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Brady return not great news for Dolphins

Tony Sparano has a saying about watching the goings-on in the rest of the AFC East: "I've got my own fields to plow," meaning he's worried about his own team and not the Jets, Pats, Bills or any other one-syllabled rival.

But I'm not Sparano and neither are you. So we should be aware of the happenings around the AFC East as, you know, what the other teams do affects the Dolphins.

Well, while the Bills and Jets have issues, the Pats seriously concern me. And after watching them play last night against Philadelphia, a game that featured lots of talk about Michael Vick's signing with the Eagles, I mostly worried about the other QB in the spotlight.

Tom Brady.

And my worry?

He's still freakin' good. As you can see here, Brady doesn't seem to have any lingering problems following his yearlong hiatus from the league due to a blown out knee. The guy still is accurate as anyone in the NFL, perhaps moreso, and he still has great vision and an above average arm.

And one more thing: He throws a great, great deep pass.

Brady threw a 46-yard pass to Randy Moss down the right sideline in his second series of work against the Eagles that told the story. Moving to his left he launched the ball over 40 yards and although the ball was in the receiver's hands, Moss dropped it. But the play was still a big gainer because pass interference was called on the play.

Four plays later, Brady pitched a four-yard TD to new toy weapon Chris Baker, who caught both of Brady's two scoring passes for the evening. If you look at Brady's stats for the night -- 10 of 15 for 100 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT -- you might not think them so grand.

Except that Brady's interception came on a play where Moss had a chance to catch the ball over Sheldon Brown and didn't. And also didn't knock the ball away. And So Brown came up with an interception. And that made Brady's stats seem less impressive.

But having watched the game on NFLN, I can tell you he was impressive. He moved well in the pocket and he has a ton of receivers to pick from.

Even if you're a Dolphins fan and you're not worried, you definitely should be aware. Tom Brady is back.