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On HOF assistants, Vick, live blog

The passing of Jim Johnson, the Eagles defensive coordinator who succumbed to cancer at age 68 Tuesday, will bring a blitz of tears and condolences the next couple of days.

It should also beg the question why the NFL Hall of Fame doesn't have a wing for great assistants coaches or general managers.

Johnson, a man who believed in attacking, confusing defense, would be forever enshrined in that wing were it to exist. And that leads me to this on a Dolphins blog:

What current or former Dolphins assistant coach or general manager type would be worthy of being enshrined in that wing?

Off the top of my head I will give you two names and let you add others at your discretion. I think Joe Thomas would be in that wing for having put together the NFL's only perfect team, the 1972-73 Dolphins, and then the better-than-perfect team of 1973-74 that followed. (Yeah, I think the '73-'74 Dolphins were better than the team from the year before.)

Anyway, I think we should all agree Bill Arnsparger, who coached Miami defenders through much of the 1970s and into the early 1980s would also qualify for that HOF wing. Arnsparger was the innovator of the famed 53-defense. He was the man who turned a group of no-names into one of the most dominant units of its day. He was simply a genius for his work with defenders.

Now it's your turn. Give me names of Miami assistants or GM types that would belong in the Hall of Fame.

On another matter, at least one local columnist has written it would have been a good idea to have Michael Vick sign with the Dolphins. Um, wrong.

As I wrote on May 23 (check the blog archives) it wasn't going to happen because Vick represents everything the Dolphins are not. They are not about the circus atmosphere. They are not about drama. They are not about doing crazy, irresponsible, desperate things.

Signing Vick would have been all about those negative things. So not signing Vick was the smart and correct call. Period.

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Thanx for the common sense on Vick---I want to see him get a chance, but the Fins signing him makes absolutely no sense. Not so glad to see that 'the loc(o)-al columnist' hasn't grown in sense or stature since the infamous "Trade Marino - Keep Mitchell" masterpiece.

It's late, but off the top of my head---obviously assts--Mike Westhoff
front ofc types--did George Young not labor here for awhile; he certainly gets in for the NYGs---& perhaps Bobbie Betherd.

Armando, as a guy who lives in Philly and was able to witness a truly great defense at work every week under a truly great coach in Johnson, I must thank you for giving his passing media coverage that ESPN glazed over and thank you for the well deserved acknowledgement you gave to his legacy, even here on a Miami Dolphins media outlet where the only time the Philadelphia Eagles are mentioned is if the two teams meet in the Super Bowl. Thank you again.

For Dolphins talk, I agree with you on Vick. As another point, Pat White should do just fine for the years to come, even if his summer practices with the team were poor. I say we shall see great things from Pat headlining the rocking Wildcat O!

You took the two easy ones:).

Definitely Bobby Beathard and Mike Westhoff.

Perhaps Monte Clark. Watching the 1973 O-Line was like watching a ballet team. Every step was choreographed by Coach Clark.

Also another former O-Line coach, John Sandusky whom Pete Axthelm once referred to as "a rock of a man" was an absolutely great coach. Ala Don Shula who got "more from less" as a head coach Sandusky did the same w/ the offensive line.


nick saban should have a wing called .......mac and cheese

j.j........should have a wing called...wig

they should have a wing for sport writers and call ...lunch


Mel Phillips should have his own wing.

From Miami Dolphins.com

Phillips has helped the Dolphins finish in the top eight in the NFL in pass defense seven of the last nine seasons, including a No. 1 finish in 2001 (176.8 ypg) and a No. 2 finish in 2004 (162.0 ypg). In 2006, they allowed 187.9 yards per game through the air, the fifth-lowest figure in the NFL. They accomplished this feat although the unit consisted of four new starters from 2005, including strong safety Yeremiah Bell, who was in his first season as an NFL starter.

As a phin fan in Pa, so sorry about jj he and buddy should be there.Ya I said buddy,but,my vote for the dolphins?Who else Bill Arnsparger who else?Loved a.j duuuheeeyyyyy!

