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Brady return not great news for Dolphins

Tony Sparano has a saying about watching the goings-on in the rest of the AFC East: "I've got my own fields to plow," meaning he's worried about his own team and not the Jets, Pats, Bills or any other one-syllabled rival.

But I'm not Sparano and neither are you. So we should be aware of the happenings around the AFC East as, you know, what the other teams do affects the Dolphins.

Well, while the Bills and Jets have issues, the Pats seriously concern me. And after watching them play last night against Philadelphia, a game that featured lots of talk about Michael Vick's signing with the Eagles, I mostly worried about the other QB in the spotlight.

Tom Brady.

And my worry?

He's still freakin' good. As you can see here, Brady doesn't seem to have any lingering problems following his yearlong hiatus from the league due to a blown out knee. The guy still is accurate as anyone in the NFL, perhaps moreso, and he still has great vision and an above average arm.

And one more thing: He throws a great, great deep pass.

Brady threw a 46-yard pass to Randy Moss down the right sideline in his second series of work against the Eagles that told the story. Moving to his left he launched the ball over 40 yards and although the ball was in the receiver's hands, Moss dropped it. But the play was still a big gainer because pass interference was called on the play.

Four plays later, Brady pitched a four-yard TD to new toy weapon Chris Baker, who caught both of Brady's two scoring passes for the evening. If you look at Brady's stats for the night -- 10 of 15 for 100 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT -- you might not think them so grand.

Except that Brady's interception came on a play where Moss had a chance to catch the ball over Sheldon Brown and didn't. And also didn't knock the ball away. And So Brown came up with an interception. And that made Brady's stats seem less impressive.

But having watched the game on NFLN, I can tell you he was impressive. He moved well in the pocket and he has a ton of receivers to pick from.

Even if you're a Dolphins fan and you're not worried, you definitely should be aware. Tom Brady is back. 


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if you want to crown them, then go ahead and f**kin crown them....

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy. To be the best you have to beat Brady. We will probably split with them again.

We have Joey and Jason and one hell of a coaching staff. we'll be fine.

Famous Bradys:

1) Mike Brady (classically trained actor Robert Reed became "America's father," despite a proclivity for same-sex relationships and a sad demise due to AIDS).

2) Matthew Brady (noted Civil War photographer whose photos capture the carnage of America's saddest war).

3) Matthew Harrison Brady (character in the film "Inherit The Wind," portrayed by the unparalleled actor Frederic March, based upon William Jennings Bryan).

4) Tom Brady (3-time Super Bowl winning quarterback of the New England Patriots, father of baby whose mother he ignominiously did not marry, dater of overrated super-model).

we have the Brady killer back-JASON TAYLOR!NUFF SAID!

Why is everyone all over bradys dick... Brady threw one touchdown and 1 int on the eagles 1st team... Then anouther touchdown on the eagles second team... This game doesn't mean anything only that Brady is healthy again... Yes he is a good qb but he isn't God they kept him out there for a show nothing at all...

Mando, you are the Tom Brady of Dolphins coverage.

Concerned? Yes I am concerned. I respect Brady and his abilities. But he historically plays bad against Miami. Let's hope history repeats.

brady is mentally scared of Jason Taylor. We will split our games with them this year. I'm sure of it.

What I expected from Tom Brady. If the Dolphins want to be the best, they need to beat the best.

Wow, Dolpan0421...can't imagine you won't be flagged with that kind of inappropriate language. Would trade anybody on the Dolphins roster for Tom Brady, he deserves and has earned that respect. Can't stand him, hate the Patriots, but he is the best. Maybe that game didn't mean anything, but three Super Bowls did. Reality is the Dolphins haven't gotten a sniff of the Super Bowl. A rival can be hated and respected at the same time.

Didn't D. Culpepper look good in his Preseason games after his knee injury, then the regular season rolled around and he turned to garbage. Why does no one else seem to remember this I've heard some so called sports analysis say that Tom Brady is supper human, but come on that INT he didn't plant his throwing leg and it got picked. He will most likely do that alot this season, so I don't understand why everyone is expecting him to throw 50 TDs this year. It's just stupid.

We have all watched Tom Brady and realize what makes him Great is he is able to stand in the pocket and make plays when the game is on the line just like Elway, Montana, Marino, etc...

However, we have also watched Brady be a less than average QB when he gets heavily pressured and beaten up over the course of a game. If the Dolphins can pressure Brady consistently and get to him early and often then the Dolphins will beat the Patriots. It's that simple.

The Miami Dolphins are contenders for the AFC East in 2009. I know it, Coach Sparano knows it, Bill Parcells knows it and Bill Belichick knows it.

the key with brady has always been to pressure him. as long as we are able to do that we will have a decent shot at beating the pats. if not, we will be toast.

The way to neutralize Brady hasn't changed - knock him down. A lot. He can be pressured into mistakes. Our secondary should be able to cover better for longer this year, and our front 7 should be better at getting pressure this year.

