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Brian Hartline, Dolphins agree to contract

The Dolphins are slowly but surely working their way toward signing all of their draft picks this summer and today another rookie is in the house, as they say, because receiver Brian Hartline has agreed to terms with the team.

The coming signing, first reported by Brian McIntyre on Mac's Football Blog, brings the number of Dolphins rookies who have either agreed to or signed their first NFL contracts to five, including both wide receivers.

Hartline's four-year contract could be worth just under $4 million if he reaches all his incentives and escalator clauses. The actual worth of the deal is more along the lines of $2.25 million with a guaranteed bonus in the $500,000 neighborhood.

No further financial details are currently available. The Dolphins will announce the signing once Hartline actually puts his signature on the document, which could by the end of this week.

Patrick Turner, John Nalbone, Andrew Gardner and JD Folsom have signed previously. This is good news but not exactly man-bites-dog stuff as the Dolphins have had all of their rookies signed by the end of the first weekend of training camp in each of the past two years.

General Manager Jeff Ireland continues to work to make certain the streak is extended to three consecutive years. The Dolphins take the field for their first training camp practice Aug. 2.

First-rounder Vontae Davis, second-rounders Pat White and Sean Smith and fifth-round pick Chris Clemons have yet to agree to deals.

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Thanks Cubano

I think?

Good point Odinseye. I did try to post this morning but the nonsense was in full throat and I do post here often.

RexRyanSucks, you're right, Allen's blockage seems to be mental. Didn't anyone check this guy's Wonderlich score when he was drafted?

saban drafted allen due to being in the sec. he drafted crowder because he was the biggest lb from the sec. allen can return punts and if he was exclusivly a nickel back he would be fine . also allen's combine number's 4.38 40 . a 41 inch verticle and i think 16 reps intrigued saban.

Big Blackie is that piece of chit named AFC EAST. He had to change his name because of all the bad vibes he was getting.

Thats funny, I thought "Big Blackie" was what J Peezie referred to as his joint when taunting other players. Thank you for clearing that up.

Now they are trying to pin the Arturo Gatti thing on me too. Geez, when will I catch a break.

Dear Mr. Rey Rey

"do something about these AHs who think their funny."

I totaly agree with you there, most of these people wouldn't know funny if it hit them in the face in the form of a cream pie.

What number jersey will Jason Taylor be wearing this season ?(Football Talk)

Soiled :)


Please tell me you were not referring to me. Say it aint so.

Taylor will be wearing his traditional 99 jersey and when we play the Cheatriots he will also be wearing Tom Bunchen's red white and blue 12 jersey all afternoon.

We are organizing a boycott of all Cheatriots games this year since their pretty boy QB is hating on one of our own. If you are interested you may contact the undersigned at the following web site: www.tombunchenblows@belicheat.com

Thank you for your support, (hiccup).

Dear Mr. RexRyanSucks

"Please tell me you were not referring to me. Say it aint so."

I truely meant no offence to any posters here.

Just tryin to bust Mr. Ray Ray's chops a little :)

Soiled :)

soiled and rex the people who did all that mess on the blog w/ their dirt are crying foul....that's funny

Whew!, thank you soiled. You, soulja and the menace are 3 of the better posters on here. I'd be crushed if you were trashing me. I think tomorrow if Armando doesn't have any new info for us to comment on, we should have a discussion focused on predicted records for the AFC East this year and reasons why. Any thoughts?


so what's your point?, besides the one on top of your head that is.

Dear Mr. RexryanSucks

" I'd be crushed if you were trashing me."

I would never trash any posters on this blog.
Even if someone is Slandering my good name I would not reply with malice in my heart.
Lifes to short for hate.

I come here for my daily Dolphin cup of coffee
and you people and your posts is what fills my cup.

Soiled :)

P.S. Are Jock Straps and CodPiece's the same thing ? (Sports Talk)

soiled = nathaniel dodsworth

What do you guys think about the NFL expanding the season to 18 games and getting rid of 2 preseason games???discuss..

Oh yeah i almost foegot to congratulate mr.Doddsworth on becoming a u.s citizen, now pay some taxes nathanal..

