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Tuesday update and a maddening prediction

Before I tell you about Tuesday's practice, I want to share some media scuttlebutt. During training camp, national writers and bloggers come to town to survey the local landscape and write for their publications or websites.

A couple of days ago, Thomas George of  NFL.com was here. Jarrett Bell of USA Today was present the past couple of days as was Tim Graham of ESPN.com. Today, Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com was in town.

Prisco is a friend. And he hates the Dolphins chances in 2009.

"They're a 7-win team," Prisco told me.

They'll beat Atlanta in the opener, I responded.

"No way," he retorted. "Atlanta is a 10 or 11-win team. Take that to the bank. And they have a quarterback."

The Dolphins have a quarterback in Chad Pennington and a backup in Chad Henne, I told him.

"Pennington has a lollypop arm," Prisco said. "The Dolphins should just bench him and put Henne in and get it over with. I like Chad. He's a nice guy. But he can only get them to a certain level. They need to go with Henne."

Prisco is no fan of the Wildcat offense, either.

"You know the definition of the Wildcat?" he asked before answering his own question, "You have no quarterback."

Alrightie then. Good to get the national perspective on the Dolphins. Don't complain to me, by the way. I'm just the messenger. If you think Prisco is a nimrod, leave your comment in the comments section, but e-mail him right here. You are also encouraged to discuss the matter if you agree with the guy.

Now, about practice ...

The Team Run period was highlighted by some sweet blocking by the left side of the offensive line. The Dolphins need to become a left-handed team eventually because their two best run-blockers are on the left. Interestingly, they were more right-handed last year.

Running left there was a a nice crease between Jake Long and Justin Smiley that Ricky Williams scooted through for a run to the second level. Williams added a 5-yard run to the left two plays later.

Running right, Ronnie Brown got only 2 yards on a play where Channing Crowder filled the hole quickly. Brown also was stuffed for no gain on a run right later on.

Pat White fumbled a snap during the third-team Team Run period.

In Team Pass, Chad Pennington and rookie Patrick Turner hooked up for the nicest pass play I've seen this entire camp. Pennington threw to Turner's back shoulder down the left sideline and Turner stopped and jumped over fellow rookie Sean Smith for the grab and a 24-yard gain. Smith had good coverage, don't get me wrong, but sometimes the other guy just makes a better play.

Smith did have a PD in the overall team period. Turner also had a deep sideline catch over Eric Green in the team period. After being relatively quiet the past couple of days, he was impressive today.

Fellow rookie cornerback Vontae Davis, working with the second-team, jumped a wheel route by Ricky Williams for an interception he could have taken for a TD were it in an actual game. Akin Ayodele also had a sack in the competition among first-teamers.

It was a tough practice for guard Mark Lewis. He lost his technique and yielded a sack during the third-team pass period. There was also a short but unspectacular flare-up between Joe Berger and Ryan Baker.

Other quick hits:

Donald Thomas worked in with the first-team in the team period ... J.D. Folsom did good work with a couple of sacks on blitzes. He also had a tackle for loss on a tight end screen ... Rookie John Nalbone, improving by the day, had a couple of nice catches ... Ernest Wilford did not have a catch today ... Phillip Merling had a batted pass working with the second-team during the team period.

[BLOG NOTE: Come back later for the Classic Training Camp moment.]


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Pete Prisco is a bufoon and a F'n Hack. Who the hell is prisco and how many games has he won un the NFL !

Calm down Jersey... You always getting worked up...

I'm glad its football season... U miss me? Haha...

How did they look running to the right when Donald Thomas was in?

I actually agree with Prisco on the Pennington thing. Penny is a good QB, but he cannot beat an elite defense because he cannot challenge them. Look at the teams that can do damage against an elite defense, the thing they can do is throw the ball effectively down the field. The Cardinals v the Steelers in last year's super bowl. The Colts almost always destroy the Ravens because Peyton stretches the defense. Penny was great for the Dolphins last year. He is a great guy for a team looking to win 10 games and lose in the playoffs. He is never the guy who is going to bring home a Super Bowl unless the defense is historically great.

Armamdo, I just posted your email address in my work bathroom. I hope u don't mind.

Pete Prisco hates the Dolphins and I can't remember one prediction of his that was accurate. In other words, he's an idiot. What did he predict last year?

Hey Armando, any word on how Joe Cohen is doing in camp? I went to high school with him. Being a lifelong dolphins fan myself its always cool when a hometown guy has a shot at making your favorite team.. that and he was a gator too!!!

"Pennington has a lollypop arm," Prisco said

Somes up Tom Brady pretty well but if Prisco said that then Brady would have his bodyguards shoot him and the nfl will act like it never happened.

sounds like wilford is a goner!

Mando Mando Mando - I love that you made Prisco's email available - great move!

