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Live Twitter chat at 2 p.m., here Wed. at 3 p.m.

My months-long vacation officially ends Wednesday.

But I'm getting some stuff together today so I figured I might get everyone in training camp mode with a live chat ... on Twitter. As you know you can follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/armandosalguero. If you haven't already done so, please begin following me. Nine hundred folks are doing so already and they will get live updates to their phones of what is going on at Dolphins camp.

Do it today and we'll chat on twitter between 2-3 p.m.

For those of you that refuse to tweet or simply prefer the long format to a chat, there will be a live chat on this blog Wednesday (did I mention it's my first official day back at work?). We'll run that chat starting at 3 p.m.

On the table?

There is a veritble feast of subject to discuss -- chief among them whether the Dolphins helped themselves become a better team this offseason and to what degree?

There are questions about whether the team will get Vontae Davis signed by Saturday's first practice -- I vote he'll be signed by the time Saturday is complete -- and there are questions about whether veterans such as Chad Pennington and Joey Porter can not only match, but indeed improve on the career seasons they had last year.

So check with me on twitter in a couple of hours ... or check with me on this blog Wednesday starting at 3 p.m.

As always, if you cannot be here for the live blog, you can post your questions or comments at any time and I'll answer those in order they appear.


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Mando thank goodness your back now i have something to read at my boring job.

whats up with the rookies(white, davis and clemmons) who have not signed yet? any word on when they will sign??


So you are alive... does that mean the will I had written & forged for you won't work? Can I at least keep the Cam Cameron signed jock strap that I said you had willed to me?

By the end of the 1st qtr of the first game Pat White will be the Fins most valuable offensive player.
Not running the wildcat, catching the screen pass/toss.


Could you please leave the article about my new contract on the top of your website a little bit longer. I'm worried that not everybody has had a chance to read it.

What about boldin?


I heard a rumor that you spoke to Parcell's at halftime during a pre-season game last year. You told him something along the lines of how bad his recievers were.

Please Armando, tell us the response this statement elicited from the TUNA!

Glad you are back, Mando... the coverage while you were away has been horrible!

For the unsiged rookies - what is holding them up? Do you know if it is money, length of contract or amount guaranteed that is holding things up, or are they waiting for other teams to sign their picks of similar round so that they can better argue their draft selection value?


It's not a rumor, you're just reading my twitter posts. Everyone should be following me on Twitter darnit! There's going to be good stuff on there.

Back to your question.

The response was something along the lines of they'll be fine. I'm not worried about that.

And so if Bill Parcells, who has won two Super Bowls and remade a handful of teams into contenders and belongs in the Hall of Fame, says that, what does the reporter who never played and never coached and never gm'd say in response? ...

Not a darn thing. I just went and got myself some ice cream.

Remember the live chat Wednesday at 3 p.m. people!!!!!!


I can answer the Boldin question.
He's an egotistical cry baby. His type would never walk away from what he percieves as a Superbowl team.
He's just having a tizzy-tantrum because he's jealous of Fitz's skills and wallet.


I pictured him replying YEAH! Their stinking da joint up!

Either way I have to admire the courage it must have took approaching Parcell's like that.
I would have kept my mouth shut and headed for the ice cream cart myself.


I know the variables. Unproven rookies, FA's, training camp holdouts, injuries, etc. etc.
You've been around the Dolphins and their AFC East rivals for a long time.
What is your gut feeling on how the Dolphins matchup with the rest of the AFC East?

Which rookie or free agent do you believe will make the biggest impact in training camp?


Write it down.

FA impact: Grove.
Rookie impact: Clemmons.

Jeff mentioned in a news conference that they felt day 1 of the draft went very well however day 2 players were not falling to them the way they expected? What is your read on those comments, did they "settle" for WR's that were available or do they actually believe in Turner and Hartline?

Will the Dolphins pass more to their RB's coming out of the backfield than they did last year?

Did you know that Sammie Morris had more yds/catch and more yds/rush than Ronnie Brown last year? The Dolphins shall use more screen passes in 2009 and better O-Line blocking.


Mando, Hows it feel to be rescued from the Al Qaeda horde in jersey, glad your back safe and sound...

