had 3 ints, the year we were 1-15. Everyone is in love with Will Allen, and rightfully so, but Jason Allen made the same amount of plays in a half a years worth of work. I clearly remember Jason Allen last preseason, always around the ball, always making plays, and in the time he has been on the field, minus 2 plays against Randy Moss, he has seemed solid to me. I know everyone cites the coaches transcripts about Allens consistency and bla bla bla, but me, I'd rather form my own opinion, from what I see on the field. If the issue is Allen at practice, well then it's time we start labeling Merling as a bust as well, since he apparently is a poor practice player, but turns it on for the games. The only thing I dislike about this new regime is how they have "their guys." Chris Crocker was one of "their guys." Charlie Anderson was one of "their guys." Ernest Wilford was one of "their guys." If you remember the first 8 games of the season, you remember a story in which Andre Goodman missed a practice, and there was speculation that he was cut. 8 games later he was "our best corner." That's the way things change over a season, and last year, our pass defense was not good. That's without Jason Allen playing, but I dont recall people screaming for Renaldo Hill's head, or Andre Goodmans head. People love to bash Allen because he was a Saban pick. If he dont bite as a pup.... doesn't seem to fit this article, because when he is in the game, he does seem to find the ball. More so than Bell who everyones in love with, dont misunderstand this statement, I am not calling Jason Allen the best db on the team, I'm just saying I don't listen to coach speak when it comes to this regime, and holdover players. If there was never an article written about Jason Allen needs to stop thinking so much, or Jason Allen needs to be more consistent, I wonder how many people would be so hard on him, this situation is media driven. And for the record Jason Allen does play special teams, and he is one of the better players on our special teams unit, so the guy isn't sulking the way Wilford did, refusing to talk to the media, he goes out there and he plays hard, and even when he was beaten by Moss I remember him staying after that game and answering every single question, didnt shy away from anything. The guy wants to play, the guy wants to start, he isn't here and comfortable cause he got $6 mil up front whether he makes the team or not. I try to remember from his rookie year on, the plays that Jason Allen has given up, because those of you who are really Dolphins fans, you remember the corners before Surtain and Madison. Anyone remember J.B. Brown? Jerry Wilson? How does Jason Allen get killed more than Jamar Fletcher ever did? Fletcher couldnt cut it as a nickelback, let alone a starter. I will not judge Allen based on who drafted him, I'd rather judge him for what I see when he plays, and I felt more comfortable last year watching Allen cover Moss and Marshall than I did with Goodman covering them.

kevin hates most of us does not hate me because he has never heard of me

Wait a second...Allen cant go to practice...take notes...go home review his notes...get mentally prepared for the next days practice and apply what he has learned? Come on....Corner or safety argument. How about work ethic and determination. How about the fear of failure as a "BUST" is not strong enough in his psychological makeup make him at least contribute to get on the field.

Look, he must have some physical gifts to even be on a professional team so to me it must be a problem with his make up as a person.

Who knows,really? But the fact is, Mando is trying to teach some of you. And you just refuse to learn. And that, is the def of stupidity.

Good luck working at your "chosen" profession. Hope you don't forget to put ketchup in the bag.

Jason Allen has hung around the dolphin organization because of his contract. The "position flexibility" that his size, speed, technique, etc offer is now an asset. The trifecta has preached position flexibility in the media, especially when focusing on the bottom half of the roster. Allen offers just that.

Allen keeps getting moved around because he has not shown the ability to succeed at either position. He is not good enough to be a starting safety or cornerback. If he couldn't play special teams, he wouldn't even be on the team at this point. B-u-s-t in every definition of the word.

No way.

Channing Crowder. Ronnie Brown. Matt Roth. All players who have played with the same set of coaches and managed to lock a position. Roth even got moved and excelled.

Bottom line is, Jason Allen is the last member of a total BUST 2006 draft. He is still on the team because he is a former first round pick. If he was cut any year prior to this year, the cap implications would be detrimental to the team. So instead of cutting him, the staff is forced to move him back in forth from corner to safety depending on which unit has less depth. Either scenario buries him in the depth chart.

To make a long story short: HE SUCKS.

Here's the thing with Jason, if he were a third round pick or anything later I could see justifying him as a project. (Mando, your contention is that Jason hasn't had enough time at one spot) But being a first rounder, 16th overall, should mean you're able to immediately step into the role (or even a part time back up role) you were drated for. He wasn't ready the first year and I guess we can blame that on Cameron for taking Jason so early in the draft. But now he's being asked to return to a position that he has already studied a couple of times. Should he not be well prepared at this point? Is it really that tough to throw some footwork drills in while you're training for the safety position? Isn't that something that a safety SHOULD do considering there are times the safety is asked to come to the line and cover the slot receiver (during certain situations) in 4 and 5 wr sets? Wouldn't practicing corner techniques make him a more well polished safety? I just think that when you're the 16th player picked in the draft, before hundreds of other players, you should be able to adjust to a different but similar position more easily. I'm still rooting for Jason and I hope he succeeds. I would like to believe that the coaches comfortability with moving him back to corner says more about Jasons abilities than it says about his inability to stand out at one spot. Meaning the coaches have enough safeties and still think enough of J to keep him on the team. Lastly, Matt Roth was asked to move from DE to LB and did a fine job. He didn't complain and no one wrote a story about how hard it was going to be to go from a down positon to a standing position that covers TEs Rbs and WRs, he just did it. Why can't Jason?