Any news on vontae?Who do you think is going to make the team in the secondary?Starters?Bench?That question all pertains to secondary.THANKS,Lehigh Valley yuengsnwings

I can't name any great assistants. The ones that I can remember were never around long enough. (I can't remember much.)

As to Vick...
He isn't reformed until he proves it. He tortured helpless animals. There is something seriously wrong in this guys head. Serial killers have the same issues. Torturing the weak and helpless. Look it up.
He doesn't fit on this team. He isn't a second stringer. You can't play Pennington as a second stringer. Pennington is the team's leader.
He isn't that great. Atlanta didn't win any superbowls. Do you need that much drama and not win it ?
Nobody even knows what 18 months off is going to do to him. He isn't going to be in that great a shape. Much less football shape.

Two things. First, "begs the question" is misused besides being a lazy overused expression. Second,how about a link back to the old post on Vick rather than a suggestion to search the archives. Again, lazy blogging. Otherwise, nice post.

Unfortunately there are no other great assistants which was the problem after Arnsbarger left. Shula couldn't pick them or teach them, he has no "tree" like Walsh does.

I can't think of a better candidate than Tom Olivadoti.

Greatest defensive coordinator: TOM OLIVAIDOTTI. What other defensive coordinator could mastermind nine years of what Phil Simms stated as "the simplest defense in the NFL", and consistently allow so many teams to score so many points! That is hard to do.

Bill Arnsbarger. Period.

As for Vick, he was involved with Organized crime and ran an illegal gambling operation. IMO, he should be banned forever from the game. Goodell, through allowing Vick to return, has shown himself to be a weak commissioner.

Come on! You forgot Tom Olivadotti! What a genius!

Seriously though, two that come to mind are Monte Clark for taking five castoffs on the offensive line and having two enshrined in the HOF and one that should be.

Second, Bobby Beathard. He left for the Redskins in late 70s cause Shula wouldn't stop dabbling in player personnel moves which proved to be disasterous.

Hey also in that wing you could akso enshrine great clip board holders(ted Ginn sr,)blocking dummies(Rufus Ginn) and great hootchie mommas (Tednisha Ginn) What are your thoughts??


Joe Thomas was an owner not a coach nor general manager.. unless he had dual role.

Clear this up for me

Mando, the menace will be joining your 3 pm blog today..


Stand corrected...looked it up in Wiki.. he would be my first choice for gm.

Welcome Back to work...

Will there be any important imrpovements to the team before season starts?


"Greatest defensive coordinator: TOM OLIVAIDOTTI. What other defensive coordinator could mastermind nine years of what Phil Simms stated as "the simplest defense in the NFL", and consistently allow so many teams to score so many points! That is hard to do."

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Check the website:



Jim Bates and Randy Mueller for sure!!!!!

There should be a special wing in the Hall of Fame for posters to this blog.

AFC EAST CHAMPS -- for a life time of inter-cultural outreach.

CUBAN MENACE -- for protecting the innocent and weak among us.

NJ PHINS FAN -- for delivering clean and safe sanitation to millions.

NATHANIEL DODSWORTH -- For furthering the sex education of thousands on both sides of the Canada - U.S. border

SAMMY -- For his comedic stylnigs.

Gary Stevens for sure. He needs the attention. Hey payuengsnwings - Lehigh Valley Phin Fan here too - good to see a fellow LV fan

Jim Bates doesn't deserve that sarcastic post from DC-phinfan.
He developed players like Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas, and his defensive unit rescued games when there was no offense to support.
I mean, you should have been nuts if you were expecting a great scoring from an offense with no big name at RB or WR and guided by "superstars" like A.J. Feeley.
Just remember in 2004, after a disastrous 1-8 start, Dave Wannstedt quited. And with exactly the same team and serving as interim head coach, Jim Bates went 3-4, including a very cool win over Patriots.
And I sum to the Tom Olivaidotti wagon, his defense was astonishing.

Armando I would like to know what is going on with Clemons contract, I believe I heard that he was close to signing a month ago.

