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On HOF assistants, Vick, live blog

The passing of Jim Johnson, the Eagles defensive coordinator who succumbed to cancer at age 68 Tuesday, will bring a blitz of tears and condolences the next couple of days.

It should also beg the question why the NFL Hall of Fame doesn't have a wing for great assistants coaches or general managers.

Johnson, a man who believed in attacking, confusing defense, would be forever enshrined in that wing were it to exist. And that leads me to this on a Dolphins blog:

What current or former Dolphins assistant coach or general manager type would be worthy of being enshrined in that wing?

Off the top of my head I will give you two names and let you add others at your discretion. I think Joe Thomas would be in that wing for having put together the NFL's only perfect team, the 1972-73 Dolphins, and then the better-than-perfect team of 1973-74 that followed. (Yeah, I think the '73-'74 Dolphins were better than the team from the year before.)

Anyway, I think we should all agree Bill Arnsparger, who coached Miami defenders through much of the 1970s and into the early 1980s would also qualify for that HOF wing. Arnsparger was the innovator of the famed 53-defense. He was the man who turned a group of no-names into one of the most dominant units of its day. He was simply a genius for his work with defenders.

Now it's your turn. Give me names of Miami assistants or GM types that would belong in the Hall of Fame.

On another matter, at least one local columnist has written it would have been a good idea to have Michael Vick sign with the Dolphins. Um, wrong.

As I wrote on May 23 (check the blog archives) it wasn't going to happen because Vick represents everything the Dolphins are not. They are not about the circus atmosphere. They are not about drama. They are not about doing crazy, irresponsible, desperate things.

Signing Vick would have been all about those negative things. So not signing Vick was the smart and correct call. Period.

[Blog note: Remember there is a live chat on this blog at 3 p.m. Wednesday. We'll go as long as there are questions. If you cannot be here during the chat, leave your questions in the comments section and I'll answer them in order they appear. We did an hourlong chat on twitter.com Tuesday. You missed it if you aren't following me. So follow me, I implore you, at twitter.com/armandosalguero.]


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Before I answer specific questions, the situation with the draft picks is as follows:

Chris Clemons, the fifth round pick, seems to be the most puzzling of the three unigned draft picks.

There are only two players in the fifth round not signed and the other is punter Thomas Morstead with New Orleans. He was picked No. 164. Clemons No. 165.

Everyone else is done near I can tell. The Dolphins have their offer into Clemons and Jeff Darlington tells me it is their final offer. It is up to Clemons agent to take it ... or not.

I believe he'll take it because most do as the deadline for camp opening nears. This should be done already!

Thanks for Clarify that.

mando, answer some Questions buddy...

Who do you think the team to beat is in the afc-east????

On the Vontae Davis situation, no player taken between No. 22 overall and No. 27 overall has a contact yet.

As those deals get done in the next two to three days, then Davis should slot into a deal. His agent, Todd France, also represents Ronnie Brown. France is talking to the Dolphins about both Davis and Brown.


Are you concerned at all with the middle of our defense? I believe the secondary will be ok,and the pass rush will also be better. Depth at nose tackle and inside linebacker play are what concern me.

Also, I saw that SD cut Eric Wilhelm, a former starter in their 3-4 defense. He isn't that old. Wonder if the Dolphins might have an interest?

Armando, any sense among coaches that Henne may get a crack at the starting job this year?


Sounds crazy but I'm predicting we SWEEP the entire AFC EAST this year. How do you think we'll match up?

Cuban Menace-MIAMI!!!!

Awesome to hear the Dolphins want to lock up Brown. Armando if Miami locks up Brown who do you think is Franchised in the offseason. In other words if Penny has a good year and Brown is locked up does Penny get franchised.

On the Pat White situation: He will sign a four-year deal worth approximately $4 million with approximately $2.5-$2.6 million in guarantees.

Why this hasn't happened depends on who you ask. I believe it will get done by Sunday if both sides get things in gear and NEGOTIATE. It's not rocket science. Even I sorta understand it.

Has anyone heard from my roommate, Aloco? I think he stole a garbage bag full of nickel deposits from, the jerk.

