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On HOF assistants, Vick, live blog

The passing of Jim Johnson, the Eagles defensive coordinator who succumbed to cancer at age 68 Tuesday, will bring a blitz of tears and condolences the next couple of days.

It should also beg the question why the NFL Hall of Fame doesn't have a wing for great assistants coaches or general managers.

Johnson, a man who believed in attacking, confusing defense, would be forever enshrined in that wing were it to exist. And that leads me to this on a Dolphins blog:

What current or former Dolphins assistant coach or general manager type would be worthy of being enshrined in that wing?

Off the top of my head I will give you two names and let you add others at your discretion. I think Joe Thomas would be in that wing for having put together the NFL's only perfect team, the 1972-73 Dolphins, and then the better-than-perfect team of 1973-74 that followed. (Yeah, I think the '73-'74 Dolphins were better than the team from the year before.)

Anyway, I think we should all agree Bill Arnsparger, who coached Miami defenders through much of the 1970s and into the early 1980s would also qualify for that HOF wing. Arnsparger was the innovator of the famed 53-defense. He was the man who turned a group of no-names into one of the most dominant units of its day. He was simply a genius for his work with defenders.

Now it's your turn. Give me names of Miami assistants or GM types that would belong in the Hall of Fame.

On another matter, at least one local columnist has written it would have been a good idea to have Michael Vick sign with the Dolphins. Um, wrong.

As I wrote on May 23 (check the blog archives) it wasn't going to happen because Vick represents everything the Dolphins are not. They are not about the circus atmosphere. They are not about drama. They are not about doing crazy, irresponsible, desperate things.

Signing Vick would have been all about those negative things. So not signing Vick was the smart and correct call. Period.

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I like to drink while I post too.

But DAM dude get a grip!

Felony charges dropped against starks. I wonder what that F'n moron Roy thinks about that. I told you they would be dropped you f'n idiot.


Madden hated Shula and the Dolphins because of all the A$% whippings we gave them in the 70's. They always rip us on our ratings. 77? Please.
Kraft and Goodell are buddies. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some collusion involved with Vick's re-instatement.
I hope he does ends up in Patsy-Land. Bill got caught cheating, and Vick's a washed up lying dog killer. They deserve each other.

Mr. Bunglito

If the cops in South Beach are anything like the scums in Hollywood, they should drop all the charges!

Charges dropped against Starks. I wonder what AFC EAST thinks of that. I bet he is happy. Wonder where he has been.


What do you think of Starks?
He'll be trying to beat out Merling for the LDE spot.
Who do you think will get it?

I would like to see Merling get it because he went over top. It would be a good return in our investment.

I would like to see Merling and Langford become perennial Pro Bowlers.
What do you mean by over the top?

I put him in I.C.U.


I meant that Merling would exceed expectations and flat out win over Starks.

Uncle Sam, Is that really you?


I'll buy that. I think Merling and Langford will dominate.
Thanks to Parcell's and Co, it's nice to know Starks and McDaniels will be right there waiting.

I am waiting uncle sam.

I am checking out, hang in there.

yes it is, the one and only.

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That was good. You have been gone for awhile. What's up?

ACE. Nothing much then afc east chump/mushmouth still being a big mouth punk. I was posting on this blog today. I use my real screenname when talking serious dolphin talk. I haer you about testing me with you know who around. Aloco , cm, gopats ,jets fan , carlito or whatever name he uses for the day.

New blog up about penny.

uncle sam,

I'll talk to you later. Sorry I had to verify you. I won't ask what your real screen name is,but it is good idea.

the devil went to sleep and all his 9 names at the same time

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