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Brian Hartline, Dolphins agree to contract

The Dolphins are slowly but surely working their way toward signing all of their draft picks this summer and today another rookie is in the house, as they say, because receiver Brian Hartline has agreed to terms with the team.

The coming signing, first reported by Brian McIntyre on Mac's Football Blog, brings the number of Dolphins rookies who have either agreed to or signed their first NFL contracts to five, including both wide receivers.

Hartline's four-year contract could be worth just under $4 million if he reaches all his incentives and escalator clauses. The actual worth of the deal is more along the lines of $2.25 million with a guaranteed bonus in the $500,000 neighborhood.

No further financial details are currently available. The Dolphins will announce the signing once Hartline actually puts his signature on the document, which could by the end of this week.

Patrick Turner, John Nalbone, Andrew Gardner and JD Folsom have signed previously. This is good news but not exactly man-bites-dog stuff as the Dolphins have had all of their rookies signed by the end of the first weekend of training camp in each of the past two years.

General Manager Jeff Ireland continues to work to make certain the streak is extended to three consecutive years. The Dolphins take the field for their first training camp practice Aug. 2.

First-rounder Vontae Davis, second-rounders Pat White and Sean Smith and fifth-round pick Chris Clemons have yet to agree to deals.

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But most likely they will and cost us all money... your thoughts?????


damn, last time we heard something like that was in a bunker in Munich , germany back in april of 45, truth.com , your names not adolph is it????

gary stevens, dude, if you are out there, your post at 2:41pm "fantastic" i laughed all the way through. almost pissed myself. bring some more of that to the table.

I'm not CHAMP.


Since you seen Justin I haven't blogged under AFC EAST CHAMPIONS.


I agree that was classic. I tried to pick out my favorite paragraph, but they were all too funny.


Hitler tried to kill all the Jews. Turns out he was part Jewish.
Now you want to euthanize all the dumbazzes......

any one know the record for sacks as a team & and or if so, can or will we (dolphins) tie or beat it?

uncle sams brother is just another person on someones di=k.Get off his shi+ and stand on your own two


I think I liked you better as AFC EAST CHAMPIONS


72 sacks Chicago Bears 1984

odinseye, "wow" i'm not sure that's ever going to happen. thanks for the info.

Where is the sammo tonight? Maybe he is on a date with kathy?

Agree the post for Gary was pretty funny. Funny at the expense of that poor dumbazz who posted the previous post Gary was mocking.LOL

what about me? I'll play for $25 per game mang


The 84-85 bears had a wicked defense. But Marino and Co. still whipped their a&* and preserved the only perfect season ever in the history of the NFL.

Who's the moderator at this blog? I spelled the A-word twice. Once with Z's, and once with symbols. What gives Mr. anonymous moderator? I've seen a lot worse here. Are you playing favorites or what?

34-24 monday night no? how many they get on marino(sacks)?

I went to that Phins Bears game and it was great. We kept them from going undefeated. I do not recall they sacked Marino though. I was pizzed we let them rush over 100 yards. I still have the one huge page article in the paper predicting the victory. Had it laminated years ago.

ace, will not forget it as well, i was thirteen and kind of a raider fan then. however even then i knew not to bet against marino. made a bet with my uncle and won twenty bucks, which was big $ then. where have all the good times gone?


You reminded me of something. We used to have a football pool in High School. Of course I always took the Phins needless to say. My friend and I had a system where we would pick identical picks for the easy games and pick opposite for the hard games. We them would split the cash. We even let a dork in on it so we had a three way, but he got less than third. Well because he was a dork. Then we got greedy and made up a dude adn put in picks for the fake guy.

lol, very nice! a sucssesful partnership i'm guessing?


You were there?
I'm not jealous.
No I'm not.

We won about 75% of the time. Some of the kids were pizzed. Monday night game was the tie breaker with the points per game. We would pick our points wisely and get them there as well. If I can only remember what class we did this in?


I was living 3 hours away at the time.


The bears sacked Marino 3 times for 25 yards

3 Hours?

I drove from Chicago to Miami Just for training camp. I got my picture taken with Don Shula. I drove from the suburbs of Detroit to Miami when I live there. I always went to games "close by" like Buff, Cleve, Indy, Det, and Chicago. I missed that Monday night game though. Well, I didn't miss it, I just wasn't there. I am jealous....a little.

ace i was out with some friends. drinkin singin an such. im 5'8' ya fyuckers! feel free ta call me papa smurf! who wants ta play pin the tail on gargamel? smurfette and daisy say what up? who is kathy ace? maybe kara?

can't we talk football

sammo, no thing wrong being a short guy as long as you have a big heart.5'3" isn't very short .

Sammo, sammo I was just joking with you. It is not like I said dee plane dee plane, boss. It is not like I called you Tattoo.