Cuban Menace, thanks for being here today ... I would be surprised if the Dolphins use Wildcat very often, if at all, during the preseason. They've been working on it throughout all of the offseason but rarely showed it on days practices were open to the media.

Why bother covering it up during the offseason then show it in preseason? Makes no sense. So I think the first time you'll see it in its new spread formation form is during the regular season.

Salguero it was reported earlier in the year that the Phins might still bring a Veteran WR. Do you see them making a move and if so what WR could they possibly be talking about

should i look at ricky as a late round fantasy pick up?

Mando - Are the Phins gonna add another CB to the mix?

armando. Thanks for the draft updates and the ronnie brown scoop. Greg cote-x bufoon and hack LOL ?

Mando, what's your thoughts on Sean Smith? Do think he's better then Vontae and/or Darius Butler? Will he be a starter w/Will Allan?

Robert, the Dolphins have not resolved their RG issues. Donald Thomas is expected to be ready sometime during training camp, but it doesn't seem like it will be at the start of camp.

Even when he's ready ... what has the guy done? He's got more major injuries (2) than games played (1). Everyone else behind him is unproven.

So Kendall as an emergency resort makes sense. They will also monitor the waiver wires and trade possibilities on this front.

As for NT ... They are always looking but like their guys there -- Ferguson, Soliai, Cohen -- for now.


If Ginn, Camarillo, and Bess are the top three receivers on the roster, who do you think is the front runner for the #4 spot? Who do you think is the odd man out between Turner, Hartline, London, and Armstrong?

I'm hoping for big things from Patrick Turner...

Good news about Stark, now we need to pressure qbs.

ARMANDO i've been reading lately how much the Bills plan to use the hurry up this year as a base offense, your thoughts?


Depends on what your fantasy is. Personally, I would prefer Meghan Fox, but if your into to different stuff, then by all means, go for it.

Thanks for the answering!

Brian Waters has asked for a trade and is a possiblity if cut.

Mando - How's the Boldin situation looking? any chance of him making his way to the Phins roster?

NJ PHIN IS voicing more football views than ever , better than fighting w/cubano

I love Sean Smith and he has helped himself by being signed. He will not miss any time in camp which is not a guarantee for Vontae.

But, h3at23, if you are asking me to predict who will win the starting job, that's almost impossible.

Obviously, Eric Green will be the starter early on in camp and Smith and Davis will get their chances. I do know this: Smith has as good a chance to start as Green with Davis needing to make up a little ground on the other two.

Armando last year Miami signed Pennington, who do you think this year Pennington. Barry Jackson has reported Miami has shown interest at siging a CB or RG.

Image, you know I love Anquan Boldin. The Dolphins love him, too.

But it looks like Arizona simply doesn't want to part with him. It looks like his agent has backed off wanting to be traded and is trying to work a new deal. It looks like Boldin, barring new drama, will remain with the Cards.

The guy who will be traded, in my opinion, is Brandon Marshall. And the Dolphins probably don't want him based on price and his off-field and injury issues.


What were the issues surrounding Soliai's suspension last year? Weight? Why is it such a mystery?

Unrelated- you hear a lot of people gushing about Pat White's "intangibles." Can you shed some light please.


With Martin injured, and the news about Wilford as TE giving the defense fits during OTA, can he actually be a contributor this year?

Salguero the Giants are stacked at Reciever do you see any Miami could be interested in. Perhaps a David Tyree or Sinorice Moss


What player do you think is poised for a "breakout" year? Do you think it will be Ginn, Ronnie Bown, or someone else?

Aqua N Orange, I wouldn't call what the Bill want to do a hurry-up.

Basically they will run a no-huddle but not necessarily while rushing things. They will stand at the line of scrimmage and look over the way the D is lined up, and will call the play, then snap the ball.

People in Buffalo say it looks like the K-Gun except there's no Jim Kelly, or Thurman Thomas or Andre Reed --- Thank God!

Tom hows that hot wife of yours, also what about Mega-tron for a safty???

