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Fins Sunday: Shared blame for Allen struggles

It's easy to play the blame game. If a running play doesn't work, fans often blame a running back but don't recognize that two offensive linemen used poor technique that blew the play.

If a pass is intercepted, it's always the quarterback's fault, except it really isn't when the receiver runs the wrong route or a running back doesn't pick up the blitz, causing the errant pass.

And when a player bombs, it's always his fault. Except that isn't always the case when the team he's on doesn't put him in the best position to succeed.

That, in part, is what's happened with Jason Allen.

In my column today, I walk you through the reasons the Dolphins must share blame for Jason Allen not producing to the level of everyone's expectations. Yes, he is responsible for learning the proper techniques and applying them during games. He has failed to do that so far.

But the Dolphins have been complicit in causing his problems. Read the column to find out the ways the team has hurt Allen. Then tell me if you agree he's not always been placed in the best position to succeed and whether you think he can still turn it around.

Discuss ... 


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Here's what happened to Jason Allen... You have to watch this if you haven't seen it before.


After Ronnie Brown destroyed him in college his brain could no longer retain information. I remember when we drafted him and I saw this video, I was wondering what the hell Saban was thinking. It must be the same video that prompted Saban to pick Brown the following year.

I think Allen had a pretty good year going last year with two exceptions (Arizona and NE 2). I am not sure who had the blown coverages in AZ it wasn't surprising though being the 2nd game of the year, But I know the coaches game planned the worst game plan ever in that game against NE. Give me a break asking anyone to cover Moss one on one all game is just plain stupid. The DC should have never planned it and Sparano never should have approved it. STUPID...

But than what do I know I think TG is developing nicely and will have a break out year this season...

The sad part be dat Jason Allen is a dope special teams player, regardless of what the honkey media and fans be tellin.


Some positions rely on other members of your team for overall success but not corner or safety. Either you can cover one on one or you can't. Either you understand the zone principles or you don't. Forget not applying the techniques he has been taught but merely he looks lost and overmatched. Sadly we spent a mid first round pick on an average special teamer. Gotta love the Saban Era er... Debacle.

I agree that moving Allen from safety to corner to safety to corner has hurt his development. But the thing I don't agree with is the "different techniques" employed by the 3 different coaching staffs for CB's. Some like to play off, and some press, but most a combination of both during the games, and the technique a CB will use in those coverages are pretty much the same across the league. They are not rocket science to learn, but certainly hard to master and reps are needed to master the technique.

So I will sympathize with Allen on the first point, not the second.

nick saban was a great coach who no one understood him and find out how great he's, doplphins made big mistake firing him, if he was here , Allen would be with a ring right now

J. Allens toast! It's official he's a bust. Anyone, including you Mando, would be delusional to believe otherwise.
His ST play will not justify a roster spot with this front office. He;s done absolutely nothing to garner any trade value either.
It's over, stick a fork in it, he's DONE!


Hey Jod-----Coke, Weed, or Meth????????

Bet on it,so dumb ,he can be an az

Jason allen could be a shut down corner... In the UFL...

All kidding aside, the guy is a good special teams player, but thats about it. He has been given plenty of chances to succeed and hasn't really shown anything very promising. I've read before that he has a problem retaining information... If he doesn't show anything in training camp this year, that could be it for him...

soulj is one smart fan like odinese and bet on it

souljbeat,did you hear amanda balmer the singer yet.

If we let him go he will probly play good somewhere else. He made good money here and has had more chances than alot of other deserving guys. He will get another chance this summer to prove he belongs on a contending championship team like the Miami Dolphins. This is it though,its time to grow up,give your very best and let the chips fall where they may. GO MIAMI! This is our year.

I actually like J. Allen and am hoping he is given more playing time this year. I honestly think that E Green or J Allen will be starting opposite W Allen. They are both fighting for that spot on the roster and have something to prove. Or else the mediocre label comes out but not bust. i'd like to know how fast all of the cb are against each other. I'm guessing Will Allen is the fastest who is 2nd? a rookie? Eric Green? I'm still wondering if Green is gonna end up like Wilford... odd man out? Is Nathan Jones the man at nickel?

The team used two high draft picks on cornerbacks and brought in a veteran free agent. That speaks volumes about what the trifecta thinks about Jason Allen.

As a prospect I liked J Allen too. Good speed, physical, athleticism, etc. At this level practically everyone has these attributes, and more. Allen obviously does not. mediocre? Not even, besides mediocrity doesn't cut it in this league. Come on everybody say it with me: B*U*S*T.
mrmikejohnson is on the money. two high picks and a veteran free agent cb. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the writing on the wall.
We have W Allen, Green, Smith, and Davis. Nathan Jones played in the nickel and dime last year and is IMPROVING. J Allen isn't and HASN'T. We have Bell and Wilson as safeties, with Clemmons from Clemson catching up quick. Face the facts, J Allen's days are numbered. Do the math. Mid 1st rd pick, 4 years, absolutely no trade value, none. Add it up and it equals B*U*S*T.

i predict HENNE will be the biggest BUST not Allen , face the fact odinseye idiot

why the fans on this blog are so hateful of Allen and not at Ted Ginn or JT,like this idiot fan mcrreet

Although Ted Ginn Jr has left some things to be desired, he has produced way more that Jason Allen in a shorter amount of time...

