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Taylor: Parcells, Ireland step up from past

Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor is still enjoying a final respite before the Dolphins open training camp and practice Aug. 2. It will be the first camp for Taylor under the current triumvirate of Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.

But according to collegue David Quinones, Taylor already recognizes the current hierarchy is better than previous ones he's played for.

``Obviously," Taylor said during a break at Zo's Summer Groove Classic golf outing Thursday, "[Bill] Parcells and [GM Jeff] Ireland and their front office is a big step up from what was here in the past."

Ya think?

The current Dolphins management team, headed by Parcells, is the sixth Taylor will play under while with the Dolphins.

Taylor was drafted by Jimmy Johnson, then survived played years during which the team's personnel side was headed by Dave Wannstedt, Rick Spielman, Nick Saban, and Randy Mueller.

All of those previous personnel regimes had their good moments (plural) and bad, except of course, for Wannstedt who had perhaps one good personnel moment (Adewale Ogunleye) but probably not two.

But if Taylor ranks Parcells already atop those six regimes, where do the others rank?

I would say Jimmy Johnson was second, Randy Mueller was third, Nick Saban was fourth, Wannstedt was fifth and Spielman was sixth.


Well, Johnson couldn't find offensive help to save his life (or his career), but he remade the Dolphins defense into a unit that represented the organization well for much of a decade with players such as Patrick Surtain, Taylor, Zach Thomas, Sam Madison, and others.

Mueller got one shot in 2007 and seemingly fired blanks as the team went 1-15. But was it his fault Joey Porter was terrible that year or was the OLB used poorly? You saw what Porter did last year under the right system. Porter was Mueller's signing.

A lot of folks, including me, ripped Mueller for not drafting Brady Quinn and going with Ted Ginn Jr. Except neither player has exactly turned into a star and Ginn seems closer to making an NFL mark than Quinn. The jury is still out on that as well as the John Beck selection. No, Beck couldn't make it in Miami, but what if he turns it around in Baltimore or somewhere else?

Saban blew it on Jason Allen and Manny Wright and took seemingly forever to insert Yeremiah Bell into the starting lineup. He also blew it by trading for Daunte Culpepper instead of signing Drew Brees. That last failure set the franchise back at least two seasons. It's the reason the Dolphins had to draft multiple corners this year and spent 2006, 2007 and the offseason of 2008 looking for a QB.

But Saban connected on Ronnie Brown and Will Allen and Renaldo Hill and Andre' Goodman and Matt Roth and others.

Wannstedt? He drafted Todd Wade so that worked out initially. And he signed Ogunleye as an undrafted free agent. Of course, he had some dismal decisions with Jamar Fletcher and Eddie Moore and a ton of others.

Wannstedt's personnel failures were so great that owner Wayne Huizenga stripped the coach of final say over those decisions and handed them to Spielman. And Spielman repaid the promotion by demonstrating terrible judgment.

He gave up a second-round pick for A.J. Feeley. He traded away a third-round pick for Lamar Gordon, who was injured in his first game with Miami and was placed on injured reserve, never to play for the Dolphins again. He traded Ogunleye, a blue-chip defensive end, for Marty Booker, a possession wide receiver. And don't even get me started on the draft day fiasco in which Spielman traded away a fourth-round draft pick to Minnesota to move up one spot and then bypassed Vince Wilfork to pick Vernon Carey.

Yes, Carey is a good player. But Wilfork is Pro Bowl quality.

Trying to remember a wise move that Spielman made on the Dolphins' behalf ... The Rex Hadnot draft choice is best I can come up with, which ain't saying much.

Anyway, you give me your rankings of the six personnel departments. Let me guess, Parcells will be the consensus No. 1. So give me the rest.

And give me the best and worst moves by each regime.

