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On HOF assistants, Vick, live blog

The passing of Jim Johnson, the Eagles defensive coordinator who succumbed to cancer at age 68 Tuesday, will bring a blitz of tears and condolences the next couple of days.

It should also beg the question why the NFL Hall of Fame doesn't have a wing for great assistants coaches or general managers.

Johnson, a man who believed in attacking, confusing defense, would be forever enshrined in that wing were it to exist. And that leads me to this on a Dolphins blog:

What current or former Dolphins assistant coach or general manager type would be worthy of being enshrined in that wing?

Off the top of my head I will give you two names and let you add others at your discretion. I think Joe Thomas would be in that wing for having put together the NFL's only perfect team, the 1972-73 Dolphins, and then the better-than-perfect team of 1973-74 that followed. (Yeah, I think the '73-'74 Dolphins were better than the team from the year before.)

Anyway, I think we should all agree Bill Arnsparger, who coached Miami defenders through much of the 1970s and into the early 1980s would also qualify for that HOF wing. Arnsparger was the innovator of the famed 53-defense. He was the man who turned a group of no-names into one of the most dominant units of its day. He was simply a genius for his work with defenders.

Now it's your turn. Give me names of Miami assistants or GM types that would belong in the Hall of Fame.

On another matter, at least one local columnist has written it would have been a good idea to have Michael Vick sign with the Dolphins. Um, wrong.

As I wrote on May 23 (check the blog archives) it wasn't going to happen because Vick represents everything the Dolphins are not. They are not about the circus atmosphere. They are not about drama. They are not about doing crazy, irresponsible, desperate things.

Signing Vick would have been all about those negative things. So not signing Vick was the smart and correct call. Period.

[Blog note: Remember there is a live chat on this blog at 3 p.m. Wednesday. We'll go as long as there are questions. If you cannot be here during the chat, leave your questions in the comments section and I'll answer them in order they appear. We did an hourlong chat on twitter.com Tuesday. You missed it if you aren't following me. So follow me, I implore you, at twitter.com/armandosalguero.]


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Can JT have another MVP season?

Image, enlighten me on McKenzie or Fischer ... Who are you talking about?

I could see JT winning Come back player of the year, but Brady seems like the most likely candidate.


Thanks for doing your part in motivating Jason.
We all appreciate it.

Mando....do you think Vonnie can make it back to the phins?

I think he meant Travis Fischer the CB?

Armando - The CB situation - i've heard from your favorite blog site (other then this one) PFT claims that the Phins are possibley bringing in Mike McKenzie or Travis Fischer....

Any truth? and why not Chris McCallister to train the the young ones...

PS - thanks for the live chat....

Mitch, I'm not a psychologist, but folks want the "name" because they haven't had the "name" in so long.

When was the last time Miami had a "Name" receiver?

Fryar? Duper? Clayton?


Have there been any attempts to extend Penny? If the Dolphins win 10 games and he puts up similar numbers, I can't imagine them letting him walk. Are they convinced they can sign him at the end of the season if this is how it plays out? Do they really have that much faith in Henne to step in and be a top 10 QB?

Dear Mr Armdo,
Thank you. Okay now I got one more question. Tell me what you might think.? PLease?
I know they tell pat WHite. Okay you are QB. ANd I know they say hey we draft him to be QB. But do you think maybe later after he learned our Dolphin offense. Then maybe they want for him to maybe also do things like WR or KR? What you think? DO you know?
Thank you,
Juan Huron

Mando -- any idea about where we will be sitting against the cap once the rookies are signed. Thanks.

I guess I missed the Travis Fisher rumors while on vacay. Question for you all:

Why is he still unsigned?

Why hasn't anyone signed him?

If he's sooo good, why did Detroit waive him? Doesn't make sense for Dolphins unless injuries strike.

Here are the numbers on chad henne 6ft 3 , 220 lbs size 13 shoe wears a size 40 shirt and of coarse the real big number is size 96 neck...

i agree on Fisher - If the Phins are looking for help at CB this year to allow time to train the rooks then i think going with Ty Law or Chris McCallister are much better options...

Jon, don't have the figures on the cap now. Will endeavor to get them. This much I do know:

I was told the Dolphins will sign their rookies and extend some players and still have a tidy sum left over should any other Pennington-type player fall out of the sky.

They will be able to get that player if it happens before the trade deadline. Once that passes, they put the money to use in other areas.

drg, the way it has always been portrayed to me is that Henne will be the QB in 2010. I've been told a QB transition is coming.

The Dolphins might want to sign Pennington as a backup, but he won't want to do that because he wants to continue being a starter. I do not blame him, particularly if he has another good year.

But how long can you wait on Henne? I've been told just one more season, maybe less.

Armando the question is are guys like Fisher, Mckenzie and Madison better than Green and with Green struggling it improves the chances of Allen sticking around

Image, the McAllister train has left the station. He was out there early and the team signed a UFA and drafted two more CBs. He's not in their plans and, barring injuries, I don't see either of the other two guys being on the radar either.

The fact is the Dolphins have to cut two players in the coming days once the three unsigned rookies sign. Don't think they will be adding right now.

well said Robert - with outher vets out there - why keep Jason Allen and waste money on Green? Why not hire a seasoned vet - not Fisher - to come in and help while the younger players get the moves and plays down pat?