Geez, no wonder I rarely post on these blogs anymore.

Sandwiched in between the rare football posts of substance by "some", is wading through tons of adolescent bickering, whining, and nonsensical dribble by too many(you know who you are).

I believe in trying to support the local sports papers/media who are also gracious enough to provide a free forum for us all to additionally post our thoughts on "football" as well...not just turn it into their own personal Romper Room!

But like most in any society with no self regulating standards, many here have/will abuse a "Free Privilege" given to them.

What would you guys do if you got heavily monitored or the Herald shut down the blog? (obviously they want the hits, so they don't)

This is a "football forum" not a Romper Room, there are other forums for that.

There is a time and place for everything...know where your at before you act(type)!

MORE football...LESS romper room.

...sounds like an old Miller Lite ad...lol

GetterDone Phins

I'm all for expanding the regular season and eliminating a pre-season game which the NFL seems to charge full price for anyways. The 4-5 they have now is too many.

I kinda like the thought of just 1 extra regular season game, at 17. Should cut down on too many tiebreaker scenarios, plus I like the fact that you either end up below .500 or above .500.
The downside is that scheduling would become a nightmare...lol

I Agree Odinsey.

nfl sohuld be 36 games , this way we can enjoy it more , and the player work really hard for the money the get


I do not know about dropping two preseason games. This would mean less game time experience to evaluate players. Also would mean two more games that count. You ever wonder why spring training is long in baseball?

♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣

Odinseye and sammo are two big studs that are hitting on the two bimbo posters last night.

I have a few football question. How many points a game did the Dolphin D give up a game last year?
What was our rank against the run?
What was our rank against the pass?
Everybody likes to talk White the wildcat and offense. I have a feeling our defense will be the key.

☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻☺♣ ♥☻

Hey lookie above, there's a cute 9 year old now.
Poor lil kid must be looking for attention since his mommy and daddy don't give them any!



I am. I did. Your right.


I think I love you.


Where are you?

It would also be extremely difficult to go undefeated thus keeping the 72 phins in the spot lite...


I wouldn't mind the season being expanded what so ever. Not at the cost of shortening the pre season though. It's too valuable for evaluating and developing players and schemes.
For as much money as these guys get why not. Keep 4 pre season games, and extend the regular season by two games. The players would have to put a premium on conditioning. The coaches would have to figure out how to keep their teams fresh.
On top of all that it would shorten the off season as well. Make them all work a little harder for their money, and more importantly their fans.


Excellent point!!!! This is why I like you. 72 Fins 4 ever

Hey , odinseye

Here are your answers for the regular season.

How many points a game did the Dolphin D give up a game last year? 19.8 avg per game (317 total) ranked 9th in NFL.
Not bad, however our Offense only avg 21.6 pts a game for a 21st rank.

What was our rank against the run? 10th @ 101.2 ypg

What was our rank against the pass? 25th @ 227.8 ypg

odinseye >"Everybody likes to talk White the wildcat and offense. I have a feeling our defense will be the key."<

I agree the defense will be key, as always.

I like that our only two weakest production areas of need(pass defense & scoring points) have been addressed with the addition of new DB's & receivers.

GetterDone Phins

Dear Mr. Getterdone Phins

"...sounds like an old Miller Lite ad...lol"

This place is a Football Blog my good man not a place to discuss old beer commercials.

I'm not the only one who thinks this way either.

Check these Quotes out.

"This is a "football forum" not a Romper Room, there are other forums for that."

"There is a time and place for everything...know where your at before you act(type)!"

"MORE football...LESS romper room."

So as you see people are upset about this.

Soiled :)

P.S. "nonsensical dribble" I think I know the Idiot your talkin about and I hear ya bro that dude has issues.

Hey beer and football go together my man :)

...at least Joe Namath thinks so :)
...kiss me Suzy, kiss me...c'mere kiss me kiss me Suzy


I was just baiting so I could make the point. You did it for me. Good job!
In addition to the obvious, Smith, Davis, Clemmons, Green and Wilson. We brought in JT, Cameron Wake, and Tony McDaniels. These guys will turn up the pressure and make our pass defense that much better.
Thank God Parcells and Co know what their doing.

