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Davis agrees, club close to signing draftees [Updated]

The Dolphins have locked up first round draft pick Vontae Davis. Sort of.

The cornerback selected No. 25 overall out of Illinois has agreed to a five-year deal, according to a team source. He is expected to sign the deal later today or Saturday morning. The Dolphins will announce the signing once Davis puts his John Hancock on the dotted line.

The Dolphins have been quietly confident for several days that their remaining unsigned draft picks would be signed before the coming weekend is out. That's good because training camp opens Sunday with a 2 p.m. practice.

And Thursday went a looong way toward helping the deals get done.

Even as the team and the agents for Davis and Pat White were negotiating, the players picked both just ahead and just behind the Miami rookies in their respective rounds agreed to deals with other teams.

What did that mean to Miami and it's rookies?


Whatever final language needs to be hashed out, whatever final i needs to be dotted or t needs to be crossed will likely be done in the next couple of days and perhaps as early as Friday. This, of course, barring a last-minute meltdown by some lawyer involved in reading the deals.

On Thursday, Peria Jerry, drafted No. 24 in the first round by Atlanta, agreed to a five-year deal. Linebacker Clay Matthews, drafted No. 26 overall by Green Bay, also agreed to a five-year deal. That led directly to the Davis deal late Thursday night.

Although exact contract details are not yet available, the Davis deal is believed worth between $10-$10.5 million before incentives and escalator clauses. The guaranteed money should be in the $7.2-$7.6 million neighborhood, which is a very nice neighborhood where folks smile and garbage pickup is always prompt.

[Update: The subject of leverage has come to my mind and, with Davis, the Dolphins hold much of the leverage should it come into play. The fact is the Dolphins have a starting cornerback spot open. The fact is three players are expected to compete for that job. The fact is Sean Smith and Eric Green, two of those candidates, are signed and will be at camp on Sunday. The fact is Davis needs to be there also if he doesn't want to fall behind the other two -- with the gap between them increasing with every practice Davis misses.

[Davis didn't want to fall behind.] 

Thursday also marked the signing of linebacker Clint Sintim with the New York Giants. Sintim, the 45th player taken overall, signed a four-year deal. Defensive end Everette Brown, selected 43rd overall by Carolina, has also signed a four-year deal. White was selected No. 44 overall.

How long do you think White's contract will run? Do I hear four years?

And it also should be done before Sunday's first practice and as early as Friday. The sides were haggling over language Friday morning but it is close to completion. That contract will come in at slightly above $4 million.

The Dolphins have one more unsigned player -- safety Chris Clemons, a fifth-round selection. Everyone else in the fifth round has signed and the two players picked before and behind Clemons signed four-year contracts. The Dolphins have had a four-year offer to Clemons on the table for days.

Educated guess here: He'll agree to a deal by Sunday and probably earlier than that.


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Great News !, Nobody is more observing than gopoats. He's wise beyond his years.

Cant wait to see Vontae Davis. He's a beast. He just looks like a prototypical NFL CB.

Ive heard from multiple sources that I trust that Chris Clemons was one of the second day draft gems. The Dolphins' backup safety tandem of Clemons and Culver would do some serious damage if they got playing time.

no he will pull a jason allen thuss setting him back, what a FOOL

It is good to hear. We don't need drama queens running this team. Sign the contract a play some ball, rookie.

I actually think Sean Smith will start over Vontae Davis.But Vontae will eventually fall into the mix.I see Vontae as a FS more than a CB.Overall the secondary can only get better from last year.Yeremiah Bell will make the pro bowl.

The problem with white is he's a QB so those two selected in the 2nd round in front of him or behind him doesn't affect him. HENNE's contract affects him more.Davis is a skill player and those around him are also so his contract should be easier.With clemons I don't know what his problem is.

JASON ALLEN will be the day one starter.

Clemons has had a 4 year contract in front of him for days. Obviously its not the original contract they thought he would sign a month ago. Sounds like hes been waiting to get what others drafted around him were getting. It would be weird if they didn't get this deal done in time.

Yes, but is he a beast?

does this clemmons kid think he is the next ed reed? polamalu? if he wants a huge contract play like a first rounder thru your first contract then you get that payday! even a 5th round contract will give him more money than he's ever had.

Mando, What's the story on Clemons? He does realize he is a 5th round pick right. I have heard speculation that the FO is "punishing" his agent for leaking info about him being close to signing a few weeks back. That sounds a bit on the ridiculous side to me. So again, what's the story?

I heard that Clemons wants verbage in his contract that states he will be the starter by week 6. And I heard that P. White is demanding a trade to the Steelers because he was informed that the Dolphins will be signing Vick. And I heard that Vontae wants the name "Vontae the Great" on his jersey and he's not signing his contract until the Fins agree to let him do that.