I know you guys like the idea of a Sam Madison reunion, but I just don't see it. And the other veteran corners you mentioned are only possible if there are injuries. Right now there are no injuries, far as I know, at CB.

gotcha - thanks

Man vick keeps gettin shaft! No he doesnt fit in the dolphin plans but very well could have minus p white! Are we mad at dog fighting or we mad because of the inhumane way they died? Pits were bred to fight long before there was a vick go check the history. I love all animal, whats next an outcry for birds and fish to be released from cages and fish tanks. Anything we do that dont pay taxes for is a crime! Lol! We cant put a dog's ear,leg,eye etc. on one person so lighten up! Vick has paid the price now let him live

h3at23, Vonnie is still unsigned and he would be a good call to make if Langford or Merling or Starks get injured. Otherwise, it's not happening.

Mando during your absence i was informed you were captured and waterboarded by bill “bin ladin” belicheck and made to tell all you know about miami's roster and playbook. during your time as a pow how much did you let out and how will it affect miami's upcoming season?

Amazing that sam Madison is still playing, what is he in his 27th season or what??

Odinseye, for your and JT's sake:


last year i went to watch a dolphin game and in half time i went to the rest room and couldn't find hand soap to watch my hands, they should put some money to buy some hand soap.

Hey Mando whats up? Welcome back! Here's my quyestion: Henne obviously has all the physical tools. But in all your interactions with him, does he come across as an intelligent guy? Do you think he's cerebral enough to be a good (or great) NFL QB? Thanks man, really looking forward to the season.

Armando, what is your take on Tony Macdaniel, is he a sleeper to make a major impact? Why did we trade for him, as a back up NT possibly?

why some fans always looking for cheap awards , like we are at the circus


I was indeed captured by the evildoers that answer to bin belichick. They did, indeed attempt to garner information under torture. They cut off several of my fingers, which is the reason I am typing much slower on this live chat. Hope you guys understand.

But I didn't give up any info. I'm not a snitch! Plus, as you guys have often said, I don't know anything anyway.

The evildoers released me because, like a typical journalist, I was eating too much.

Phinfan from birth73

Check your history! Pits were known as Nanny Dogs because they were so good at protecting PEOPLE. Especially children.
The mad dog ferociousness wasn't breed into them. It's a learned behavior taught by sick degenerate HUMAN BEINGS like Mike Vick!

Madison had nagging Hamstring problems while with the Giants, but if he is healthy you would think he is an upgrade over a guy like Green. The problem I see if I dont think Madison can play ST. You know a guy who I think is FA and could help if Green keeps stinking it up, RW Mcquarters,

i can tell penne is a great guy and a happy man, where else can you sit on the side line for years and fans love you like that .until....................................................................truth hits .


armando , tell us what the best thing you did with your family in your time off beside coming back to work .

Fake GM, what up doggy? I ALWAYS appreciate your loyal participation on this blog!

Henne comes across as aware and interested in getting better. Look, John Beck came across as smart and it didn't work out so well. Marino didn't come across as smart, but he was simply gifted on the field.

The point is, QBs need to be aware and need to learn from their mistakes and experiences. They need to be able to react and process information. Henne seems to have that. We'll see.

Mando you know more than Cote does. do you think cobbs will contribute more as a receiver and returner? the kid is a playmaker.

Will the end zones be painted earlier this year?

i thought nj helped w/ the plumbing and cuban the captain helped w/ the his delta force

That's going to do it for now, folks. I really missed you guys. Seriously.

Please regain the habit of coming here every day for Dolphins information, opinion and other stuff. I appreciate it.

And remember to follow me on twitter.com/armandosalguero.

God bless you.


Good stuff!

Glad your back!

thank you armando

Armando, have you heard anything at all about the Brian Waters situation? As long as the Chiefs aren't asking too much it seems like a great way to solidify this offensive line as one of the best in the NFL.


What, are you on your break at the 7-11? Go on our team's web site and get off of here. You are not at all interesting.

Oh yeah, bring me home a slushie too and put it on my tab. Thanks.

Cubano, its true nj played a important roll in the rescue of mando, but lets not forget the others AFC east champs(The muscle) Nathanal doddsworth(the brains) and Odinseye(The Norse warrior) were all involved in the mando rescue..




You werent typing that last year when everyone in New England was leaving the stadium in the 2nd Qtr when they were being embarrassed by the Dolphins at home.


LOL. Great prediction. Worry about that old broken down team of yours pal. Miami is not going away.

PHINS = 11-5 AFC East Champs

PATS = 9-7 NFL flop of the year.

BILLS = 8-8

JETS = 4-12 R. Ryan, coaching flop of the year

or when the Dolphins ended the pats and jets season in the last game of the year last year. or when as a result of that game, the Jets fired their coach.

Gopats, any truth to the rumor tom bundchen wont be ready till the 4 or 5 week of the season because of his continued infection of his surgically repaired leg???

Fake GM, wins my respect .he said some thing it really happened in that game,one amazing win w/ many plays that fins came up with.

fins......11-5...what's hel

Rex dont forget that a legend(farve) also retired...again..

cuban.....in bed yeas
in games NO


No truth to that rumor at all. I have been using knee pads this off season while servicing my boyfriends. I'm ready to go.

Tom, I still think your wifes hot...


Thank you for reminding me that Miami sent that over-hyped puke Favre packing as well. Nice job.

this talk taking a turn i don't like but you people have the sofa QB Henne for years afraid to play in real games b/c you know will suck big.
as or white all i can say , did he hit his target yet ?


Thank you for saying that. I only married her for show though. I like the boys better. Especially the young ones.

I don't believe any NFL player convicted of crime should play football again. Just because you have money and are an athlete doesn't mean you should be above the law. If it was me I'd be back out, on the streets, and couldn't get a job. The NFL has made poor judgement when comes to these issues. They know that these athletes are money makers. It's pure greed on the NFL to reinstate a player of his caliber.

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