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Brian Hartline, Dolphins agree to contract

The Dolphins are slowly but surely working their way toward signing all of their draft picks this summer and today another rookie is in the house, as they say, because receiver Brian Hartline has agreed to terms with the team.

The coming signing, first reported by Brian McIntyre on Mac's Football Blog, brings the number of Dolphins rookies who have either agreed to or signed their first NFL contracts to five, including both wide receivers.

Hartline's four-year contract could be worth just under $4 million if he reaches all his incentives and escalator clauses. The actual worth of the deal is more along the lines of $2.25 million with a guaranteed bonus in the $500,000 neighborhood.

No further financial details are currently available. The Dolphins will announce the signing once Hartline actually puts his signature on the document, which could by the end of this week.

Patrick Turner, John Nalbone, Andrew Gardner and JD Folsom have signed previously. This is good news but not exactly man-bites-dog stuff as the Dolphins have had all of their rookies signed by the end of the first weekend of training camp in each of the past two years.

General Manager Jeff Ireland continues to work to make certain the streak is extended to three consecutive years. The Dolphins take the field for their first training camp practice Aug. 2.

First-rounder Vontae Davis, second-rounders Pat White and Sean Smith and fifth-round pick Chris Clemons have yet to agree to deals.

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OK, are these two female posters for real, or are they cross-dressing Jets fans?

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really no way to tell rex. kara claimed to be all women .... at a 110 lbs. thats not a whole lot. maybe she is lisa and rita also. i thought we all were here to talk dolphins to dolphins fans. according to incredible champs and company i guess not. should we segregate i mean separate fans on one side and bored trouble makers on the other?

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ok sammo,one of rex's namaes is .....SAMMO

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Do you really keep a clipboard? I watch for linguistics and similar spelling errors. Ultimately it seems to be the negative types that use multiple names. I *TRY* to avoid negativity in all aspects of life(lol). Oh well to each their own.
I like the laughs, and I love the Dolphins.

Saw a band by the name of odin in the early 90s in los ang., are you related to those guys???


I am 5'-3" on my knees.

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Cuban Menace

If the victim doesn't sign the statement the charges are not filed. So yeah Tommy boy's petty and a scumbag.
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Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the state of affairs in cheatriot land?
Starting at the top. They have a pro bowl caliber QB trying to bounce back from serious injury. Brady's strength was his calm cool confidence under pressure. This injury will affect him mentally and physically. This combined with his aging deteriorating O-line spells disaster in my opinion.
This brings up my second point. The cheatriots aging deteriorating offensive and defensive lines. Not to mention the LB's and secondary.
Despite still being able to stockpile draft picks, they are running out of quality replacements and slipping into mediocrity. They still have some stars, albeit fewer and farther between. They will still be a GOOD team. Nonetheless they seem to be the mirror image of the Dolphins in reverse. As we've been getting better, they've been getting worse.

Agreed on the pats future,tommy boy is still a great Q.B but will that injury be far from his mind?? don't know the answer to that, but yeah i think the pats are aging but don't forget about the coach, and don't forget that the pats are "the flagship of the NFL", look for more cheating and under handedness where the pats are concerned. with that being said if brady (bunchend) goes down with a injury look for the NFL to re-instate mike Vick instantly.. what are your thoughts??

Aloco said:

sammo ....5'3 tall with jhonson at best ....... .02"

odinseye....5.4" tall with jhonson at best......... .03'

Cuban........8'5" tall with jhonson at best ........ 1'6"

Posted by: Aloco | July 16, 2009 at 05:09 PM

Dr. Odin's in da house.
The prognosis is terminal!
Your obviously suffering from the tiny johnson complex.

I still wonder what belichek has on Goodall?? anyone know??

On this Anthony Armstrong guy. How has this guy been? Is there a chance he can make it? Your thoughts.

Mando still vacationing??

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Aloco, check out the boardwalk on coney Island, you can buy anyting for any price there....

If Brady goes down again it's over. You can stick a fork in it Vick or no Vick.
Flagship of the NFL? ABSOLUTELY! Whatever happened to the level playing field.
They have been notoriously known for stockpiling draftpicks. NFL insiders as well as outsiders say their the best in the league at it. So what do they do when their caught cheating? A draft pick? whoop de doo!
After more than a few too many stiff Rum and Cokes, I've wondered if there's a conspiracy afoot that reached top levels of the Bush administration.
Not that it was very far to the top of that administration LOL!