Awesome. Looking forward to it!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Hope the vacation was fun ?
Your photo looks tanner and healthier.

Your head seems to be a bit bigger also("If you haven't already done so, please begin following me. Nine hundred folks are doing so already")

your friend
Soiled :)

900 folks?...... that is if you count all of Aloco's names he uses you will get at least 500. 20 to 30 more from CM

what's up Ace? how goes it today? if your the devil does that mean mando sold you his soul to rule twitter? 900 followers seems like quit a following

I can't wait to see what Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, Patrick Turner, Cameron Wake, etc... do with pads on!

I will never join twitter.

Greg Cote has lost his freaking mind. He's accusing Parcell's and the Miami Dolphins of collusion, blackballing, and not being interested in having a winning football team.
All because we've shown no interest in Vick.
You would think, working at the Herald, Cote would know about Penny, Henne and White. We have a lot invested here, and I believe it's a great investment.
As far as Vick goes, I'm all for his re-instatement. Right after he goes a round or two with me and my 80 lb. Red Nose Pit JoJo.

Cote consistently proves that he has no idea what he is talking about...


Your right, but this even farther off than usual for the dork. The way he's acting about Vick, I'm gonna have to put em on suspicion, If you know what I mean.

Cote where did you go for vacation Amsterdam?


I'm doing good today. Just trying to keep up with baseball too. I am not the devil as aloco thinks I am, but I would love to have aloco's soul just in case.

Odinseye what do you say?

Souljahbeats where have you hiding at?


What's up?
Getting packed for a road trip. Got a family reunion just south of Chicago. Our family reunions are blowouts. Live music, family and lots of booze.
Speaking of which, I got to make a beer run. Be right back

Ace you don't want aloco's soul, tho it would be cool to own a dirty jet's fan. i follow the marlins every once in a while. Odinseye i would love to see vick test his speed vs. your pit. let him see what's it like on the other side of the fence. if Cote went to amsterdam it's purely for the prostitution.

Gteg cote-x is a bufoon and a f'n hack.

I'm ready to come back the fins needs to call me!

I'm a vick loving dog hating fat fool!


This is my first Pit. I was a little hesitant at first because of all the horror stories. Now I know that most if not all of these dogs are victims of their circumstances.
This is by far the best breed of dog that I've ever had. The worst thing about him, if you can call it that, is he's a little over protective of children.

Hey Cecil

Sorry dog we tight.

Try Travis Davis, he needs a front man to run the cartel while he does his bit.

the clowns are back,cote,nj phin ,greg and soulj .....nice group of clowns .

go fins

Massaquoi signed with Cleveland. I just heard Louis Murphy signed with the Raiders Blah..blah...etc...etc.

Anybody else getting antsy?

me, after seeing all these clowns back to suffer a new


Your calling people clowns today? You called me a red cheese neck yesterday.
I thought you were making progress Aloco.
I think we should poll our fellow bloggers. I think your rankings dropped considerably.

oh , my good odinese , i am so sorry , i was welcoming them in a funny way i thought but thanks to you you alret us the dumb once to our mistakes,thank you.

ace no more devil, he's an angel in the honor of all fin fans who are to welcome armondo to his rightful place .

If it isn't the biggest clown of them all aloco also know as the cuban menace. What's up menace ?

NJ PHIN , my best body,how are the beautiful family of yours doing ?
hope all healthy and happy .

cubano. La familia esta bien y tu ?

NJ PHIN, i am trying to invent some thing but i can't find any thing to invent to help the dolphin players not to smell bad when they sweat .
any ideas ?


no se obtienen sarcástica conmigo(lol).

who's greg cote to say dolphins should get VICK ?i am sure he wants vick to come here so he can tear into him for few month to sell more paper .

is greg cote a soccer reporter or dog racing reporter ?


I jess find way laugh all of us. Ha Ha!
I say ferret faced pene you. You giggle like mama bonita. Ha Ha!


I jess find way laugh all of us. Ha Ha!

I say you ferret faced P3ne you. You giggle like mama bonita. Ha Ha!

ha ha ha

cuban menace and njphin are both PIGS

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