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Thursday practice notes and '78 Classic Moment

The Dolphins just finished one of the most competitive practices I've seen them conduct since camp opened.

The reason this practice was so competitive is because there were team drills throughout the practice. There were two-minute team drills. Firsts against Firsts team drill. Third down team drill.

It was very interesting. And, yes, competitive.

In the two-minute drill, Chad Henne got the opportunity to run the starting offense. The situation is that 1:32 is left in the game and the offense has one time out. Oh, and you have to get in the end zone because a field goal doesn't help.

So Henne misses on his first two passes, including one in which Davone Bess is open against Vontae Davis but the ball is too high. Henne comes right back to Bess on the next play and completes the pass against Davis.

Then he's incomplete again, then he completes one to Greg Camarillo who beats Jason Allen. Then it gets tough. Incomplete. Incomplete. Incomplete. And incomplete when a blitz forces a quick throw and Chris Clemons knocks away the pass to Anthony Fasano.

One thing about this period that I noticed is that with the exception of the blitz, the defense got zero pressure on Henne. That's as it should be because it is the first team OL vs the second-team defense. But it would have been nice if Cameron Wake had mounted some pressure at some point.

In the third down work, Donald Thomas got significant snaps with the first team offense. And Chad Pennington put on a clinic.

Third and 8 completion to Bess. Third and seven completion to Camarillo. Third and five completion to Bess. Pennington tripped and was sacked on the next play. And then on third and second he completed another to Ricky Williams.

That's an 80 percent conversion percentage.

The Henne-led second teamers converted two of five.

Speaking of conversions, it was a solid day for Connor Barth and Brandon Fields. It was a tough afternoon for Dan Carpenter.

Fields converted an extra point obviously meant to show he can do it in an emergency. Then Barth connected on field goals of 42 and 46 yards. Carpenter missed both his tries from 42 and 46 yards and then was given a 61-yard attempt -- which he also missed.

As far as the obligatory Pat White update goes: He practiced, he missed half his throws, he connected on half his throws, he didn't fumble, he didn't trip, he seemed to have more velocity on the ball today than I've seen from him. He was neither great nor terrible.

And now this Classic Training Camp moment from 1978 ...

In '78 the Dolphins began to enjoy the fruits of having lost Larry Csonka after the 1974 season. The New York Giants had sent Miami third-round picks in both 1978 and '79 for the rights to sign Csonka after the World Football League folded.

And so in the '78 draft the Dolphins used that third-round pick to select defensive tackle Lyman Smith out of Duke. The Dolphins had great hopes for Smith because he was 6-5 and 250 pounds and smart as they come.

But maybe Smith was too smart for his own good. And definitely he was smarter than he was athletically gifted. Both caused problems.

Seems that during rookie hazing, Smith balked at the idea of having to sing in front of the team, or buy veterans their breakfast every morning, or carry their pads off the field after practice. He just would not join in the reindeer games like the other rookies.

And so the veterans made Smith pay a price. They grabbed him and did what any band of grown men whose sensitivities have been upset would do. They tied Smith to a tree. And left him there. And didn't go back to untie him.

I don't know how Smith got free, but when he did, he found himself facing another more depressing issue: He really wasn't that good. Smith struggled and disappointed and clearly was not destined for an NFL career.

"The guy was a terrible player and he was something of a [jerk] about not participating in the normal treatment of rookies," one player from that 1978 training camp told me Thursday. "He could have saved himself if he had been a very talented player but been a [jerk] otherwise. It would have even been fine if he wasn't that talented but wasn't a [jerk], either. But he was a [jerk] and a terrible player. He was the total package for all the wrong reasons."

And so Smith, drafted 64th overall, was cut. Can you imagine such a thing today? A third-round pick cut without making it out of training camp?

Smith was picked up by the Vikings and lasted one year with them before being cut. And that's just as well because football really wasn't his calling. But don't fret. Lyman Smith is today Dr. Lyman Smith, a board certified orthopedic surgeon.


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Watch and learn. In these 4 Pre-season games Henne will create a QB controversy in Miami.
Parcell's and Co. will be hard pressed not to start him week 1 against Atlanta.

How or why do you entertain these pizz ants?

Ace, Did you happen to catch the new level of stupidity Justin idiot has reached ? Just incredible.

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Just what are you gentlemen implying ?
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Soiled :)


I told you earlier, this guy cannot fake out of the way he writes. It would not matter what he would call himself. ampd or whatever. At least he is trying. Somewhat sick, but amusing go figure.


You don't want to get involved. Aloco/gopats/luggi is infatuated with the concept of the devil and therefore I am the devil.

ace, you think you smart for figuring this out .lol plus you do have the keys to the store willi

Dear Mr. Ace

"Aloco/gopats/luggi is infatuated with the concept of the devil and therefore I am the devil."

The Devil is one of my favorite religious action figures.

Soiled :)

P.S. In life when you think you have hit rock bottom.... somebody throws you a shoval.


If aloco was at rock bottom, I would hit him in the head with the shovel. I would then bury the poor bazztard. Does this sound like the devil to you?

Vick sucks as a person. Unfortunately, having seen one of the Fins' practices, I know Pat White sucks as a player.

Its late folks and I'm tired.

Since I started a new career in april(I'm in collections)its been none stop with my job.