Armando everyone keeps linking Vick to Pats who do you see him signing with. I personally see the Vikes in the mix if not its UFL for him.

Thanks Mando, great clarification. THey do have talent but I don't think they have the QB to make it work consistently.

On another subject it looks to me like the our Fins will be mixing up a lot more 4 line fronts on defense, do you see the same?

What up Souljahbeats? Thanks for coming here.

Unless they totally collapse, I believe Turner and Hartline will BOTH make the team.

Obviously guys can get hurt. Obviously special teams is important. I just think London will have a tough time making the team as a WR. He's got to make a ton of plays on spec. teams to gain his spot. Armstrong has shown great promise in practice, but he must do it in games. If you see him catch three bombs during preseason, then we can talk about him legitimately making the team.

Robert, I'm thinking Oakland Raiders, Jaguars, New York Giants, Vikings for Vick.


Vick UFL? Not on your life.
Teams are posturing for fiscal reasons and justifying his signing.
They want to be able to counter the PR mess by saying We took a chance it only cost us this much.

Chico, I was told Soliai was suspended for being late to something or other ... not sure if it was a meeting or what.

But I think the suspension was more a vehicle to send a message to the kid overall than just to punish him for the tardiness.

Thanx Mando!

Stephen Stanley, everyone is saying the breakout year is coming from Ginn or Brown as you stated.

Here's a name: Phillip Merling.

He's bigger, stronger, older and if he starts, as he should, he could double his production from a season ago. 50 tackles and maybe 6 sacks.


Have you heard anything at all about blitz/zone blitz packages considering we have Porter Taylor and Wake?

Armando do you see any of the UDFA sticking around? Like Bess and Carpenter did last year.

Thanks Armando!

Mando - Have you seen the Madden 2010 Phins ratings???? talk about a low blow.....

Robert, the Giants are stacked at receiver? They drafted receivers because they had a need.

Moss? Tyree? I want to believe they could make a big difference in Miami. But I don't work on the X-files.

Mando I keep hearing how Pennington has been working on his arm strength, after so many years as noodle arm can he really get better at the deep ball? What are the odds you give him of staying healthy this season?

LoL I see your point, Have you been impressed at all by any UDFA this year.

Why do "fans" and media forget that Marshall was a 4th rounder, T.O a 3rd and Boldin a 2nd ?
In other words, why can't people relax and see what Miami has at wr before wanting
the "name" ?

Mando - any word on McKenzie or Fisher getting added to the roster?

Are the dolphins really gonna extend Ronnie Brown? If so do you see him really breaking out this year? Does he have what it takes to be a top 5 back?

Odinseye, Dolphins sweep the AFC East?

Last time it happened was 1984. Have the Dolphins re-signed a 23-year-old Dan Marino?

How much do you think the fins will use peezy and Taylor on the same side.
This can create alot of confusion.

Dolphins rock!

Rich, the Dolphins are going to TRY to extend Ronnie Brown. I'm not sure it happens because he wants to be paid elite money and I'm not sure that is going to work for Miami.

There will have to be MUCH compromise for that to happen.

Does he have a breakout year? If he doesn't do it this year, it will be hard to think he can ever do it. He's got the best line he's ever played behind on the field now. He's obviously motivated by the contract year. He is in the best shape of his career. He's healthy.

He MUST do it!

Doesn't mean he will, though.

Mando, Any truth to the rumor that Bill(the tuna) Parcells will be the new spokesman for Nutra-System???

Dear Mr Armdo, How are you I am fine. so you think beleive no WC for preseason. SO now you must think believe that Pat WHite plays alota QB in base offense for preseason? Is right? then ?
thank you very much
Juan Huron

Dave from South Florida, I believe the Dolphins will use Jason Taylor in similar fashion to 2006 when he rushed from just about everywhere.

The Dolphins still have to identify two other pass rushers, including at least one interior rusher.

All this assumes Taylor makes the team. (I love writing this because Jason sees it and it fires him up.)

Dear Juan Huron:

I am fine, thank you. Hope you and yours are well also. As to your question: Correct. Pat White plays QB in preseason.

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