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Agent: Roth will hopefully practice this week

Matt Roth has missed 21 practices this training and that's a bad thing because the Dolphins have practiced only 21 times since training camp began. Tonight Roth, nursing a groin injury he had when training camp began, will miss the 7 p.m. preseason opener versus the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But agent Drew Rosenhaus, who represents Roth, said during his regular Sunday evening segment on Ch. 7's Sunday Sports Xtra that he is "hopeful" Roth would begin practicing this week.

"Don't hold me to it," Rosenhaus added.

Rosenhaus is to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt when he says things on the show. Sometimes he's dead on. Sometimes, not so much.

He "reported" before the draft the Dolphins would "absolutely" select a receiver in the first round.

They didn't take a receiver in the first round. Or the second.

So we'll see what happens with Roth.

On the confirmed information front, you might have missed the column I wrote for Sunday's Miami Herald. In it coach Tony Sparano confirms he has a couple of players that don't meet his requirements for practicing hard all the time because they don't practice as hard as they play.

Then I confirmed Phillip Merling is one of those players. Please read the column and see how Sparano handles such players and how Merling is reacting to what coaches are yelling at talking to him about. 


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It sounds like some fancy, secret kind of holdout from Roth in this contract year.

I like how this administration treats know one with kid gloves.

Roth was doing a nice job for his first year at linebacker. I'm beginning to wonder whether he'll be on the pup list when the season starts. It is giving other players a chance to earn a spot. I'm not surprised at Rosenhaus. This "don't hold me to it" comment is putting a new spin on his famous "next question" quote. What's the difference between him and a clothes dryer? None, they're both full of hot air.

Monday is here!! Let's kick some ...

Roth will get what's coming to him... one way or the other.
BUT for tonight...... GO PHINS!

If Roth comes back, tail tucked between his groin, and they give him back his job over Jason Taylor, who's been busting his hump, I'll be pissed.

Wish we had this infoemation.

Gee I wish I could be as cool as Dr. Who and have the first post. That would just make my day and fulfill my self-worth. I can't believe there are still people who think anyone gives a rip about having the "first post." Lame.

does anyone know where I can watch the preseason game? I have a mac, if it is going to be online. Is it broadcast any place other than the NFL network?

if you lucky to live in south of florida it will be on cbs channel 4 in Miami

Are you ready for the game Carlito?

The Phins need to kick azzzz tonight. Go Phins!!!

I am ready Ace. I will be at game for watch to Wake, Turner, Davis, Smith, Hartsline, JT, Grove, Ginn, White, and most than any Mr. Henne.

I know the Game will be aired on NFL network at 8pm Pacific, already have it Tivo'd just in case I miss the kick off.

if Roth needs to suck it up uless he hurt more than he is saying 0ther wise give it to taylor he has done the job for use fans for years.not saying eney thing bad about roth i think he,s a good player but he needs to work though some of the pain.when he can.

Take it easy on Roth. As he transitioned to OLB he played the run strong. This leads to third and long situations. I think this plays to our defensive strengths. Especially this year with an improved secondary and pass rush.

Roth has Gonorrhea! That is why they could explain why it was a Injury\Illness. Sounds like a bad Public Relations for hiding his STD. Groin injury sounds like an STD. Two weeks sounds like enough time

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