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Brian Hartline, Dolphins agree to contract

The Dolphins are slowly but surely working their way toward signing all of their draft picks this summer and today another rookie is in the house, as they say, because receiver Brian Hartline has agreed to terms with the team.

The coming signing, first reported by Brian McIntyre on Mac's Football Blog, brings the number of Dolphins rookies who have either agreed to or signed their first NFL contracts to five, including both wide receivers.

Hartline's four-year contract could be worth just under $4 million if he reaches all his incentives and escalator clauses. The actual worth of the deal is more along the lines of $2.25 million with a guaranteed bonus in the $500,000 neighborhood.

No further financial details are currently available. The Dolphins will announce the signing once Hartline actually puts his signature on the document, which could by the end of this week.

Patrick Turner, John Nalbone, Andrew Gardner and JD Folsom have signed previously. This is good news but not exactly man-bites-dog stuff as the Dolphins have had all of their rookies signed by the end of the first weekend of training camp in each of the past two years.

General Manager Jeff Ireland continues to work to make certain the streak is extended to three consecutive years. The Dolphins take the field for their first training camp practice Aug. 2.

First-rounder Vontae Davis, second-rounders Pat White and Sean Smith and fifth-round pick Chris Clemons have yet to agree to deals.

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Hey Rita, tell odinseye you will play in his backfield.

i'd call that a personal foul. or unsportsman like conduct.

improper endzone celebration....


You got to love the options we'll have this year. Even in the spread we'll have Cobb's in the backfield. Ginn and Camarillo out wide. With Turner and Bess in the slots or tripped to one side or the other. Either way wildcat or spread, we should be hard to defend.
Switch it around to defense. What would you use, the nickel or dime. Who would you have in the game and where?

the only thing i want to see in the spread formation are the two new chicks on this blog.

Id like to see that too Rex. Man would I!

Hey Lisa

You know I don't take just any free agent off the street. Get me a scouting report on Rita's :skill sets" and I'm sure I can schedule a "workout".

Hey, anyone see my stomach lately? I heard a rumor that that blow hard coach of the Jets has it. If he does, can you tell him I want it back please? Thank you.

Hey, anyone seen my stomach lately? I heard that blow hard new coach of the jets has it. If you see him, tell him I want it back. Thank you.

and while your at it, tell the Bills' coach that I would like my personality back also.

Actually, I am the one who stole your personality Ralph. Sorry.

Rex Blue Balls

Patience is a virture.
Once I put them through some extensive OTA's, I'm sure we can work them into the spread.
Who knows, if their good enough we might rename the wildcat to the wildkittens.


You can't use that name. That is my pet name for Tom Bunchen.

Why do these talks always revert back to sex? Rex, what can you spread with a toothpick?

What are your stats Odinseye? Height weight, age race. looks. Don't lie I can tell.

You too Sammo.


Show me yours and I'll show you mine

odinseye im a fan of the nickel so wake and roth at linebacker . saoli and mcdaniels at dt. porter and taylor as ends. give clemmons a shot at FS with culver and have will allen davis and smith out there but position should be based on matchups.


Any way you get Wake Porter and Taylor on the field at the same time flies with me.
In passing situations they should be able to rotate Merling and Langford with Solia and McDaniels, keeping our defensive line fresh.
As for the nickel and dime packages, I wouldn't count Nathan Jones out. He was one of the unsung hero's of last season. Any way you look at it we have quality starters and quality backups. I seriously think this could be one of the best defenses we've ever had.

Lisa i really hope your a chick and i know i'll catch crap from other's but im 5'8' 165 . 27 years aged white blue eyed and shaved head by choice. i've been told i look like a young clark gable. old school as all hell i know but oh well. based on odinseye's self moniker's as various norse god's i'd say 6' to 6'4' 180- 210 lbs long blonde hair blue or gray eyes . looks wise garth from wayne's world. just kidding odinseye. i'm so gonna catch crap for this.

i didn't even think of merling and langford. they could play dt and provide an inside pass rush . i agree this is one of the more athletic and deep defenses miami has had. in the past it was all zack taylor surtain madison armstrong or ogunleye? we never really had the backups to give our main guys a rest.


