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Brady return not great news for Dolphins

Tony Sparano has a saying about watching the goings-on in the rest of the AFC East: "I've got my own fields to plow," meaning he's worried about his own team and not the Jets, Pats, Bills or any other one-syllabled rival.

But I'm not Sparano and neither are you. So we should be aware of the happenings around the AFC East as, you know, what the other teams do affects the Dolphins.

Well, while the Bills and Jets have issues, the Pats seriously concern me. And after watching them play last night against Philadelphia, a game that featured lots of talk about Michael Vick's signing with the Eagles, I mostly worried about the other QB in the spotlight.

Tom Brady.

And my worry?

He's still freakin' good. As you can see here, Brady doesn't seem to have any lingering problems following his yearlong hiatus from the league due to a blown out knee. The guy still is accurate as anyone in the NFL, perhaps moreso, and he still has great vision and an above average arm.

And one more thing: He throws a great, great deep pass.

Brady threw a 46-yard pass to Randy Moss down the right sideline in his second series of work against the Eagles that told the story. Moving to his left he launched the ball over 40 yards and although the ball was in the receiver's hands, Moss dropped it. But the play was still a big gainer because pass interference was called on the play.

Four plays later, Brady pitched a four-yard TD to new toy weapon Chris Baker, who caught both of Brady's two scoring passes for the evening. If you look at Brady's stats for the night -- 10 of 15 for 100 yards with 2 TDs and 1 INT -- you might not think them so grand.

Except that Brady's interception came on a play where Moss had a chance to catch the ball over Sheldon Brown and didn't. And also didn't knock the ball away. And So Brown came up with an interception. And that made Brady's stats seem less impressive.

But having watched the game on NFLN, I can tell you he was impressive. He moved well in the pocket and he has a ton of receivers to pick from.

Even if you're a Dolphins fan and you're not worried, you definitely should be aware. Tom Brady is back. 


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I don't want to come here and find a dirty sanchez blog after the jests game tonight...


Maybe you should write a blog about T.O.'s reality show or his big toe....

Wow I agree with dolfan. We are building a team to opose the pats

Armando we have Sean Smith nothing to worry about.


Marino did not tear his ACL. Marino suffered a much more severe injury, a ruptured Achilles' Tendon. Brady should be able to return to form following his ACL tear as he has had ample time to heal. It usually takes RBs, WRs, DBs, etc... longer to return to form as the wear and tear on their legs, especially cutting, is greater than that of any other players.

i think we should be reading dolphins news.that's why i come here for .i have been on my team's blog for weeks and when i come here i see BRADY again ?
i like to know how VONTE,smith ,white and hartlin are doing in camp .


Whats up? Gotta say I agree with you here (wow!) ... No practice update, just Brady adoration...

I realize he is good and back from an injury and blah blah blah, but this is a Dolphins blog....

Armando... fail.

Mando, Stop stroking the patsies! Whats wrong with your brodie??

soluj , this year is the most exciting year in fins history and could be a huge turning point w/ all these young clean players from vonte,turner,hartlin and white.there's a lot you can write about the dolphins camp and these future stars not an old story .

Its funny how media is pulling on brady's u know what. With the rules in his favor he should be great but i think this year will be hard for him. 1st off adam v. won all 3 sb not tom. 2nd zero mobility and even less now. 3rd i think defenses will give him much harder hits because of flag football rules for qb

Steve, Marino never had an ACL injury (atleast not to my knowledge). He ruptured his achilles tendon in '93. Although they are both major injuries which affect the legs, they are in different areas of the legs and their recovery time is completely different.

On top of that, I disagree that Marino's downfall had much to do with his injury. He had one of his better years, in fact in '94 (IIRC) the year after his surgery. When he finally started performing humanly, rather than other-worldly, it was more a sign of age, in my opinion.

Anyways, for every Culpepper, who really never recovered from his ACL/MCL/PCL surgery, or atleast hasn't done so yet, there are 3 more QB's (Carson Palmer, McNabb, Rivers) who haven't lost a step.

Cassell played great last year, too. And how did we earn a split over a far-superior New England team?

We tricked them.

This year's schedule is brutal. Our only chance is to take a page out of last year's trickery and deception book. We need to create, install and implement the Pat White Spread Package.

I say, 'Don't wait. Innovate.'

Every article u write about Brady u could write about a Dolphins player. Wasted space. Who the F cares about Brady? If I'm not mistaken, the Dolphins are the only team he has a losing record against. I would be worried if Sparano wasn't the Dolphins coach and if the Dolphins were the same team he faced 2 years ago.