Out of work early. The sun's shining, and I'm drinking ice cold beer outta da bottle. Life is good.
This place rocked yesterday. A lot of good Football talk. Some CLASSIC comedy as well.
I did notice those that whine the most about the non-football talk didn't contribute. You ever hear the old maxim if you didn't vote, don't whine? If your not part of the solution, your part of the problem? If ya aint got nuthin good to say....SHUT UP...etc...etc.
By the way......where are the ladies? I hear we have quite a few now. Lets see
Kathy and Kara. Uh...Liz and Lisa. Umm...oh yeah, last but not least Rita.


Gee I dunno Fred.....uh....I mean Jeremy. Do you know anything about football?

lisa, i would love to talk to you alone,how can we do that away from the the boys ?


I can't even tell you how your last post made me feel deep down inside!


I'm worried about Aloco. You sent him down on the Boardwalk. I hope nothings happened.

i didn't know you have feel deep inside. thought you R 5'3" tall, sorry looking for some one taller or lisa


I'm not a selfish person. I was thinking about you.....and Lisa.
I was picturing YOU..... and Lisa "connecting".....alone......away from the boys.....(BIG SIGH).....

adam jones should come and join the fins, he will be good for the strip clubs in south florida


Tell pac man to get in line with Marc Anthony because that's the only way he could have anything to do with the Dolphins.
I wouldn't put it past Wanny, Saban or Ca-Moron, But thank GOD the buck stops with Bill.

hi, people ...i went shopping last night for a watch and spent 27 doll and mr jones had 40.000 doll in ones to feel good and important.....
tragic when he could have bought all the watches in the world that cost 27 doll inc tax

I have one for all the whiners, and the football fans as well.
What was your favorite moment in Dolphin history?
I have a few, but one stands out more than the others.
Number 3-1994 in the Meadowlands, in front of the largest crowd in Jets history. At one point the Jets lead 17-0. 22 seconds on the clock-4th quarter The Dolphins scramble up to the line down 24-21. Marino signals for a spike. Jets CB Aaron Glenn(?) gets juked hard by a Marino to Ingrahm TD pass to win the game.
Number 2 Again 1994 season opener against the Parcells coached Patriots. Marino's first game back from a right achilles tendon injury. Miami's down 32-35 4th quarter. 4th down and 5 just under 3 min. to play. Marino hits Fryar on a "pre-determined" audible fly route.
Both number 3 and 2 were comebacks victories for Marino.
Number2 is a tribute to Marino's gutsiness and confidence.
My all time favorite. January 2, 1982. Playoff game against San Diego. Don Shula always harped on being prepared He claimed to have a play in the playbook for every possible situation, and he proved it this day. Everyone I'm sure knows about the longest game in NFL history. One play left before halftime, Shula digs deep into the playbook. Don Strock hits Duriel Harris on a short curl, who then pitches to Tony Nathan for a 45 yard(?) touchdown. Thus providing us with the infamous hook and lateral.

Any others?

Odeinseye ,

CAN you sing ? give us a break with this old story to put us to sleep

And to think.....I was worried about you!!!!


Just for the record NO I can't sing, but that never stopped me.

it's all good ace i was in a GREAT mood last nite! my favorite dolphins moment was camarillo catching that overtime pass to avoid 0-16. may not be the best moment to most but it sure beats being mentioned with the lions.


I do love to sing, but I sound like Howling Wolf with a real BAD hangover.


I'll second that.

Heading down to the local pub. As Menace likes to say: "I'll be back".

my best moment was last night when my girl cooked for me a prime rib and spicy mex rice and fried potatoes while watching " sea of love " w/ Al Pacino.the hell w/ football

aloco good viewing choice can't beat home cooked meals my friend!

aloco good movie choice, I like of of Al's movies.

Correction: I like all of Al's movies

now my girl wants me to rent al pacino her favorite movie " scent of a woman " . i have to go get it if i want a good meal and good time so i am going FAST ,

now my girl wants me to rent al pacino her favorite movie " scent of a woman " . i have to go get it if i want a good meal and good time so i am going FAST ,


No disrespect sir, but your starting to sound more than a little whipped. It's guys like you that make it tough on the rest of us.


who you think going to win it all this year ?

new england

odniseye, thinks he's a big shot when we all know he's just a small banana .


I haven't got my predictions all the way together. I like to wait for training camp and some pre-season games. Injuries, waiver wire pick ups etc, etc. I have narrowed it down to three teams from each conference.

From the NFC it should come down to the Cards, Giants and Bears, yeah I said it DA BEARS. In that order.
In the AFC the Steelers, Ravens and the Dolphins. In that order.


How about we do a couple of BIG SHOTS and then see if you can make my banana grow?

it's really cool odinseye that you know some football to keep up w/me.
i hope you can learn some.
your choices are great, one more question

how many players you know of that are GAY in our team PAST or now ?

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