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Taylor: Parcells, Ireland step up from past

Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor is still enjoying a final respite before the Dolphins open training camp and practice Aug. 2. It will be the first camp for Taylor under the current triumvirate of Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano.

But according to collegue David Quinones, Taylor already recognizes the current hierarchy is better than previous ones he's played for.

``Obviously," Taylor said during a break at Zo's Summer Groove Classic golf outing Thursday, "[Bill] Parcells and [GM Jeff] Ireland and their front office is a big step up from what was here in the past."

Ya think?

The current Dolphins management team, headed by Parcells, is the sixth Taylor will play under while with the Dolphins.

Taylor was drafted by Jimmy Johnson, then survived played years during which the team's personnel side was headed by Dave Wannstedt, Rick Spielman, Nick Saban, and Randy Mueller.

All of those previous personnel regimes had their good moments (plural) and bad, except of course, for Wannstedt who had perhaps one good personnel moment (Adewale Ogunleye) but probably not two.

But if Taylor ranks Parcells already atop those six regimes, where do the others rank?

I would say Jimmy Johnson was second, Randy Mueller was third, Nick Saban was fourth, Wannstedt was fifth and Spielman was sixth.


Well, Johnson couldn't find offensive help to save his life (or his career), but he remade the Dolphins defense into a unit that represented the organization well for much of a decade with players such as Patrick Surtain, Taylor, Zach Thomas, Sam Madison, and others.

Mueller got one shot in 2007 and seemingly fired blanks as the team went 1-15. But was it his fault Joey Porter was terrible that year or was the OLB used poorly? You saw what Porter did last year under the right system. Porter was Mueller's signing.

A lot of folks, including me, ripped Mueller for not drafting Brady Quinn and going with Ted Ginn Jr. Except neither player has exactly turned into a star and Ginn seems closer to making an NFL mark than Quinn. The jury is still out on that as well as the John Beck selection. No, Beck couldn't make it in Miami, but what if he turns it around in Baltimore or somewhere else?

Saban blew it on Jason Allen and Manny Wright and took seemingly forever to insert Yeremiah Bell into the starting lineup. He also blew it by trading for Daunte Culpepper instead of signing Drew Brees. That last failure set the franchise back at least two seasons. It's the reason the Dolphins had to draft multiple corners this year and spent 2006, 2007 and the offseason of 2008 looking for a QB.

But Saban connected on Ronnie Brown and Will Allen and Renaldo Hill and Andre' Goodman and Matt Roth and others.

Wannstedt? He drafted Todd Wade so that worked out initially. And he signed Ogunleye as an undrafted free agent. Of course, he had some dismal decisions with Jamar Fletcher and Eddie Moore and a ton of others.

Wannstedt's personnel failures were so great that owner Wayne Huizenga stripped the coach of final say over those decisions and handed them to Spielman. And Spielman repaid the promotion by demonstrating terrible judgment.

He gave up a second-round pick for A.J. Feeley. He traded away a third-round pick for Lamar Gordon, who was injured in his first game with Miami and was placed on injured reserve, never to play for the Dolphins again. He traded Ogunleye, a blue-chip defensive end, for Marty Booker, a possession wide receiver. And don't even get me started on the draft day fiasco in which Spielman traded away a fourth-round draft pick to Minnesota to move up one spot and then bypassed Vince Wilfork to pick Vernon Carey.

Yes, Carey is a good player. But Wilfork is Pro Bowl quality.

Trying to remember a wise move that Spielman made on the Dolphins' behalf ... The Rex Hadnot draft choice is best I can come up with, which ain't saying much.

Anyway, you give me your rankings of the six personnel departments. Let me guess, Parcells will be the consensus No. 1. So give me the rest.

And give me the best and worst moves by each regime.

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Goodnight pussycat

again didn't post under ammo. i've called out multi named poster's so why start now? my dolphins questions still stand to anyone willing to answer. if not so be it.


Do You Really Wanna Talk Football Or Are You Testing Mee?
I Think Our Rookie Cb's Will Both Eventually Start. Smith Before Davis.
I Thought We Gott Willson From The Raiders?
I Think They Will Both Have Great Years. I Just Hope They Both Get On The Feild At The Same Time.

P.s i Thought J.T Was Hott On Dancing With The Stars!

-Kara- :p

J.T. shoulda won! all football kara all football. wilson played one year for the raiders on a bad defense and defensive system. i like smith but davis needs a year or two of pro coaching. hopefully he responds better that his brother. wilson played for the giants before the raiders.

Yeah Well What Time Will You Be On Tomorrow?
If You Wanna Talk Civilized Ill Be On In The Evening

-Kara- :p

anytime after 4 p.m. i will keep my tongue in check. i check the blog alot so if i see you i'll put the word out. be cool. stay safe.

Aww how nice.
My life story. A woman calls me the man, then takes off with another guy.

Sammo's the lady killer.

come on odinseye i thought we were cool? i've never said nothing bad about you. you enlightened me about viking women. tell ya what take my share of grog. you know alot about the phins. i respect that.


We are cool. I didn't make that last post. It was somebody impostering Kara. Someone was impostering me earlier.
Kara sounds cool to. I thought it was nice having a sane woman posting here for a change.
There's always got to be haters trying to screw things up.
Sammo we are cool.
I hope me and you are to Kara


You made the night. ABSOLUTELY hysterical. Good stuff guy!!!!

good stuff odinseye. imposter's suck to say the least, kara is cool. she was nice to me after my controversial comments. she will most definately be cool with you. do you think pennington will be our starter? i agree with you on clemons. i think him and smith will compete for steal of the draft.