Agree with you on this Brady krap. NOBODY SHOULD CARE>>>>>>>>>>>>

wow, this is the insight. i'm now gonna break my habitual habbit of reading the herald for dolphins updates. any chance someone like manny navarro replaces armando. i love reading all things dolphin, but now all minus this one. www.firearmando.com. i especially liked todays post on www.finsnation.com

lady brady, the media dahling. lovely lady brady with his pretty blue uniform.

He is going to eat dolphin doo this year. Count on it. We will see how pretty he is this year with every team teeing off on his royal hindass.

After all these comments I don't think mondo will ever talk about the patriots and Tom Brady again... Well atleast he won't be praising Tom " everyone thinks I'm superman" Brady anymore... I want to hear about the dolphins not about how good or how bad other players in the league are doing!!!!!

Wrong dolphan0421 ... Now about the Patriots and Tom Brady ....

Dolphan 0421, he can talk about anyone he wants because it is his blog. He can talk about the stinkin red sox for all he cares.

Thanks for the shout out mando!!! Lolol like ur sense of humor


Don't be a wuss, Brady is who you thought he was...and the Pats are reloaded. Be cool Mando be cool.

The Dolphins wouldn't want to beat the Pats any other way-no excuses' win or lose! The Dolphins are better this year than last years team that won the east.

Faith and confidence have some. The Dolphins have gotten better in D and O through drafts, trades and free agency. The is more competition at every position. So the pats reloaded and have Brady back.

All the more sweeter when we beat them!

Hey Armando we have beaten brady before we should not be scared we are much better team now than in the past remember the shutout game a few years ago brady ate alot of dirt that day don,t worry be happy we will get one from them this year for sure have a drink on me . scott from Delaware

What's wrong Mr. Salguero, are you not getting enough attention from the organization. Are you acting out like a spoiled little boy with all your negativity. First you're quoting some nobody (yesterday) who has absolutely zero football organizational talent evaluation background saying that the Dolphins are a "7 win team". And then today you (who also has absolutely zero talent evaluation background) are worried about another team. Just because you have had the job "forever", sir, doesn't mean you know anything at all.

mando please go away and leave us real dolphin fans alone.I saw a tom brady that was afraid to step up and throwing off his back foot. Can we please get someone covering the dolphins that are real fans not just because they got hired by a paper to write about them.p.s i hate u go jaccck off brady some more

Guess it's not enough that the national media fellates Tom Brady. The local guys are now doing it too

someone out there please hear our crys this guy needs to be fired please for the love of god

dont you know you write for people who have liked no other team in there lives were called real fans and day after DAY you slam our team not yours ill tell you how its going to be MIAMI DOLPHINS 2009 SUPER BOWL CHAMPS BABY!!!!!!!!!

I am not one to believe the hype. The Patriots, like any team are beatable. We need to focus on going 5-3 or better in the division and we'll be fine.


Miami Dolphins Odds
Date Opponent Line
Sept. 13 at Atlanta +4
Sept. 21 Indianapolis +3
Sept. 27 at San Diego +7
Oct. 4 Buffalo -2½ (-120)
Oct. 12 N.Y. Jets -3 (EV)
Oct. 18 Bye
Oct. 25 New Orleans PK
Nov. 1 at N.Y. Jets +3
Nov. 8 at New England +10
Nov. 15 Tampa Bay -5½
Nov. 19 at Carolina +4½
Nov. 29 at Buffalo +3
Dec. 6 New England +6
Dec. 13 at Jacksonville +4
Dec. 20 at Tennessee +6
Dec. 27 Houston -2
Jan. 3 Pittsburgh +2

You fools so worried about Brady. Should be worried about Chad noodle arm or Henne no good

Forget about Brady, the Jets and buffalo will both beat an overated dolphin team that really stinks. Anybody that believes that they are as good as 11-5 needs thier head examined.
Pats 12-4 Jets 10-6 bills 9-7 dolphins 6-10

Your team blows,don't blame the writer!
It's the way it is. WAKE UP! Your team is like the 07 heat. Won in 06 blew in 07.
No talent, question marks everywhere, secondary,dl.OL, Receiver and QB pennington is due for an injury and pat white can't hit an elephant with a bazzooka standing right in front of him. Your FA green,wilson can't cover and wilford and Ginn are bust. Now carpenter can't put it through.

I thought this was supposed to be a Dolphins' report, not a Patriots report - is this why ESPN dumped you?

jet fan go f yourself

Yeah. Scared of how Brady performs against the Eagles backup squad. I'm sure I'll be able to ask those guys all about it when they're back bagging groceries on opening day.

You people all know that Don Shula cheated and the Dolphins were fined a first round pick when he came to the Dolphins right?

The Dolphins IMPerfect Season is totally tainted because of his cheating. The only good thing in Dolphins history doesn't count!

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