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Live blog chat at noon Thursday

The Dolphins open their three-day mandatory minicamp on Friday. They will practice twice on Friday and Saturday,  and once on Sunday.

And that, of course, can mean nothing other than a live blog chat today.

So from noon until about 2 p.m., I'll be on here and available for your abuse input. We can discuss all things Dolphins. We can discuss the AFC East. We can discuss the recent blah-blah-blah going on between Channing Crowder and Rex Ryan.

We can discuss how you are going to survive the next several weeks while I'm away on vacation starting Monday.

If you cannot be here Thursday, you can pick one of several options:

No. 1: Leave your questions or comments now and I'll answer them. You can come back at your convenience and see the community's reaction.

No. 2: You can forgot about today's live chat and hang out with me during the minicamp updates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And C, as Dave Wannstedt would say in his warped intelligence:: You can forgot about Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and simply call my radio show Sunday afternoon 4:30-7 p.m. (I'll give you the digits and streaming address over the weekend).

No. 4: You can do none of the above, which makes you, like me, ready for a vacation.

Talk to you guys (universal use, AO) at noon.


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Dang, I thought I could be first.

Is Rex Ryan conducting interviews under the influence?

The Jets should make him take a sobriety test before they let him speak.

The fins are going to show everyone that they are legit.


Could you have a look at.

1. Joey Haynos - how he is being used and does he see any time with the first team

2. Offensively in the 3 WR set, who is in the Slot?

3. Is Brandon London getting much of a look or is the initial focus on the 2 draftees

4. Camarillo - does he look at all tentative in and out of breaks

5. Lankford - there hasnt been much on him so far, is he just going about his business.. has he developed any, physically.

6. DB's - are they a tight group and supporting each other? or are they wary of each other.

7. Chris Clemons - in Rookie camp it was stated that he was quite vocal and showing strong leadership skills in coordinating the DB's.. How does he look now he's amongst veterans

Thanks Armando

Rex Ryan? Just the latest attempt by the New Jersey Gliders trying to make it into the news. Can't wait to see Channing unload!
Bring on the season already!


1) I understand Ireland is pretty upset about the Crowder/Ryan commentary. Is this true? Personally, I think it is kind of fun to have some banter like this. The two seem like they are just joking around and the whole thing seems pretty harmless. What are your thoughts?

2) Haven't heard too much about Vontae Davis since the start of camp. Sean Smith appears to be getting a lot of credit, so I was hoping you could let us know the coaches thoughts on Davis at this point and his place in the competition for the other starting corner spot.

3) Is it true that Donald Thomas will be ready to go by the start of the season? I was seeing reports that he is healing quickly and will be ready for camp.

Thanks Armando!



Teams in the AFC are going to come at Miami really strong this year and without really knowing how the new defense in is going to play, with the loss of several key starters; it is going to be important for the the OL to keep the D off the field. So, while you're at camp, please speak to how the OL is physically handing the D and whether the new OL additions and subs are dominating. Thanks.

Mando, The menace will try to attend your live blog today to lend my own p.ov , till then have a great morning.

Armando tahnks for all of your hard work in keepin this blog so entertaining and informative!

My question is... With all the talent at outside linebacker, does it make sense to look ay any of these guys as inside linebacker, even though the skillset is somewhat different?


Who do you feel will be breakthrough players this year? Sean Smith? Vontae Davis? One of the DL-men drafted last season? One of the WR kids drafted this year? Ted Ginn? Donald Thomas? Or someone else? Personally, I think we need 3-4 of these guys to really step up this season.


Where do you rank the late great Reggie Roby among the all time Dolphins Greats? I know punters get no love, but he is probably the greatest of all time at his position. If Ray Guy can get into the Hall of Fame than Reggie Roby should be inducted as well.

MR,CROWDER.....shut up and show us what you can do on game day.it takes away from the focus on what really matters which is to win games and leave the tarazan talk to others.

Question for Armando:

If the Dolphins have trouble running the ball this year from their base offense (like they did last year!) who or what do you think will change as far as the O-line is concerned? Long is in his 2nd year, Carey was re-signed, just got Grove, etc;.....

Will it be easier to resolve shoddy line play this year as opposed to last year, or would we replace as needed?