I don't buy the excuses for Jason Allen. Those were the excuses as to why he didn't succeed as a rookie. He's been in the league a while now and had YEARS of experience at each position. Some cornerbacks go right in and succeed as rookies. It's not a position that takens six years to master. Smith might start at rookie this year.

Vernon Carey flipped between right and left tackle and succeeded at both position. If you moved Jake Long to guard, he'd do well. Matt Roth did fine moving to LB from end last year (and that's a MUCH harder switch than CB to safety). Good football players can adapt. I'm pretty sure I've heard Sparano talk a lot about "position flexibility", too. So, they obviously believe that players should be able to play more than one position.

Jason Allen may eventually be a pretty good football player, but he'll never be even close to worth the 16th overall slot with which he was selected.


Allen was drafted two coaches ago, and the most recent tennant at the spot has found guys that can work with the team. Maybe the Dolphins aren't the problem, but it still comes back to Allen in that he's not the performing at anything. If Allen isn't putting in the effort, or progressing in his effort to learn new schemes, learn them as well as Hill did, or Goodman did, then he doesn't deserve this blog space, or your article. I happen to disagree with what you think the Dolphins are asking. Good corners and safeties don't simply "forget" what they learned if it helped them improve as a player. They use what they learned and apply them to the new techniques they'll learn from the new guys. It should be an advantage to have both the techniques and mindsets of the two positions. I cannot comprehend how this is a disadvantage. To simply forget one position because he is asked to perform at a different spot, as is said in the article, boggles me. Make LeBron James as a guard or keep him at foward, and you'll have a dominant player. Place Chase Utley at first base (where he more than ably performed in a few instances) or keep him at second, and he's still a gold-glove calibur infielder. Closer to Allen's situation, take Devin Hester out of the CB spot and put him in the WR spot, and there are no blogs about disadvantages simply because what he's doing is different. How can we blame the Dolphins for Allen's situation if Allen himself hasn't even impressed three coaches at the position he's supposed to be good at? It's on the player, Armando. And Allen doesn't have it.

This is it for J. Allen. He has had the entire off-season at corner, let him compete. He's been flip-flopped from safety to corner for the first three years with the fins. Not this season. Let's see who wins the starting gig at corner position and THEN judge JW. Personally, I hope that he can earn a starting spot. If he can't, we just can't keep him because of his pedigree.
Saban drafted some good people like Roth and Brown. Maybe he missed on this guy.

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How can you think that there's a remote chance that you can compair the tackle position to that of a corner or safty. Corners must react to a person movements where the safty reads before reacting. Safties are not as agile as corners.MATT ROTH was o.k at best.Stop acting as if he was enve close to good. If he was so great WAKE and TAYLOR wouldn't be pushing him for time.ALLEN showed promise but was unable to be consistant. Then again how can you when every year he gets not only a new position but a new scheme. The bad part of all this it's not all his fault or the FINS but the plague of a coaching merry-go-round that happened for a few years.he will get better. but maybe not in time to remain on the team.

Allen has been tried at many positions by many Dolphin coaching staffs, which means the guy is not good at any of them. The only reason he is around is because of his contract, once that has expired, he will no longer be a Dolphin. The team has to deal with him and use him as best possible to at least get some sort of return on their investment.


Great article. I hope Allen can get it together on his part because I think the coaching staff the Dolphins have now are going to be here for a while. Its hard to ask for consistency when having to deal with regime changes annually.

Wow, you article taught me something and made me think of things I had not considered. Thanks.

i am grading the posts i red so far....
matt nc......B
matt idiot....C
cuban menace.....A+
joe watts....C
the vp......B
afc east.......A
pat maji...b-
NY Scott....B
Zomie boy........A+

all these grade based on new info can help me think

Jamar Fletcher

He is a bust plain and simple.

Allen has good hands, is sizable and fast: try him at WR. He's a backup CB at best on this team. Not to say he won't still play CB and Special Teams (and probably depth Safety) but he has all the physical tools to play a little offense so why not hive him some reps in a mini-camp?

In looking at my, perhaps silly, suggestion above, he is kind of a versatile backup and would be worth keeping as he can man a lot of positions - but not at first round money. I wonder what he is being paid this year, how many years he has left and what his cap hit is?