I collect unemployment from the government 24 hrs a day 7 days a week even on sundays I'm collecting unemployment(who knew the goverment was behind on its bills )

Anyhoo its late and I wanna get an early start.

Soiled :)

Ace i think aloco justs wants to play hide the pitchfork with you.


You admit to going out and watching a bunch of healthy, athletic men run around in tight football pants.
Now all you can talk about are men SUCKING......Hmmmmm!

Odinseye i'm checking with the judges to see if that's a low blow against a fellow phin...... nope they will allow it! quick finish him off while he's dazed and confused!


a clue two letters are his name
he gets on this blog what a shame
wont back his sh+t up int he game
his talk is so lame
Dolphins 24 Giants 20 Super bow;

odinseye,are you gay ? we know flpd is so what's your beef w/him ?

i'm not sure i want to see jacobs running against miami. of course he does have trouble staying healthy......


why bother with flpd? You can have all the hits you want against aloco. He is not a phin fan so no judges will be involved.

Good point Ace.

Just killing time before i head out.

My beef?

I'll tell you what my beef is. I'm tired of hearing all the negativity concerning Pat White. No one ever claimed he was the second coming of Dan Marino. He's a young guy, a rookie learning a complicated system.
Give him a little time to take his lumps and learn.
As far as needing him in the wildcat, I hope we don't. I'd rather see some SMASH MOUTH football with Ricky and Ronnie just mowing people over!!!!


Breath in......breath out.....breath in.... breath out....calm down


talk to you later.

Thanks Ace

Good advice. I'm getting a little hyped already. Countdown mode....come on Monday night!!!!

YEEEEEEAH BOOOOOY !!!! justin my homeboy , where you at , What it be ? Got Crack ? i gots some weed and a forty.

White is coming along fine. I have watched him twice and today he was solid as you can expect for any rookie. Bottomline he is a proven winner and thats what we want as dolphins at the end of the day. i can remeber two quarterbacks who stunk up the league worse than anyone their first year. Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning. If struggling is what makes you successful, i will take that anyday.

who wasnt solid was Henne today. Thank god for Chad Pennington.

White and Henne will be fine. This is competition. Pennington shows his true value. Noodle arm my butt.

They better be getting a CSI shop in Philly. Lock up your pets. Watch your kids. Vick is in town.

Is this a machine or what, do all the south florida sports writers huddle and break on "we hate all QB's last name not Henne" break! Give PWhite a chance. They've changed his throwing mechanics, so that he'd fit into a Penni-Henne mold. Lets see them change Penni-Henne to fit into PWhites mold. Once the spread offense is in play, PWhites going to make plays, throwing the ball away is what you do when you don't have any options. PWhite has more options than Henne will ever have. The guy passed for 67% in college with poor mechanics, and he has a rocket. As far as the "obligatory props", I have none for you, your football knowledge sucks! The kids been successful on two levels with busted mechanics, that's about seven plus years of ball and countless hours of practice. He's is been in camp for less than a month, working on a passing technique that is acceptable to the franchise and you hate. Let's see how long it takes Penni-Henne to work 4/10ths of a second off of their 40yd dash. Cut the kid some slack or judge him based on original style of play.


I found the following entry for Dr. Lyman Smith online:

"Dr. Lyman Smith joined Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic in 1991 after being fellowship-trained in sports medicine. Dr. Smith's interest in sports medicine started while playing four years of varsity football at Duke University. For two years, between college and medical school, he played professional football with the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings. He is the team physician for the Garner High School football team. He is also the team physician for the Carolina Ballet. He has been a member of the North Carolina Medical Society Sports Medicine Committee for fifteen years.

"Well known for his arrogance and hypochondria, Dr. Smith caused a minor panic in Raleigh in 2007 when claiming that a pandemic of indigestion (including his own) was the result of Nick Saban purposely poisoning the town's drinking water. The good doctor sued the disgraced coach, and Saban countersued. County Supreme Court Judge Clayton Carruthers tossed out the lawsuits, but not before admonishing the litigants and their attorneys for a frivolous waste of the court's time and offensive hygiene. Carruthers was impeached in 2009 when it was discovered that he, too, had had an affair with the disgraced, adulterous, former North Carolina Senator John Edwards (D)."

Jeez, what a piece of work.

thank you john!!

pat white is an amazing athlete!! they are tinkering with him way too much!! they should make the changes slowly, he's a rookie. the guy played in the shotgun with 1 back a five receivers. in that formation no QB has been better than white in college football. he's the only QB to win 4 BCS bowls, most rushing yards by a QB. he ran and threw for 200+ yards in a game.

they have him in a based offense, under center, staying in the pocket. that is not why they signed him. he will line up all over the field. he is easily as good as vick. he's had 2 weeks of practice!! let him get at least a full season of practice and watching before you judge him.

on draft day the fins were panned by most "draftniks" for their picks. i think they had a tremendous draft. you have to look at what the team needs were, not the names of the draftees. they really did great with the secondary!! smith is looking like a starter, then you have davis and clemmons. turner, hartline and nalbone give penny/henne/white some great big targets to throw to! and i think the world of pat white. i'm in south-west pa and have watched him for 4 years. he's a high character guy with extreme abilities. he will make this team better!!

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