The problems at o-line are not at the tackle positions. I don't know if you noticed, but Long made the pro bowl his rookie season! The problems last year were that satele couldn't get a push up the middle and both of the starting guards were hurt. Smiley had a great season until he got inured and is coming back strong. Satele was traded for the more physical Grove, and hopefully Donald Thomas can shake his injury bug before august.

I think they have done a pretty good job with the o-line the only real issue is depth at guard... at any position really, there are alot of names, Berger, Alleman, Quinn, Gardener, Frye, Murphy, Nudkwe (sp)... but can any of them actually step up and play if needed?

Checking in a little early to make sure everything is OK. I'll answer these questions above and then come back at noon as promised. (This may come as a surprise but I don't spend the entire day on the blog monitoring you.)

Rookie Mark Lewis an OG from Oregon is 6' 4” 300 lbs. and can squat and lift 580 lbs. In addition he can throw a 16 lb shot put 67 ½ feet. He is a strong individual with a mean right haymaker. The Dolphins needs a strong Guard on the O-Line. If he does not make it as a Guard, is it possible he could make it as a NT?

cRUZ, I frankly don't know what's wrong with Ryan but I love it. It's great that he's running his pie hole and ripping on Channing Crowder and calling out Bill Belichick. It entertains me in the offseason.

But he will soon find out -- in about three months, I say -- that NFL games are not won by the team that talks most or best BEFORE the game. They're won by the team that blocks, tackles, passes and runs the best. And the Jets are going to struggle doing in their passing game and Ryan will soon discover he left the Baltimore defense in Baltimore. HE wasn't the Baltimore defense.

Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed were the Baltimore defense. And they didn't make the trip to New York with Ryan.

As of right now who makes the team as WRs? Its a deep position but still not loaded with talent. Most the players seem to be at the same level so I am wondering which one makes the roster as of right now. Also do you think both Bess and Camarillo make the team this year as both are very similar players?


Why would the Dolphins get rid of David Martin this year,if he is healthy? He made 3 TD's last year. He may not be a good blocker but neither is John Nalbone. Wouldn't Martin still count against the Cap if he were released in/after TC? Is it age that would make the Dolphins take a chance on the younger Nalbone and hope they are able to teach him to block?

Mando, any word that bill(the big tuna) parcells will be the new spokesman for jenny craig ?

Pat in London,

Joey Haynos is running with first-teamers in some sets this offseason because David Martin has been injured a lot.

As you know, I've written the Dolphins really like him. At 6-8 he's a huge target. And he's not a goofy, dorky 6-8. He runs well. I think he has awesome potential.

Camarillo does not look tentative, but last I spoke to him he conceded these are only flag-football workouts and the real test -- physically and mentally -- will come when the hitting begins. That's months away.

In the last open OTA session the first-team receivers in the 3 wide were Ginn, Camarillo and Bess with Bess in the slot.

Brandon London is getting a fair look. But I have to tell you, the numbers are not in his favor for making the team. He's got to be head-and-shoulders better than the rookies, showing he's made a leap in production and on special teams to make the team.

Langford seemed to have some baby fat on him a little last year. He's been in the workout program the entire offseason and I see a stronger, better defined man. He's not a finished product, but he's making strides.

Chris Clemons has flashed well in workouts but he clearly has much to learn. I believe he will prove to be a stellar special teams player once the pads go on. He's been excellent on special teams in workouts and his reputation is being a hitter -- which suggests he'll be better once the pads go on.


I saw Ireland's comments as written by the Sun-Sentinel baseball writer also. {retty mundane stuff. I don't think Ireland is mad per se. I'm sure he would prefer Crowder and Porter and the like not to call out other teams. But it is the offseason. It is harmless. What's the big deal? It's just empty talk.

If this was week 5 of the season, I would bet Crowder would get a talking-to and be "advised" to tame his banter. One thing that was interesting was that Ireland said he would take care of it. Isn't that Tony Sparano's job?

The Dolphins WANT Vontae Davis to win the starting CB job opposite Will Allen. They also WANT Sean Smith to win the job. They also WANT Eric Green to win the job. If all three play worthy of starting, Tony Sparano and others have said that's a GREAT problem to have. Davis is still in the thick of the competition, don't let anyone say otherwise. Remember, they have not put on pads yet.

