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On HOF assistants, Vick, live blog

The passing of Jim Johnson, the Eagles defensive coordinator who succumbed to cancer at age 68 Tuesday, will bring a blitz of tears and condolences the next couple of days.

It should also beg the question why the NFL Hall of Fame doesn't have a wing for great assistants coaches or general managers.

Johnson, a man who believed in attacking, confusing defense, would be forever enshrined in that wing were it to exist. And that leads me to this on a Dolphins blog:

What current or former Dolphins assistant coach or general manager type would be worthy of being enshrined in that wing?

Off the top of my head I will give you two names and let you add others at your discretion. I think Joe Thomas would be in that wing for having put together the NFL's only perfect team, the 1972-73 Dolphins, and then the better-than-perfect team of 1973-74 that followed. (Yeah, I think the '73-'74 Dolphins were better than the team from the year before.)

Anyway, I think we should all agree Bill Arnsparger, who coached Miami defenders through much of the 1970s and into the early 1980s would also qualify for that HOF wing. Arnsparger was the innovator of the famed 53-defense. He was the man who turned a group of no-names into one of the most dominant units of its day. He was simply a genius for his work with defenders.

Now it's your turn. Give me names of Miami assistants or GM types that would belong in the Hall of Fame.

On another matter, at least one local columnist has written it would have been a good idea to have Michael Vick sign with the Dolphins. Um, wrong.

As I wrote on May 23 (check the blog archives) it wasn't going to happen because Vick represents everything the Dolphins are not. They are not about the circus atmosphere. They are not about drama. They are not about doing crazy, irresponsible, desperate things.

Signing Vick would have been all about those negative things. So not signing Vick was the smart and correct call. Period.

[Blog note: Remember there is a live chat on this blog at 3 p.m. Wednesday. We'll go as long as there are questions. If you cannot be here during the chat, leave your questions in the comments section and I'll answer them in order they appear. We did an hourlong chat on twitter.com Tuesday. You missed it if you aren't following me. So follow me, I implore you, at twitter.com/armandosalguero.]


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Dear coach Belicheat:

Please return the leisure suit and size 3 shoes that you borrowed from me last week. Thank you.

WRM,though his crime was hideous, you can judge a society on how it treats its convicted, Mr. vick has paid for his crime,losing countless millions,being being hated by 3/4 of the population and serving 20 months in a fed detention center(and trust me he thought about his stupidity in there) Its time to let mr.Vick continue with his life...

Hey Coleman:

Did that pipsqueak get you too? I'm still waiting for him to return 3 pairs of boxers and a cut off sweat shirt he took from me last year.

Coleman and DeVito:

You think you guys got taken? Belicrap stole 2 of my garanimal outfits. Wait till I see him, I'm going to gnaw on his ankles.

Bill belicheat is to short as bill (the tuna) parcells is to immenseness..

Ok guys, Gotta leave, now you guys play nice...

why only the ugly coaches rings ?

why only the ugly coaches win rings ?

Coleman, DeVito and Tatoo:

You guys will never find the coach. He is now living with Willie Wonka and working with us. He's actually being groomed to become our union president.

Well, at least the Pats didn't hire a summo wrestler to coach, unlike the Jets. Could you see R. Ryan in a wrestling thong. LOL.

Rex Ryan was actually the inspiration behind the creation of Chris Griffin of Family Guy. Belicheat was the impetus for the creation of Papa Smurf. Dick Jauron inspired.....aw who cares about him anyway. He's so boring and irrelevent, I can't bring myself to even pick on him. Out.

True pits are fighting dogs! What make them so popular is there overall balance as far as what they bring to the table. The pits today are much bigger than original ones, these are the nanny dogs! Colby use to fight pits,but when they banned fighting that when they started tweaking the breed. Jus because you hand feed a lion doesnt mean he still not killer. Pits fight or at least they did. A presa is much worse than a pit check them out

"Sadda say, on da runny side"

I think Vick should get a second chance. We all make mistakes. As far as paying his dues, 23 months in prison aint no cake walk.
What I can't stand are those that try to downplay what he actually did. I'm an avid hunter and I've never been so inhumane. Even having a dog put down is uncomfortable. To literally torture and drown the life out of one. You apologist's must be as big of a degenerate as Vick.
The only place I want to see him is on his A%$ everytime he plays the Dolphins.

Come on, there were no four letter words or innuendo.

Post my blog.

Thank you!!!!

just read new ish of sporting news. they ranked the top 50 coaches of all time in major sports. shula was no.5 parcells 33. belicheck 20. What's going on Odinseye? they also had ginn and turner fighting for the no.1 wr spot for miami. any comments?

Gopats read it and weep.

One of the people who knows Tom Brady best, Tom Martinez, believes it's going to take a little time before we see the Brady with the iron-clad pocket presence. Reached yesterday at his home in California, Martinez, the longtime passing coach of Brady who has tutored the quarterback since 1990, wouldn't be surprised if his prized pupil is a little gun-shy at first. "Tom Brady has a special kind of mind and heart. That's what makes him what he is," said Martinez. "But I still think there's a normal reaction to an injury, especially to a lower extremity, that you actually have to stride into a throw to get any kind of velocity. So you're stepping into the people that are coming after your injury. So it's going to be a mental challenge for Tom in the beginning." -- Boston Herald

We'll be coming after him, for sure!

ooga chaka ooga ooga ooga chaka! i've got you all beat! belimidget took my diaper said it was “ for use in the near future”


I admit I'm biased, but even so Shula's No.1 in my book hands down.
I rank Parcell's well ahead of Belicheat, Belicheat accomplished a lot. But whose to say how much of it was because of outright cheating. What has the guy won since being made to play fair. NOTHING!
I was hoping that Turner would battle Bess for the third and fourth spots. If he's battling Ginn for the No.1 spot that just means he doing better than expected. Win Win situation.