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I admit that I don't know much about Armstrong. But the fact that he came the long way down a hard road speaks for itself.
Parcells and Co. saw him in Dallas and thought enough of him to give him a shot here. That has to say something. I remember Sporano speaking positively of him at one point during ota's
Anyone know where he played in college?

Odin, your on the same page as myself, As stewie Griffin would say " there's treachery afoot" where the pats are concerned, i say lets bring it to congress and lets get to the bottom of this(or to the top as it were) Iam sure there's one more thing we could blame the Bush admin. for.. LOL...


A few dates for 9.99?
I think I dated her.

I'm all for it Menace.
We could get Al Franken to lead the congressional inquiry.

Got to step out for awhile, As in the Words of our next forign president(Arnold Schwarzenegger) " I'LL BE BACK"

I'm all about patriotism. Especially after 911.
But can someone please tell Roger Goodell that he doesn't have to be a patsy for the patriots.


I'm 5'2".....when I lay on my back. Just ask Aloco.

I leave for a couple of hours and I get accused of being Sammo? I have nothing against him, but that is not me. I'm me...me...you know me.


You can try to find a watch on ebay. A "buy it now" watch. A couple of shout outs to Sammo and Odinseye, a couple of straight up dudes. LOL at the personal stats, not at you but with you.

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The Patsies are finished. An aging, stale team. Outside of Adalius Thomas, assuming he still has something left, no pass rush. O-line is old and breaking down. Running backs, either old, injury plagued, or both. Mayo looks like a decent player, but not someone who is a game changer. The brains behind their player procurement is gone. Now Tatoo, er, Belicrap, is on his own. And you saw what happened in Cleveland last time that happened. Miami is poised to dominate this division for the forseeable future.

Rex, we'll see in the first 3 weeks how brady(bouchard) performs, he's still got a arsenal at his disposal..Moss,Welker, and any one coming out of the back field, there still a dangerous team, agree?


You said:
she saw some thing good on qvc but was 48.00 doll,i am trying hard to sway her from it unless she promises me a few dates for the watch

Then you say:

i didn't buy her any thing for 2 years but i am waiting until she cooks me some dinner and give some 4 dates the i shock her with the new watch.

Aloco I would like to help, but I'm not sure I understand?

Promises a few dates

nothing for 2 years

Not until she cooks and promises some 4 dates

What is this relationship based on? Pay as you go?

this relationship based on respect and love without buying thing and she never ask for any thing but now that i see she wants a new watch i am torn between my love and the 15-48 doll i have to shell out.so iam waiting for her to show some respect to my move so we can move to her dad's house while he's out for 3 week and enjoy the farm .


Despite the drop off in the player personel dept. The Patsies have some solid veterans. Regardless of their strengths and weaknesses, come showtime Belicheat will have them ready to play. I wouldn't underestimate them in the least.
However, I do believe, barring injuries or a major meltdown, we should be able to sweep them this year.
I said it, and I'll say it again **SWEEP**

DAMN odin, SWEEP..... Big statement bro...


It's not the money in and of itself. It's the things it can provide you. Things such as comfort, stability, or a really short visit to the T T BAR.
You have to weigh these things against her happiness and joy. Imagine the look in her eye when you present her with a $20.00 watch that you got for $9.99.

i have to go to see what watch to buy, it's going to be great shopping night since i am willing to spend.who cares even if i spend 30 doll for a watch..

cuban, thanks for advice

i have to go to see what watch to buy, it's going to be great shopping night since i am willing to spend.who cares even if i spend 30 doll for a watch..

cuban, thanks for advice

Aloco, Run into that back field like larry czonka running for 3 yards brother.....


I'm a straight up Dolphin Junkie. All offseason I keep watching their games over and over. It took until just recently for me to realize what a tough solid core/foundation Parcells and Co. put together. Especially on defense. The first official move they made in regards to player personal was to resign Ricky. Low milage, low salary, high output. You got to love it. It's been solid and methodical ever since.
After this years draft class and free agents It finally started too sink in. These guys are really good at what they do. Our offense will be much improved, but our defense is going to be bizarre. With that having been said, I'll say it again **SWEEP**


If Aloco plows that backfield like the Zonk, she'll be buying him watches and cooking like a chef for life.
Good luck you Loco!!!!

That ALOCO cat sounds semi retarded in how he speaks. I cannot make sense of it. Maybe his girl is retarded too. No problems, I guess people with disabilities need dates too.

NFDA, hopefully they wont procreate and cost me more money .....

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