Having said that, Smith looks like a beast out there. He's just sooo much bigger than everyone else. Reminds me of a guy who played back in the day named Joe Lavender. Look him up.


I think Sean Smith will be good. Great potential. Great size. But he has A LOT to learn, people. THEY HAVE NOT PUT ON PADS YET.

And I hate to say this, but it is true, so don't bite my head off:

I would say the Dolphins's young cornerbacks would progress more quickly if Miami's receivers were better. Let's face it, nobody is afraid of Miami's receiver corps right now. If these young corners were working against the Arizona receivers or the New England receivers or even Buffalo's receivers, they would learn how to handle better quality competition more quickly because they'd be seeing that competition in practice every day.

Miami's receivers are OK. Middle of the pack at best, I would say.



I agree the Miami secondary was statistically not good last year. It was No. 25 vs. the pass. I would say it will be statistically no better this year based on the fact it will be younger and less experienced, while facing better quarterbacks and better receivers throughout the schedule.

There are no JP Losmans or Seneca Wallaces or Tyler Thigpens on the schedule this year.

This year, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and Drew Brees are on the schedule. Not to mention Ben Roethlisberger and Phillip Rivers.

Rey Rey, I will definitely be watching the OL during camp. But I'm talking about TRAINING CAMP, not minicamp.

I'm interested to see the timing and physical nature of these guys when the pads are on in live drills and scrimmages. Those are not happening this weekend that I know of. OL play can only be truly judged by the layman when there is live hitting going on.

Thanks Menace. I appreciate your support.

Once again Channing Crowder is making more of an impact off the field than he ever will on the field.


What do you think about Patrick Turner? I have read in a few places where coaches and db's are saying that he has been catching everything that comes his way... Does he still continue to impress? What do you think his role will be if he makes the team? If Camarillo is not ready to come back, it seems like he could be a great red zone threat...

BRBinDC, I know what you're saying makes sense in theory. But as I wrote in my Jason Allen piece last week, it's not easy to make a position jump.

The Dolphins would not do it with Roth because he's just getting comfortable to the OLB spot and he's a starter. Cameron Wake needs as many reps at OLB as he can get so they wouldn't waste any at ILB.

Charlie Anderson has pass-rush ability so they want to see him work on that as much as possible at OLB. But he would be the most likely candidate of the OLBs that could move inside. But I don't think that is in the plans.

CraigM, I totally agree with you that Miami needs a handful of guys to make a dramatic leap in their development so the team can have a good season.

I expect Ted Ginn Jr. to make the biggest dramatic leap in development. The Dolphins NEED that to happen.

I believe Jake Long will make a jump. I believe Merling will make a jump, simply because he is stronger and isn't as wide-eyed as he was last year. He'll also get a lot more playing time.

But the No. 1 guy I'm looking at is Ginn.

A/i can't wait to see rex ryan fat face after moss scores a touch down.
B/i can't wait to see crowder's face running out of breath trying to catch up wit moss.
C/armando question, did you see this list where fin fans ranked no 6 on the love making after a game win ?

Q....what happens on this blog when armando on vacation ? i hope he has a few posts to go while he's gone before some one turn it into FAKE MANGER style post

Tom, Reggie Roby probably will not get into the Hall of Fame. He was a great weapon at his position. If he was as good at, say, receiver as he was at punter, he'd be an All-Timer. But punters just don't get any love, as you stated.

One thing: Reggie Roby was a great guy. I had a great professional relationship with him.


Do you know Pete Prisco from cbssports? I just want to know what his deal is with the Dolphins and the Wildcat...

mystery456: You make an OUTSTANDING point.

The current Dolphins regime has addressed the LT, the RT, the C and the LG spot since arriving last year. They still have not resolved the RG spot.

If they cannot play well this year, they will address the RG spot more aggressively and after that, the problem would have to be that the players they picked simply weren't good enough.

But I don't think that will be the case. Justin Smiley needs to play better this year. Jake Grove has to stay healthy and be the guy he's been when healthy. Vernon Carey needs to keep the weight off and earn his big contract. And Jake Long can't be satisfied with a good rookie year. He needs to take the next step in his development, which I think he's working toward doing.

souljabeats, actually Smiley was OK before he got hurt. He was getting better from where he was early in the season and then the injury happened. He needs to get back to where he was just prior to the injury, not where he was the first six weeks or so of the season.