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Cameron and Mueller were the worst. I think 1-15 says it all. Even if they didn't like Brady Quinn, there were much better picks (Revis, for example) at #9. Everyone else except Solai is gone. Plus, their biggest mistake was not tendering Welker a top level restricted free agent and letting him go to the Cheatriots. They didn't want to pay him an extra $600,000!?!?!? That's chump change in the NFL for your best player in his prime; but they used the Welker pick to get Satele, so I guess that worked out pretty well. Mueller drafted Walter Jones like a billion years ago and rode his reputation on that one draft for decades. I think everyone now realizes that he sucks.

Speilman was worse than Wannstedt. A 2nd rounder for AJ Feely? WTF. Plus, you can't just go around handing out 4th round picks for no reason.

Wannstedt was bad, but I'm not as down as everyone else on his trade of two 1st rounders for Ricky Williams. The guy did lead the league in rushing behind an awful O-line and the team did go 12-4. No one forsaw Ricky's personal problems. Chambers was a good pick.

I think Saban was worse with personel that people think. Everyone knew the Dolphins had to get younger on D-fense when he came in, and the first thing he did was sign a bunch of D-linemen who's average age was like 34 (Keith Traylor, Kevin Carter, etc.). Obviously, his biggest mistake was giving up a 2nd for Culpepper when he could have had Brees for no draft picks. Then, he gives up another draft pick for Joey Harrington. Saban left us older and down draft picks. Ronnie Brown was the #2 overall pick. It's tough to throw an airball with the #2 overall pick unless it's a QB. I don't give him too much credit for that. That pick was because Wannstedt sucked to the tune of 4-12 and Ricky retired. Roth and Crowder are solid starters, but he had nothing else. For a guy who bragged about how he'd have an edge in the draft for the 1st 3 years because he knew the college players, he drafted pretty poorly....not one mid or low round hit and plenty of high draft pick airballs.

Lamar Gordon - or "Jordan" as Wannstedt says :)

2004 MIA 3 35 64 1.8 11 0 1

He was clearly worth a 3rd round pick.

Jimmy Johnson gets all the credit in the world for getting Patrick Surtain, Sam Madison, Jason Taylor, Daryll Gardner, Zack Thomas, and Brock Marion.

Nick Saban gets the credit for Ronnie Brown, Matt Roth, and Channing Crowder. Loses points for the Culpepper trade. Would have been better off keeping Gus that season.

Muellar did ok with what Cam wanted. I like the Ginn pick and passing on Quinn was not that serious. Maybe picking Beck over Trent Edwards should be the legitamate complaint. Satele was a nice find, not good enough for this regime but good. Joey Porter was a nice pick up. Solia is still around so maybe there is something there, and I liked Reagan "the jugernaut". He did ok that season.

Wanny only gets the credit for Wade and Ogunleye? Who gets credit for Chris Chambers, and Randy McMichael? He does lose points for setting the franchise back due to the Ricky Williams issue. But that looked like a good move at the time and they probably would have screwed up those picks anyway.

Spielman.... yes he was horrible. That was the year that set the franchise back 4 years. Between AJ Feeley, Lamar Gordon, Marty Booker, and draft picks given away, I cant remember a worse year.

I didn't like Jimmy Johnson. He drafted small. Great players to game 12 then they fade because they were burnt. He didn't like Dan Marino.
I detested Nick Saban. He may have got a little lucky with a couple of picks but overall he sucked and was the cause of 1-15.
Wannestedt did take us to the second round of the playoffs. He did get Ricky but gave up a lot to do it.
Cameron never had a chance after taking over from Saban but should have recognized the fact that a mess was created.
It seems that very little time is wasted with this organization with BS. The players are more relaxed and focused on football. The coaches don't have a camera in their face every 10 minutes.

Both Wanny and Saban passed on Drew Brees, without a doubt the 2 most idiotic personnal moves in Dolphin's history!!!

Guys the worst personnel guy by far was Dave(no testicular fortitude)Wannsteadt, This clown crippled two proud franchises (chi. bears) but to be honest its really wayne(be kind and rewind)huizinga fault for 10 years of horrible football, Not sure how Mr H made his gazillon dollars the guy was clueless about football, then again he made his fortune in the garbage business,i guess he thought he could roll it over to football huh?