Gosh - it's almost as if the Trifecta knew we played in the same division as Tom Brady, and decided to build a team that would be able to take advantage of his weaknesses.

For the record Tom Brady IS the best QB in football. However, I cannot stand how the media (in this case Mando) comes out of their skull proclaiming someone a success OR a failure based on one single performance.

Someone for the Fins will stink on Monday and we will see stories for a week how the guy blows or some second stringer comes up big and they will write how he is going to Canton.

Brady is great, but whom amongst the Miami faithful did not know he wasn't?

Everybody kepps rah rahing on the Pats. AS a team they are 2 year removed from their ALMOST perfect season. To me their best players are 2 years older. With the exception on Mayo, their best players are one year older and in a lot of cases one year further away from their prime. On the other hand the Dolphins as a team have majority of their players who are one year closer to their prime and young dynamic players who have one more season under their belt.

Brady Shmady!!

Why didn't you talk about Brady's inability to move the O on the first series, or that before the pass interference call, the bomb before that was intercepted, why didn't you talk about the O line still suspect or the DL allowing philly to rip off big yard rushing..and philly's passing game didn't look bad either..

I hate anything yankee, but to compare Tom Brady to Duh'ta Fumblepepper, is like comparing Mr. Hanky with Jesus. I'm just surpised that Brady has kids, I thought all those yankee boys liked to marry each other in Gayachusetts.

BRADY is really back .now we can see the greatest again ,may henne and white learn a few things to how to deliver the football to your own team mate .

Did you expect anything different? I'm sure Sparano would say if we want to be the best you have to beat the best. So nothing has changed...Othwerwise, you're playing scared and you will never be successful doing that...

eagles ticket sales increased by 65 percent over night after signing M.Vick

SORRY ARMANDO: Don't care.

The true story is they have to play a better DOLPHIN team. A team built on keeping the ball. Long drives with power running, short high percentage passes and an improved WILD CAT. Not to mention a better D that can now get to the QB better that 08 when he last played the FINS.

I'll let you worry about them. Yoy worry about them enough for every FIN fan in the world.

Yeah he looked good, but you did expect? I think the Dolphins will at least split with them this year. They have a tuff schedule as well. Lets see what he looks like after getting knocked on his ass a couple of times by JT, Roth? and JP.

justin, i worry about Chad.P , V.Davis and Wake this coming season where they will be over the top and deliver a great season.

LOL! Is this blog supposed to stoke us up Mando?

What is "good news", is that the Phins are hungry and ready!

What's for lunch? ;-b

I hate anything Red Sox and Patriots for a matter of fact. Can you hate and respect them at the same time? Don't work for me dudes. You hate him and acknowledge his abilities. I so sick of hearing about Brady. Who cares about Brady. I hope he has a fantastic preseason and sucks in the real game for that matter.

Justin, I agree with you.

Take out the knee... plain and simple.

Not a nice thing but oh well.

i wish chad .p all the best ,i hope he never get injured so the dolphins can have enjoyable season .

Maybe the Patriots should be worried about us.

I think our Defence will be top 5 this year.

Ginn will have his breakout year.

Ronnie and Ricky will run wild.

10 and 6.... I'm getting excited...lol.

F*** Brady & the Pats

sanchez.........white my azzzzz

People still turn a blind eye to the fact that the man won most of his championships by CHEATING. And I would not doubt that they STILL do cheat. It is easy to play well when you already know the opponents playbooks.

So Brady looks good. But the rest of the team, the defense, gave up 400 plus yards. Yes it is just the pre season, but in this world of the NFL, it takes more than ONE MAN to win football games.

Keep in mind, when Marino was gone from his achillies injury, he didnt have a very good preseason. But look what he did in 94. So he looked good in one pre season game. So what. Brady is NOT a legend. He is NOT that good. All he had was a cheater for a head coach, and an organzation, and league that allowed it.

If Randy Moss goes down with an injury this year the Pats will become very beatable.


F*** the jests too!! Go Phins

What is Boston good at??? CHEATING. Look at the Red Sox. Look at how some of their players too steriods to CHEAT to win. Then the Patriots using video cameras to type the opposing team. Since when is cheating in ANY sport so glorified by the media???

The problem with Boston teams, in pro sports, accept for the Celtics, is that they cant win without CHEATING. The Celtics EARNED their recent title. THe Pats and the Sox, had to CHEAT their way into winning theirs.

People can poo poo it all they want. Call BeliCHEAT a genius, and Brady a legend. LOL. It is all BS. CHEATERS are never legends or geniuses. They are simply people that do nothing but make the game look bad. Until people start acknowledging it, and stop giving these CHEATERS constant credit, then the NFL is going to continue to look bad. I do not care if they cheated in the past, or if it was for one game, two games, etc. CHEATING is CHEATING. PERIOD. THE Patriots and the RED SOCKS are CHEATERS!!!!

is it hard to type with toms dick in one of your hands?

tom is a legend
bill is genius coach

pat white is a bust
henne is bust ,,,,,,,comes monday

i have to go to pick a pickle .tonight more talk .