That being said... I don't think he is too far off. I think Pennington can only get the team to the playoffs but not to the big show. I think the wildcat is a way of distracting the other teams defense so that they can't focus on the offense that is lacking weapons...

I think the team is on the right path - but looking at the schedule - man oh man is it tough. The team needs to fill a lot of holes before thinking championship. Last year was great and it made me some what forget about the 2007 season. Reality is the team wasn't rebuilt in a year. I consider my favorite team to be just above average - and to the people who will hate hearing it - it's just one man's opinion. Don't take it personal.

The glass is still half full...

Prisco is a fool plain and simple. The guy thinks that the Falcons will have 10 wins because of Matt Ryan? what about there defense? they lost four or five starts without really replacing them with solid players. On the other hand the Phins have bolstered there pass rush with Jason Taylor,Cam Wake and the secondary with Gibril Wilson. The phins also managed to keep the Offense intact with improvments on the O-line (Grove) and having the addition of Pat White to the WildCat. YES we know the Ravens figured it out but come on they were the best defense in the league and every other team struggled with it and this will only make it better.

Little off topic but can't stand that guys logic.


I have emailed Prisco this:

Mr. Prisco,

I find it highly disappointing that individuals such as yourself, whom are blessed with great careers as national NFL writers cronically fail to strive for excellence in their work. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald has reported that you have tossed aside his opinion of the Dolphins in favor of your own preconcieved one. I must ask, how could you possibly belive that your opinion of the Dolphins is more accurate than that of a writer who has watched them almost daily for 20 years? Armando, by the way, is someone who will typically call out the Phins when he thinks they have problems. You should be begging these local writers for any insight they may be willing to share with you. That is of course if your goal is accurate journalism. In addition, you appear to fall for the same foolish logic that the casual fan falls for. The old Chad "Noodle Arm" Pennington insult, HA!. I prefer to look at the fact that chad came to miami in the middle of preseason without any opportunity to develop chemistry with a bunch of very young and unpolished wide recievers and somehow managed to throw over 3600 yards and a 97 passer rating. There is a reason Pennington was second in MVP voting last year and its because there are a few individuals out there who actually have an unbiased, and deep understanding of the league. These people realized what Pennington accomplished last year was something very few other quarterbacks could do. I'll offer you one more tip since you seem to need it. Atlanta is going to have the 30th ranked defense this year and thus will finish no higher than 9-7.

The Miami Dolphins. much like last year, are putting a squad together that will surprise alot of people... It seems like the national media only has two things to say about the Dolphins: Schedule is too hard and Pennington's arm is too weak... F*&^ THEM!

Strength of schedule means nothing... there is no guarantee which teams will be good and there are many other factors to throw in such as injuries...Not to mention, the steelers had the hardest strength of schedule last year, I think this schedule is just an opportunity for Miami to prove itself.... And Pennington proved last year that he can hang with the big dogs, coming in 2cnd for league MVP....

If you asked me in Feb or March I would have told you that 2009 is looking tough for the phins, they have a chance, but its going to be hard...

Now, after free agency, the draft, OTA's, and training camp, I think the Dolphins have a shot to go deep in the playoffs and be a serious contender... This is what Parcells, Ireland and Sparano are up to behind the curtain... I love that the Dolphins aren't getting any respect nationally... I think they will feed off that...

I don't usually post this long... and you can call me a homer if your want... Go Dolphins!!!!!

Prisco's perspective is not novel by any means. I don't think the Dolphins were special because they ran the Wildcat. Eventually the league caught on and it lost its effectiveness. I do think, though, that the Dolphins were extremely innovative in instituting an offensive scheme that overshadowed their deficiencies. The team was relatively young last year and the Dolphins were able to win during this transition because of their coaches and superior discipline regarding penalties and turnovers. I think the team is in great shape to win nine games. I believe they will surprise a few teams this year too.

lET'S SEE - Prisco picks the 'Phins last in division in 2008 and they win it.


So what?

I don't know that he's too far off the mark. I predicted 8-8. I don't think the Fins record will be as good as it was in '08 but they will be a better team. I hope I'm wrong. If the Fins need motivation, post Prisco & Mr. Lombardi's predictions in the lockerroom. :o)

He has never been one to hi five after a phins victory...


I agree with him about penny. I hope he;s got a way to stretch the field this year

MARCUS , MY MAN , MARCUS. How the hell are you ? Good to see you back. Are you ready for some Dolphin football ?

Prisco Sour!

He isn't implicated in this Anti-Phin scandal, but Chris Berman is also a known Dolphins hater....

Dear Mr. Salguero

" If you think Prisco is a nimrod, leave your comment in the comments section"

The saying goes "If you have nothing nice to say....say nothing at all"

Or a simple "Bless his heart" sums it up nicely.

