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Brian Hartline, Dolphins agree to contract

The Dolphins are slowly but surely working their way toward signing all of their draft picks this summer and today another rookie is in the house, as they say, because receiver Brian Hartline has agreed to terms with the team.

The coming signing, first reported by Brian McIntyre on Mac's Football Blog, brings the number of Dolphins rookies who have either agreed to or signed their first NFL contracts to five, including both wide receivers.

Hartline's four-year contract could be worth just under $4 million if he reaches all his incentives and escalator clauses. The actual worth of the deal is more along the lines of $2.25 million with a guaranteed bonus in the $500,000 neighborhood.

No further financial details are currently available. The Dolphins will announce the signing once Hartline actually puts his signature on the document, which could by the end of this week.

Patrick Turner, John Nalbone, Andrew Gardner and JD Folsom have signed previously. This is good news but not exactly man-bites-dog stuff as the Dolphins have had all of their rookies signed by the end of the first weekend of training camp in each of the past two years.

General Manager Jeff Ireland continues to work to make certain the streak is extended to three consecutive years. The Dolphins take the field for their first training camp practice Aug. 2.

First-rounder Vontae Davis, second-rounders Pat White and Sean Smith and fifth-round pick Chris Clemons have yet to agree to deals.

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I'm afraid too!

Ever since the deletions I've censured repeatedly.

Hey moderator, this is a sports blog, not the Communist Manifesto!

I made this last the first time at 6:59. It took until 7:22 and 7:26 for the moderator to actually post it.

Everything Dolphin: No subject is taboo, no deadlines, no space crunch.


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You said it. Most people hate the truth. They can't handle the truth.
Honestly, the majority of the masses find comfort in their delusions. The truth exposes their fears and weaknesses.
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No worry, I can usually spot the imposters.

We should get White a good deal. Maybe not Chad Henne good, but somewhere close. When the game starts to slow down for him, other teams better look out.


Amen brother. It is rather nice that "they" fear me in that sense. Aloco/gopats/jet inlube and whatever else...they are connected. You get the backlash when you put down aloco or gopats. Why protect obvious jets/pats fans? I will slam them every chance I get. Oops maybe this will get deleted too.

It is very hard for this guy to hide with other names because he always speaks the same way. The English is not good and it shows. They use the same words over and over again. I cannot wait for the season to start.

exactly white is kinda a change of pace qb. he can throw run juke defenders. if he learns to catch he would be incredibly dangerous on the field. as far as the game slowing down i think that's why miami is incoporating parts of the spread to keep him comfortable and maximize his talent and using sets he has already had success with. i bet henning , already a creative offensive cordinator, is poring over white's film making new plays everyday.

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i would rather henne and white sit and learn than be thrown to the wolves like tim couch and ryan leaf or david carr. sanchez will be lucky to last the season. physically and mentally. one year of starting doesn't exactly get you nfl ready.

i agree w/ sammo that henne and pat shoud sit on the side line and have cable


I agree with you on White. Henning seems to have a knack for working with what he's got.
Can you imagine having his job right about now?

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**Breaking News**

I hate to keep posting from other news sources. However due to the lack of Armando or ANYTHING DOLPHINS here at the Herald, I feel obligated. Besides, I think Vonnie Holliday is the SH^T.
Sun. Jul 26, 2009
News: The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the Dolphins may consider bringing back defensive lineman Vonnie Holliday. Holliday was waived by the team in March, but the team is dealing with some major questions on the defensive line.
Impact: Holliday would seem like a last resort option for the team, but it would actually make sense for the right price since he knows the scheme and is comfortable with the team. Holliday is 33 years old, and his best days are behind him at this point.

At some point in this article I would have mentioned him being a Lockerroom leader and mentor for our young lineman.


i agree w/ sammo that henne and pat shoud sit on the side line and have cable

Posted by: aloco | July 27, 2009 at 10:51 PM

Aloco would this be anything like Belicheats "sideline cable"?



You don't like Pat White?

odinseye, thats not it at all, im very interested in this pat white. however these games these no body qb's play when all they should be worried about is hiding thier nose and learning. sign the paper's and be the new vick while vick can not. no puzzle, just sign.


I thought that's what you were talking about. I agree. We don't need any Prima-Dona's. We need baller's signed sealed and delivered!

What's up, Kids?
New Jersey Jets $uck!!

the twitter stuff is not so great we all would like it better if you focused more on the dolphins in depth where we actually look for updates. for instance this last one is over a week old. but your twitter has several entries. how does the sentinel feel about that

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