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Vontae Davis story smells of identity theft

The Dolphins are conducting an investigation into the fake Vontae Davis arrest now as the team tries to get to the bottom of what actually happened in this bizarre episode that smells of mistaken or stolen identity.

For the record, Davis contends he was absolutely, positively not arrested in Champaign, Ill., on June 9 despite police reports that someone with that name and giving the address of Davis's grandmother was arrested for vehicular noise and not having a valid license.

Davis has sworn to the team it wasn't him. And the club, which keeps attendence of OTA and weight lifting attendance by players, believes Davis was in South Florida for that work that day. Secondary coach Todd Bowles knows Davis worked at camp that day and the weight lifting coaches also have vouched that he was present.

Davis left the facility around 3:30 p.m. (EDT) and the only way he might have been in Illinois at the time of 6:40 p.m. arrest, the team believes, is if he had chartered a jet to get there ...

... and back, because he was at work at 7 a.m. on June 10.

Davis, meanwhile, has spoken with the team and asked point-blank to tell the truth. Some folks in Miami still remember that Alfred Oglesby once claimed to be kidnapped and taken out to the Everglades when he failed to show up for practice one day. Oglesby had actually been at a strip club the night before and had overslept the next morning so he fabricated the entire tale, which of course, fell apart when he was informed authorities look unkindly on false police reports.

Davis's story has been consistent that he was not arrested. He also is giving that version on his blog.

"The only explanation I have is that my wallet was stolen while I was still in school and someone might be impersonating me," Davis said.

"During the time I was "supposedly arrested," I was actually here in Florida at OTA's. I am fully dedicated to my football career and learning the playbook so that I can be affective this season. As I said before, I am very thankful to be a part of the Miami Dolphins and I do not want to do anything that would bring any negative publicity to me or the team."

So I think it's fair to believe Davis.

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I know I am not first

Even in a Jet, it can't be done. If you are arrested it takes a few hours for a person to get out. Well maybe for a Dolphin, because we are the fastest humans on the planet. He just flashes up there, slows down long enough to get arrested then flasshes back. Good job.

OK, I admit it. I am the one who set Davis up. I had one of my many operatives impersonate him and get arrested so that I might bring negative publicity to him and the team. Hey, I am not only good at surreptitiously taping other teams, but I can screw people in a variety of ways. Next, I am contemplating some sort scandal involving a member of the Dolphins' front office and a farm animal. Stay tuned.

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I am worried. Just so we know, what does identity theft smell like?

I don't know what Id theft smells like either. But I am getting a whiff of bowel. Trapper John, did you double check the suitures on the resected bowel before you closed?

I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. Smells like ... victory.

I love the smell of freedom.

I went down to the seafood market to shop but I got a real bad vibe & decided to leave early. Something smelled fishy about the whole place.

I love seafood.

Miami Dolphins! 2009 AFC East Defending Champs! Nuff said. In Trifecta I Trust! Were in good hands folks

Can you 'bloggers' please tell Armando that his posts are whack?!?! If I were in charge of this blog (which I should be) there would be ZERO grammatical errors. I mean, can we even understand Salguero half the time? Look up a thing called "proofreading" & think about doing that before submitting!

For example: ""Davis, meanwhile, has spoken with the team and asked point-blank to tell the truth"" Did the team 'asked' Davis point blank? Did Davis 'asked' the team to tell the truth? Could you put "was" before "asked" to make it comprehensible? Do you really need to write "point-blank"?

How about, "Meanwhile, team officials spoke with Davis and asked him to tell the truth"

Hack Hack Hack Hack
Twitter that man!

Vontae Davis has a blog? Anyone got the web address to this?

The thing that smells is this blog. The
Dolphins have vouched for him but yet have demanded he tell them the truth ? Either they believe their coaches and players who saw him there or they don't ! Either they take attendance or they don't. This makes no sense.
This whole story is so stupid, oh my goodness, someone had loud music/muffler and got a ticket.

Hey Matlock, this is an easy one to crack.

- His wallet was not stolen
- He more than likely gave his ID to an underage teammate and the dude got caught being a clown.

The guy will admit he was underage and using the ID that he "found," will pay a fine, and be done.

we need the cuban menace to solve this case b/c he's a police captain .

You had better watch it Mando. You might twitter you butt out of a job. Twitter. Tweat me!

We need the menace , i mean paul blart: mall cop on the case. after all , the menace/paul blart is in charge of delta farce !!!! And this case is a farce.

The Cheatriots are probably involved somehow. They can't win without cheating.

clipboard...do you know that cuban was offered a very high paid job based on his very high skills to find any thing in this world out in a record time +food.

Why is this news? It's called a mug shot...if someone was arrested odds are they took one. Story over. This story could go like this. Someone posing as Vontae Davis was arrested on charges of______ it couldn't be Vontae Davis of the Miami Dolphins because he intercepted a pass in fron of me that day and we have pictures of it. Additionally, everyone on the team has been with him. Furthermore they have a Mugshot of the Perp. Lastly, the photo is of someone other than Vontae Davis. In the words of Keith Oberman WHAT THE F!!!

What does it explain, get a life? I simply made a reference to a segment on his show. Would you rather I say "Is this 'Fair and Balanced' reporting of a very easily remedied situation? Then I'd be one of the 3 clowns that watch Sean Hannity...right? Is it ok for me to watch TV? I actually liked that clown on Sports Center...because, they were clowns.

Watch tv. but who said that groucho marx look a like joke with his 3 viewers was tv.

i like to watch nick at nite and home shopping club for laughs .

i like watching keith oberman for laughs.

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is blaze a mate in jail some where ? he must have a clip board in his hands of stone.


Who cares if someone does not care for soccer. Does anyone really care that the game is watched by 900 million people. You can go and play soccer by kicking coconuts on your island. That would be kinda funny to imagine.

No menace tonight. How nice to be without that fool. Go Phins

The menace is the real deal. this blog is nothing without him.

The blog is nothing without him? WTF.
Same old stuff about hands of stone and yada yada yada. He is real alright. No one is sayig he is not for real. He posts under different names and makes a grand entrance here and there. I just don't see it.

Fpld. He does keep the conversation going , though. LOL. This would be a empty blog without him.

Hey AFC EAST CHAMPS, How is it going? I can't wait for the season and for Brady to suffer. Don't tell gopats.

This issue is simple, when a person is arrested finger prints are taken. Well Illionis police needs to check Vonte Davis' finger prints a see if they match the person arrested.

all davis has too do is get finger printed by metro-dade and compare the to the prints from the ones of who ever were arrested.no match hes off the hook but if is a match he will probally be suspended by goodell

people need to stop using drugs before going on this blog... and i'm not talking about marijuana.
Cops make mistakes. end of story

save the investigation of Davis for after the first 4 games of the season...

if he falters...even if innocent lock up the jerk...

if he defends like hell...dumb cops...



Pretty sure it's supposed to be 'effective' instead of 'affective'. Just a heads up.

Vonte Davis got kissed three times by his brother on draft day.. I'm worried about that cat going to prison. For real. BTW to answer 'That Guy's question Mando,
I am worried. Just so we know, what does identity theft smell like?

Posted by: That guy | June 24, 2009 at 12:14 PM

....Identity Theft Smells Like Teen Spirit...


I had my identity stolen and it is no joking matter

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