Soiled :)

Soulja. Ya Man ! Everything Irie ?

Prisco. With a name like that, bet he got his a$$ whipped regularly and his lunch money taken everyday.

Nj Phin Fan,

I think the Dolphins are the sleeper of 09... Sean Smith is looking like the beast we thought he was before the draft! Its also good to hear Vontae stepped it up today...

i think our defense will step up big time this year. better depth in the secondary and more pass rushers . Dt will be ok with ferguson mcdaniel and big paul swapping in and out. if pennington's arm is so weak how did he set personal highs for passing yards in a season and in a game. a lollipop arm wouldn't allow you to throw for 3600 and 343. brad johnson montana bob griese had weak arms and they were successful.


I agree with you that the Dolphins will beat Atlanta in the Opener, their defense is very suspect and we'll have to see if Matt Ryan lives up to his own hype this year... I also think the Dolphins have a good chance of beating Indy in the home opener, but will probably drop week three in San Diego... I think they are a team that is going to be much improved this year and our luck against them will probably run out on the West Coast...

atlanta drops their home opener. indy's o-line isn't what it once was and won't give peyton all day to throw. i think will allen can handle gonzalez and smith handles reggie. san diego game all depends on if miami rusher's can get to river's early. he's good don't get me wrong but when hit early and often he get's frustrated and makes mistakes.

Souja. Sean smith isn't at " beast " status Yet. He has struggled at times which is to be expected. He just had a Horrible practice this afternoon. However , smith along with davis , are showing signs that they're going to be good ones.

Prisco picked us to write more interesting stuff than Salguero at some point in our sad careers. So you know he's smokin' somethin.

... And Dolphins fans are a bunch of bandwagon jumping babies.

Go Falcons!

Wow!!!! So many experts, I wonder if they'll hide and cower when the fins win it all or will they fess up and say "I was the fool who said the fins would only win 7 or 8 games? I think after Penny wins the Superbowl all his nay sayers should get pissed on!

Who cares what Prisco says? He's just like Mel Kiper Jr. Opinionated, misses on the majority of his predictions and NEVER has to answer to his critics.
I wish I could get away with being so incompetent at work. If I had his batting average I would be fired.

Mark Lewis' firstbad move,hope he makes the cut.

I must agree with Prisco's concern about Pennington's arm. We all saw him against the Ravens. Yeah, he's gotten stronger, but I doubt it he'll have a rocket arm, all of a sudden... but I hate Prisco anyway. He predicted the Dolphins would be last in 08'. Henne will have plenty of chances to play this season, and there is no question que will start next year. Dolphins can win 10 this year.

Miami can win with Pennington because he does not generally make the foolish mistakes that cost games. He can throw accurately 40 yards. That is sufficient if the rest of the offense pulls it's weight. It all starts up front. We simply HAVE to run the ball better out of the base offense. That opens the passing lanes. If we do, and the defense improves as it looks like they will then anything is possible.

Let's hope they stay healthy as well.

9 days into practice and heresay on what Prisco says gets everyone undies in a twist. Smells like football season! Who cares what he says unless he has the numbers to the lotto tomorrow!

The predictions against the dolphins work well in our favor, many teams in '08 tough, that only wearing the uniforms we beat the dolphins (like the first game against Pats), and we know the results. In the second half of the season every team play against us like if where an off season game and still we win in the most of the games (second game against the Jets).
I figure out that the same will work this season.
So I applause the prediction of mr. Prisco, the predictions of the guys in Las Vegas and so on.
The predictions don't play games, the teams do.


I have to agree with you.
Good blocking, power running, strong D = Penny having another Pro-Bowl caliber year.

So we improve at C, OLB, CB, and WR theough free agency and the draft, but this genius thinks we're going to go from 11 to 7 wins?
I know we have a difficult schedule (based on last years records) but the NFL is the NFL and half of the teams who we think will be tough will stink and vice versa. Obviously Prisco doesn't see in Parcells and Sparano what many others do. I see us being a better teamn but winning about the same number of games as last year and maybe making a bigger splash in the postseason.

why i feel some one is talking to himself marc


why i feel one is Aloco?


Yeah its good to be the underdog to the rest of the country, beat writers included...
But Mr Prisco If you think the Falcons are gonna win 10-11 games with a much stronger schedule, they play the AFC East AND the NFC East win 10-11 games? Are you kidding me Prisco...they are soft against the run and not much better against the pass, their D stinks.

Dolphins will win 7 games by week 10 Yes! By week ten Prisy! Ok enough of the name calling and but seriously the Dolphins will be that good...I mean if they are picked by Vegas to win 7 games, Vegas factors in strenght of schedule but not the strenght of the Trifecta! Tuna alone will account for 3 more wins thats 10 right there.