Any one know how to fool a ankle braceket for a few hrs. I sure need me some Thunderbird and a dime bag!!! Miami 27---Atlanta 13


sorry blackie maybe if you had a 3rd shift job you could. my boy had a bracelet and no job. so he told his p.o. he worked on cars and they gave him 8 hours freedom but he had to be back on the minute by 7p.m. but he was able to do his party thing. if anything wake up one of your boys. or your hookup.

what's thunderbird? i think atlanta's d will need some time to come together. i could see miami putting up 27.

Whats Thunderbird??? Damm SAM where are you at in life, T-bird is the finest 5th of wine you can buy for 99cts. Back to what is really important in life, futball, the second week of the season beg,borrow or steal all the money you can and lay it on the Phins to take down the Colts, The Colts have big holes on o & d lines!!! Miami 31-- Colts 10 !!

Hi, Gang.

Today's the big day. I'm going for my U.S. citizenship and interview. The test is ridiculously easy, but I am STILL SO NERVOUS! This is a momentous day! Becoming an American will be the greatest day of my life after the day I married my darling wife.

In honor of my hopes to become an American citizen, here are some observations:

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Good luck Nathaniel, now we will be brothers!!!!

soiled bottom going for his citizenship today, will be a fine usa citizen .

sorry blackie only 99cent alcohol i've ever drank is cobra and that was a decade ago. now i switch from labatts heiniken and corona. if rhe rush can get to manning yeah mia will win but if he has time wayne and gonzalez can make plays. so can clark. mia 28- ind 20

Wannestadt was bad all the way around but the Fins were good, at least on the defensive side.
I still wish he was fired immediately after that fiasco year when the fish went from #1 seed in the afc to out of the playoffs because miami couldn't win their last 3 gamees. (they lost to pats after being up then lost allowing the jets to win the division) Blech!

OVER/UNDER on phins in vegas is 7 1/2 over-20 in a few joints on the strip!! Falcons, Colts, Bucs, Jags, Jets, Bills, Texans, Jets!! This team will win 10 or 11 in 2009!!!

"I'm like ecstasy for ladies, I'm like all races combined in one man;
like the '99 summer jam
Bulletproof Hummer man
I'm like being locked down around new faces, and none of em fam'
I'm the feelin of a millionaire spendin a hundred grand..."

Nas -- "Nas is like"

odinseye is a beautiful man who needs to talk jason for a change

odinseye is a good kid

i love to read these rich posts before i nap every day

Saban connected with Will Allen???????????

Oh boy!....Armando must be hitting the sauce again.


I think Smith and Davis wre rated to high to be considered a "steal". A lot of teams are going to kick themselves for passing up on Smith. I believe Smith and Davis will end up being the absolute best CB tandem the Miami Dolphins have ever fielded. Yes, even better than Madison & Surtain.
As far as Pennington I think it's a win win situation. Other than getting rattled by one of the best defenses(Balt.)to come along in years, he played great. In the last reg season game against the Jets the timing and rythym with his receivers was improving. Especially with Bess, Ginn and Fasano.
I would rather see the stronger armed Henne unseat Penny. Before anyone starts wondering whats taking Henne so long, they better recognise. Pennington is and has been one of the better QB's in the NFL, for quite awhile.

Thanks Cubano

My mom always said I was beautiful and a good kid.
My parole officer never believed her.

I am back.


We Can All Tell you Stole Odinseye's Name You Looked At His Name And Said Heyy It Has My Last Name Inn It And Than Your Like And I Have An Eye For Things.

1. Parcells/Ireland are certainly up top for very obvious reasons.

2. I disagree with you @ # 2. I believe that Saban should be here. Roth was a very good selection as was Ronnie Brown. Reynaldo Hill and Andre Goodman were solid as well. Jason Allen was terrible and probably was his second biggest mistake. He decimated the franchise with no signing Brees. Hard to believe that between Wanstache and Saban, we passed on Bress TWICE.

3. Mueller is found at 3 but probably would be higher on the list given more than just 1 year. I personally think Mueller is a good GM. I liked a lot of his work in New Orleans. However, here his best signing was Joey Porter but there would have been more had he been here longer.

Stache and Speilman round out the bottom. Just horrible, can't even begin to describe it.

No Disrespect Mike Or Any One Elz.
The Years Between Don Shula And Parcells Sucked Butt.
those Years Were Horrid And There Not Worth Talking About.
This Was A Cheep Shot By Armondo He Likes To Pretend Hes A Writer Evry ONCE AND AWHILE.
Sorry Armondo. I Call A Spade A Spade, An Ace An Ace And A Egg An Egg And You Laid Itt.

odinseye i agree about davis and smith they have more physical skills than either surtain or madison. both are definitly faster, im a big henne fan but pennington is a good qb. he couldn't help that cammarillo went down or smiley. and he had zero blocking against baltimore. will allen can still run with anybody in the league. the rooks are lucky to have him as a mentor.

kara yes after shula the years did suck, most of the time miami would start off good thru the first half of season then fade. other than ricky running wild when we first got him and last season miami hasn't been football talk worthy. 1-15 was heartbreaking.

How can you guys rip on Wanstedt? Dont you remember when he drafted Drew Bree's and every one wanted him to draft Jamar Fletcher, ohh wait he didnt.
Hold on.
How about when he drafted Boldin and everyone wanted him to draft Eddie Moore, ohh wait he didnt.

Yo A,
Nice job on the start of this thread. Here is my list of the worst five managers. After, of course, the inventor of the run-run-pass-punt office Bill Parcels:

2) Wayne Huizinga
3) Wayne Huizinga
4) Wayne Huizinga
5) Wayne Huizinga
6) Wayne Huizinga

He was the model of a salesman and nothing else, and every year that he was in control we got sold.

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