Mr. Bunglito,

Stop acting like a retard.


You ask why everyone hates Allen, as you personally insult me and another poster. You must have the same problem as J Allen. Retaining information. Classy DUDE. In the very first line of my post, the one immediately preceding yours{in case you've forgotten already[lol], I state that I liked Allen. I liked him at Tennessee. At the time I liked the pick we made. For the next two years I complained that he wasn't getting playing time. That was then, this is now, Face the facts: B*U*S*T. Nothing personal here.
As for your prediction on Henne, he might bust. As a fan I certainly hope not. The Dolphin brass feel he's made considerable progress, they even took him on a scouting/workout trip prior to the draft. In caparison J Allen hasn't made any noticeable improvements at multiple positions.
If you want to make any further comments on my, or anyone else's post, let me suggest reading thoroughly, comprehending, and finally Retaining the INFO.
Say it with me everybody B*U*S*T.

As for Ginn I wish him the best and will reserve judgement for seasons end.
I didn't like the spot Ginn was picked at. Still don't it was absolutely MORONIC. Just the same he has made promising improvements. Albeit, sometimes painstakingly slow, but improvements nonetheless. In his defense, he hasn't had a truly strong armed QB to develop chemistry with. They say the third seasons a charm for WR in the NFL.
Whether he develops into a true no 1 WR{I don't think he will} isn't as big a deal as everyone thinks. Sure it would be nice but don't bank on it.
My point is this: Ginn will make an excellent no 2 WR. With Turner, Bess, and Camirillo filling out the spread formations. Worst case scenario, at seasons end we will be in fantastic shape to finally land a true no 1.
Boldin would be a mistake for us. Not to take anything away from him, he's talented no doubt. All the scheming against Fitzgerald, and his monstrous talent no doubt made Boldin. I'm sure the trifecta was well aware of this when they declined to trade for him.
Kudos to Parcells and Co.

the big news is im taking stacey to the point.

that's wright, think about the chiefs game last year!. now get mad. we made it but at what a cost? awfull close.


we have a potential superstar secon. but i hope our recievers are giving them some strong honest effort

this d line will be a hand full, the d backs are a few penalty's from badass, then theres the passing game or lets run it.!does it matter

most posters tonight sounds and taste like feta cheese, old , bitter and haters of Allen

odinseye, boldin had 1000 yrd season b4 fitz... he is an expensive player that is y no trade

odineye, I have not seen enough bad play(or good play) from him yet... but just because a player doesn't make it on the field doesn't mean he's bad. We just had a more experienced secondary that played well enough. Goodman played well enough to win that job with hard work and consistency. J Allen is not a nickelback or dime package type cb. from the amount of real game time he has had at cb in NFL you can't say he is a bust. all mando was putting out there is the fact that the organization has been calling for consistency and has shown him nothing but inconsistency in return. And don't tell me it doesn't make a difference in how you'd prepare your body to be ready for a season at a certain position. and the flip flopping doesn't help him.

Hey Jod aka B.B.--Stay with the Green Gay FudgePackQueers-Towel Boy

I basically agree with you on Boldin and Allen.
I believe cost is WHY they didn't trade for Boldin. I just stated that all the attention given Fitz has to help him. I'm sure this factored into the decision not to make the trade. I personally believe that Boldin might be in the early stages of T.O.D.{Terrell Owens Disease].
Again with Allen I tend to agree with you. A lot of people try to down play the flip flopping. This has to hurt not only his consistency, how about his confidence. My post may be a little harsh on Allen but it's not personal. I hope he proves me wrong and plays at a pro bowl level this year. It would just make us that much better.
For the past few years up until Parcells and Co arrived, our secondary has been shaky at best with no depth. Prior to the draft we had two starting corners in W Allen and Green. We also had two starting safeties in Bell and Wilson. Of those four, two were FA's signed to fill specific needs. I believe we drafted three starters in Davis, Smith, and Clemmons. So this is good for everyone except J Allen and Nathan. I'm not hating on Allen, I just believe he will be the odd man out. Nathan played well last year and has shown improvement.
The NFL is a business. If it plays out this way for Allen, he will be in a bad spot. 1st rd pick, 4 years without much improvement, unemployed. Would any others teams take a chance on him? Even if they did, would he stick? He hasn't in 4 years here.
As harsh as it sounds this is the text book definition of BUST.

fire allen. he has had his chances. he has been replaced. good bye, & good luck. unless he goes to ne, buff, or nyj, then i wish him more bad luck.

I believe jason allen will be a dolfan.At the end of the season he was coming up and making tackles.He was also playing inspired even yelling at some of our guys.The light is coming on proof will be in traning camp!He has size speed and he will hit your ass.He had the whole off season listing to people cry. I am sure he will have you in his mind when we are trying to resign him.It's all simple either he will come in camp and bust heads and take a job.Or we blame our self to other teams and hope for best trade we can get.Myself as much has been said i would try to knock ever body out!Then everybody could cry some more.

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