Mr Armdo, how are you I am fine. I would want to nomnate Harard Shellimberger for hall of fame. He was OC in times of SUper Bowl
Thank you
Juan Huron

gary stevens/menace . You mean a special wing for cuban menace or should i say Paul blart: for potecting malls through out the tri-state area.

Dear Mr Armndo,
I am sorry I mean to say name of Haword SHmellimberger. Was OC hired by MR HC DON SHULA. to be our coach wneh we went to big SUPEr Bowls. DId yo know that MR Armdo?
Mr Armdo, I am also glad too that Mick Vick is not going to be Miami Dolphins. DO you know what I read? I read that him have herps diseese. If Vick was on team nobody can use toilets because they do not wnat to get herps too. Can't use showers or towels or nothing at all.
Keep writing the good things that you write because it is good to read it.
thank you
Juan Huron

I don't know if I have ever seen a columnist call out another sports columnist at the same paper before. Kudos to you Armando.

Greg Cote-x is a bufoon and a f'n hack.

can NJ be more clear ,why he thinks so ?

Mando, in your opinion, do u think Sean Smith or Vontae Davis will start opposite Will Allen in Week 1, or will Sparano go with Eric Green because he's a veteran w/ experiance. And do u think this secondary, with a bunch of new faces, will be on the same page together from the jump week 1 or will it take a couple of weeks into the season for them to gell. we might have the most talented secondary(on paper) i know that doesn't mean much until they hit the field in Sept. but Do u agree? who has a better unit?

Will Allen
Vontae Davis
Sean Smith
Yeremiah Bell
Gibril Wilson
Eric Green

How much do you think Peezy and Taylor will play together?
Do you think they will play on the same side when they are both in?

I am looking so forward to this year.

Whick rookie do you think will have the most impact?

Dear Mr dave: How are you today? I will anser question that you asked because I know. Jasen Taylor is a Miami Dolphin again. So when him and Joy POrter play together they will be on the same side. Is good news, right?
LOLOLOLOL Just making joke Dave. Don't be mad? OK?
You know what I really think? I think nether of them is good to play DE with 3-4 defense. SO I do not think they will play same side. They play OLB. 1 strong side and 1 will week side or maybe inside even. Maybe Wake play strong side and maybe Taylor inside.
your friend,
Juan Huron

Armando considering I never gave the asst HOF idea much thought until now. I pretty much agree with your comments there.

Mr.Vick on the other hand, I disagree. Not that he should be a Dolphin, because its obvious to me the Phins wouldn't need to sign Michael based on the make up of the current roster, but not for the reasons that you mentioned.

The whole idea of Mr.Vick becoming a Dolpin is fabricated so that you can show your dislike for Mr. Vick. Because any serious Dolphin insider knows that even if Michael were not convicted on dog fighting charges he would not be a serious candidate for the Dolpins based simply on the make up of the current roster.

This is a perfect example of beating a dead horse, killing a fly with a sledge hammer. What Michael did was stupid! Just like the UFC is stupid! Paying human beings to act like pit bulls for money. Cock fighting! big in the South. for money. 10 -12 horses dead at the races. Heard the story once, never heard again. Where were all you animal lovers when that happened. Oh I get it! The white man makes money off of all these other vagrancies. But the black mans got the dog fighting market cornered so it is worst than any thing else and unforgivable. Mr. Vick should be shot in the head according to some of you. Its not me playing the race card its you. Im just calling a spade a spade.

How can you not yet have reported Sean smith's signing?!?!

Vick is not essential to the Dolphins. That is a good thing.

can vick come and help us kill the nj players dogs

and kill the new england players dogs .

Cuban Menace makes negative referances toward Ted Ginns family and klndry states his opinions of Michael Vick and niether is deleted unlike my blog that im sure you did not agree. Armando the question that I would like to have answered is: Are the only comments allowed on this blog are the ones you agree with?

Greg Cote is like a passing football fan with an audience. I am not sure why he is still employed! He suggests just about anything that comes up without thinking of what it would mean to act on the suggestion.