Hell Tuna and the Trifecta did this last year turn the team around in one year and Tuna did this when he coached the Jets they where 1-15 the year before and 9-7 the next. See Prisco what you fail to realize is that coaching makes all the differnece in the world. And there are good coaches and then there is the Trifecta.

Yes the schedule is more difficult for the Dolphins but there are usally no gimmes in the NFL-so to say that they had a week schedule and this year they have the number one toughest schedule...etc Rubbish the Dolphins are not FOOLS GOLD. The Falcons are!

The Dolphins are built to last and are the real deal. So you beat writers keep on thinking that they will win only seven games this year and by week 10 or 11 tear those tickets away if you had the under at 7.

Prisco you obviously have not been following the Dolphins so you have no idea what you are talking about you just see and read things on paper. But the Dolphins are a better team that the one that won 11 games last year. And that you can take to the Bank! Along with the over on the Dolphins at 7!

Pisco is an azzzwipe and pizz ant. Who cares what he says. Chad P will do us fine because we will not suffer with ints like we had to deal with in the past. We just need everybody to share in the work load.

O.K this is weak.

BILLS 5-1 when we beat them
PATRIOTS we beat them.
JETS was the"team to beat" after they beat the TENN.
CHARGERS LT 40 rushing yards
Stopped 49ers 4 game winning streak.

THAT's with many one year starters and some playing new positions.

ARMANDO you should of told him 11-5 AFC EAST CHAMPS. AND we only started rebuilding a year ago.
TO be the best you must beat the best.
Any given SUNDAY...

Prisco doesnt know bleep! We have a QB, and he was one the most efficient QBs last year. Everyone who hates on the Wildcat are a bunch of hypocrites, because we got the whole league drawing up wildcat plays. We are just better at it.

Who knows how any team will be this year, thats why our schedule doesnt scare me at all. All i know is Miami will play hard and they will be in every game this year, just like last year.

yo brain is weak mofo

Prisco don't know when you are guest in someone house to have good manners? Careful or we make Solai sit on your head.

I agree with Pete Prisco.

pennington's arm is as good as joe montana's.


This is the same Prisco that staked his claim that without any doubt, and anyone who thought otherwise was delusional, on the Dolphins winning "no more then 4 games" last year. He wrote about it in several articles, place it down for his predictions, and even talked about it in a video "1 man and 1 fan" or something like that. I read his stuff for the sole purpose of my personal entertainment. When he writes about facts I listen, when he gives his opinions I looked the other way. As with Most Major Sports reporters/bloggers/whatever he make his predictions/opinions off what everyone else says. He holds no merit, no creditably with his opinions. 9/10 times he's wrong, and not only wrong but so far off the mark he couldn't touch air if he breathe it in. He is a talented writer, has been since his Times Union days, but ignore his opinion. They are usually way off base and have been for years. And for the record I said the Dolphins would win no less then 6 games no more then 8-9. Shows how much I know.

I don't have time to e-mail that moron so I'll write it here and now. If the wildcat stands for "don't have a qb" then why are many nfl teams trying to implement it into their game plans? Why have the Patriots expressed some interest in Vick to run a version of the wildcat? I guess he feels Brady sucks. I guess all of the other teams who will use it this year have no QB either. We all know Penny doesn't have a great arm but wtf does that mean? Who gives a crap? I guess Trent freaking Dilfer had a great arm and guided the Ravens to their superbowl win with that gun? How many other qbs with decent but not great arms won superbowls? Does he know about Chads heart or work ethic? Does he know how smart Chad is and how much game film he studies? Does he know how hard Chad worked with a trainer this offseason to improve his conditioning? NO, because he is a guesser like most of the critics out there. And what a huge risk he's taking by saying our fins won't win much this year. Does he realize we have also seen the schedule? I wonder what his prediction for the phins was last year. Probably picked them to win 4 games. He knows just as little as everyone else and just because he gets to sit in a press box doesn't make him an expert.

EXCELLENT point td.

We'll see how good Atlantas QB is this year (no sneaking up on anyone now) when he's spitting out teeth from the beating our D is going to give him! Prisco stay away from Miami this year! Lets go Dolphins!!!!! Good night all.

The Dolphins will win at least 10 this year. Probably more. This F.O. is building a powerhouse. The record speaks for itself.
These so called experts are just feeding the fire. I love it. Thanks Prisco for doing your part. Keep adding to that chip on Taylor, Porter, and Crowder's shoulders.
Thanks for asking Rex Ryan, cause your going to find out who Channing Crowder is.
Keep it coming fellas, we need the wall paper for our lockeroom!

Pete Prisco is a nimrod. I trust you Mando. You're there every day.

Marc. Are you still interested in miami changing their uniforms and the colors? what was it pink witha hint of lavander

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