Wayne wasn't involved in football decisions for the most part. His decision to keep Wannstedt around was bad. he could have fired him.

I think all Dolphins fans were on the same page with Huzienga when it came to hiring Saban. Everyone thought he was going to do a good job. Saban surprised a lot of people with his antics. It turned out to be a mistake, but no one knew it at the time.

Wayne really didn't have much choice when Saban bailed on him. Giving Mueller some football power was logical at the time. There just weren't any good coaches available then, so they were kind of stuck with Cam.

It was Huzienga that brought Parcells here. Parcells loved Huzienga. He even had that part in his contract where if Huzienga sold the team, he could opt out of his contract. Parcells hates meddling owners (Parcells, Kraft, etc.). Wayne was the exact opposite. Parcells could do whatever he wanted.

Huzeinga might have made mistakes with the Marlins (though I don't blame him for breaking up a team that won the World Series and LOST money), but I think he was good with the Dolphins.

I wouldn't call the last ten years in Dolphins' football horrible. It certainly isn't the brightest time span in team history, but there were a few division titles and several playoff appearances. Horrible is Detroit. Wannstedt might have been a 12 on a scale of 1 to 100, but Millen was a 1.

Agree with you m.j about calling the team horrible, maybe that was a little harsh, and your right detriot is horrible.....


You are right on about that clown(Wanny) crippling the franchise. It is just amazing on how many years it takes to recover from mistakes. I am just glad the phins are on the right now with Parcells and gang.

Hey UNCLE SAM, Do you know any martial arts? Just concerned about you taking on AFC EAST you know.

We’re only 2 drafts into the Parcells regime so I wouldn’t go anointing them just yet, but they certainly instill a confidence we haven’t had around here since Jimmy Johnson came aboard.

I know everyone loves Danny Boy including myself, but I think Marino is the reason Jimmy decided to retire from the politics of pro football. I believe the first hard decision Jimmy wanted to make was to trade Dan Marino and create an offense based on his style of football. I think Wayne stepped in and would not let Jimmy trade Marino because of the fallout it would create in the local community. There was nothing personal initially between Jimmy and Danny, Johnson just didn’t think Marino fit in his offense. When his desire to trade Marino was rejected Jimmy ate some humble pie, but he knew in his heart he could never put the product on the field that he felt could win a championship.

Johnson figured Marino couldn’t last forever so he built a defense through the draft and had it in place for when he could rebuild the offense in his style. Time ran out though and things got sour because Jimmy couldn’t draft players on an offense he was not comfortable with. Most of his misses were on the offensive side. It’s easy to look back in hindsight, but I believe if Jimmy had traded Marino and probably for a 1st round pick he would have brought Miami back to prominence within three years. To say Jimmy couldn’t draft for offense is probably not true. Jimmy could draft for his offense he just could draft for Marino’s offense.


Screw Johnson, Marino was the man. Nobody cares for your ideals.


A welcome post. We never turn down an opportuntiy to insult Dave Wannstedt in this corner.

The man's epic incompetence is so extreme that I still get mad whenever I see the Universtiy of Pittsburgh play on TV.

Was Rick Spielman as bad as the mustachioed moron? I would argue no. A.J. Feely was, without question, an inexcusable blunder. But many of Spielman's worst moves (i.e. Lamar Gordon) were the result of a domino effect that started when Ricky Williams flaked out (the first itme). As GM of a win-now team that had just, completley out of the blue, lost it's star, it is understandable that Spielman would panic.

I will argue that with a more stable foundation, a couple of years of ownership support, and the benefit of hindsight Spielman, over time, could have worked out to be a solidly below average GM.

Dear Soiled Botton,

I was dissapointed that you named me as the worst mistake of Don Shula's tenure.

I consider such a comment cruel and unfounded. I did, after all, play a key role in putting Jim Kelly into the Hall of Fame.