I can't feel bad for a dude that held out like he did as a rook. If your gonna do that [stuff], you better come in and blow it up right away.

lets face it the dude is a rock. whats with all the excuses cut the bum, what is his i.q. like 60. look this is simple he cat absorb the play book because he is a moron

Allen Is the ted ginn of the defence with out the family.

Right on cuban menace!

What a joke. You spend column space week after week bashing Allen and hinting that he might get cut or that he is a bust. Now you want to make excuses? Horrible reporting or commenting or what ever in the heck it is you do.

I think Allen has talent and just needs more playing time....just like Yeremiah Bell did.

Very good column armando. You showed a different side to the reason Allen hasn't excelled. But as you pointed out, it will be hard for him to ever be a starter with the Dolphins.

My take is that every player in the NFL is a professional with a job to do. The fact that he has been under so many coaches is actually
a plus as he should have mad intelligence @ two positions, as well as the hip positioning and hand placement for the position. Now I am not there on the field for practices and I don't know what he has done during the offseason, but I think he is hanging around because he shows up in games and Tuna & Helper
want to get some type of return.
We have seen it before in players and if you watch him come game time he shows up.
Having said that, the question now is how does he show up? Does he show up with game knowledge or does he show up relying on talent?
If the latter is the case I can not condone holding on to a player forever because he has promise. Get rid of his #$* and let him go learn somewhere else to learn and not only that a WR is said to need 3years. HELLO!!! This is #4. We have had rookies come in and push the competition and gain a starting spot Smith and Davis are the future and they have a great mentor in Will Allen and not just football, in life as well. With all the 2.0s and 3.5s (upgrades) at the position everyone should stop whining about a has been that never was. Regardless if it was his fault or his coaches.

cuban menace always cut the crap and goes to the heart of the matter.

this is a good one " Allen is the Ted Ginn of the defense without the family " it says it all.that's why i grade him A+ not like NYScott who's writing for ever and by the time you are done reading it you look like rachel ray stomach people in the old pictures that were here.

ELWYN Green is very hard man , he has no time to play around w/ Allen any more and why he can't wait for Allen turn around like tuna wants.it sends a message to the other players that coaches give you few chances to turn around and that's a good way to coach .you can't have a firing squad every time a player has a tough going.

i hope after all this writing ELWYAN GREEN LEARNS FOR ME

You guys must understand that if you do pretty much anything in life for a year,every single day you will develope habits. In his case and not making any exscuses for him but how can he master his craft if he doesn't get the chance to.PAUL BLART I mean CUBAN being a "cop" he should shoot better then all of us.But how many years did he work at it,at the range.Even though he really works security at Shop Rite. (CUBAN had to get a little cheap shot).Most things people do well they practice at it for years.To become a pro they practice more than most.The elite more than that.Look at so many players come out as QBs and become WRs in the NFL.How many became even good.Green Bay's Woodson played CB they said he was slowing down so they put him as FS only to put him back in the middle of the year.

The dude is fast, very inconsistent, and on today's draft an undrafted player on a practice squad, always "with a chance to make it"

To KEVIN HATE MOST OF YOU or should I call you JASON ALLEN. There is no dolphon fan in the world that would know that much about a back-up player.

wright on afc east champs, i always wondered about that guy kevin hate most of you , he sound gay to me in a funny way, like he wants to find some but i can''t figure him out,still he knows a lot about the players in a strange way.

AFC EAST SMARTER THAN ANY ONE ON This blog as 007 agent


for the record, i went back and red KEVIEN HATES most of you and you 100 percent on the money.....this news ...
'dolphin player is writing on this blog to sway fans towards ALLEN.
now ,if nj phin fan confirm this after reading again ,that will help.


SUPERMAN lost another game, he looks more like ROBIN than SUPERMAN

Good people make the complex sound simple. Mediocre people make the simple sound complex. Same thing whether you are a teacher, and auto mechanic or a writer. Keep it simple - Jason Allen has neither succeeded as a corner or a safety on a team lacking both. Even simpler, as a football player, he has not been good. <- Period.

that guy, what do you do for living ?you sound like you toss salad all day

First, Matt Roth was never a tackle, he was a defense end. Second, the transition from end to LB is much more difficult than the change between CB and safety. Matt Roth hadn't dropped into pass coverage since high school. All he used to do was try to stop the run and rush the passer. Then, he's asked to drop back into pass coverage. That's hard!...especially for someone as big as Roth.

The fact that he's working with the 1st unit tells you that the coaching staff thinks he's doing a nice job. He definitely plays the run better than JT and Wake. That's why he's likely to be in there on 1st and 2nd down. He's just not as adept at rushing the pasher as JT (we'll see about Wake).

CB and safety have much more in common than defenseive end and LB in a 3-4 defense...much more. Jason Allen hasn't succeeded because he's not that good of a football player, not because he's switched positions more often than most guys.

Come on guys, show me some love, A.F.C. East Chump-----WRONG

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