The remaining 3 needs to get on board now! Y do they even need an agent is beyond me! If a player gets a free ride in college why not learn how to handle your own money. Agents are holding these guys back for their own personal gain,new clients and more money for their pockets. Sign best deal and move on to starting a career. Who knows better than you how much money your willing to take! Agents should be like job service, there's work here or there and player should decide what money is good for them and their families

Mando can any of our lb's cover that is a big concern of mine. I can see problems with opposing rb and te in cover. I could be wrong but defense will run much smoother without having to help so much and we need hugh gains made by our de's whoever they might be

A 5th rounder holding out? If it were me, I'd be more worried of making the team than how many hundreds of thousands of dollars I stood to make in that first year. This young man obviously has his priorities skewed to say the least.

If I were negotiating for the Dolphins I'd tell him, here is the offer, you have 48 hours to sign it, if you refuse, we're pulling it off the table and we'll have this talk again next year, maybe.

Whoever is guiding this kid is an idiot.

i see vontae as a SS Sean as a FS or maybe a corner and if gibril doesnt do good or if bell gets hurt clemons will take that spot

Good to know. Clemons' agent must be a total idiot because I seriously doubt the Dolphins are just picking on Clemons by being unfair to only him in negotiations.

Davis has signed.

Clemons should get a good contract , he was not born to be the dolphins wiping boy.


Clemons should get a good contract to make sure he's a happy player like the rest of them.
i know a few teams ready to pick him up next year .

davis has signed

I'm almost sure Clemons will sign before training camp. This is the business side of football. You cant blame a guy for looking out for himself. For us its entertainment, but for these guys its a job and hopefully a career. If he holds out after training camp starts, then I would know that something is seriously wrong in someones head.

1 down 2 to go

Mando--any trouble being caused by White & the 'quarterback premium,' which per pft & others gives a qb a bump over what otherwise might appear to be his "slot"?

also...what do you hear is the Clemons hold-up? Were the Fins too effusive in their praise during OTAs, thereby giving him an expanded ego?

Another good update!

We got V.D.! Vontae Davis just signed.

Woops, isn't official yet but they're working out minor details and it will be done today.

he already signed,take it from ME .

How do you know, where is this info posted?

i am not going to tell you the name ?

Ha ha, thanks, dark mysterious back alley info, I see.

Clemons will be signed by saturday 6.00 pm .WATCH

Clemons should sign and get this stuff over with. He needs to be there in camp along with Vontae.

I myself think they wasted the pick on white,they should have gone elsewhere

Man stop hatin on pat white. We draft 2 qb a year apart, one that was alright in college and the other a proven winner,give the kid a chance to show his worth. For to long we missed on game changers and watched them star on other teams. In 5 years the nfl will be filled with players with spread and college formation skills, so what is the nfl to do.

Hey this kid Clemmons has big stones, exactly the type os secondary players our team needs. Vontae'a signed and both Clemmons and White are probably being signed as I type. Go Fish!!!

Davis is the one I was concerned about. White shouldn't be a problem. Clemons isn't winning any popularity contests with his or his agents actions. Does he think if he doesn't sign and waits a year his draft status will rise? He has a better chance of sticking a little yeast in his pocket. It'll rise faster than his hopes. He is a 5th. rd. pick. He should sign the contract, prove his value, then sit out.

Clemons will sign by later today and white on sat.

By the end of the 1st qtr of the 1st game Pat White will be the most valuable Dolph's offensive player. Not because of the wildcard, because of what he can do after he catches the bubble screen.

go fins!

ORALE! Now Marc Anthony write song for Vontae Davis for inspire him en training camp. Jennifer Lopez can dance for Vontae now, or Marc Anthony don't like this?

Jeez, will everyone just get a grip and ease up. What the H--L does it matter what time these guys finally sign? By 2:00 PM Sunday--which is the only time that any of this really matters--everyone will be signed and in pads. They will and we will move on to a very fun season.

Didn't like the White pic when drafted, don't like (even more so after mini camp) him now.

The guy has zero (0) experience under center and can't hit the broad side of a barn. The guy is not a NFL QB and never will be.

But he has delusions of granduer and thinks he is something he ain't.

Hey White, know your role!

Hal9000 white will be in packages that won't require him to be under center. that's why miami is installing the spread and expanding the wildcat. seeing how alex smith has bombed being under center after exclusivly playing in the shotgun in college i understand your concern with white.

dirty sanchez selling air conditioners in alaska in few years

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gopats rumor says vick for sign with pats. what thinks you?

IT COULD HAPPEN b/c pats can deal w/ any one ,they always take the credit for cleaning up people and at the hint of any problems they take the credit again for releasing the bad apple.they always win as long as they run it like a BIZ .

ive watched white from the day he arrived in morgantown..he is a true winner with the heart of a champion..miami will put the ball in his hands and he will set new standards in the ..NFL..going to,WVU,heart loyalty and a strong blue color work ethic was installed in him...he will take the ..NFL.by storm just like his best friend ..Steve Slaton did in houston..

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3-jet in lube
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8-any names gopats uses.


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