I try to start fresh topics. Sammo's been kicking it with me. You should too. I love to talk anything Dolphins.
When others are messing around, I don't mind the good natured fun either. Soiled Bottom and Nathaniel Dodsworth are two of the funniest guys here. It's gernerally harmless fun. Join in PLEASE.
As for my stats: I'm 6-1 190 VERY HEALTHY AND ATHLETIC.
Race only matters to me as far as being proud of my heritage, and I am. I'm a halfbreed. I'm a Norwiegian descendent of Erik the Red, and Chiricahua Indian, a band of the Apache.
As for looks, honestly, ruggedly handsome is about as good as it gets.

kickin it old school! odinseye what's your brand of drink? other than grog of course. i know it's not dolphins but with mason retiring do you think balt will make a play for boldin or marshall? either would make them dangerous.

Our inside pass is kind of a sleeper issue that not too many people are aware of. Merling and Langford are big enough, and good enough to rotate with Ferguson and Solia in passing situations. Keeping our guys fresh while the Florida heat wears down our opponets. Add to that our pass rush specialists and upgrades in the secondary. I wont be suprised, but I think a lot of opposing offenses will be.

I drink Rum of course, Barcardi Dark preferably. What modern day Viking doesn't.
First of all I don't think Mason will retire. A player has to formally notify the league, and he has not done so. I think he's just going through some grief.
If he does retire, I think they go for a lower profile guy(if you can call it that) like Marvin Harrison. Just the same I've always been a fan of Ozzie Newsome, and I wouldn't put anything past him when it comes to player personel.

The why this Miami offence is being set up they will lead the N.F.L. in time of poss. and make the D much stronger!!! Miami 12-4

Sammo 5'8" and 165lbs sound like a boy tom me ha ha ha, but kudos to you bec you tell the truth. Odinseye, rugged handsome who says...you...liar. I too am a half breed...descedent from Kublai Khan and from Geronimo. LOL

Point is fools. Nobody is going to believe you either way. Do you believe if the chicks said they were hot?

For your education: A reall coaching website.


sammo, good for you for telling the truce that you are 5'3" , no thing wrong with very short people .even soiled is 5'4" and he's proud of it.


WOW! I've been away for a little bit and things changed.

WOW! I've been away for a little bit and things changed.






Everyone listen I went to a bar last weekend and saw a guy with the FINS hat and tee. So i went to him and tried to talk FINS football being excited about last yeat and this year feeling like we CAN win THE AFC EAST CHAMPIONSHIP again and maybe more. I ask was he a fan or just liked the colors? and he said he was a fan.He asked if I was and I said yeah and so we started talking. I foundout quick that not only he was not a fan but a year away from the world.
HE said he felt bad that we lost TAYLOR and he wished he came back.I REPLIED WHAT THE F++K are you talking about he's back.

(LIKE I SAID HE WOULD back in the OLD POST and most of you were saying that wouldn't never happen THE FINS ARE GETTING YOUNGER FASTER and STRONGER HOW IS BRINGING TAYLOR BACK FITS THIS)

Sounds about right.

Anyway this guy's friend comes from the bar and say what's up I tell him I'm a FINS fan he said bad season huh.My THOUGHTS were ??
His friend then asked who will be your QB. And I just walked away.MY THOUGHTS were ???

i went to the the food store few days ago and i a guy with a pupy.i sais to him ...do you love dogs ? he answered yes ,why ?
i said ....no thing


hot dog with the works, i meant to say plus a painted toy from china to each fan

CHAD WINS MVP FOR THROWING 5,065 yards and 32 Touchdowns.

Ronnie gets 1,875 yards 11 TOUCHDOWNS

Ricky has 1,089 yards 5 Touchdowns
180 Recieving yards 2 Touchdowns.

Teddy has 93 catches 1,397 yards with 9 TDs
113 rushing with 2 touchdowns.