Do us a favor, move to Boston.

I don't read your blog anymore, but I just knew you'd have a Tom Brady story today. Thanks for being predictable.

I didn't read the article, and I won't read it. So don't bother with the "Don't read it then" stuff.

Brady's the product of a system - proof, last year, plug in a no-name QB and the result is pretty much the same, give or take 1-2 wins.

All they need is a guy to toss the quick slants, 3 step drops, Moss and Welker do the rest. Great QB but this is not Marino, Elway, Favre type that could win games alone.

Hey GoPats,

If you think Brady won those Championships on his own then you should be barred from every football blog on the internet.

Marino was a better QB than Tom Brady no doubt about it but lacked the surrounding Team and Headcoach (willing to cheat).

The Dolphins have really upgraded their secondary with Sean Smith and Vontae Davis, but even though I dont think neither can stop Randy Moss(unstoppable), I think Sean Smith can slow him down with his size and athletism. Brady threw TD's against an Eagles secondary that is missing Brian Dawkins. I dont think there is no need to worry Dolphans.

All of the QBs are products of their systems. The Greats excel and the not so greats flounder or are mediocre. Unfortunately for Marino he never had a defense as the the Dolphins' best defense was the offense he led.

Hey Arrrrmandooo

We're all well aware of Brady's abilities and the threat that the Pats pose. I don't read phins blogs to hear about those clowns from Bahston. I could get much better Pats info from someone who actually covers them, if i gave a crap. How about more Dolphins focus and less Brady suckage? Ok? Ok.

It's a little premature to say Davis is an upgrade. Smith and Clemons on the other hand look to be potential stars. No doubt about it.

Brady is 32 years old and coming off a knee injury. His coach is a cheater and dresses like a homeless person. The Patriots "Dynasty" is in it's waning years. Does the old lion still have teeth? Yeah. Are they beatable? Hell Yeah! Who knows, the Jests might even have a chance.

Oops, there goes my credibility.

so are the fins!!!!!

Armando I hope you're not as worried about other sports blog writers who you feel may be better writers than you or you'll always be a "crap writer." DUh.... If you wanna be the best you gotta beat the best. All it simply means is that our team will have to play thier "A" game and thats the primary requirement to being the best no matter what the game in life is. Its ok to respect the competition but never ok to fear the competition.


Exactly, nothing lasts forever (just ask Rome) as the Pats' Dynasty is coming to an end the Dolphins' Dynasty is on the rise! Times they are a changin'!

Honestly, a pair of 6 inch td passes doesn't impress me at all. Neither did 50 of em. He sucks and will be no more of a threat than Cassel was last year. The oly thing I am worried about is playing against the refs

Put him in Detroit and there would never be any hall of fame discussion. Put Marino in Detroit and that team would make the playoffs.

Nobody cares about Tommy boy except the stupid competition committee who keep changing the rules for him.

ACL is a serious injury. Given that Brady has had ONE good PRESEASON game dose not put him on top of the world. I hear people always saying he had a leg injury and that Brady is a pocket passer so it dose not effect him as much, but it dose. Marino was never himself after he blew his ACL, he initially had a good return until teams figured out he was a sitting duck back there and started to bliz the hell out of him. Brady relies on the side step as much as Marino did and his offensive line is questionable. Someone might argue that medical science has advance which is true but than again look at Carlson Palmer.

Brady will be shaking in his designer boots when he sees what kind of rush Miami is going to throw at him. The best way to beat the pats is to keep the fancy boy on his back. I'm betting that JT is anxious to re-introduce himself to mr gisele.

I think sprano's emphasis on "you can never have enough" pass rushers and the allocations of 2 of first three picks in the defensive backfield is probably mostly related to dealing with brady and moss.

their building a team to challenge their most dominant rivals.

thats what jimmy johnson did with the cowboys, built a team to beat the Eagles in the early nineties.


Since every media outlet in the world has already crowned the Patriots champs this year, why should you be any different. Am I worried about Tom Brady - yes, I'm worried about every team we play, but this blog is about the Dolphins, at least I thought it was. Who the heck cares what Tom Brady did in the first pre season game - only Pats fans should care, just like we should only care about our own team.

Like I said, the media has already crowned them AFC East Champs, AFC Champs, and Super Bowl Champs.. With this tough economy I would suggest the Herald just lays all you Dolphin media members off for the season and save the $$ because we all know that New England is going to win it all, why bother playing the season out? Thanks for telling us what every other media member has already told us..

Preseason ball doesn't mean much, sorry. The wear and tear of an NFL season is the only barometer to judge Brady by. The guy has chicken legs, and I have my doubts about his ability to come back from that injury. A QB's legs are very important, any hitch could kill accuracy, or even cause another injury.

So he looked good last night, but we'll see how he does when the full burden of the NFL season is placed on those chicken legs.

this is not a patsies blog, where are the updates from dolphins practice???????

Put pressure on Tom Brady and problem solved...

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