OK guys, I'll be back at noon.


Will the Herald be letting its baseball writer cover football? If so, will the football writer start covering hockey or perhaps cricket?


Thanks for all your insight. I see it that if the dolphins are going to return to the playoffs and perhaps win a game, the youth on the D Line and in the secondary is going to need to come through. What do you think the chance is of that happening and thus a top 10-12 defense? I think we have enough weapons on offense that if RG doesn't completely collapse again we can score points.


Buddy Ryan was:
1 - a defensive genius
2 - an a-hole
3 - a lousy head coach.

So far Rex meets the first two criteria and I suspect he'll excel at the third on as well and be a lousy head coach.

The apple never falls far from the tree!!!!

Mando, what's you be thikin' of ours ebonics writing stylin? And did you knows the Dolphins still be negotiatin' with Vernon Gholstin? We got that scoops.

Aiight, as Nick Saban would say, let's get this live blog on the road ...

Nick Saban would have fined you for being three minutes late.


do you think if the OG from KC Waters becomes an acorn that the TRI would that a look at him?

how do you feel about our defence, i think we're going to be much better and are deeper... But our DT position is old and not deep, how are the backup DT's doing or will they step up if ferguson gets injured...

Jay D, not to sound like a smart-aleck but right now all these WRs make the team. They all have an equal opportunity to impress.

If you're asking me to predict who will make it, understanding it's only a prediction that can change here are my five:

Ginn Jr.

With Armstrong on the practice squad.

London and Wilford are similar players to what Turner projects and they lose based on draft status.

Samdolphin: Not sure I totally understand your David Martin question.

Look, if he is healthy and is one of the three best TEs, he sticks. If he isn't, he's cut. And this being his final contract year, if he is cut, the team would see his scheduled $745,000 base salary come off the books.

But that decision won't be made one way or the other until the competition actually happens.

Cuban Menace, very funny on the Jenny Craig.

I'm on an offseason diet myself guys so I have no room to talk. Lost 18 pounds so far. Want to lose 20 more before the start of training camp.

Interesting take Rainbird. Very interesting.

Souljabeats: Every review of Turner so far has been positive. But I'm waiting to see how physical he is.

The kid is almost TE size at 6-5 and 220. He needs to use that size in his favor and that will take some time to learn. If he fancies himself a deep threat, he won't be as effective. He needs to be a guy a DB dreads covering all day because Turner will beat the guy up.

If he's that type of player, he'll be a success. We'll see if he is once the pads go on.

Do you think that when Thomas gets back does he moves right back into the starting right guard spot?


Your thoughts on Wilford possibly beating out Haynos or Martin for the tight end spot?
I think its a long shot based on his lack of size for blocking, but he could prove a dangerous target in the passing game, especially in the red zone.

Any news on where Vonnie Holliday landed after being released from the Dolphins; he was a class act?

How does the kid from Tulsa look at Reciever? Many say he is a faster version of Ginn. Any truth to that?

Go Pats, I didn't see the fan love-making list. Feel free to post.

What happens to the blog when I'm on vacation? Like last year, some of you guys will miss me and some of you who want me fired will speculate that I was, indeed, fired.

Then I'll come back before training camp opens and start the season of blogging. Pretty simple.

Antonio, I do know Pete Prisco of CBSsports.com. We used to hang out together on the road when we were younger and single.

Anyway, Pete believes the Dolphins are pretty much a fraud. He doesn't buy into them being a serious super bowl contender. Didn't last year and I doubt he does this year.

Man's got a strong opinion which is what makes him popular in some circles.

Where do you see Pat White fiiting in?

Mr. Bungle, if the Herald asks this football columnist to go cover hockey as a beat, the herald will be looking for a new football columnist.

Chico, the Dolphins ranked 15th on defense last year. With a better pass rush and more experience by youngsters up front (not to mention Matt Roth), I think some improvement is fair to expect.

But ...

I will tell you this over and over and over: The Dolphins could be better in many areas this season, folks, but the results may not necessarily be better.

They could be a BETTER team all-around. But their record may not be as good as last year. Hard to swallow, but it is possible.

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