We will not carry 4 QBs. Picking up Vick would mean we would let one go? I can't see us dropping CP, CH is the future, and they just drafted PW with a second round pick..

If they did carry 4, then which other position should they cut back on depth? From the article the other day, there looks to be a few sentimental favorites we might not be able to hold onto as we cut our roster back. While this is a good sign (good teams must make tough choices and cut good people), it would not make sense to do so for Vick.

For starters, who can say Vick will ever be what he was? Secondly, while flashy, what did it get him?

I think Cote needs to step back and look at the big picture. Even without the controvery Vick will bring, I don't think they take a chance on a QB that has been gone from the game for 2 years of his prime. I think blaming it on the PR mess and the paid his dues argument is weak.

Our football guys make sound football decisions and take smart chances. Taking on Vick would be neither a sound decision nor taking smart chance.

Armando, I could not agree with you more.


Parcells and Co. drafted Long No. 1 and spent more money re-signing Vernon Carey than any of the five starters whose contracts were up.
The priciest fa signings the first two seasons were off. linemen Smiley and Grove These moves got all the attention.
The only coaching change was to replace off. line coach Mike Maser with Dave DeGuglielmo.
I think this was the coup de grace.

Do you think DeGugliemo is a significant upgrade?
Do you think he will have a significant impact on our line and running game?

i know we havent signed davis or clemons(?) but i havent heard of many 1st rounders signing yet. . do you have a list of who hasnt signed from the first round and doesnt it seem like its taken longer this year than in years past?

I'm sick of Vick. I wish Al Davis would hurry up and help write the next chapter of this degenerates story.
FBI profilers have found that the most common and consistent trait among serial killers is a history of abusing, torturing and murdering defenseless animals. That's not the extent of it for Vick. It was a gambling operation. This was for profit and/or pleasure. We all know Vick wasn't hurting financially.
Either way he's not a guy I'd want on my payroll.

Note to Cote: Ross is in charge of the freakshow. Thank God Bill's in charge of football.

"On another matter, at least one local columnist has escaped the the funny farm police nets and has written it would have been a good idea to have Michael Vick sign with the Dolphins."

ROFLMAO @ Greg Cote!


Probably teams for to go Michael Vick

1. Jacksonville
2. Washington
3. Minnesota
4. San Francisco


It's easier to tell you the 1st rounders who have signed. As of late yesterday:

1. Matthew Stafford QB Detroit

5. Mark Sanchez QB N.Y. Jets

21. Alex Mack C Cleveland

32. Evander "Ziggy" Hood DT Pittsburgh

OK kids the cuban has arrived, and by the way, i think mike Vick should have to face odinseye's pit bull(dressed in a steak uniform) before reinstatement....

Ok guys, I'm here a little early so let's get started ....

Odinseye. right on about vick and ross running a freak show. As far as degugliemo ( gugs ) goes , yes he was a coup. Being from jersey i read a lot of stories in the papers from coaches and players praising gugs. He's tough nosed , accountable and knows how to talk to players unlike maser the screamer.

is this a coincidence or what ? the cuban menace and armando arrive at the same time posting at 2:49. HMMMMM

Mando Barry Jackson reported Miami has expressed interest in Pete Kendall if help is needed. Is it clear now Miami is looking for help at RG.

Also, do you see any DT becomming available that could help Miami.

Mando, Do you think we'll see a lil wild cat action during the pre season , or will the air breathing mammals keep it under wraps till the regular season??

Armando. Any updates on the unsigned draft picks ( davis , white and clemons )

NJ, How you doing, havent seen you round the blog in weeks..

armando. Why is greg-x cote such a bufoon and a hack ?

Armando do you think Miami will keep the approach of last year of signing players through out the season to fill certain holes like they did last year. After all they did find Culver, Polite and London.

Great Q nj, And also, did you guys vacation with each other over there in Europe??

Any idea why CLemons has not signed yet, the guy was a fifth rounder.

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