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Live blog chat at noon Thursday

The Dolphins open their three-day mandatory minicamp on Friday. They will practice twice on Friday and Saturday,  and once on Sunday.

And that, of course, can mean nothing other than a live blog chat today.

So from noon until about 2 p.m., I'll be on here and available for your abuse input. We can discuss all things Dolphins. We can discuss the AFC East. We can discuss the recent blah-blah-blah going on between Channing Crowder and Rex Ryan.

We can discuss how you are going to survive the next several weeks while I'm away on vacation starting Monday.

If you cannot be here Thursday, you can pick one of several options:

No. 1: Leave your questions or comments now and I'll answer them. You can come back at your convenience and see the community's reaction.

No. 2: You can forgot about today's live chat and hang out with me during the minicamp updates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And C, as Dave Wannstedt would say in his warped intelligence:: You can forgot about Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and simply call my radio show Sunday afternoon 4:30-7 p.m. (I'll give you the digits and streaming address over the weekend).

No. 4: You can do none of the above, which makes you, like me, ready for a vacation.

Talk to you guys (universal use, AO) at noon.