We need to know the stats of the 2 fighters. AFC EAST 6'1" and 175lbs. Uncle Sam unknown. We need more info in order to bet on this fight. Both have a big mouth. Tha is about it.
Uncle Sam how tall are you and weight? Don't lie.

Don't forget, Drew Brees was passed on twice, once when Jamar fletcher was selected and the Culpepper trade (which in all fairness was a crap shoot). Also Anquain Boldin was passed on for Eddie Moore! Need I say more.

What's the point of rehashing what everyone already knows? Personnel selection is critical to NFL success. Every player counts, but all fans seem to want is "the best" player at ANY cost. Someone above wrote that we took Culpepper instead of Brees as a FA. The reality is, no one thought Brees would recover from his surgery. Hindsight is always 20/20. The more important issue was "how the heck did we wind up with NO quarterbacks on our roster?" NONE! Not rolling the dice and lucking up on a damages FA isn't a bad decision. Rather finding ourselves in a position where ONE player is viewed as a savior is a real problem, and has been for a long, long time. I love our current regime. They don't take chances (remember Jimmy Johnson - he could pluck a cherry out of the fifth round, but couldn't find a first round player worth a darn because he wanted to try and show off his draft talents).





Jimmy Johnson is way overrated. He did great things with the Canes and the Cowboys, but he destroyed the Dolphins. He changed a Tom Olivadoti bend but don't break defense into a roll over and die in December defense. Say what you will about Olivadoti, but Brian Cox, Terell Buckley,Troy Vincent, and some of these other guys stood when big games were on the line. Nobody wanted to face the reallity that the Great Dan the man was slipping. When Johnson should've had his focus on drafting Marinos replacement and rebuilding the offense he tried to build a dallas cowboys style small fast defense. Dallas had an offense that could control the game (Emit,Troy, and Michael)which the Dolphins didn't have. Poor Wandstat just didn't recognize talent or the lack of talent if it hit him in the face and Speilman goes into that same bag. Seban was a jerk that had some of the tools, but was better suited as a college coach. Mueller was ok. Given more time I think he and Cam could have gotten things turned around. Although this regimes seems to be the best since the DON SHULA days. Mr. Shula so far has been the very best! Thats my list starting from the bottom to the top.






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JJ is clearly second and the best of the sorry bunch.

Saban had a good 05 draft (Armando you forgot Crowder) but none of those guys are really consistent Pro Bowl types yet. His 06 offseason was Wanstedtesque. The horrible trade for Culpepper and a draft that gave us Jason Allen and Derek Hagan.

Mueller's draft looks terrible right now. Just Ginn and Soliai, and Soliai is hanging by a thread possibly.

Not much else to say about Wanstedt/Spielman that hasnt been said. Just dont forget other players they passed up on especially Brees and Boldin.

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Uncle Sam, Are you a real person?

Come on guys. Dave Wannstedt wasn't that bad. He delivered me into your lives after all.

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To be on topic, this is an easy one. Its called Wilford. What a bust. This is my only complaint with Tuna & tuna helper.

Thank God this was offset by picking up Fasano/Fergy/Akin A. plus extra picks for the past draft.

Think Wilson will be this years Fasano.

Follow that up with re-signs all good moves.

One major one left, Ronnie for the long term.

Appreciate JT's effort to return for a fair price, now that fixed my complaints of him from last year. Classy JT, thankx.

did David Wannstedt had a dirty mustache ? who's the coach w/ the best hair but suck as a coach ?

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Wasn't it Saban who brought in Wes Welker? I'd say that was a pretty damn good move.

saban brought the kitchen chef to cook for him meat balls .

I brought in wes welker at the start of the 2004 season after SD Cut Him. Take that ! Who's your daddy ?



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Anyone see Mexico coach try to trip the Panameno player when he was running down sideline? Is he relate to Buddy Ryan too?

Saban also brought in Channing Crowder. I would give Saban the nod over Mueller even though little Nicky was a prick!!! Most of the players Mueller brought in are already gone.

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