...at least Joe Namath thinks so :)
...kiss me Suzy, kiss me...c'mere kiss me kiss me Suzy

Posted by: GetterDone Phins | July 15, 2009 at 08:22 PM

Too Funny!

cuban and soiled , did you watch "keeping up w/ the kardashins " ?
i like to know what happened .....thanks to both


Kim's AZZZZ got just a little bit bigger(yeah baby). Other than that, not much.

did R.bush gave her the Ring ?

Dear Mr. Aloco

"did you watch "keeping up w/ the kardashins " ?"

I have not seen the show.

Since the passing of Micheal Jackson I figured in honor of him I would watch TV shows I thought he might enjoy.

Shows like

Sesame street or anything on Nick Jr. but exspecialy "The suite life of Zack and Cody"

Soiled :)


R.Bush Dosent Have A Ring He Dident Win Any Superbowls.

-Kara- :p

i thought tonight's show is about him asking kim to marry him ?
thanks kara , is the name kara a red neck name for women ?


Get A Subscription Too T.v Guide.

Dear Kara

Can you keep a secret ?

You didnt this from me OK

I think odinseye has a crush on you.
But keep it on the downlow and remember you didn't here from me.

I hate when people spread gossip.

Soiled :)

odinseye ,
Yes it's refreshing to have the Trifecta running things these days instead of 3 Stooges or the Laurel n Hardy tandems we had to endure since Shula.

Last year we sacked the QB 40x and our offense gave up 26.
If we can maintain or better that in 09 I'd be happy.
Mostly I'd like to see more sacks by others than JP, and you can tell the Trifecta made moves to ensure that. This should also increase the QB hurries/pressure, thus helping our pass defense a lot.

For our Oline another 26 sacks or fewer would be great, but they need better run blocking.
Again, looks like the Trifecta is trying to solidify that area too.
If Grove, Smiley, & Thomas can all stay healthy for an extended period of time then our offense can control the clock, sustain leads, & FINISH games with a fresher D in the 4th Qtr.

GetterDone Phins


I Kno That,I Watch Itt To Butt This Is Supose Too Bee About Football If You Wanna Talk About Keeping Up With The Kardasians Call Your Mom.

-Kara- :p


I did call my mom.....to tell her about you!

God I love feisty women!!!!


I can just hear Lisa now(her voice sounding eerily similar to Jan Brady's): Kara..Kara..Kara!

Kara, can you take care of animals like cows and cats ?
i know for fact lisa is more of a girl than you , you sound like a farmer

miami's defense will be top notch this season! mia has better depth and the revamped secondary will shine! wake will open eyes across the nfl ! 16 other teams wanted to sign him so he must be skilled. i think fasano is going to have a monster year , watch his run blocking he will help ronnie have a monster year.

Odinseye sounds like a nurse in retirement home


At work my colleagues call me "THE ANGEL of MERCY"!!!!

any one knows how i can win odinseye's heart ?


Born And Raised In Detroit City!! You
Pe-nocha Thank Godd I Was Able Too Move Way Out In The Country On A Hay Farm.
The Good Thing About Itt I Dont Have Too Putt Upp With Illegal Aliens Yee-Haw!
So Call Your Mommie And Tell Her you Just gott Served.

-Kara- :p

Ah my lovely Rita

Why doth thou desire the affection of the GOD of WAR?


Detroit city?
Feisty farm girl?
You can serve me anytime.
You go girl.


Who Do You Thinks Sexier Jason Taylor Or Ronnie Brown?

-Kara- :p


Third and long. Playing against our AFC east rival(pick one). Pick your package, and name our personel.

patriots in miami . wlidcat. white out wide ronnie in backfield . ricky in slot. cobbs next to ronnie. white comes in motion ronnie fakes to cobbs then tosses it to white. ronnie exits the backfield ricky is open somewhere in the middle cobbs runs 20 - 25 yards down left side . white can either scramble for the first hit ricky or ronnie for just enough to get the first or if the stars align hit cobbs deep. we all know how productive he was out of the backfield last year.

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