Agreed Odinseye. it would be great to watch pennington throw perfectly placed jump balls to turner on a regular basis. do you watch preseason games? i know it's pretty vanilla played football but it does temporarily cure the football itch.


You sound a lot like me. I'm a total Dolphins junkie.

If they played a pre-season game in Afghanistan I would try to get there.

I'm originally from Chicago. I'm a Dolphin fan beginning to end. I did grow up loving Mike Singletary and here's why:

Singletary: Michael Vick is not playing for 49ers
49ers coach Mike Singletary dismissed the idea of signing Michael Vick. "It's a dead issue for us," he said. "In terms of Michael Vick and the 49ers, it's not happening." -- Contra Costa Times

Singletary's a class act.

odinseye....if tom brady comes and does noting ,we will love for ever and ever for 3 RING IN 4 YEARS.look how much you love dan marino even if he never wins any thing.

marino may be number 15 in all time list


By the time pre-season gets here we usually have a good idea of who the starters are.
Sometimes it is vanilla. On the other hand sometimes you see guys playing their as%es off trying to win a job or make the roster.
The way Parcell's and Co. encourage competition everywhere we should see some pretty good action.

poor poor gopats, you are infatuated with the number of "rings" someone has. Do you get a ring for you customer service job at capital one?

i enjoy reading odinseye and sammo, they sound like they have great moms and dads to take care of them not like others .

ace, let odinseye and sammo talk and we just read , it's fun

ace should find a job with NJ phin in the drain BIZ


You know what happens to fools gold? It tarnishes, and that's what billy and Tommy's rings are...TARNISHED. They were cheating bro, everybody know it. Try to keep up.

Montana? Young? Give me a break. They were good, but Marino smokes them. How many times did Young Have to hand off to a Sammie Smith? How many times did Montana's defense give up 45 points a game.
Just like Shula, Marino did more with less than any other in the history of the NFL.

i have to go buy some salsa items for my ex.she's cooking for us .

Sammo/ Odinseye,

What did I tell you guys. Attack gopats/aloco and you get retribution. Aloco/gopats can talk smack about Dolphins on our turf, then I can dump on them end of story. Thank you for calling Capital One how can I help you. Of course with a Haitian accent.

why i feel ace is 5'2" tall.....254 lb


Now your pretending to be Jaksin. The real Jaksin talks football. That counts you out Aloco/Gopats


Why are you dumping? I bet that is not you.

keep talking to your self man

guys , lets talk about cuban and nj phin

why i feel Odinseye is 5'2" tall.....254 lb

why i feel ace is 5'2" tall.....254 lb

ace going evil

good night to all


Keep an eye on the fort. I will return at midnight. Good bye aloco aka gopats, jet in lube, C.M, donkey and a whole list of others.

I hope gopats goes to H3LL!!!!!!!!


Your, your......ah......LOCO!

Why I feel you look like Mr. Burns from Simpson's????


I can hear the sounds of your salary shrinking.

Eagles not considering Michael Vick

Eagles coach Andy Reid was asked if he would consider bringing in Michael Vick, who was reinstated by the NFL on Monday. "Right now we have a good situation at quarterback, so that's not the direction I'm looking," he said. -- Philadelphia Inquirer

I hate to keep beating a dead horse. That would make me like........ Mike!

Broncos won't pursue Michael Vick?

Saying the Broncos are "content" with the 80 players on their current roster, coach Josh McDaniels said Tuesday the team would not be inclined to offer Michael Vick a chance to restart his NFL career. "We have looked at every player that we feel out there could help us at this time and we're very happy with the 80 guys we have going to camp right now. . . . we're very content with the situation we have," McDaniels said. -- Denver Post

i typed none of that nonesense, 9:52, 9:53, 9:54, 9:55, you guys know better.

odinseye, i didn't post this crazy on about how tall you are.wasn't me.
could be ace or ar

odinseye, i didn't post this crazy on about how tall you are.wasn't me.
could be ace or ar

ok , kids , who wants some salsa w/ meatballs

man, it is flattering, that some of you want to be jaksin so bad, youll actually steal my name, im not even mad. im more in awe.


I knew that wasn't the real Jaksin. But just in case that 9:13 post wasn't you either I have a test.
Who is your favorite Miami Dolphin this year?

Add the Washington Redskins to the growing list of NFL teams that say they aren't interested in Michael Vick.

on Wednesday, Redskins coach Jim Zorn ruled out signing the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback "at this juncture."

Odinseye. did you get my breakdown of ol coach GUGS. Mando didn't answer your question but i did. greg cote-x is a bufoon and a f'n hack.

NJ PHIN my dear friend,what's up between you and greg cote-x ?
is it plumbing issue ?fill us in .


I saw your response. Sounds like you know more about him than I do.
Everything I've heard and read sounds like another great move by Parcell's and Co.
If it wasn't for Gug and his O-line, I don't think Eli's career would have got off the way it did.

it won't make a difference but i see vick goin to the pats. i don't think they have a wildcat option on their roster. i could be wrong. im sure gopats will correct me if i'm wrong. Odinseye it is fun to watch the rooks and free agents fight for jobs playing their hearts out . earlier someone mentioned the dolphins madden 10 ratings. 77 overall. win the division. inspire the nfl to start using the wildcat and all they get is a 77? the dolphins must feel like rodney dangerfield “ i get no respect”.

odinseye. exactly ! about eli's career. alot of it had to do with the ol.

greg is a better man

greg is a better man than nj.

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