Greg has 80 catches with 1,045 yards with 5TDs


Chad P -- Throws for 6,444 yards and an incredbile 67 TD's

Ricky and Ronnie -- twin 2,000 seasons. Ronnie scores 27 TDs and Ticky adds 18 more

Teddy Gin -- catchs 187 balls for 2,700 yeards and 23 scores

Camaraillo adds 101 catches for 14 scores and 1,400 yards.

Porter gets 33 sacks, JT gets 27 more.

Vontae Davis intercepts 21 passes and returns 12 of them for touchdowns.

Pat Whie runs for or thros 23 touchdowns out of the wildcat. Roger Goodell is forced to ban the wildcat as a performance enhancing substance.

Brandon Fields punts a ball to the moon.

Coach Sparano takes the Dolphins to a 21-0 Regular Season Record and wins all 6 of his playoff games.

Bill Parcles turnds down induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and instead inducts the NFL into the Bill Parcels Hall of Fame.

Stephen Ross purchases a landlocked central Asian country -- renames it Dolphinstan and declares himself president for life.

Nick Saban is convicted on 47 counts of tax evasion and generall AZZZHOLERY.

Don Shula ascends to godhood (and by this we do not mean he dies -- since Shula is immortal)

Dan Marino chases all of the snakes out of South Florida. Every February 24th, kids get off school for St Dan Marino's Day.

Anyone spare some change for me? I have a restitution payment due this week.

If you don't have change i'll accept a bottle of mad dog 20-20 instead. Any help will be much appreciated.

Sorry dude, my daddy promised me the mad dog. But I do have some pennies in my piggy bank if your interested.

Champ-Justincredible-AFC....whoever your going to be today.
That was quite a converation you had with yourself this morning.
Upon further observation I noticed you zeroed right in on Me and Sammo's looks and size. Comments we provided for a possible FEMALE poster-RED FLAG-1
Then you ask everyone to listen, Telling all of us how you went to the bar and started hitting on another guy wearing Dolphins gear. That is, until his boyfriend came back and chased you away-RED FLAG-2
INCREDIBLY(living up to one of your names) You tell us of another well known hot spot, the supermarket. Where you meet another man, feigning interest in his puppy, you ask if he likes weiners-RED FLAG-3
Finally you ramble on mentioning weiners and Joey Porters steak-RED FLAG-4
I love the Dolphins and their players much as you do, but apparently for completely different reasons.

it's not easy to talk to yourself .

talking to yourself is easy. remembering your the only one in the conversation not so much.

sammo. let's say that you talking to yourself and the the name you r using is X, show us how it's easy

i drink my milk and take my flintstone vitamins everyday but alas no results. million strong and growing my arse! homeless guy my cousin will pay you to sweep his convienance store's parking lot. i'll tell him your stopping by for an interview.

sammo, i love you as a friend

ok . what about the multiple name poster's here. in essence they talk to themselves by creating controversies to get everyone else to comment while responding as one name they are thinking of a response for the other. it's called blogger's schzophrenia. very tragic. ask gopats. or jets rule. or jet in lube.

i love me too . im great. or should that be you. or x. confused i am.


You are right about AFC EAST, he is a weird fool. I thought he was gone because Uncle Sam took care of him.

Odisee and sammo,

You two dopes falling for thoses fake women. How in need are you? Fools.

sammo, very clear that jet in love or gpat can't speak english that well to talk to themselves all last 8 days.....good try bro

sammo,pay some respect to me baby and talk to me

Kara don't speak english that well either.

Gary Stevens

In an earlier post I mention two of the funniest posters here. After reading your last post I must apologize for leaving you off the list.

Good stuff MAYNARD

fu....k you eye,i speak better english than your sorry az

whose falling for what? all i did was describe myself. no big deal. besides i'm not the one who comes here looking for “ blog love” by bringing up stories about orgies with lot lizards. how in need are you for attention? what getting mopped up by uncle sam wasn't enough of an attention fix?

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