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Live blog chat at noon Thursday

The Dolphins open their three-day mandatory minicamp on Friday. They will practice twice on Friday and Saturday,  and once on Sunday.

And that, of course, can mean nothing other than a live blog chat today.

So from noon until about 2 p.m., I'll be on here and available for your abuse input. We can discuss all things Dolphins. We can discuss the AFC East. We can discuss the recent blah-blah-blah going on between Channing Crowder and Rex Ryan.

We can discuss how you are going to survive the next several weeks while I'm away on vacation starting Monday.

If you cannot be here Thursday, you can pick one of several options:

No. 1: Leave your questions or comments now and I'll answer them. You can come back at your convenience and see the community's reaction.

No. 2: You can forgot about today's live chat and hang out with me during the minicamp updates on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And C, as Dave Wannstedt would say in his warped intelligence:: You can forgot about Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and simply call my radio show Sunday afternoon 4:30-7 p.m. (I'll give you the digits and streaming address over the weekend).

No. 4: You can do none of the above, which makes you, like me, ready for a vacation.

Talk to you guys (universal use, AO) at noon.


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With all your self proclaimed intelligence, I'm surprised to see you resort to name calling. That's usually a trait we see in jet fans.
While I USUALLY don't condone name calling, in reference to your response to jets choke, just let me say: WELL SAID

HAL9000, why you call me idiot ? i never called you any names, you should learn how to a class act like jet fans .bty, sanchez is our real tarazan not like your QB HENNE who's more like gort with neck fat.

an idiot fan called odinseye claiming that Charles Clemens is fast, excellent against the run and smart. all that based on him training in SHORTS.

Hal9000, the collective bargaining agreement prevents teams from hitting this time of year.

I think you meant CHRIS Clemons, didn't you Odinseye?


Who is an idiot? You make an erroneous assumption, and call me an idiot. Ironically funny not to mention typical of a jet fan.
I have watched more than a few Clemson games in my life. I watched ESPN clips shown on draft day. I also "scouted" Clemons BEFORE{knowing my team needed safety help} and AFTER the draft on Clemson's website and youtube.
There's more to being a fan than booing your own teams draft picks. Of course being a jet fan, I can understand{snicker}.

PS thanks for the correction Armando, it is Chris Clemons.

who was the other team miami matched with the best turn around from 1-15 to 11-5? any body? thanks.



Who is the idiot? You make an erroneous assumption and call me an idiot. How typical of a jet fan.
I have watched more than a few Clemson games in my life. I "scouted" Clemons BEFORE{knowing my teams needs} and after the draft. I watched clips shown on ESPN when we drafted him. I also watched clips of him on a Clemson website as well as on youtube. Tarazan there's more to being a fan than booing your own teams draft picks. Of course you being a jet fan, I do understand.

Armando thanks for the correction, his name is Chris Clemons.

one more, henne's hieght & wieght?


Now there's a trivia question for the ages.
I didn't know they matched anyone. I thought they had the second best turn around ever. I really don't know but I am curious. Why do you want to know?

odinseye, iread they matched for the best all time turn around. any way same here curious.


NFL.com has him listed at 6-3 230

odinseye, good call, thanks.


Don't know if you can answer this one yet. I'm wondering about our Def. line in passing situations. I'm assuming this is when they'll "rest" Ferguson. I'm think McDaniels 6-7 310 and Langford 6-6 290 or Starks 6-3 305 at the tackle spots. Merling and JT at the ends. With Porter freelancing. What do you think?

odinseye, when you say freelancing , what that means ? i thought that was the case when we had the NFL record of 1-15.please no more freelancing dolphin nation . bty i am a fins fan when since i was inside my mother tommy,my dad use to sing me dolphin songs even before i came out and meet some of our idiot fans like jakasssin and odinesye over here

Lavender was part of the fabled "Lavender Hill Mob" defensive backfield in the early 50s. Another notable member of that defensive backfield was Herb D'Provence, a French-Canadian who played college ball at Northern Winnetka State, where he was known as the "Big Noise from Winnetka."

Did these players won any thing, nice names and all, Lavander and Herb D'Provence . they sound gay football players ready have some candy

Sammy are you gopats you little wuss!!!!!!!!!

porter wasn't freelancing during 1-15 he was playing out of position on a wore down defense. you want to see some real free lancing look up lavar arrington tape. he never did what his d cordinater wanted always did his own thing and hurt his team.

miami equaled the 98 an 99 colts by improving their previous years record by 10 wins. in 98 with manning starting as a rook indy went 3-13. in 99 indy went 13-3.

it's nice to see fin fans talking about record of best turn around from stinky team to OK team so far.if you want record ,just look at new england;
tom brady ,first back up QB in history to win a ring the same year he starts.

pats wins 3 super bowls in 4 years,

Gopats my little Haitian makak, who has a pwa for a brain and loves to eat fig

guess who is smart as a freelance donkey

superman my azzz, lakers wins

Where is Bungylito my little p r azzzzz

roy, look behind you , bunglito is right there in your azzzzz

Hi Armando,
What are the big differences of a receiver and a cb. Both has to be fast and have fast reactions and coordination. Receiver need very good hands and run after the catch. My question is, Why not use big Sean Smith as a receiver where the team is inside the 20.

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